Eric Dane: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Young, Euphoria, Movies & TV Shows, Married, Wife, Divorced, Children, Net Worth, FAQs & More

Eric William Dane, commonly known as Eric Dane took birth on 9th November 1972. Therefore, he is currently in his late 40s. He is an American actor who has appeared in various television series throughout the 2000s. Moreover, his role as Jason Dean in Charmed was recurring. However, Gray’s Anatomy- the ABC medical drama television series was what made him famous. So, he played the role of Dr. Mark Sloan here.

Along with these he also appeared occasionally in a number of films. So, these include Marley & Me (2008), Valentine’s Day (2010), and Burlesque (2010). Moreover, for a long time, Eric Dane has also played the role of Tom Chandler in The Last Ship which is a post-apocalyptic drama. Currently, he plays the role of Cal Jacobs in the HBO series that gained a lot of popularity very quickly- Euphoria.

However, as you can well understand, he has had an illustrious career and is still actively working. In the next few sections, we will see all that we could gather about the veteran actor- both personal and professional.

Eric Dane Biography/Wiki

Full name Eric William Dane
Nickname Eric Dane
Date of Birth 9th November 1972
Age 50 Years Old
Birthplace San Francisco, California, USA
Nationality American
Profession Actor- primarily television, but also film.


Married Rebecca Gayheart in 2004 but separated in 2018
Religion Jewish
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Race/ ethnicity Mixed (English, German, Finnish, Russian Jewish, Scottish, Austrian Jewish)

Eric Dane Age

Eric Dane

So, Eric Dane took birth on 9th November 1972. Therefore, as of 2022, he is 50 years old. So, he is going to complete a half-century this November. If you have spent your early 2000s looking at him on the television, you too are getting old!

Eric Dane Height

So, as it seems Eric Dane is quite a tall man. He is 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85m in height that is quite above the average height in men. Moreover, he has a very dashing and charismatic image that has gathered so much love for his TV presence all these years along with his acting skills. So, let us take a quick look at his other physical specifications.

Eric Dane Figure Measurements, Size, Weight

Hair Color So, as per Eric Dane, his hair color is naturally gray. On the other hand, he has seemingly light brown hair.
Eye Color Brown
Height Feet – 6 feet 1 inch

Meters – 1. 85 m

Centimeters – 185 cm

Weight In kilogram- 84

In lbs- 185.2

Early Life

So, Eric Dane was born to William Melvin Dane and Leah Dane in San Francisco, California. William Melvin Dane was an interior designer and an architect. However, Leah Dane was a homemaker. There was a brutal scar that Eric Dane received when he was still a child. So, his father died when he was only 7 on account of a gunshot wound that would not heal. Moreover, Dane also has a younger brother. After his father’s death, his mother brought him and his brother up following the Jewish faith. Therefore, Dane had received a Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

As for his schooling, he started with Sequoia High School which is located in Redwood City, California. So, he attended Sequoia from 1987 to 1990. Following this, he went to San Mateo High School that is located in San Mateo, California. So, he went there from 1990 to 1991 and finally graduated from here. Later, in 1993, he would go to Los Angeles to build for himself a career in acting.

Moreover, in high school, Dane was an athlete. So, he used to play on the boy’s water polo team of the varsity. However, sports was not something he seriously decided on. After he had played a part in the school production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, he knew this is what he wanted to do with his life- acting. So, he went on to pursue it.

Eric Dane Net Worth

As per various reports, Eric Dane has a total net worth of 7 million dollars as of 2022. This he has gathered over the years of his long and illustrious career, through the various roles that he has brought to life. So, apart from acting in both television series and films, he has no other enterprise or business for earning. Therefore, we can take a quick look at the approximate amounts he has received from some of his works. So, from Marley and Me he had received 500,000 dollars. The makers of Open Water 2: Adrift offered him a contract for 1,50,000 dollars. For X-Men: The Last Stand, he also received an amount of 1,50,000 dollars. So, these alone amounts to 800,000 dollars.

On the other hand, Gray’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running and popular television shows. Therefore, he definitely receives a handsome amount from there. Moreover, it was Gray’s Anatomy that made him the most prominent. However, we have calculated his net worth based on public sources. So, if he has any private investments or estates, you and I will never know about them!

Eric Dane Instagram

So yes, your favorite TV star, Eric Dane, is there on Instagram. He has a total of 3.1 million followers. However, he has only 122 posts and follows 532 people. Along with these, he has only one Instagram highlight of his most recent work- Euphoria. You can find him at @realericdane. So, he uses Instagram in various ways. Like every other star, he uses social media for the promotion of his upcoming series or films. However, that is not just it. Eric Dane also shares glimpses of his personal life on the gram. Moreover, sometimes he shares old, nostalgic photos and photos of people he is close with. Hand in hand with this, he also posts photos from his professional photoshoots.

However, if you scroll down his profile, you can also find a couple of video call screenshots or an adorable meme that somebody made using the characters that he has played or still plays.

Eric Dane Movies

So, Eric Dane has appeared in a number of movies over the years. We provide you with a list of his entire filmography.

Therefore, in 1999, Eric Dane appeared in his first film. So, he played the role of Tom Emery in Rich Cowan’s The Basket. Following this, he did not appear in any film for a couple of years. However, in 2003, he again appeared as the Overly Dramatic Actor in Danny Comden’s Sol Goode. Following this, he again portrayed the role of Hero in the 2005 film Feast directed by John Gulager.

Eric Dane

In 2006, he joined the X-Men franchise, Therefore he starred in Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand as Jamie Madrox or Multiple Man. However, 2006 was a rather good year for him. So, in the same year, he also starred in Open Water 2: Adrift. Therefore, in this movie by Hand Horn, he played the role of Dan.

Then in 2008, Eric Dane starred in Marley & Me. So, he played the role of Sebastian Tunney in this film directed by David Frankel. So, following this he appeared in Garry Marshall’s 2010 film Valentine’s Day as Sean Jackson. However, 2010 was also an important year in his career. So, he also appeared in Steve Antin’s Burlesque. Here, Eric Dane played the role of Marcus Gerber.

However, after this, he took a rather long break. So, it was not until 2017 that his next film came out. So, this was Grey Lady directed by John Shea where he played the role of Doyle.

Again in 2021, he appeared in more than one film. So, he appeared in Keoni Waxman’s The Ravine as Mitch Bianchi. Moreover, he also appeared in D. J. Caruso’s Redeeming Love as Duke.

Eric Dane Upcoming Project

However, along with these, Eric Dane also has an upcoming project. So this one is Into the Beautiful that Adam Rodgers is directing and he will be seen playing the role of Tom here.

Eric Dane X-Men

So, Eric Dane appeared in the role of Jamie Madrox or Multiple Man in X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006. Therefore, let us know a little something about the character that Eric Dane portrayed in this highly popular franchise.

So, James “Jamie” Madrox, also known as Multiple Man is a mutant. Hence, he is able to create many clones of himself. Moreover, he is also a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He is still alive. However, he is not a virtuous character. But, he is an intelligent criminal and a bank robber along with being a mutant. Jamie Madrox has two major powers. So, these are Duplication and Duplication Absorption.

Now, what is duplication? With the help of his mutant power, Multiple Man can split him into several duplicates. However, he can control all of these duplicates however he wants to at the same time. Moreover, the number of duplicates that he can create is potentially infinite. And, the most interesting part is that all of these duplicates have the capacities and powers of the original one. Therefore, it is like an unimaginable chain reaction.

So now, let us see what is duplication absorption. Multiple Man also has the power to recall all his duplicates after they have completed doing their work. So, this is duplication absorption.

However, Jamie Madrox appears in two timelines. He only finds a mention in X2: X-Men United. Eric Dane plays him in The Last Stand. However, in the new timeline, James Franco plays the role of Multiple Man.

Moreover, in X-Men: The Official Game also Eric Dane portrays the character.

Eric Dane TV Series

As you can well imagine, if we start listing all the TV roles that Eric Dane has played over the years, it is going to be a long and tedious list. So, let us go through some of the highlights of his long and illustrious TV career. So, let us start with Grey’s Anatomy! He had played the role of Dr. Mark Solan as a main character from the third season to the ninth. However, he also appeared as a special guest star in the second season and as a guest star in the seventeenth season. Therefore, he had played for 140 episodes. Moreover, it was his role in Grey’s Anatomy that nominated Eric Dane for a number of awards.

However, Grey’s Anatomy came much later. He had begun his television career with the role of Tad Pogue in Saved by the Bell. So, he appeared in the episode, “The Game”. Following this, he had appeared in a single episode of a couple of series like Renegade, The Wonder Years, and Married… With Children. However, in 1995, he appeared in the television movie Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story as Matt. In 1966 too, Eric Dane appeared as Nick in the television film Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story. So, after doing a few TV series like Silk Stalkings, Roseanne, Gideon’s Crossing, etc, he appeared in another television film in 2001- Ball and Chain.

Following this, he appeared in The American Embassy, Charmed, and Las Vegas. However, Eric Dane played the role of Jason Dean in Charmed for 9 episodes. So, he again did a couple of television films like Helter Skelter, Painkiller Jane, and Wedding Wars. After this, he got involved in Grey’s Anatomy.

Recent Years

In the Last Ship that ran between 2014-18, he played the main role of Captain Tom Chandler. So, there were 56 episodes in 5 seasons. Moreover, in 2015, Eric Dane played in a miniseries The Fixer in the role of Carter. He has also played in Wireless and Family Guy. From 2019, he has been playing in Euphoria as Cal Jacobs which is one of the main roles. Therefore, he has been quite consistent all throughout his long career.

Eric Dane Wife/Family

So, Eric Dane married actress Rebecca Gayheart on 29th October 2004. Moreover, they have two daughters together. They are Billie Beatrice Dane who took birth on 3rd March 2010 and Georgia Geraldine Dane who took birth on 28th December 2011. However, in February 2018, they chose to depart from marriage and domestic partnership. So, after 14 years of being together in a marital relationship, Gayheart finally filed for divorce. As a cause of the divorce, she had cited irreconcilable differences.

Eric Dane FAQs

Is Eric Dane separated?

Eric Dane Wife

Yes, Eric Dane got separated from his wife Rebecca Gayheart in February 2018. So, the 47-year-old actress Gayheart was the one who had filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. So, in a joint statement, both Dane and Gayheart had agreed that this was the best decision for both of them and their family after 14 years of marriage.

What is Eric Dane’s favorite color?

So, Eric Dane’s favorite colors are quite a contrast to each other. These are brave orange and slimy green.

Is Eric Dane single?

Well, you cannot tell him exactly single going by the definition. However, he is certainly divorced. Moreover, he has had relationships in the past before he married Rebecca Gayheart, However, since 2018, he has not been seen with anybody else, and nor has he himself talked about it. So, as of now, you can tell that he is single maybe.

Did Alissa Milano and Eric Dane date?

Well yes, Eric Dane and Alissa Milano had dated back in the day. However, their period of courtship was really short. So, they dated each other in 2003. Therefore, following this he got married to the American actress Rebecca Gayheart in 2004. They have had a decade and a half marital life after that.

How old is Eric Dane?

So, Eric Dane was born on 9th November 1972. Therefore, he is currently 50 years old. To know more about him and his life before he entered the show business, check out the Eric Dane early life section.

Did Eric Dane decide to leave Grey’s Anatomy?

Well, we all know that he was extremely involved in Grey’s Anatomy and the character of Dr. Mark Solan. He has been there for several seasons and has even made a guest appearance. However, he finally decided to leave it for another show. This was because in The Last Ship he played the main role of Captain Tom Chandler. However, he moved on from there too. Currently, he is deeply invested in HBO’s Euphoria. So, this was also why the makers of Grey’s Anatomy had to kill the character of Dr. Mark Solan in 2012.

Did Eric Dane go for rehab?

Yes, he had to go to rehab long ago. However, his addiction was a little curious. It was to take painkillers. So he went to rehab in 2011. Moreover, he has always been quite vocal about his personal struggles over the years. So, according to him, during this time, his depression was at its peak. It had never hit him in this way any other time.