After the Wedding, Switch to Cocktail Attire

Wedding ceremonies involve the formal affair or participating in or witnessing the bonding of a couple in matrimony. Formality, decorum and tradition reign supreme during the ceremony. However, after that, it’s time to party at the reception and celebrate the union. That means, if you planned right, having a second set up for a wedding cocktail attire versus the stiffy, buttoned-up affair of the wedding itself.

From a suit perspective, one could easily still use the same slacks and pants from the tuxedo, and even the suspenders to hold up the pants, but it might be easier just to have another pair to switch into with a belt, a regular night formal shirt and a tie. Cocktail attire is about looking smart but letting loose, not getting uptight at a conference meeting for trying to win approval from the bride’s parents. The couple is married now; it’s time to let loose and bring down the roof, figuratively speaking of course.

Being Set Up for Both Formal and Informal

A tuxedo rental in Baltimore and other similar suit suppliers can easily provide a second smart suit for the reception party after the fact as well. And it’s actually a pretty smart idea to rent both from the same place, making it easier to get both bases covered, especially if you don’t have any suits yourself going out on the town.

Don’t Shirk Afternoon Parties

Cocktail attire works extremely well for afternoon parties as well. These are usually planned to start in the mid to late afternoon and then go into the evening. As the day’s heat reduces, it makes for an ideal time to be outside, sipping drinks, talking, dancing and generally enjoying the event. Being dressed up adds to the flavor of the party being special, and it definitely gets the attention of others interesting in talking and meeting up too.

Going Out on the Town

If you’re in a wedding party and there are the festivities for the night before, a cocktail suit is perfect for a well-dressed entertaining evening. You look smart, but you’re also relaxed enough to have some fun and enjoy the venues, one after another. And, if you’re single, you might pick up a date for the wedding the next day as well too.

Of course, after the married happy couple has taken off for their honeymoon, the weekend is still going strong, and you might want to partake in the local town a bit more before leaving yourself and going home (especially if you’re in a place like Vegas for example). Again, a cocktail suit gives you the latitude to trying a number of nightclubs in style versus having to skip the affair and having a boring night before the flight home the next morning. Being dressed up can definitely make the difference in how and where you’re allowed entrance, especially with some of the finer evening establishments in town. When people say the “suit makes the man,” there is some truth to the saying.