How To Fix Sagging Breasts

Breast ptosis or ‘sagging of breasts’ is a very common phenomenon. In fact, it happens very naturally. Of course, the main reason is age. But, sometimes it might also happen at a young age. However, there is not much reason to worry about. Doing some exercises might help keep your breasts firm. Also, there are other ways to fix sagging breasts. In this article, we are going to discuss a few ways to fix sagging breasts.

Ways To Fix Sagging Breasts

You might wonder how to tell if your breasts are sagging. Well, these are a few ways to identify before it is too late:

  • If your breasts sit lower on the chest than it used to
  • If your nipple points downwards
  • If you realize that the top of your breast is not that voluminous as before.

So, these are the signs to look out for. Once you find any of these happening, try to apply the remedies to fix sagging breasts.

The position of the nipples with respect to the breast fold determines the severity of breast ptosis.

It is typical to have a nipple that lies over the fold line. In fact, it is first-degree ptosis if your nipple is level with the fold.

However, in second degree ptosis, the nipple is below the fold in.

And, the nipple is pointed downward in third-degree ptosis.

Of course, it is quite natural for breasts to sag after a certain age. With age, the breast skin loosens. And, it becomes unable to hold the weight of the breasts underneath.

Moreover, gravity begins pulling it downwards. So, that is when breasts start to sag.

However, there are certain medical and natural ways to fix sagging breasts.

Additionally, you might also notice that larger breasts are more likely to sag than smaller ones. Of course, this is because larger breasts provide a greater contribution to the weight. Thus, the force of gravity working on it also becomes higher. So, it is only logical for this to happen.

However, there are other factors that govern this as well.

How To Fix Sagging Breasts Naturally

Now, we shall discuss a few ways which can fix sagging breasts. These are tried and tested techniques that generally work for all.

  • Take care of your nutrition. In fact, there is no proper diet to fix sagging breasts. But, you must consider having an antioxidant-rich balanced diet which is a great option for your body. Also, it is great at preventing skin from ageing prematurely. So, go for fruits and vegetables and fill up on them. Moreover, do not forget to keep yourself hydrated at all times.
  • Avoiding the consumption of tobacco is very important. Since it breaks down collagen, it leads to the sagging of breast skin and skin, in general.

So, if you steer clear of tobacco, you might be able to stop the breakdown of skin around your breasts. Moreover, it also reduces the chance of having many types of cancers.

  • Even if your breast is not directly exposed to the sun, the skin around the breast can suffer damage. So, consider applying sunscreen since it prevents such damage to the skin.
  • Finally, the most important factor is weight. You have to maintain a healthy body weight. Also, your body weight must be consistent. Gaining and losing weight alternatively can break your skin. In fact, it can break to the extent where it cannot get back to the initial stage. So, avoid major weight plan changes. Otherwise, this can lead to sagging breasts. Of course, no one wants that.

Sagging Breasts

Of course, you should take care of these factors. These are the ultimate natural ways to fix sagging breasts.

Solution For Breast Sagging

One cannot totally prevent breasts from sagging. Of course, there is no perfect size or shape for breasts.

But, if you try out these techniques when you see the first signs of sagging breasts occuring, then you might find it helpful. Here, we shall discuss a few possible solutions for the same:

  • Choose your bra size carefully. Often, women are wrong in choosing their bra size.

Of course, you might argue that a bra does not change your breasts. But, it lifts and supports it. Thus, it is very important for you to pay heed to it. In fact, during exercise or workout make sure you are wearing a comfortable bra. Also, there are certain shops that provide professionals who can fix your bra size. Consider asking them for help.

  • Working out for muscles under the breast tissues can be very helpful. Also, these can make your breasts firm and well-toned. However, it does not reduce or increase the size of your breasts.
  • Finally, the most critical option is to opt for breast sagging surgery. In fact, this is called breast upliftment surgery. Here, the excess skin is removed from the breasts in order to pull them up. However, for fuller breasts you need to undergo breast implant surgery.

But, this is the ultimate option. So, consult a doctor if you want to get this done. Also, they will guide you throughout the process.

Fix Sagging Breasts After Weight Loss

Losing weight is a process. In fact, there is no definite method for spot reduction. So, to become thinner, you need to count your overall calories. Also, the type of your breasts mostly depends on your genes. In fact, forty percent of women have mainly fatty breasts while the other sixty percent have dense, fibrous breasts.

If you lose your belly fat, you are also likely to lose breast fat. Actually, whenever you lose fat from any part of your body, your fatty breast tissue will also shrink.

For instance, breast tissues are of three types:

Fibrous- which is basically the skeleton for your breasts.

Glandular- the muscles and ducts within. So, this carries out the purpose of forming and pumping breast milk.

Finally, fatty- this tissue of fat provides the shape and size to breasts.

When one loses weight, these fatty tissues of their breasts begin to shrink. Thus, the breasts size decreases. However, there is no effect on the fibrous and glandular breast tissues.

Moreover, experts believe that surgery is the only definite way to fix sagging breasts. However, that is not the only option. You can try other natural remedies to fix sagging breasts. Or, some correction techniques might also be helpful.

So, the best ways to perk up saggy breasts are:

  • Using a proper bra size (the most crucial one and the most neglected)
  • Chest exercise and following a dedicated workout routine
  • You could also try some invasive and non-invasive cosmetic methods.

However, choosing a proper bra size is of utmost importance.

Fix Sagging Breasts With Exercise

Of course, exercise is the best way to keep your saggy breasts firm and petite.

Also, it is the most natural way to do so.

So, if you need to make your breasts more firm, get into the weight room in the gym for sure.

Here, the main idea is to replace the list fat by pumped muscles. So, you need to go for some awesome cardios as well.

You should also consider some upper body exercises to serve the purpose.

For example, barbell bench presses or chin-ups and certain kinds of cable-crossovers might help make your breast muscles firm.

Consequently, you get a more petite and stronger chest area for sure. But, you need to dedicate yourself to a proper workout routine to get quick results.

However, you should keep in mind that exercises or hitting the gym will not add volume to your breasts. In fact, breasts do not have muscles at all. However, chest exercises can smoothen and lift the chest muscles. So, these exercises actually work on the muscles lying below the fatty breast tissue.

Sagging Breasts

Here, we can list a few main exercise that can help you fix sagging breasts:

  • Cobra pose
  • The traveling plank
  • Butterfly machine
  • Try doing the dumbbell pullover
  • The cable oblique twist is a great choice
  • The famous barbell bench press
  • Stability ball dumbbell fly
  • Also, the medicine ball Superman might be a nice choice.

Needless to mention, try getting a proper pushup bra.  Also, make sure it supports your breast the right way.

Sagging Breast To Firm Breast

If you need to make a huge change to your breast firmness, then surgery might be the only available option. However, in the meantime you could try some exercises that experts generally suggest to fix sagging breasts. We have already mentioned their names. Now, we can give you a quick guideline about how to do them.

  • The cobra pose is the easiest and the most-tried option. You have to begin by laying on the floor with extended arms. Now, tuck in your elbows and put your arms under your shoulders.

Finally, lift up your head and chest from the ground. And, hold the pose for thirty seconds or so.

  • The traveler plank is also a nice option. The pose looks similar to the cobra pose. However, try lifting your entire body this time supporting it on your palms. Now, make a shift to the right. Next, make the shift to the left. Now, continue this for at least 10 reps.
  • Needless to say, pushups are an easy choice. The pose is similar to the traveler plank. But, you just need to straighten and bend your elbows alternately. In fact, it is the best exercise to target your pectoral muscles properly.
  • The medicine ball Superman might sound funny. But, it is generally very effective. Lay on your stomach and extend your arms in front of you holding the medicine ball in your hand. Now, use your core strength to raise you chest and legs along with the medicine ball. In fact, you can lift as high as you can. But, make sure you do not strain your neck in the process.
  • To get your desired results quicker, complete three to four sets of 10 reps each. Of course, you will achieve the results very soon.

Fix Sagging Breasts After Pregnancy

Sagging breasts is a very common thing for women in the post-pregnancy period.

However, there are a few things you could do to bounce back.

You must know that both before and after breastfeeding, the form and size of your breasts alter. In fact, the breast tissue and milk-producing glands grow and become fuller in preparation for nursing.

But, they shrink back to their original size once you’ve completed breastfeeding. However, your breasts may become softer and less plump than they were when you were nursing. So, this might give them a saggy feel. However, you do not need to worry about it.

  • To fix sagging breasts, you can try moisturizing and exfoliating your skin regularly. It can hydrate your skin and thus, make your breasts more firm.
  • Also, you can switch to a diet with more grains and vegetables. So, try consuming less amounts of animal fat. And, try to replace them with vitamins B and E in your diet. Further, switching completely to olive oil might be helpful.
  • However, if you are a regular smoker, you might want to reconsider it. Smoking prevents skin from going back to its former shape. Actually, it reduces the elasticity of skin.
  • Moreover, after pregnancy you should try to lose weight slowly. Any massive reduction of fat from your body might adversely affect your breasts. So, they might become more saggy easily. Then, it might be difficult to restore it to its former shape.

Thus, try any of these methods if you face the problem of saggy breasts after pregnancy. One of these will surely work out for you.

Fix Sagging Breasts FAQs

Is there a way to fix sagging breasts?

Of course, there are numerous ways to fix sagging breasts.

Firstly, you can try exercising each day. Secondly, you can consider moisturizing your breasts regularly.

Thirdly, you can also go ahead and quit smoking if you are a smoker. It will surely be beneficial for you.

Finally, breast upliftment surgery is always an option. But, you should consider it only when all the other choices are exhausted. In fact, try not to worry too much about it if saggy breasts occur as a result of pregnancy. It is quite normal. And, if you give it some time, it will gradually recover to its former shape.

Can sagging breasts be firm again?

Well, reshaping sagging breasts might be difficult. But, it is not utterly impossible. So, there is really nothing to worry about. You can try out various forms of exercises like swimming or bench press for the same. Here, in our article we have discussed a few possible methods to fix breast sagging.

How do I tone my breasts?

Exercises and yoga asanas like the cobra pose are pretty helpful to tone breast muscles. Additionally, you can also consider some other workout involving barbells and other gym equipment. In fact, you can talk to your personal gym trainer to receive solutions regarding the same.

Does olive oil make your breasts perkier?

No, there is no evidence that suggests a connection between olive oil and firmness of breasts. However, moisturizing your breasts might be helpful to fix sagging breasts. Also, if you are allergic to olives, kindly refrain from using them even on your skin.

Does vitamin E oil firm breasts?

It is true that vitamin E is very nourishing and good for the skin. So, applying it on your breasts’ skin to reduce sagging might be a viable choice.

How to fix sagging breasts skin?

There are many creams available in the market. However, there are only a few that actually fix sagging breasts. Of course you could give them a try if you ever need it.

Some of them are:

  • Caramelia breast enhancement cream
  • BFE breast enhancement cream
  • Clarins bust beauty, extra-lift gel, and many more.