A Collective Look at The First Five Masked Singer Winners

The talent displayed on, “The Masked Singer” has been nothing short of mind-blowing — so much so that even celebrity judge Robin Thicke is constantly surprised on the show! Each season’s winner has been more of a surprise than the last, so here is a collective look at every winner so far.


World famous hip-hop artist T-Pain stole the show as The Monster all the way to the finale of Season 1. Renowned for his autotuned style, this musician impressed the judges and audience with incredible natural vocals and a stage presence that captivated viewers across the globe. T-Pain has been a legend in the music industry since 2004, and his talent extends to acting and voiceover work as well.

Wayne Brady

Known primarily for his work on shows like, “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” and, “Let’s Make a Deal”, the ultra-charismatic actor and comedian crushed the competition as The Fox in Season 2. Brady’s silky voice and captivating moves paired beautifully with his unique costume for a completely unforgettable aesthetic. Outside of the show, the television personality has hosted a slew of shows and made a Broadway debut in 2015.

Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss enchanted the world as The Night Angel, and her Season 3 reveal was one for the ages. The musician and business mogul gave powerful, soulful performances with every episode, putting her own twist on hits from Bon Jovi and more. Burruss has been a singer and songwriter since the early 1990’s, and she’s made appearances in multiple reality shows, television dramas and “Celebrity Big Brother”.

LeAnn Rimes

American Country legend LeAnn Rimes took the world by storm as The Sun in Season 4, bringing incredible vocals to accent a gorgeous, spotlight-worthy costume. Making her musical debut at age 13, the star would go on to release hits like, “Blue”, “How Do I Live” and “Something’s Gotta Give”. Rimes has produced over 40 chart-topping hits since 1996, and has a running record sale over nearly 21 million.

Nick Lachey

Winning with heartthrob vocals and the fun, silly character of The Pig on Season 5, singer-songwriter Nick Lachey was a surprise reveal that delighted the audience. The singer got his start as the leadsinger of platinum-selling boyband 98 Degrees and would later gain footing in reality television. Lachey has also steadily released four solo albums and currently hosts two competition shows.

No matter who your favorite winner is, one thing is for certain: “The Masked Singer” has no shortage of talent!