Elizabeth Ashley Wharton: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Neck, Family, Parents, Career, Husband, Daughter, Net Worth & More

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, born in 1983, is best recognized as the daughter of the renowned singer Vince Neil. While her early life was marked by the spotlight due to her father’s fame, Elizabeth has managed to carve her own identity over the years. Despite the high-profile nature of her family, details about her personal life remain relatively private. Her parents, Vince Neil and Beth Lynn, unfortunately, parted ways, adding another layer to her story.

Elizabeth’s presence in the digital world is subtle, with her husband being the more active one on platforms like Instagram. As the world continues to show interest in celebrity children, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton remains a figure of intrigue, with many keen to know more about her life beyond the fame of her parentage.

Explore the comprehensive biography of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, delving into her age, height, family background, and career. Uncover details about her parents, personal life with her husband, their daughter, and her net worth. Dive deep into the life of this celebrity child beyond the headlines.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Biography & Wiki

Full Name Elizabeth Ashely Wharton
Date of Birth October 29, 1983
Nickname Elizabeth Wharton
Marital Status Married
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity White
Age/ How Old 40 Years Old
Profession Celebrity
Nationality American
Parents Vince Neil and Beth Lynn
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Children Not Known
Spouse/Husband Will Loomis
Net Worth $200,000


Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is a celebrity child. She took birth on April 13, 1983, in the United States of America. Her parents are singer Vince Neil and Beth Lynn.

Elizabeth holds an American nationality. And she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. In addition, she has two siblings from her previous marriage. Her mother also married a few times. But they have not been so fruitful for her. As a result, Elle was the first child she conceived.

Family Of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

As a child, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton had his father and mother to look after him. From her father’s prior relationship with Tami, Elle has an older half-brother named Neil Jason Wharton. John and Elisabeth Ashley spent their childhood together. John did look after his little sister. However, it was not smooth for Elizabeth. When she was just a child, her parents parted ways. She had to go through a lot of hardships with her mother. Having a family to look after, Elizabeth did not give up on art.

But her family did support her in every way possible. Her step-brother was a great mentor to her. He made her read books very often. Her brother Neil Jason was also a musician. He chose the guitar as his instrument. Elisabeth Ashley Wharton’s brother also followed in his father’s footsteps. He formed his Crue tribute band, Rock’ n’ Roll Junkies. The other members include guitarist Steven Talbott, bassist Matty Vincent, and drummer Patrick Labuda. He also said in an interview that his sister is “really, really smart. She reads books every day.”

Early Life Of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton had to go through a lot of hardships with her mother. Having a family to look after, Elizabeth did not give up on art. She continued training for her musical career. After all, music was in her genes. She picked up the bass as her primary instrument at quite early of an age. The modern rock culture heavily influenced her. Her dad also played a role in her musical journey. Vince would often come to teach her daughter about music. When she turned into an adult, she had already figured out the bass.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton also learned how to sing correctly. She soon started playing in random bands for quick money. Elizabeth Ashley Wharton soon quit college and started making music for a living. As a result, in this phase, her father’s fame played a role. She was instantly recognized as the daughter of Vince Neil. This led to her successful music career later on in life.

Professional Career Of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

With the influence of her musician father, Elizabeth chose the same root. Loomis & the Lust, an indie California pop-rock band, formed in 2008, now has her as a bassist. Meanwhile, her husband Will is the lead singer of the band. A year after its creation, the band released its first EP. and a second EP, Space Camp, came in 2010.

The band has also released numerous singles. They released “Bright Red Chords,” which won MTV’s “Freshman” award. Besides, Elle is a singer too. She often shares short videos of her singing on Instagram.

A magazine says about the band that Loomis & the Lust, as the quartet in question is known, is a smart, lean and energetic band. The band is filled with twenty-year-olds. They look behind through the lens of classic pop and rock while retaining a popular sound. Their sounds steer clearly through the dull guitar hymns. They passed for rock in the post-grunge era beautifully.

Her band released their debut EP in 2009, entitled Natasha. They released their second EP, Space Camp, on August 10, 2010. In April 2012, Loomis and the Lust reformed a 3rd EP, “Sports Suck.” They also released videos for their singles “My Fix” and “Sports Suck.”Will Loomis released an album of songs titled “The Nobody” about Jessie J’s fans accusing him of being “a Nobody.”

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Tattoos Of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Elisabeth Ashley Wharton has always been a tattoo enthusiast. Wharton has inked a few times on her body. Elisabeth has covered her right arm with a flower tattoo full of Greek designs. She also has several other tattoos on her body. One of them is of a heart on her legs.

Father Of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Her father, Vincent Neil Wharton, lived in California. He had a knack for music from his childhood. And heavy metal was his favourite genre. He began playing gigs at bars as a young singer.

But this all was about to change. After his first few failed attempts at life, he tied the knot with Beth Lynn in 1981. They had been dating briefly since 1979. But, this year brought a lot to Vincent.

He joined the heavy metal band Motley Crue as a lead vocalist. The band was pretty popular at that time. He performed his first recording gig with the band releasing its debut album Too Fast for Love in 1981. In his brief career, he released several albums. Many were made with his band, and some solo albums too. He had also done numerous collaborations with other artists such as led zeppelin, Guns and Roses, etc. He also acted in some movies. His famous albums are as follows,

  1. Too fast for love.
  2. Shout at the devil.
  3. Theatre of pain.
  4. Girls, Girls, Girls.

In the subsequent years, the artist released many more albums and singles with the group. Despite his immense success in music, Neil’s marriage with Beth didn’t last.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Father’s Early Relationship

In the early 1990s, Vince Neil was romantically interested in actress and Playboy Playmate Heidi Mark. The couple started dating in 1993 after meeting on a blind date set up by Heidi’s cosmetics designer.

After dating for three months, the new couple became engaged and married in 2000. Neil’s marriage to Mark, on the other hand, terminated in divorce in 2001

Vince married Lia for the fourth time in January 2005. In 2010, the pair divorced after five years of marriage. He had four marriages, but none of them lived up to the wedding promises. Vince is currently married to Rain Hannah and they have a child together.

Vince was born and reared in Hollywood, California, and his hobbies included basketball, baseball, surfing, and football. Since joining Motley Crue as main vocalist in 1981, he has put everything he has into music.

In addition, the artist is a businessman who runs the “S’Crüe” store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Neil also worked on a number of films and television shows. In the 1990 film The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, he played Bobby Black, the lead vocalist of a fictional rock band.

Vince Neil

Relationships Of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is a married woman. Unlike other musicians, she did not have any relationship issues. She met her lover Will via her band mates. Soon they fell in love and started dating.

The two lovebirds have a similar passion for music and have made a successful career out of it. Elizabeth and her husband William have been married for more than six years. The couple is known for their well-balanced personal and professional lives.

They had dated for four years before getting married. The two met for the first time in 2010. Will Wharton, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s husband, posted a snapshot of the couple on Instagram on January 1, 2020, to commemorate their tenth wedding anniversary.On October 15, 2014, the couple exchanged vows. Their wedding ceremony took place at Santa Barbara’s Four Seasons Biltmore. They married in front of their friends and family, including Elle’s father, Vince, who was also present. Vince also came there with his present wife.DJ Darla Bea, a Santa Barbara-based award-winning DJ, played during the event. Elysium Productions, a videography company, was also present at the wedding.

Elle and Will have been dating for over a decade but have yet to have children together. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is the proud aunt of two nephews, Trace and Hailee Marie. They are the children of her half-brother Neil and his wife, Marie Wharton.

Facts about Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

We bring you the most sought-after facts about Elizabeth Ashley Wharton on Google. Read on.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Instagram

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is present on Instagram. However, she does not post much there. She likes to keep her private life to herself. Her Instagram account id is @grueprismpowermakeup.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Age

She took birth in 1983 in the United States. She is 40 years old at the moment.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Net Worth

Vince Elizabeth, Neil’s daughter, has a net worth of $200,000. Her singing profession has brought her such good money. In terms of her father’s riches, Neil is predicted to be worth $50 million by 2023. One of the key sources of his enormous net worth is his great music career. He and her daughter still keep updating us with new music now and then.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Husband

Will Loomis had established a solo career after his initial success with Loomis and the Lust, writing and playing live as well as producing other artists in the studio. Loomis has had songs placed in TV and movies, including “Good Time Lover” in NCIS LA and “Bright Red Chords” in Movie 43, in addition to national tours. While Loomis has worked in the studio with major label performers such as Depeche Mode in 2013, he prefers to produce unsigned artists.

Will Loomis

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Mother

Beth Lynn is Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s mother. She was one of the groupies that toured with Vince. During this time, Beth fell in love with the singer of Motley Crue. They dated for some years. Then, they decided to marry each other.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Daughter

Elle and Will have been dating for over a decade but have yet to have children together. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is the proud aunt of two nephews, Trace and Hailee Marie. They are the children of her half-brother Neil and his wife, Marie Wharton.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Sister’s Cancer

Skylar Lynnae Neil, Wharton’s sister, was born of her father’s second marriage to Sharise Ruddell, a fashion model. Vince and Sharise married in April 1987 and welcomed their daughter in May of that year.

Sadly, Elle’s sister Skylar passed away at the age of four on August 15, 1995. Following her untimely demise, her dad Neil went on to establish the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund. It aims to spread awareness that helps in preventing children from various illnesses. The foundation has raised a total of millions of dollars and donated a major portion of the fund to The T.J. Martell Foundation. Elle has two half-sisters named Tess and Lainy. Her spouse Will once posted a photo of three sisters on his Instagram. However, it is yet to be revealed whether the two are from Elle’s mother’s relationship or her father’s relationship.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Nickname

She has several nicknames of her own. One of them is Elle, another being Ashley. Her fans usually call her Wharton.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Body Measurements

She is pretty private about her life. So, we do not have any knowledge about her Body Measurements.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Sun Sign

Her sun sign is a scorpion. We do not know if she believes in these at all.