Trevor Donovan: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Is he Gay, Brother, Movies, TV Shows, Net Worth, Wife & Much More

Trevor Donovan, an American model and actor, gained fame portraying Teddy Montgomery on the popular drama series 90210. Not only is he adored by fans, but he is also recognized as a passionate animal rights activist, dedicating extensive time to improving lives.

Prior to his acting career, Donovan worked as a male model for various fashion brands. Beyond his acting and modeling talents, he exhibited a strong passion for sports from a young age, even representing the United States in the junior Olympics. Additionally, he showcases his musical abilities by singing background scores and playing the guitar.

With a graphic design degree from The Art Institute of Los Angeles, Donovan possesses a strong educational background. Alongside his acting pursuits, he actively engages in philanthropic endeavors, collaborating closely with non-profit organizations and charities. Currently, he serves as an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity and the Robert F. Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights.

Discover Trevor Donovan’s bio, wiki, age, height, and explore questions surrounding his sexual orientation, his brother, his notable movies and TV shows, net worth, and more. Get to know the multi-talented actor and delve into his intriguing journey in the entertainment industry.

Trevor Donovan Biography/Wiki

Trevor Donovan

REAL NAME Trevor Donovan Neubauer
BIRTHDAY October 11, 1982
BIRTHPLACE Bishop, California, U.S
ETHNICITY German-Jewish
DATING/GIRLFRIEND No, Sonia Rockwell (Earlier)
NET WORTH $18 million
SIBLINGS Jake Jake Donovan

Some Facts about Trevor Donovan

Trevor Donovan Age

Trevor Donovan, the renowned American model and actor, has captivated audiences with his talent and charm for over four decades. Born on October 11, 1982, Donovan is currently 41 years old and continues to leave a lasting impression in the entertainment industry. His age reflects the wealth of experience and maturity he brings to his performances, making him a versatile and seasoned artist.

Trevor Donovan Height

Trevor Donovan, the American model and actor, has a remarkable height. He stands tall at 1.88 meters, which is equivalent to 6 feet 2 inches. This stature adds to his presence and charisma, captivating audiences on screen. With his impressive height, Donovan exudes confidence and embodies the image of a leading figure in the entertainment industry.

Trevor Donovan Birthplace

Trevor Donovan, the talented American model and actor, hails from the picturesque town of Bishop, California. Born and raised in this serene location, Donovan’s childhood was shaped by the scenic beauty and close-knit community of his hometown. Reflecting on his upbringing, he fondly recalls his days in Mammoth Lakes, California, where he experienced pure happiness and cherished memories. While specific details about his parents remain undisclosed, Donovan’s deep connection to his birthplace resonates throughout his personal journey and career.

Trevor Donovan Brother Jake Donovan

Trevor Donovan’s brother is named Jake Donovan. Presently, Jake Donovan serves as a dedicated fireman in Sacramento, California. While further details about Jake Donovan are limited, his occupation as a firefighter highlights his commitment to public service and ensuring the safety of others. As Trevor Donovan’s brother, Jake’s profession adds an additional layer of pride and admiration to their family dynamic. The selflessness and bravery displayed by firefighters like Jake Donovan are commendable, as they put their lives on the line to protect their communities.

Is Trevor Donovan gay?

Many fans have wondered about Trevor Donovan’s sexual orientation, particularly after his portrayal of a gay character on the show 90210. However, it is important to clarify that Trevor Donovan is not gay. In an interview with Life And Style, Donovan revealed that his role as Teddy Montgomery has actually enhanced his dating life. Since his character came out as gay on the show, he has attracted more female attention than ever before.

Donovan expressed gratitude for the positive impact his role has had on his dating experiences. He shared that many girls wanted to challenge the assumption that he was gay, believing they could “change him back.” This unique situation has presented Donovan with fortunate dating opportunities. Additionally, Trevor Donovan expressed joy in being a role model for confused teens, helping them navigate their own sexual identities and combatting the idea that there is something inherently wrong with them.

In another interview with E! Online, Trevor Donovan discussed the intention behind the portrayal of his character on 90210. The show aimed to tell an authentic story about a young person fighting their internal battles and embracing their true self. Donovan emphasized the difficulty of self-acceptance and the painful journey it can entail. By sharing this story, the show’s creators sought to support and inspire others going through similar experiences.

Is Trevor Donovan Really a Skier?

Trevor Donovan’s affinity for skiing is indeed genuine. Growing up in Mammoth Lakes, California, he developed a deep passion for the sport. From a young age, Donovan actively engaged in skiing and snowboarding, often enjoying these activities with his family and schoolmates. His dedication to skiing reached impressive heights, as he became a member of the United States ski team and even competed in the junior Olympics.

In various interviews, Trevor Donovan has expressed his love for skiing and acknowledged that he would have pursued a career in the sport if he hadn’t ventured into acting. This highlights the significance of skiing in his life and underscores his talent and commitment to the sport. Despite ultimately choosing a different path, his experiences on the slopes have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on his journey and shaped his character.


Trevor Donovan

In 2007, Trevor Donovan made a notable appearance in the popular NBC Soap Opera, Days of our Lives. This show, recognized for its association with Joey from Friends, provided Donovan with an early opportunity to showcase his talent. Two years later, in 2009, he received a significant offer to portray the character of Teddy Montgomery in the teen drama series, 90210.

90210, a continuation of the highly successful Beverly Hills 90210, delves into the lives of affluent students attending West Beverly Hills High School. Alongside his role in 90210, Donovan also took part in the science fiction mystery film Surrogates in the same year. The movie explores a futuristic concept, adding an intriguing element to Donovan’s diverse repertoire. Furthermore, he served as the body double for the character John Rahway in the action crime thriller Takers, further expanding his involvement in the film industry.

With his appearances in Days of our Lives, 90210, Surrogates, and Takers, Trevor Donovan demonstrated his versatility as an actor, showcasing his ability to transition between different genres and mediums, captivating audiences with each performance.

Trevor Donovan Movies

Trevor Donovan has showcased his acting prowess in various movies throughout his career. In 2009, he appeared in Surrogates, playing the role of The Surrogate of Thomas Greer. The following year, he took on the role of John Rahway’s body double in the film Takers. In 2011, Donovan starred in Birds of a Feather as the character Trevor.

Continuing his trajectory, Donovan appeared in the 2012 film Savages, portraying the character Matt. In 2018, he played John Burrows in The Ghost Beyond. In 2019, he featured in Prescription for Love, assuming the role of Luke Taylor. Additionally, in 2020, Donovan showcased his talent in Wolf Hound as Major Eric Roth and in Hot Water as Jarid Harper.

Looking ahead, Donovan’s career continues to flourish, with his upcoming role in the highly anticipated film Reagan, where he will portray the character John Barletta. Through these diverse film projects, Trevor Donovan has proven his versatility and ability to bring compelling characters to life on the big screen.

Trevor Donovan Television Shows

Trevor Donovan’s versatility and talent have left an indelible mark on television history. From his early role as a waiter in “Quintuplets” in 2004, to his well-recognized performance as Teddy Montgomery in the hit series “90210” (2009-2013), Donovan’s career showcases a wide range of memorable characters.

His body of work includes an intriguing mix of roles. He starred as Jeremy Horton in the popular soap opera “Days of Our Lives” (2007), gave an intense performance as Spartan in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2011), and exhibited his charm in “Strawberry Summer” as Jason Keith (2012). His characters Dashiell Codd in “The Client List” and Austin in “Melissa & Joey” (2013) further displayed his acting prowess.

Donovan continued to wow audiences in 2014 with performances in “Awkward” and “Bermuda Tentacles”. His roles in “Love Finds You in Charm” (2015) and “Texas Rising” further diversified his portfolio. In 2016, he moved hearts in “Love on a Limb” and “JL Ranch”.

2017 saw Donovan in “Sun Records”, “Escaping Dad”, “NCIS”, and “Marry Me at Christmas”. He turned heads in 2018 with “Runaway Romance” and a guest role in “Lucifer”. 2019 brought him into a variety of roles in “Snow Coming”, “Love, Fall & Order”, “Nostalgic Christmas”, and “The Baxters”.

The following year, he commanded the screen in “USS Christmas”. In 2021, Donovan enthralled viewers in “Two for the Win”. Trevor Donovan’s contribution to television, characterized by diverse performances, continues to entertain audiences worldwide, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next venture.

Trevor Donovan Husband

Donovan played the role of a gay boy Teddy Montgomery, in the show 90210. Nonetheless, he played the role so well that a lot of his fans thought that he was actually homosexual! However, this fact is not true. Trevor Donovan is not gay and he does not have a husband.

At the beginning of 90210, the show depicted Teddy Montgomery as a womanizer. However, later the plot took a very surprising turn. Thus, the show revealed that Teddy Montgomery was actually a closeted homosexual person. Hence, this surprising twist startled everyone including the actor who played Teddy Montgomery.

In many interviews, Trevor Donovan mentioned that he did not know that he was going to play a character who was gay. He added that he took it up as a challenge and tried his best to make it as authentic as possible. Thus, Donovan continued saying that he worked closely with the directors and scriptwriters to make Teddy’s character as realistic as possible.

Often he asked the scriptwriters how to emote a scene so that he could accurately portray a closeted gay guy. Finally, after the discussion, Trevor Donovan said that he felt very proud that he was able to portray this character. The fact that the directors thought him worthy to play this role flattered him a lot. Thus, he said that the role was quite challenging and it added a lot of depth to the show. Since the show was a commercial show and it was superficial, Trevor Donovan was grateful for this character since it gave the show substance.

Trevor Donovan received the role of Ted Montgomery in the year 2008. In the year 2010, he became a regular on the show. Teddy Montgomery’s character came out as gay in the third season of the show.

Trevor Donovan Movies

In the year 2011, Donovan appeared in an episode of a crime drama series. He appeared in the series CSI Crime Scene Investigation. After that, in the year 2012, Trevor Donovan played the role of Matt in the crime thriller Savages. Oliver Stone directed the movie Savages which was based on the novel Savages written by Don Winslow.

After the movie Savages, Donovan also worked in the drama series The Client List and then in the series Melissa and Joey. Next, Donovan also made a guest appearance in the teen comedy Drama Awkward. Trevor Donovan appeared in the episode My Personal Statement in Awkward. Then Trevor Donovan appeared in the Television movie Bermuda Tentacles as the character Trip Oliver.

The movie Bermuda Tentacles stars Linda Hamilton, Mya, Jamie Kennedy, and John Savage. Bermuda Tentacles is about an Air Force One Flight that disappeared in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle region. This flight was saved by the Navy in the movie. In the year 2016, Trevor Donovan also starred in the television film JL Ranch. The next year in 2017, he played the role of Eddy Arnold in Sun Records. He also appeared in a guest role in an episode of the show NCIS. In the year 2018, he also played the role of Max in an episode of the drama Lucifer. Lucifer is a police procedural comedy-drama.

Trevor Donovan Books

Trevor Donovan is a man of many talents. He is not only a brilliant actor but also a great singer, guitarist, skier, model, philanthropist, and writer! Trevor Donovan is an animal lover. He loves dogs and he has two pet dogs! Donovan has a German Shepherd and an English Bulldog. He is very active on his social media and he has over eight million followers.

Donovan thus has a very wide reach across the world and adoring fans from many different countries. He thus often posts about his dogs who he loves dearly. In many interviews, Trevor Donovan has said that his social media is like an escape from negativity. He also said that it is a positive place for pet lovers. Since he loves writing, Trevor Donovan has written a book about his dogs!

Love Always Dogbert and Tito is the name of the memoir which Donovan wrote about his dogs in the year 2018. This book follows the lives of his two dogs as they go on magical adventures across the world. This story is about love, and it also serves as a source of inspiration and hope for everyone. Although it is a book for children, many adults have enjoyed and loved the book too. Donovan mentioned that this book is based on a lot of his real-life everyday experiences. A lot of his fans shared these experiences with him over social media which he incorporated into this book. Thus millions of Donovan’s fans and more people have enjoyed and learned from this beautiful book.

Trevor Donovan Wife

Sonia Rockwell

American television actor Trevor Donovan is known for his private nature, particularly concerning his personal life. His discretion extends notably to his relationships, which he prefers to maintain away from public scrutiny. As of current updates, Donovan is unmarried and single, without any revealed information about present or upcoming romantic involvements.

However, a notable part of Donovan’s past relationship history is his relationship with American television and film actress Sonia Rockwell. Known for her role as Trixie in ABC’s Scandal’s second season, Rockwell’s relationship with Donovan spanned three years, from 2006 to 2009. Born in 1978, Rockwell hails from Anchorage, Alaska.

Despite Donovan’s private stance on relationships, his dating life hasn’t been immune to speculation. Among the prominent rumors are claims of him dating Kerry Kennedy, niece of former U.S President John F. Kennedy, and Paris Jackson, the daughter of pop icon Michael Jackson. Donovan has firmly addressed these rumors as unfounded. Fans and followers of Donovan continue to respect his preference for privacy, while his professional accomplishments remain the primary focus of public attention.

Net Worth Of Trevor Donovan

Trevor Donovan, renowned for his work in television and modeling, has amassed an impressive net worth through his career. As reported by Idol Net Worth, his estimated wealth stands at $18 million. This significant net worth stems primarily from his prosperous acting career, along with his success as a model.

Donovan’s earnings aren’t solely confined to his acting and modeling endeavors. He also supplements his income through brand endorsements and advertisements, contributing to his substantial net worth. However, it’s crucial to understand that the net worth of celebrities like Trevor Donovan is challenging to accurately determine. The constant shifts in their lifestyle, expenditures, and revenue sources can lead to frequent fluctuations in their overall net worth. Regardless, Trevor Donovan’s current estimated net worth attests to his successful and sustained career in the entertainment industry.


Who is Trevor Donovan?

Trevor Donovan is a successful American actor and model, known for his work in television series such as “90210” and “Days of Our Lives”.

When was Trevor Donovan born?

Donovan was born on October 11, 1982.

How old is Trevor Donovan?

As of now, Trevor Donovan is 41 years old.

What is Trevor Donovan’s height?

Trevor Donovan stands at a height of 1.88 meters or 6 feet 2 inches.

Where is Trevor Donovan from?

Trevor Donovan is from Bishop, California in the United States of America.

Does Trevor Donovan have any siblings?

Yes, Trevor Donovan has a brother named Jake Donovan.

When did Trevor Donovan start his acting career?

Donovan started his acting career in 2004 with a minor role in the television series “Quintuplets”. He later gained popularity in 2007 with “Days of Our Lives” and in 2009 with “90210”.

What was Trevor Donovan’s breakthrough role?

Donovan’s breakthrough role was as Teddy Montgomery in the popular series “90210”, which he played from 2009 to 2013.

What other television shows has Trevor Donovan appeared in?

Donovan has appeared in several other shows, including “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “The Client List”, “Melissa & Joey”, “Awkward”, “Texas Rising”, “Sun Records”, “NCIS”, and “Marry Me at Christmas”, among others.

Is Trevor Donovan married?

As of now, Trevor Donovan is not married and is known to be private about his personal life and relationships.

Who is Trevor Donovan’s most famous ex-girlfriend?

Trevor Donovan was in a relationship with Sonia Rockwell, a television and film actress, from 2006 to 2009. Rockwell is known for her role as Trixie in ABC’s “Scandal”.

What are some of the rumors related to Trevor Donovan’s dating life?

There have been rumors of Trevor Donovan dating Kerry Kennedy, niece of John F. Kennedy, and Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter. However, these rumors have been confirmed as baseless by Donovan himself.

Is Trevor Donovan gay?

No, Trevor Donovan is not gay. Although he portrayed a gay character on the show 90210, he has clarified in interviews that he is heterosexual.

What is Trevor Donovan’s estimated net worth?

According to Idol Net Worth, Trevor Donovan’s estimated net worth is $18 million, amassed through his successful acting and modeling career, and supplemented by brand endorsements and advertisements.