Affordable Yet Fun Date Night Ideas For Every Couple

Whether you are just starting or have been together for years, these cheap yet fun date night ideas will surely please. From classics to out-of-the-box, these dates are a surefire way to spend time with your loved one without breaking the bank!

Go on a Picnic

One of the most classic yet affordable date night ideas is to go on a picnic. It can be as romantic as a spot in the neighborhood park or as adventurous as an outdoor hike with a scenic view. You can also try something different by having a moonlight picnic with your partner in your backyard. This is an especially romantic option if you add lights or candles for ambiance.

Go to a Movie

Movie dates can be a great way to spark romance and learn more about your partner’s tastes. Make sure to choose a movie that you both will enjoy. Some couples enjoy chick flicks and romantic comedies, while others prefer slasher movies and horror films. You can also get books from your local library to read and discuss together on a date night in Washington DC. This is especially fun if you both love to read!

Go to an Outdoor Concert

A night of creating art at a local studio is one of the best cheap date ideas around. You can often find a class under $25, including all materials and professional instruction.

Bring food to a concert because it will be a long night and no one wants to be hungry! Also, eat beforehand because the concessions are typically pricey.

Have a Game Night

A classic game night is always a fun option for couples. Find a board game you both enjoy or try something new! Try a new recipe together, or challenge each other to a chess game. You can even take a free class that will teach you both a new skill!

Go to a Music Show

Seeing your favorite band in concert is an amazing experience. Just remember to put the phone down and enjoy the show! Visit a local festival with your partner. This can be fun to try new foods and listen to live music.

Find a good spot away from the city lights and stargaze. It’s free and romantic! Just make sure to bring a blanket.

Visit a Local Band

A local band or musician is a cheap date idea that provides entertainment. Many venues offer cheap tickets and drinks. Visit a local ice cream shop or make your own at home to save money on this fun date night Washington DC. Try a new flavor or mix-ins for something different. Look at local art galleries for free or low-cost exhibits. Visiting a local winery or brewery is another inexpensive date.

Visit Your Local Library

If you’re up for it, leave your inhibitions at home and try a karaoke duet. It’s a super fun and cheap date night idea. Visiting your local library is another great cheap at-home date. You can even take it to a local dive bar for extra entertainment! You can also go rock climbing together! This is a great way to bond with your partner.

Take a Hike

There’s something about the outdoors that brings people together. Whether going on an adventure-rich hike or just walking around your local park, spending time in nature is a great bonding experience. Just remember to pick a hiking trail that’s within your capability levels. Hiking trails that are way out of your reach will only frustrate you and your partner. And remember to bring a camera!

Go to a Museum

Whether it’s art, history, or science museums, going on a museum date will give you a glimpse into your date’s interests and preferences. Plus, most of them have cafes, so you can linger over discussing the sexiness of mid-century clown paintings or your interest. However, this can be a disadvantage since creating a romantic atmosphere in crowded places takes a lot of work.

Go to a Concert

Going to a concert is a great way to vet their taste in music and enjoy live entertainment if you’re on a new date or just getting to know someone. Plus, you’ll likely see your favorite artist live! If you set a budget beforehand, this can be an extremely affordable date! Plus, matinee shows are super cheap.