5 Tips on How to Throw the Best College Party

When you join college, most of your birthdays are likely to find you in school. So how do you ensure that you throw the best college party to celebrate your new age? Do you feel qualified to throw a party that your friends will remember for many semesters to come?

If you’re clueless about throwing a party, not to worry because there are many resources, you can use to get it right. The internet has a lot of advice on the dos and don’ts for a birthday party for starters. You can also find a legit website where you can buy assignments when time is not on your side.

All in all, remember the reason why you’re throwing the party. It’s more about celebrating with your close friends than it is about proving that you’re a great party host. You don’t have to be an event planner to have an amazing time with your friends.

Since parties are the perfect study, make sure you go all out without crippling your finances. Remember that soon enough, you will be back to doing assignments and studying for exams. If there are friends you haven’t seen in a while, this is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with all of them.

Here are five useful tips that will help you throw the best college party.

1.     Get Enough Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are arguably what make or break a party. You want to ensure that all your friends who attend the party have enough to eat and drink. Most parties are gatherings where people get to enjoy food and drinks together.

You are better off having more than you need than running out before the party ends. You need to create your events around the food and the drinks. If you’re working on a budget, consider asking your friend to chip in, so you don’t end up spending money you don’t have.

Planning the event around the food ensures that you’re not left with more leftovers than you can handle. In case there too much food leftover, consider giving each guest a take-away package to avoid wasting food.

2.     Take Care of Decorations

Decorations help you set the mood for your party; they ensure that your party is next-level. To get the right decorations for your party, you need to plan ahead so you don’t end up with cliché decorations from the nearest convenience store.

Consider using online magazines for inspiration so that you come up with something unique and beautiful. You can even make the decorations a DIY project that you work on with your friends.

3.     Address the Guest List

Even though the more, the merrier, is a phrase that gets thrown around all the time, it doesn’t always ring true. The last thing you want is an overcrowded dorm room with people sweating and stepping on each other’s’ toes. Invite only your close friends because you cannot fit the entire school in your dorm room.

However, if money is not an issue and you have a bigger venue, you can definitely invite more people

4.     Have a Theme Color

To make the pictures more appealing, you should consider having the best theme color for your college party. Your friends wearing coordinated outfits will definitely make the photos look more presentable and appealing.

5.     Bring a Camera

A camera is a must-have if you have to preserve the memories of your special day forever.


Use these innovative tips to throw the best college party your friends have ever seen. Don’t forget that the purpose of the party is to celebrate with your friends and not to make a good impression. Feel free to ask your friends to chip in if you’re working with a budget.

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