Curl Types for Black Hair

While many people will assume that their hair is either wavy or curly, there are specific ways that hairdressers and hair companies alike characterize hair. Knowing your curl type is extremely important for black hair so that you can find the right products for your specific hair curl type. Below is a list of the different curl types, their characteristics and how to style them.

Curl Types for Black Hair

The 3’s: In general, the 3’s are curly hair that is not quite coiled with a medium width.

  • 3a. These curls are big, loose and undefined. The best way to style this type of curl is by twisting them while they are wet around your finger and letting them dry while still twisted. This will create a bit more structure and definition for a typically loose curl.
  • 3b. Compared to the circumference of a pen or pencil, these curls are springier and tend to shrink. In order to prevent shrinkage, products that work to help with humidity and frizz prevention are perfect for this type of curl.
  • 3c. Tightly wound and volume-filled curls, 3c hair is coarse and deals with the most shrinkage in the 3 category. Frizz is a common issue with this hair type, so look for frizz prevention products.

The 4’s: In general, the 4’s are coiled hair with a narrow width.

  • 4a. These coils are about the width of a knitting needle, this hair type requires moisture and natural products that keep its texture flawless. Try a wash and go styler.
  • 4b. With sharp angles comparable to a z-shape, these coils require a hydrating curl cream to keep them from drying out and stay in place.
  • 4c. The type that needs the most hydration and deals with the most shrinkage, the 4c coil loves oils to help them stay hydrated and looking their best. These strands are also more fragile than other curl types, so it is important to keep them protected and moisturized.

Knowing your curl type has some major benefits. From being able to find curl type twins in some of your favorite celebrities to even making your time at the hairdresser more efficient by discussing your texture, understanding your curl type can make your hair dreams come true. Once you do know your curl type, look for products that will make your styling and treatment better. You will definitely see a difference in how your hair reacts.