Brandon Boyd: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Stats, Young, Career, Net Worth, Tattoos, Songs, Incubus, Wife, Children & Much More

Brandon Boyd is a singer, songwriter, author, and visual artist of American descent. Fans also know him by his full name Brandon Charles Boyd. He is most famous for being the lead vocalist in the band Incubus. Incubus is a popular American rock band. Since he is also a visual artist, he even designed some of the early flyers of Incubus. They were mostly concert flyers. Nevertheless, Brandon Boyd has been interested in music since his childhood. He has also gained quite some fame from playing unusual instruments in his songs. Some of these interesting instruments include the didgeridoo and the djembe.

Incubus was not popular initially and did not have a large fanbase. However, they overcame the initial slump and managed to gain a lot of fame and even a grammy. Brandon Boyd was at the lead of Incubus’ commercial success. Apart from being a singer, he has also written two books. Both these books are semi-autobiographical. Thus, they depict his experiences as an artist.

As of now, Brandon Boyd has also started working on his interest in the fine arts. Hence he has begun painting recently. He is also a philanthropist. He has founded a non-profit organization The Make Yourself Foundation. This organization helps people in need and also raises money for a lot of philanthropic causes. He is also famous for his androgynous beauty. His charming personality has attracted a lot of fans.

Thus, he is quite different from the stereotypical rockstar celebrities. Keep reading to know more about Brandon Boyd’s career, books, family, early life, net worth, and much more.

Brandon Boyd Biography/Wiki

Full Name/Birth Name Brandon Charles Boyd
Known as Brandon Boyd
Male/Female Male
Profession Singer, songwriter, musician, author, and visual artist
Citizenship American
Born In Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, United States
Date of Birth February 15, 1976
Age as in 2023 47 years old
Height 1.88 m
Heights in Feet 6 feet and 1 inches
Heights in cm 188 cm
Weight 68 kg
Weight in Pound 149 pounds
Dates with Baelyn Neff
Marital Status Single
Spouse No
Daughter and Son No
Salary —-
Net Worth $25 million

Some Facts about Brandon Boyd

Brandon Boyd Age

Brandon Boyd was born on the 15th of February in the year 1976. Thus, as of now, he is 47 years of age. His sun sign is Aquarius.

Brandon Boyd Parents

Brandon Boyd’s parents are father Charles Boyd and mother Priscilla Wiseman. He has two brothers, Darren Boyd and Jason Boyd.

Brandon Boyd Birthplace

Brandon Boyd was born in Van Nuys. Van Nuys is a neighborhood in Los Angeles in the American State of California. Thus Boyd’s nationality is American. His ethnicity is white.

Brandon Boyd Height

As of now, Brandon Boyd stands at a height of 1.88 m or 6 feet 1 inch.

Early Life

In the year 1994 Brandon Boyd graduated from high school. He graduated from Calabasas High School in Los Angeles. Next, he attended Moorpark college. Brandon Boyd went to Moorpark college for only two years. He dropped out and then joined Incubus. Boyd had a lot of musical influence in his childhood that inspired him to pursue a career in music. He grew up with Rick Taylor who encouraged him to write music. His parents were both active members of the entertainment industry. They played a very important role in influencing his interest in art and music. Brandon recalled his childhood saying that they were the best years he has ever spent. He said that he missed being a child and having no responsibilities. Thus he also laughed and added that he loved being an adult too because he was doing what he loved.

Brandon Boyd Youth

Since Brandon Boyd’s parents were involved in the music industry, he received very early exposure to this world. Thus, Brandon Boyd admits that he is where he is because of the childhood he had. He also added that he recognized this privilege. Most of Brandon Boyd’s family members are celebrities in the music industry. His younger brother Jason Boyd also has a career in music. Thus, he was the lead singer of the band Audiovent. Brandon Boyd’s cousin brother Berto Boyd is a famous Flamenco guitarist and composer. He also has another cousin Sam Boyd who is a professional motocross rider. Thus Brandon Boyd has said that he was very proud of all his family members who were so talented and hard-working. Brandon Boyd also added that he did not have a favorite among his brother’s songs. This is because he claims that he cannot read music.

During his youth, Brandon had attracted many female fans. In the year 2001, the magazine Spin wrote that female fans were attracted to him because he was quite different from the testosterone drunk stereotypical lead vocalists. Spin even described Brandon Boyd saying that his androgynous beauty and sweet demeanor attracted female attention. Plus, Incubus’s guitar rock was safe for children and mothers had approved their music. Thus, no one was surprised to know that Boyd was MTV’s most recent weapon of mass heartbreak. Girls often screamed at Brandon Boyd to take his shirt off during concerts. Thus, he also often obliged their requests. During the same year, the magazine Teen People also voted him as one of the Hottest Guys in Music. Thus they said that his appeal as a sensitive person set him apart from most other rockstars.

Brandon Boyd Wife

As of now, Brandon Boyd is dating Baelyn Neff, an American actress. The two of them are in a long-term relationship. They have been dating for 13 years. Brandon Boyd and Baelyn Neff started dating in the year 2008. Baelyn Neff is 39 years of age. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is famous for acting in the movie I see you. I see you released in the year 2006. Brandon Boyd is quite private about his personal life so we do not have much information about his relationship as of now. However, he has said that he has never been happier in a relationship. Thus, we think it is safe to assume that the couple will be tying the knot soon. Brandon Boyd does not have any children.

Brandon Boyd & Pocket Knife

In the year 2021, Brandon Boyd released his brand new solo single Pocket Knife. This song is the lead single from his new album Echoes and Cocoons. Echoes and Cocoons will be the sequel to his previous album Sons of the Sea. John Congleton had worked with Brandon Boyd to produce Sons of the Sea. John Congleton is a grammy award-winning producer and engineer.

Thus Brandon Boyd had launched his solo career in the year 2010. On the 6th of July during that year he announced the release of The Wild Trapeze. The Wild Trapeze was his debut solo album. On the 21st of July in the same year, Brandon Boyd released a music video. He released the music video for the song Runaway Train which was a part of The Wild Trapeze.

In October he also released another music video for The Wild Trapeze. This time, the music video was for the song Last Night a Passenger. Brandon Boyd said in an interview that his debut album was very close to his heart because he had drawn inspiration from his own life and experiences to write it. He added that he hoped his audience and fans will be able to get to know him better through this album. Thus he also hoped that his fans liked the songs.

Brandon Boyd & Sons of the sea

Brandon Boyd

In the year 2013, on the 18th of January Brandon Boyd announced that he will be joining a new band, Sons of the Sea. This is because Incubus had taken a hiatus that was not definite. Boyd said that it was hard for him to make that decision especially since he had been a part of Incubus since he was a teenager. However, he said it was important for him to make this choice for his personal growth as an artist.

Thus, instead of Incubus, Sons of the Sea had tours in the years 2013 and 2014. On the 29th of May in the year 2013, Brandon Bord released a teaser video about his new solo album. This video announced that the name of his album was going to be Sons of the Sea. 2013 was a very eventful year for Brandon Boyd since he even had a book-signing tour during that year. He toured the Northeast to sign So the Echo for his fans.

So the Echo is his latest work as an author. This tour thus also coincided with the release of his album Sons of the Sea’s eponymous record.

Brandon Boyd & Incubus

Incubus is the band that Brandon Boyd joined full-time in the year 1996 when he was still in college. It is an American alternative rock band from the city of Calabasas in California. Boyd along with Mike Einziger and Jose Pasillas formed the band, Incubus.

While Boyd was the lead vocalist, Einziger was the lead guitarist and Pasillas was the drummer. The trio formed Incubus while they were still in high school! Later on, the band also expanded to include Alex “Dirk Lance” Katunich and Gavin Koppell or DJ Lyfe who were bassists. However, these people were soon replaced by the bassists Ben Kenney and DJ Kilmore.

Brandon Boyd has always been interested in art and painting. Thus, he used to design concert fliers for Incubus when they formed in the beginning. He also played the guitar during many of Incubus’s live performances. Boyd is quite famous for his unusual choice of musical instruments in his songs. He often brings the didgeridoo and the djembe and incorporates those in his music.

The recording label under Sony, Epic Immortal records, signed Incubus in the year 1996. It was during this year that Brandon Boyd dropped out of college to be a full-time member of a band. Immortal Records was particularly impressed by Boyd’s voice in the album Fungus Amongus. Fungus Amongus is the first album that Incubus self-released.

In the beginning, Incubus did not make it big. Their first two releases on the Immortal Records label did not gather many listeners. These were Enjoy Incubus and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. However, after the initial slump, Incubus became quite famous with their third and fourth releases Make Yourself and Morning View.

Brandon Boyd & A Crow Left of the Murder

In the year 2004, Incubus released A Crow Left of the Murder. Thus their popularity increased even more and they even received a Grammy nomination. They received a nomination for the Best Hard Rock Performance in the Grammy Awards of the year 2005. On the 26th of November in the year 2006, Incubus released the album Light Grenades. On the 16th of July in the year 2009, they followed it up with a greatest hits album. Thus they released Monuments and Melodies which is a compilation of their greatest hits in music.

Brandon Boyd Tattoos

Brandon Boyd is very popular for having a large number of tattoos. Boyd has a tattoo of the famous mantra Om Mani Padme Hum on his forearms. Thus, he said that he always wants to carry the qualities of Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Diligence, Renunciation, and Wisdom with him. Hence the tattoo.

Under the Om Mani Padme Hum tattoo, he also has a koi fish in red ink. Lars Johansson drew this koi fish tattoo for him. Boyd is a very big fan of Tibetan mantras. Thus he has tattoos of many more Tibetan mantras on the inside of his arms. After Incubus released their album A Crow Left of the Murder, Boyd got another tattoo. This time, he got an elaborate tattoo featuring the All-seeing eye on a pyramid on his back. Boyd also has a tattoo of the Eye of Horus on his right ankle.

Thus, Boyd loves Egyptian mythology too and incorporates that in his tattoo collection. He also has a Priscilla and Charles tattoo on his forearms. Those are the names of his parents. Boyd also has the tattoo of an owl on his back, and a single teardrop tattoo on the index finger of both of his hands. Thus he also has a tattoo of the Peacock Skirt on his left arm. Thus the Peacock Skirt is a famous painting by Aubrey Beardsley which inspired this tattoo.

Brandon Boyd Net Worth

According to sources Brandon Boyd has an estimated net worth of 20 million US dollars. He has collected this vast net worth from being a successful singer, songwriter, author, and artist. Boyd owns many properties that add to his net worth. He has been living in Los Angeles for many years. Thus, he owns two properties there.

In the year 2012, Boyd bought a house in Santa Monica. Thus, this house is on a 13000 square feet lot. He spent 3.5 million dollars to buy this house. During the same year, he listed another house in Venice that had a studio that was custom built. The price of this house was 2.72 million dollars. Boyd bought this house in the year 2012 for the same price.

In the year 2016, he bought a house in the nearby hilly area of Topanga. Thus it was a 3500 square foot house on 2.7 acres. He spent 2.5 million dollars on this house. Thus this house also has a yurt which is 800 square feet in size. Brandon Boyd turned this yurt into a studio and office which also functions as a guesthouse and a storage facility for his huge crystal collection.