Four California Road Trips to Brighten Up Your Life

We talk about beauty regimes and fitness ideas a lot here, to come up with the perfect modern lifestyle. But there is nothing much better for the soul than a road trip. And where better than through the diverse scenery of California?

For many, a road trip in the Golden State is a bucket list activity. But how do you choose where to go? The state has just about everything and there is no way that you can fit everything in on one journey. Online sports betting in California may be getting busy at this time of year but why not escape the drama and head out onto the highways of California and fulfill your dreams? Here are four ideas for that road trip of a lifetime.

Pacific Coast Highway

Let’s start as we mean to go on, shall we? The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) stretches from San Francisco in the north to San Diego in the south and offers non-stop beauty with the delights of California on one side and the imposing Pacific Ocean on the other. The entire trip is around 600 miles – but we advise taking your time and concentrating on smaller chunks at a time.

It is difficult to know where to begin in prioritizing those smaller trips though. There is so much to see and do, you can basically choose a stretch depending on what you are after on that particular day. But why not head to Big Sur, just south of Carmel, for those classic Californian sunny vibes?

San Diego to Joshua Tree National Park

If you’re fine with heading inland and not too bothered about gazing across the ocean, then starting off in the coastal city of San Diego and heading east could be a good idea. This is a desert road trip – but there is an inland sea to check out if you really want a break from all that dry land.

For a journey into the desert, there will be a surprising amount of vegetation and wild flowers if you time your trip right. But the best is left until last, with the stunning Joshua Tree National Park. Make sure you give yourself enough time to explore by hiking and sleeping under the stars.

Napa Valley and Sonoma

Now for something completely different. If you enjoy the odd glass of wine then you absolutely have to find time to explore the Napa Valley and Sonoma. Home to some of the most famous Californian wines, this is a dream trip for many. But there is much more than just the chance to experience the wineries – we promise!

You could base yourself in San Francisco if you like. But you will soon want to be weaving your way through the small towns on the Napa Valley Silverado Trail. From there you can head west and make your way to the charming town of Sonoma Square. Just make sure you have enough time to sample the local produce.

The Golden State is incredibly diverse

Palm Springs to Death Valley

Let’s finish up with another desert road trip, shall we? Heading west out of Palm Springs, we recommend stopping off in Riverside – which should be around an hour’s drive. It is a great place to charge up the batteries before heading on the desert road north.

You could make a slight detour to Big Bear Lake for some outdoor pursuits. But if the actual driving is the main attraction, keep going until you reach Red Rock Canyon State Park. This is where you will start seeing the famous incredible water-sculptured canyons. The scenery continues to get even more stunning, with the mountains and the dusty road as your guide. Also Read – What Kind of Men’s Shorts Should Men Wear?

Tips for California Road Trips

Our main tip for anyone planning a road trip like the ones profiled here is to plan ahead. Make sure you have plenty of water – especially if you are heading inland. But, most of all, ensure that you know where you are going and how long it is between gas stations.

You may want to be carefree, but planning a road trip is just part of the fun. Once you are out on the open road you will appreciate it so much more and improve your lifestyle immeasurably.