Breast Implant and Its Untold Psychological Effects

The Urge to Look Best: Peer Pressure or Human Psyche

Why do people go for breast implant surgery in the first place? Some girls realize that their mates aren’t growing with them. Their boobs don’t show any promising signs of growth even after the girls get their driver’s licenses. So the girls cave in; they resist the pressure of society, the benchmarks of female anatomy, but they start to feel forlorn.

Fall in Line or Desert Oneself

One can never really cave in, or can they? The images of stars are everywhere, and it’s almost impossible not to notice the perfect breasts of women on the hoardings, banners, social media, and every possible forum or device one can think of.

This is where most young women and girls decide to take charge of things. They can’t allow the body image issues to creep in any further, and that’s the point where they muster the courage to call a spade a spade. The first step to getting rid of a problem is to acknowledge it.

Placing One’s Finger on It

After a girl has decided that she needs an implant, all she needs is a board-approved surgeon who can talk them out of their psychological constraints and guide them through the process without glossing over the risk part.

The call to get a breast implant is often the turning point in girls’ lives as they adopt a healthier lifestyle, quit smoking, become particular about their diets, and gain mental fortitude.

Breast Implants: Expectations vs. Reality

Breast Implants Expectations Vs Reality

Let’s settle that breast implant surgery is the most common cosmetic surgery carried out in the United States without delving into the stats. It has many psychological virtues besides contributing positively to one’s physicality.

However, studies suggest that women need to understand the stakes of breast implant surgery and its implications on one’s psyche during the recovery period. Women who just see the glossy side of a breast procedure might face difficulties in coping with the emotional and physiological changes that occur post-surgery.

Moreover, women who are alcoholics and indulge in substance abuse might acquire a suicidal tendency after getting a breast implant.

Here are some real accounts of doctors and patients which would work as a window to how the post-breast implant life is so you could better assess whether it’s your cup of tea or not.

Breast Implants & Body Consciousness

Laurie Casas is an associate professor of surgery at Northwestern University. She has written many white papers and is a very credible and highly revered professional in her field.

She once quoted that more than half of her patients suffer from micromastia – a condition where breasts are largely underdeveloped. The breast of women in this medical condition can be compared to that of boys, with only the size of the nipples demarcating the sexes.

Yet another significant problem that women face is that they have highly asymmetrical boobs. They sometimes have almost negligible resonance with each other. One beast could be an A cup, and the other might be hovering somewhere around the C-cup, A nightmare for a woman sporting them.

This leads to body image issues, and rightly so. No one in their right mind would enjoy shopping with such highly asymmetrical boobs.

A breast implant can broadly counter the asymmetry in boobs. In addition, there are hundreds of journals on the internet where girls have given their testimony about how their life has transformed post a breast implant. Also Read – How To Get Rid Of Chest Fat?

Mommy Redemption & Breast Implants

Then some women have sported a perfect body graced with natural 34B all their life, but their breast tissue gets deflated post-pregnancy. They aren’t used to carrying an average body; their boobs were crafted like the paintings inscribed in Ajanta Caves (India) and they can’t sport the boobs that are sub-excellent or aren’t very well crafted.

Such was the case with Lisa, a 36-year-old San Francisco resident. She always loved her body, felt confident, exercised a lot, and wore clothes that hugged her bust. Unfortunately, her broad Torso didn’t mate well with the Saline, and so she chose the silicone, which looked primarily upheld. Nevertheless, she was happy with the results as her breast looked like those in the formative years, and there was no sensitivity loss in her breasts.

Word of the wise

Many women think of a breast implant as some Talisman, which would help them overcome their grief after a breakup or other unsettling event. There is no denying that breast implants tend to boost self-esteem to quite a lot of extent; however, if one has a vulnerable image of self, then it ought to be countered by positive self-talking, and no surgery on earth could sail their boat.

Good surgeons will help women assess whether their expectations and reasons for wanting breast implant surgery are realistic/valid.

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