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Jamie Farr, an iconic figure in the entertainment industry, is best known for his unforgettable role as the cross-dressing Corporal turned Sergeant Maxwell Q. Klinger in the legendary CBS series “MASH.” Even decades after the show’s finale, Farr’s portrayal remains etched in the memories of fans worldwide. Recent reports highlight a heartwarming reunion between Farr and his co-star Loretta Swit, evoking nostalgia for “MASH” enthusiasts.

Now at 89, Farr has embraced the joys of grandparenthood and leads a serene life with his wife of 60 years on their ranch. Notably, the actor and his family had a narrow escape from a fire, showcasing the resilience and strength of this beloved figure. As Jamie Farr continues to be celebrated for his contributions to television and theater, his legacy as a versatile actor and comedian stands unparalleled in the annals of entertainment history.

Discover the fascinating life of Jamie Farr! Read his bio, wiki, and explore his age, height, weight, illustrious career, iconic movies, MASH journey, military service, personal life with wife and kids, estimated net worth, and more. Get all your questions answered in our comprehensive FAQs section.

Jamie Farr Bio/Wikipedia

Celebrated Name: Jamie Farr
Real Name/Full Name: Jameel Joseph Farah
Gender: Male
Age: 89 years old
Birth Date: 1 July 1934
Birth Place: Toledo, Ohio, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 62 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Joy Ann Richards (m. 1963)
Children: Yes (Jonas Farr, Yvonne Farr)
Profession: American television and film comedian and theatre actor.
Net Worth in 2023: $7.5 million


He was born on 1 July 1934. Jamie Farr’s birthplace was in Toledo, Ohio. Next, his mother’s name is Jamelia M. Abodeely, who was a seamstress. On the other hand, his father’s name is Samuel N. Farah, who was a meat cutter and grocer. However, their Lebanese-American ancestors were devout Christians. Next, the Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Toledo was where Farr, his sister Yvonne, and their parents worshipped. At a very young age, he began his acting performance and became an expert in it. Then, he won his first prize in acting at the age of 11. Then, he won two dollars in this acting contest. Now, this is where he started his journey in the acting world.

Moreover, he joined Pasadena playhouse after completing his graduation from Woodward High school. Then, he was discovered there by a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) talent scout, who gave him the opportunity to screen test for ‘Blackboard Jungle.’


In 1955, Jamie Farr played his first role as Satini in the crime drama movie ‘Blackboard Jungle.’ However, this movie was directed by Richard Brooks. Next, this is the movie of an English teacher who joins an inner-city school with violent and unruly students. Moreover, Farr left the entertainment industry for a while after working on ‘Blackboard Jungle’ to serve in the United States Army. Next, he joined the United States Army for two years, with service in Japan and Korea. Thus, he served in the United States military, and he was the only one from MASH who did this. During the production of the episode, Farr wore his own army dog tags. At the beginning of his career, he played a variety of side roles as a delivery person, a post office clerk, an army store clerk, an airlines reservations agent, and an employee at a chinchilla ranch.

Jamie Farr TV Programs & Movies

However, Farr appeared in six episodes of CBS’ (previously NBC) comedy/variety series ‘The Red Skelton Show’ between 1956 and 1961. In four episodes of ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ in 1961, he was portrayed as a delivery guy. Therefore, he provided the voice for the NBC cartoon series “Inch High, Private Eye” in 1973. Moreover, he has appeared in TV programs such as “Toma” (1974), “Lucas Tanner” (1975), “Murder, She Wrote” (1988), “That ’70s Show” (2003), “The War at Home” (2007), and “Bella and the Bulldogs” (2016).

In the 1992 Broadway production of ‘Guys and Dolls,’ Farr co-starred alongside Nathan Lane in the role of Nathan Detroit. In 1996, he toured the United States in ‘The Odd Couple,’ playing Oscar Madison with his ‘M-A-S-H’ co-star William Christopher, who portrayed Felix Ungar. Additionally, Farr continues to work as a theatrical actor today, frequently appearing in regional productions.

Moreover, he has been on a variety of game shows as a panelist, including ‘The $25,000 Pyramid,’ ‘Super Password,’ ‘Body Language,’ ‘Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour,’ ‘Wordplay,’ ‘The $1.98 Beauty Show,’ ‘The Magnificent Marble Machine,’ and ‘Tattletales.’

Thus, Farr began portraying Dudley in Fox’s comedy series ‘The Cool Kids’ in 2018, after occasionally appearing on TV over the previous two decades. Therefore, David Alan Grier, Martin Mull, Leslie Jordan, and Vicki Lawrence were all featured in the show.

Jamie Farr & MASH Seasons

During the first season of “MASH,” he was cast as Corporal Klinger, a recurring rather than regular part. After its second season, the programme became a great hit. Then, producers awarded Corporal Klinger a regular part in the show’s third season, and Farr signed a contract. Then, he was suddenly a celebrity. Klinger’s position was essentially that of a clown, and he frequently dressed in the hopes of obtaining a “Section Eight” that would allow him to return to Toledo and Tony Packo’s Cafe.

Next, his comments in Toledo endeared him to the city’s citizens, who are regularly disparaged and economically disadvantaged. Moreover, the authors of “MASH” enlarged Klinger’s one-joke position as the seasons progressed, but they finally ran out of writing ideas. However, it aired its final season in 1982-83. Despite this, “MASH” continued to be successful, with its last episode in 1983 attracting a greater audience than any previous television show.

Jamie Farr In Military Service

Jamie Farr

Moreover, Farr served as a second lieutenant in the United States Army Air Corps before being recruited into the regular Army, which is unusual for most veterans-turned-celebrities. Next, he joined the United States Army for two years, with service in Japan and Korea. Then, Farr went to Ft. Ord in California for basic training. However, his girlfriend at the time took him home on Sunday nights to spend supper with her family.

Jamie Farr Wife

Moreover, Jamie Farr and Joy-Ann Richards tied the knot on 16 February 1963. Thus, they have two children together: Jonas, a son, and Yvonne, a girl. Therefore, Farr was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the early 1990s, an inflammatory disease from which he has suffered ever since.

However, Farr’s autobiography, ‘Just Farr Fun,’ was published by Eubanks-Donizetti Enterprises, Incorporated, in August 1997. Then, the novel earned positive reviews from critics. Thus, he and his wife also co-wrote the children’s novella ‘Hababy’s Christmas Eve’ (2003). Next, the story of the First Christmas is told through the eyes of the animals in this book.

Jamie Farr Awards

Golden Apple Rewards
1975 Nominee

Golden apple

Female new star of the year
Walk Of Fame
1985 Winner

Star of the walk of fame


On 10 April 1985. At 1547 N. Vine Street.


Some Facts about Jamie Farr

Jamie Farr Birthday

Finally, his birthday falls on 1 July every year.

Jamie Farr Age

Besides, the legendary American comedian is 89 years old currently.

Jamie Farr Real Name

Besides, his name at birth was Jameel Joseph Farah.

Jamie Farr Net Worth

The net worth of Jamie Farr is 6 million dollars. But in 2021, his net worth is 7.5 million dollars. However, he has earned everything with his sleepless hard work and love for his acting. Therefore, he has made several moves and has been a part of numerous television stations, all of which have contributed to his wealth. Moreover, Farr has hosted golf tournaments and raised a big amount of money from it. Now, popular brands, such as аr саndу bаr, have also been endorsed.

Jamie Farr Wife

Besides, Joy-Ann Richards is the wife of Jamie Farr. However, her age is 54 years now.

Jamie Farr Height

However, he is 1.75m tall.

Jamie Farr Nationality

The nationality of Jamie Farr is American.

Jamie Farr Family

  • Father – Samuel N. Farah
  • Mother – Jamelia M. Abodeely
  • Spouse – Joy Ann Richards
  • Son – Jonas Farr
  • Daughter – Yvonne Farr

Jamie Farr Weight

Moreover, the weight of Jamie Farr is 62 kg.

Jamie Farr Zodiac Sign

However, cancer is the zodiac sign of Jamie Farr.

Jamie Farr Scripts

Series – MASH

Description scripts:

  • Divided we stand – 1973, 30 July
  • Radars Report – 1 August
  • L.I.P(Local Ingdigenous Personnel) – 20 August
  • Next, Kim – 31 August
  • The Trial of Henry Blake – 18 September
  • Dear Dad…Three – 24 September
  • Next, Dea1 Me out – 25 October
  • Officers only – 12 November
  • For Want of a Boot – 26 November
  • Next, As You Were – 14 December
  • Crisis – 26 December
  • Next, Mail Call – 1974, 10 January
  • Rainbow Bridge – 8 May
  • Springtime – 16 May
  • Next, Payday – 3 June
  • O.R. – 12 June
  • Officers of the Day – 17 June
  • Next, The General Flipped at Dawn – 24 June
  • There is Nothing Like a Nurse – 15 July
  • A Rich Rull Day – 25 July
  • Next, Check-up – 1 August
  • Big Mac – 7 August
  • Alcoholics unanimous – 26 August
  • Next, House Arrest – 28 August
  • Adam’s Rib – 29 August
  • Aid Station – 16 September
  • Next, White Gold – 2 October
  • Bombed – 3 October
  • Bulletin Board – 25 October
  • Next, Abyssinia, Henry – 28 October
  • Then, Change of Command – 1975, 30 June
  • It Happened One Night – 3 July
  • Dear Mildred – 18 July
  • Next, Welcome to Korea – 24 July
  • The Late Captain Pierce – 4 August
  • Dear Peggy – 18 August
  • Next, Hey, Doc – 28 August
  • The Kids – 4 September
  • Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler
  • Next, Soldier of the Month – 2 October
  • Dear Ma – 8 October
  • Deluge – 14 October
  • Next, The Gun – 21 October
  • Mail Call Again – 27 October

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Jamie Farr

Is Jamie Farr Still alive?

Jamie Farr, the iconic actor best known for his role in “MAS*H,” is indeed still alive. Born on July 1, 1934, he currently stands at the age of 89. Recent reports have debunked rumors of his passing, confirming that Jamie Farr has been a victim of a celebrity death hoax. In fact, fans were delighted to see him make an appearance at the Motor City Comic Con in October 2022. As the actor continues to grace the entertainment world with his presence, it’s essential to rely on credible sources for information regarding celebrities and avoid falling prey to misleading hoaxes.

What Ethnicity is Jamie Farr?

Moreover, Jamie Farr is an American comedian and actor who has been on television and in films. Additionally, he is most recognized for his role in the CBS series M*A*S*H as the cross-dressing corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger. In 1985, he was honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Moreover, he was also known as Jameel Joseph Farah.

Was Jamie Farr in the Military?

However, Farr served as a second lieutenant in the United States Army Air Corps before being recruited into the regular Army, which is unusual for most veterans-turned-celebrities. Then, he joined the United States Army for two years, with service in Japan and Korea.

Who on MASH actually Served in Korea?

Obviously, Jamie Farr and Alan Alda actually served in Korea.

How Rich is Jamie Farr?

Now, Jamie Farr’s net worth is 6 million dollars.

How Old was Jamie Farr in the MASH?

However, Eighty-seven years old Jamie Farr was in the mash.

Did Mike Farrell Serve in the Military?

Next, Farrell went to West Hollywood Grammar School and graduated from Hollywood High School, where he was in the same class as Natalie Wood. Additionally, from 1957 to 1959, he was a member of the United States Marine Corps. Moreover, he worked in a variety of professions after being released from the Army before embarking on his acting career.

Who Passed away From MASH?

However, Val Bisoglio is the actor of ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘M*A*S*H.’ He died at 95 years old.

What was Klinger’s job on MASH?

Besides, Jamie Farr plays Klinger, a character from the M*A*S*H television series. Moreover, Klinger, a Lebanese-American from Toledo, Ohio, participated in the Korean War as an orderly/corpsman and then as a company clerk in the 4077th M*A*S*H unit.

What was radar’s name on MASH?

Besides, Gary Rich Burghoff was the radar’s name on MASH. However, he was born on May 24, 1943.