Jawahir Khalifa: Age, Height, Birthday, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, Too Hot To Handle, Boyfriend, Nick, Hijab, FAQs & More

Jawahir Khalifa, born on August 17, 2000, is a 22-year-old Somali fashion model currently residing in Holland, Netherlands. She gained recognition at the age of 19 when she participated in Season 12 of “Holland’s Next Top Model” in 2019. Despite being eliminated in the ninth show, her inspiring demeanor has contributed to her continued popularity.

In 2022, Jawahir made a captivating return to television by joining the cast of the American dating reality series “Too Hot To Handle.” This show, known for its entertaining content, has been captivating audiences since 2020. For this season, they added a new level of excitement by inviting Hollywood’s Mario Lopez to host the program.

During the show, the top 10 competitors had the opportunity to compete at a Caribbean villa, vying for substantial cash prizes. Mario Lopez served as their guide throughout the competition. If you have any questions about your favorite contestants, we are here to assist you.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jawahir Khalifa, her Wikipedia page provides information about her age, nationality, religion, and current boyfriend. You can also discover details about her ethnicity and zodiac sign. Additionally, you can find out more about Jawahir and her relationship with Nick.

Jawahir Khalifa Bio/Wiki Table

Jawahir Khalifa

Name Jawahir Khalifa
Date of Birth August 17, 2000
Age 22 (as of 2022)
Nationality Dutch
Ethnicity Somali
Religion Muslim
Career Fashion Model, TV Personality
Education ROC Midden Nederland, Koning Willem I College
Notable Shows Holland’s Next Top Model (Season 12), Too Hot To Handle (Season 4)
Achievements Reached 9th place in Holland’s Next Top Model, Winner of Too Hot To Handle (with Nick Kici)
Instagram @jawahirkhalifa
Notable Clients Haute Couture Caps (as mentioned in an interview)
Relationship Status Single (as of information available up to September 2021)
Other Known for hijabi fashion modeling and representing diversity and inclusivity in the industry

Jawahir Khalifa School

Jawahir Khalifa was born on August 17, 2000, in Somalia, East Africa. When she was young, her family relocated to Holland, Netherlands, where she and her siblings grew up. As of 2022, Jawahir is 22 years old, and she celebrates her birthday on August 17. She practices the Islamic faith.

In terms of her education, Jawahir attended Koning Willem I College for her schooling. After completing her studies, she embarked on her modeling career.

Jawahir Khalifa Family

Jawahir Khalifa was born to Dutch parents in a middle-class household. However, she chooses to keep her parents, siblings, and other family members out of the public eye, maintaining their privacy. Jawahir is regarded as a dutiful child by her parents. According to sources, her mother is a housewife, while her father is a businessman.

Growing up in Holland, Jawahir shared her childhood with her siblings and cousins. However, she does not post pictures of her family members on her social media accounts, maintaining a level of privacy around her personal life and relationships.

Jawahir Khalifa Career

Jawahir Khalifa’s career took an unexpected turn when she was accepted into “Holland’s Next Top Model.” Initially, she had doubts about being chosen and filled out the application form with little expectation. However, to her surprise, she was selected and rose to fame after the show aired later that year. Her appearance on the show brought her widespread recognition, leading to numerous offers for modeling jobs.

Over the past few years, Jawahir has been traveling around the world for various modeling assignments, and her career has been thriving. She frequently works on photoshoots, and prestigious labels like Haute Couture Caps have become her clients, as mentioned in her interview with IWBM.

Jawahir made a return to the world of television in the fourth season of “Too Hot To Handle,” which premiered on Netflix on December 7, 2022. This marked a significant milestone in her career as her involvement in the show, alongside the presence of Mario Lopez as the host, propelled her to global fame.

Jawahir Khalifa Modelling

Jawahir Khalifa was pleasantly surprised when she was accepted into “Holland’s Next Top Model.” Initially, she hadn’t taken the application process seriously, doubting that she would be selected. However, her shock turned into excitement as she rose to fame on television after the show aired. As her popularity grew, she received numerous modeling offers.

In the past few years, Jawahir’s modeling career has flourished as she embarked on extensive travels for various modeling assignments. Her career is experiencing significant growth and success. In an interview with IWBM, she revealed that she frequently participates in photoshoots, and companies like Haute Couture Caps are among her clients.

Jawahir made a notable return to the world of television in the fourth episode of “Too Hot To Handle,” which premiered on Netflix on December 7, 2022. Mario Lopez’s involvement in the program contributed to her global recognition and fame.

Jawahir Khalifa Age

Jawahir Khalifa, the Dutch fashion model and TV personality, made her television debut on December 7, 2022, as part of the fourth season of the popular Netflix dating series, Too Hot to Handle. Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2000, Jawahir Khalifa is currently 22 years old as of 2023.

Jawahir’s dream of becoming a model started at a young age, and at 16, she took the first step towards her career by joining a modeling agency. As a hijabi model, she faced challenges due to the high competition in the industry. However, she discovered auditions for “Holland’s Next Top Model” and decided to apply, despite the thousands of other hopefuls.

After submitting her application and photo, Jawahir received a call from the show’s studio for a screening or interview. Her meeting with the show’s director went exceptionally well, leading to her selection for the program.

Jawahir Khalifa Height

Jawahir Khalifa, the Somali model and TV personality, gained significant popularity through her appearance on the 4th season of the Netflix series “Too Hot To Handle,” which premiered on December 7, 2022.

In terms of her height, Jawahir Khalifa is approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.65 meters). She is admired for her physical beauty, possessing an attractive figure and a charming personality. Furthermore, Jawahir weighs around 50 kg (110 pounds) and maintains good health. She has captivating black eyes and stunning black hair, enhancing her overall appearance.

Jawahir Khalifa Religion

Jawahir Khalifa was born in Somalia, East Africa, on Thursday, August 17, 2000. When she was a young girl, her family relocated to Holland, Netherlands, where she and her siblings grew up. As of 2023, Jawahir is 22 years old. She practices the Muslim religion, adhering to its beliefs and practices.

After completing her education at Koning Willem I College, Jawahir pursued a career as a model. She earned her degree and then embarked on her professional journey in the fashion industry.

Jawahir Khalifa Zodiac Sign

Jawahir Khalifa’s zodiac sign is Leo. As a highly accomplished model, Jawahir is based in Holland, where she lives and conducts her work. She started her modeling career at the age of 16, participating in the competition “Holland’s Next Top Model,” which provided her with valuable experience in the realm of reality TV. At the age of 22, Jawahir has already worked with notable companies such as Rainkiss and Noé, showcasing her talent and versatility.

What sets Jawahir apart is her passion for Muslim design and her ability to integrate her Islamic values and commitments into the fashion world. As a Muslim model, she brings a unique perspective and contributes to the representation of diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

Jawahir Khalifa Nationality

Jawahir Khalifa, born on August 17, 2000, hails from Somalia, East Africa. As of 2023, she is 22 years old. Although she grew up in Holland, Netherlands, she currently resides in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jawahir is of mixed race heritage. Her zodiac sign is Leo. She holds Dutch nationality and follows the Muslim religion. In addition to her modeling career, she is also known as a reality TV personality and social media influencer.

Jawahir Khalifa Ethnicity

Jawahir Khalifa, the Dutch model, has a Somali ethnic background. Her family originates from Somalia, and she was raised in a Muslim household. Jawahir and her family are Somali citizens. Currently, she resides in Amsterdam, Netherlands, as previously mentioned. It’s worth noting that in 2008, when she was 8 years old, Jawahir and her parents moved to the United States. She made her television debut in the fourth season of “Too Hot To Handle,” showcasing her stunning presence as a Somali woman.

Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici

After winning season 4 of the show, Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici have confirmed that they are no longer in a romantic relationship. Following the show, the couple initially stayed together and spent several months living in London and traveling to Bali. However, they eventually decided to break up, and both of them are currently single and available.

Nick mentioned that living with Jawahir was a significant experience for him, as she was the first person he had ever lived with. He expressed that their relationship helped him work through personal issues, teaching him patience and improved communication.

In a video, Jawahir stated that she is currently single and not looking to start a new relationship. She plans to focus on enjoying her twenties, learning, and having fun as a young woman.

While it can be challenging to gather information about their relationship through Instagram, as Nick is not very active on the platform, there have been some hints about their status. Nick does not have any followers on the app, despite posting several attractive pictures. However, Jawahir follows him and frequently interacts with his posts, as well as those of other cast members.

Jawahir Khalifa Hijab

Jawahir Khalifa, the model, started her career in hijabi fashion at the age of 16. In the fourth season of the Netflix reality dating series “Too Hot To Handle,” she became the first Somali model to participate.

As one of the ten contestants competing for cash prizes and romantic connections, the 22-year-old model from Amsterdam was required to refrain from physical contact with the other contestants.

Jawahir is known for her stylish choices and has experimented with wearing a headscarf as part of her fashion statement. The decision to wear the hijab or not is a personal one, based on what she deems appropriate and comfortable. In her modeling career, she chose not to wear the hijab and embraced the fashion industry with confidence. From a young age, she had a clear vision of success in the industry, and at the age of 19, she realized her dream by participating in Season 12 of “Holland’s Next Top Model.”

Jawahir Khalifa Boyfriend

Jawahir Khalifa

Jawahir Khalifa, the renowned fashion model, has collaborated with numerous well-known companies and worked alongside many famous models throughout her career. As of now, Jawahir is single, but she was previously in a serious relationship.

Following her participation in the 2022 season of “Too Hot To Handle,” Jawahir gained significant fame and her name was linked with a few contestants during the show. However, it is not publicly known whether Jawahir is currently dating Nick Kici or if they are in a relationship.

Jawahir Khalifa Net Worth

Jawahir Khalifa primarily earns her income through her successful career as a model. She also generates revenue by serving as the face of various products and brands. In addition to her modeling work, she has collaborated with notable companies such as El Taller del Brujo, Rainkiss, Noé, and Hunkemöller. It is estimated that her net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Her talent and potential have caught the attention of major talent agencies, including DIVISION in London, leading to significant contracts and opportunities for her career advancement.

Jawahir Khalifa Instagram

Jawahir Khalifa has a strong presence on Instagram with over 360k followers. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Her username on Instagram is @jawahirkhalifa. While it has been some time since she last uploaded a video on her YouTube channel, with the first video being posted on May 5, 2020, her Instagram account provides insights into her life.

From her social media accounts, it is evident that Jawahir has a fondness for the beach and she often shares pictures and posts related to her beach experiences. She has also expressed her preference for the Kenyan city of Watamu, indicating her enjoyment of that particular destination.

Jawahir Khalifa’s Relationship Status

Jawahir Khalifa, a stunning model, has worked with renowned brands and collaborated with well-known models throughout her successful career. Her breakthrough came with her appearance on the popular show “Too Hot To Handle” in 2022, where she garnered attention and was romantically linked to several contestants during the competition.

Jawahir and fellow contestant Nick Kici emerged as the winners of the show, but it has not been officially confirmed whether they are currently dating or not. While Jawahir is dedicated to her modeling profession, her personal life remains private. We will update this page as soon as there is more information about their relationship.

10 Facts about Jawahir Khalifa

  1. Jawahir Khalifa was born on August 17, 2000, in Somalia, East Africa.
  2. She moved to Holland, Netherlands, with her family at a young age and grew up there.
  3. Jawahir started her modeling career at the age of 16 and participated in Season 12 of “Holland’s Next Top Model” when she was 19.
  4. She gained widespread recognition after appearing on the fourth season of the Netflix series “Too Hot To Handle” in 2022.
  5. Jawahir is known for her hijabi fashion modeling, representing diversity and inclusivity in the industry.
  6. She is of Somali descent and embraces her cultural heritage.
  7. Jawahir has a strong presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she has amassed a large following.
  8. She has worked with various renowned brands and companies, including Rainkiss, Noé, and Hunkemöller.
  9. Jawahir values her privacy and keeps details about her personal life, including her family and relationships, relatively private.
  10. Despite her young age, Jawahir has already achieved significant success in her modeling career and continues to make strides in the fashion industry.


Is Jawahir Kenyan?

Jawahir Khalifa, born into an African family, was born in Somalia. At the age of 8, her family relocated to Amsterdam, Netherlands. She pursued her education from 2016 to 2019 at ROC Midden Nederland. Later, in 2020, she successfully completed her studies at Koning Willem I College, earning a degree in international business studies.

In addition to her studies, Jawahir embarked on modeling photo shoots during her high school years. Her modeling career took off after her participation in the television show “Holland’s Next Top Model.” In the twelfth season of the show in 2019, she achieved notable success, finishing in 9th place before being eliminated. Subsequently, in 2022, she joined the cast of “Too Hot To Handle” Season 4, becoming one of the ten featured individuals.

Has someone adopted Jawahir Khalifa?

There is no information available to suggest that Jawahir Khalifa has been adopted.

Jawahir from Too Hot to Handle’s age is how old?

Jawahir Khalifa, a 22-year-old model, is one of the ten contestants vying for cash prizes on the show.

What is Jawahir Khalifa’s nationality?

Jawahir Khalifa is Dutch by nationality.

When was Jawahir born?

Jawahir Khalifa was born on August 17, 2000.

With whom does Jawahir end up?

Netflix recently shared a video on Instagram, unveiling the relationship statuses of all the participants. In the video, Jawahir Khalifa openly stated that she is currently single and not ready to embark on a new romantic relationship following her experience on Too Hot To Handle.

What were Nick and Jawahir’s winnings?

After a thrilling and eventful season that witnessed numerous rule violations, Nick and Jawahir emerged as the winners, securing the $89,000 (£73,000) prize.