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Born as Felix Lengyel, xQc or xQcOw is a Twitch streamer and internet personality from Canada. He was also previously a professional Overwatch player. So, in the Overwatch League, he used to play for Dallas Fuel in the inaugural session. However, this was before he involved himself in continuous controversies that resulted in a number of suspensions. Moreover, xQc has also played in the Overwatch World Cup for Canada in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Currently, he is a full-time streamer on Twitch. So, he is a variety streamer for Luminosity Gaming- the Canadian sports organization.

xQc Biography / Wiki

Full name Felix Lengyel
Nickname xQc
Date of Birth November 12, 1995
Age 27 years
Birthplace Laval, Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Profession Twitch streamer, Overwatch player, Youtuber
Girlfriend Adept
Religion Not specified
Zodiac sign Scorpio

xQc Early Life, Age, Family, Personal Life

So, xQc took birth on 12th November 1995 to Franco-Canadian parents. So, he took birth in Laval, Quebec in Canada. Therefore, he is currently 27 years old. Now, to trace back to his early life, he completed secondary school. So, after this, he went to study humanities at CEGEP but then shifted to administration. However, right before graduating, he dropped off having spent a total of 3.5 years. So, this was exactly when xQc knew what he had to do to make it big in his life- start streaming on Twitch. Therefore, he initially played the League of Legends on Twitch. So, this he did under the username xQcLoL. However, soon he discovered the game Overwatch. As a result, he started playing it very seriously.

So, xQc had been in a relationship for quite some time. His girlfriend was Sammy who is also a prominent online celebrity. She is also a streamer on Twitch under the name Adept. However, they are no longer together. In August 2021, xQc issued a statement clearly mentioning that they are breaking up. Rumors tell there has been some kind of fight between the two but there are no verified sources of the same. So, neither of the two told the reason why they are breaking up.

xQc Net Worth

As per the reports of 2021, xQc’s net worth is a total of $6 million. So, he has a huge following on social media. This is over 4 million across different streaming platforms and social media sites. So, as one can imagine, his income primarily comes from different social media platforms like his twitch channel and YouTube channel. However, that is not just it. We know that xQc had been a professional gamer for a number of years. So, he has also won a substantial amount of money that way. Moreover, throughout his gaming career, he took part in different tournaments and often won them. So, the cash prizes also make him quite rich!

Moreover, he has over 1.19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. xQc streams different kinds of content via his YouTube channel. So, often you can find him reacting to funny videos and stuff like that. Because of his over-the-top reactions on YouTube, he has gained for himself several followers. Hence, this has expanded his fanbase a lot.

Now coming to his Twitch channel which is the most important part of his profession, he has over 40,000 subscribers. So, this makes him one of the most subbed-to streamers. Moreover, in 2020, xQc was the most-watched streamer on Twitch. Therefore, he had a fanbase that had streamed him and his videos for 147 million watch time hours.

xQc Sponsorships

So, one can easily try to estimate his ad revenue from YouTube and twitch too. This is substantial because he has a number of sponsors owing to the number of people to whom his videos reach. So, by that, he earns about 1 to 2 million dollars yearly. But remember, he earns a couple of million dollars only from streaming and making YouTube content. However, this demands a lot of honest man’s labor. He consistently uploads on YouTube. Moreover, he is extremely creative in his content. So, this has garnered many people’s attention towards him. In addition to all of these, xQc’s videos get thousands of views which help him earn more than 1 million dollars annually.

xQc Height

So, xQc is quite a tall man. Therefore, he has a height of over 6 ft which is considered very tall. He is 6ft 2 inches tall. Therefore, this is around 188 cm. So now, let us take a quick look at the other physical dimensions of your favorite twitch streamer.


xQc Figure Measurements, Size, Weight

Hair Color Almost platinum, but lighter and less yellowish
Eye Color Dark brown
Height Feet – 6 feet 2 inches

Meters – 1. 88 m

Centimeters – 188 cm

Weight In lb – 130 lb

xQc Twitch

So, as we can well imagine, this is the chief point of interest in xQc. This is what he does most, professionally and this is where he earns the most of his revenue. So, the name of his channel in Twitch is xQcOw. Now, he has been active in this space since 2014, that was quite an early age. So, it has been 6 years now. He has as many as 9.68 million followers on Twitch as of December 2021. Moreover, he has a total of 460 million views as of December 2021. Currently, xQc streams for around 9 hours every day. So, this helps in having a viewer count of sound 60,000 that regularly exceeds. In October 2019, he was the most-watched streamer on Twitch and was the 29th most followed.

Moreover, he also happens to have one of the highest numbers of channel subscriptions in Twitch. So, on average, he has around 35,000 monthly subscribers. Although he still plays Overwatch, he is now focussing more on streams of a wide variety. Moreover, he often searches for new releases on Stream. Then, he takes suggestions from his viewers and plays games as per the suggestions.

Moreover, xQc also performs IRL or “In Real Life” streams for events like TwitchCon, BlizzCon. Additionally, he has also done PO Box Openings, Media Share Streams, Viewer PC Set-Up Reviews, and has even opened Pokémon booster boxes on stream. So on 2nd February 2019, Sentinels, a Los-Angeles based esports organization signed xQc to their Twitch content creation. So, he started working as a variety streamer here. Now, it was during this time he also announced that he was joining Overwatch esports team Los Angeles Gladiators as a substitute player. However, this contract ended on 27th August 2020. He joined Luminosity Gaming.

xQc Chess

As we already know, he streams various unique content on Twitch. So, towards the end of March 2020, which is also when the pandemic started making its first prints, he started playing chess on stream. This became more interesting in April. So, this is because Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura came on his stream to teach him how to play chess. Moreover, Nakamura himself is also a streamer. So, what followed was that in the next few months, he would often include chess games in most of his streams. However, he did this because he was on a quest to uplift his Chess.com rating. So, he is consistently in the loop of doing something or the other.

So, on May 25, Chess.com announced the first of the PogChamps events. Therefore, as per the events, 16 streamers would compete in a chess tournament. The prize for the winner was huge. So, the winning prize was a fund of $50,000.Now, he ended up in the consolation bracket. This is because he lost every game in the Group Stage. However, fortunately, he won against fellow streamer Fuslie in the quarterfinals. But, again in the semifinals, Ludwig Ahlgren defeated him. However, there were far-reaching results of the entire chess thing. His collaboration with Nakamura and then the PogChamps events made a huge impact. So, people often find that these events have inspired a surge in the popularity of chess on Twitch and different other media platforms, such as YouTube.


xQc Twitter

He is available on Twitter. So, his Twitter ID is @xQc. His bio shows he is currently a streamer working with @Luminosity. Moreover, he has a total of 1.1 million followers on Twitter.

xQc Real Name

Félix Lengyel is the real name of xQc. This is a French name which makes sense because he shares a Franco-Canadian family lineage.

xQc Nationality

So, xQc, as we have already seen, was born in Quebec, in Canada. Therefore, it is only obvious he has Canadian nationality. Moreover, his profession is entirely online despite being accessible to the entire world. Therefore, it becomes obvious that he does not share the nationality of any other nation where he might stay for work.

xQc Merch

So, as with every popular figure, fans of xQc also dote on his special merch. A t-shirt with your favorite celebrity’s name definitely sets you apart! Moreover, is it not an excellent way to locate common fans? It sure is. So, various sites have widespread xQc merch for their fans. You can find xQc t-shirts widely on shopping sites like stayclassy.com, the fourth dimension, slatehash.com, ajio life, and so on and so forth.

xQc Songs

So, indeed he has a wide variety of content that he streams on the web that includes songs also. In April 2019 he streamed his song 15 minute delay. Since then, it has become an extremely popular one across all platforms amongst its fans. Moreover, the song has an emphatic lyric about the growing up of a man and trials to coming back to life amongst a ton of responsibilities. Finally, he is tired and nearly gives up.

xQc FAQs

Who is xQc dating?

So, he had been in a stable relationship with Adept. Adept is also a popular online celebrity who streams on Twitch. However, the duo fell out sometime last year. So, they had their differences. As a result, they broke up though we do not know exactly why. However, we do not know any sources regarding the current dating life of xQc, or whether he is in a relationship.

What is xQc’s family?

So, we do not know much about his family. He has a brother called Nicolas. Moreover, we have often seen his mother bringing him food during his streams which is quite sweet. However, we do not know much about her. We do not even know her name. All that we know about her is that she is of Hungarian lineage.

What are the assets of xQc?

So, he bought for himself a McLaren 720S Spider not long ago. We can approximate that it is worth at least $300,000. However, what is interesting is that he does not have a driver’s license.


Is xQc the richest streamer?

Yes, as per rumors regarding the payments of Twitch streamers, xQc or Felix Lengeyl does get the highest payment as of now. He made a sum as large as 7,50,000 dollars in September 2021. So, that is huge.

Does xQc use mouse acceleration?

No, he does not use mouse acceleration. In fact, he said mouse acceleration was very stupid in a public comment back in 2017 and that he would never think of using it.

Is xQc there on Reddit?

So, if you are a fan you already know. There is a public community on Reddit that is dedicated to him exclusively. As of 2021, it has as many as 230k members.

How much IQ does xQc have?

So, he did take an IQ test during one of his live streams. As per the results, he has an IQ of 107. This, however, is only an average IQ.

What are the sponsorship deals of xQc?

So, he has various sponsorship deals with G Fuel, Verizon, and gaming clothes company Meta Threads. We do not exactly know the amount of money or deal size. However, he accidentally leaked on one of his live streams the fact that Verizon paid him $11,000 to promote a certain product.

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