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Phil Swift Death: Updated Details to Read

In a time and age when social networks are nearly at the forefront of everything, there are several faces that anybody that hangs around on the web can not miss in a crowded room. This could be because these people have become social media sites’ personalities. In other cases, their images have been used as memes so much so that almost every person can mention who they are. Phil Swift is one such person that qualifies in the last group. Let’s take a look at rumors or news about Phil Swift death.

The web sensation is an entrepreneur that has been around since the 1980s thanks to his association with Flex Seal items, which he is a co-owner of and acts as its speaker. Thanks to the internet, however, the American could achieve a different level of fame, becoming somewhat of a pop culture icon thanks to his work for the business.

About Phil Swift Death

As stated above, Phil Swift is an entrepreneur who is the Flex Seal household items’ co-founder. He is also the spokesperson for the business. Swift, born Philip Swift on the 3rd of March 1944 in his home town of New York City, USA, is well-known for its different marketing campaigns. These ad campaigns attracted attention to his items while also making him a sight on social networks.

Before coming to be the man, he is today who can pay to live a lush way of life thanks to his job, Swift was brought up in an inadequate house alongside two siblings, Rick and Alan. Just very little is understood about Rick, while Alan, on the other hand, is whom Phil co-founded Flex Seal with. By the very early 1980s, Phil Swift introduced himself into the marketing and straight sales market. He started by starting the business Swift Feedback with his bro Alan, who is also into the advertising and marketing and even linear sales sector.

With each other, the pair have effectively sold countless specialized products and have advertised many others. They were able to be very successful at what they were doing, thanks to their capacity to use humour to market an item.

In 2017, Phil Swift got more considerable popularity. After a video on YouTube by Jon Tron fixated Flex Seal commercials from the past. The video clip went viral and amassed more than 40 million views. Triggering the video’s author to release a 2nd part that featured Swift himself. As a result of this feature. It produced launched swift memes and various other myths concerning his items.


  1. Although it is recognized that Phil Swift has been married in the past. There is no information offered on his spouse. It is understood about his youngsters that he has two children. And a kid who is a music producer, Nic Swift.
  2. Swift is not the highest male out there as he stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches. Approximately three inches shorter than the reported average elevation of males in the United States.
  3. Thanks to his superior work over the years in making fantastic advertising campaign for his Flex Seal firm’s products. Phil Swift has been able to collect himself relatively a healthy and balanced total asset. It is reported that the business person has a net worth estimated between $10 and $15 million.

Rumors on Phil Swift Death

The web has revealed numerous celebrity deaths in the past, even when such individuals are quite still to live. Phil Swift has sadly found himself in this class as there have been reports that the man had passed away. Initially in 2011 and after that in 2018. The very first time information incorrectly distributed concerning his death was when the site channel5 published it. The site claimed Phil was assassinated at the edge of Ebony Road. And Lindo’s Street while he was walking his dog.

The 2nd time, in 2018, was done by trick website Channel45news. It revealed that the Flex Tape designer received poisoned cookies from a fan. Which brought about his slow-moving death. As opposed to these records, Phil Swift was never at any risk. And did not pass away at any one of the moments released. While he may no longer be as active as he used to be due to his age. The business owner appears to be in good health and quite busy. A fact to this is that he remains to share material. And interact with other people on his social network pages.

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