Kim Cattrall: Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows, Age, Brother & More

Kim Victoria Cattrall, a British-Canadian actress, gained fame for portraying Samantha Jones in HBO’s Sex and the City from 1998 to 2004. She garnered numerous award nominations and won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in 2002. Cattrall reprised her role in the Sex and the City movies.

Cattrall began her acting career in the 1975 film Rosebud and appeared in various television roles before rising to prominence in the 1980s. She worked on several films, including Police Academy, Big Trouble in Little China, and The Bonfire of the Vanities, and collaborated on four films with director Bob Clark.

In addition to her film work, Cattrall also appeared on stage, including a 1986 Broadway production of Michael Frayn’s Wild Honey. She also starred in various plays, including Sweet Bird of Youth at The Old Vic.

Kim Cattrall

Cattrall served as the executive producer and star of HBO Canada’s Sensitive Skin, which earned her a nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the Canadian Screen Awards. She has since appeared on Tell Me a Story, Filthy Rich, and Queer as Folk, and is currently starring in How I Met Your Father as Future Sophie.

Learn about Kim Cattrall & her net worth, her most famous movies and TV shows, her age and family, and the latest news about her career and personal life. Find out why she’s not in “And Just Like That” and how Jean Smart is related to her.

Kim Cattrall Bio/Wiki

Celebrated Name: Kim Cattrall
Real Name/Full Name: Kim Victoria Cattrall
Gender: Female
Age: 66 years old
Birth Date: 21 August 1956
Birth Place: Mossley Hill, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Nationality: English, Canadian, British
Height: 1.7 m
Weight: 62 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Divorced
Mark Levinson (m. 1998–2004), Andre J. Lyson (m. 1982–1989)
Children: No
Profession: British-Canadian actress
Net Worth in 2023: $90 million

Who is Kim Cattrall?

Kim Cattrall is a British-Canadian actress known for her role as Samantha Jones in the HBO television series Sex and the City, which aired from 1998 to 2004. She has also appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout her career, including Police Academy, Big Trouble in Little China, and the Sex and the City movie adaptations. In addition to her acting work, Cattrall has also appeared on stage in various productions.

Young & Early Life of Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall was born on August 21, 1956, in Liverpool, England. Her family immigrated to Canada when she was a child, and she grew up in the city of Courtenay, British Columbia. Cattrall’s mother was a secretary, and her father was a construction engineer. She has one sister named Lisa.

Kim Cattrall

As a child, Cattrall was interested in dance and took lessons in ballet and jazz. She also began acting in local theater productions when she was a teenager. After graduating from high school, Cattrall moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting.

Parents & Siblings

Kim Cattrall’s mother, Gladys Shane, was a secretary, and her father, Dennis Cattrall, was a construction engineer. She was born in Liverpool, England, and her family emigrated to Canada when she was a child. Cattrall has one younger sister named Lisa.

Cattrall has spoken publicly about her difficult relationship with her father, who left the family when she was a child. Her parents eventually divorced, and Cattrall’s mother raised her and her sister on her own. Despite the challenges she faced growing up, Cattrall has credited her mother with being a strong and supportive influence in her life.

Kim Cattrall Age: How Old Is Kim Cattrall?

Kim Cattrall, a British-Canadian actress, is a household name known for her iconic role as Samantha Jones in the popular TV series Sex and the City. Over the years, Kim has established herself as one of the most talented actresses in the entertainment industry.

But how old is she exactly? Kim Cattrall was born on August 21, 1956, which makes her 66 years old as of 2023. Despite being in her mid-60s, Kim still looks stunning and continues to take on challenging roles on both the small and big screens.

Kim Cattrall is 66 years old and has accomplished a lot in her long and successful career. Her contributions to the entertainment industry and her philanthropic efforts make her an inspiration to people of all ages.

Kim Cattrall Height: How Tall Is Kim Cattrall?

Kim Cattrall is a well-known actress who has been active in the entertainment industry for several decades. Her performance in the iconic TV series, Sex and the City, has made her a household name across the globe. Along with her acting skills, fans are also curious about her physical appearance, including her height.

So, how tall is Kim Cattrall?

Kim Cattrall stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm). While she may not be considered tall compared to some of her fellow actresses, her height is above the average for women in both the US and the UK.

It is worth noting that Kim’s height has never been a hindrance to her career. She has played several strong and powerful characters on both the small and big screens, proving that height is not a measure of a person’s abilities.

Career Graph Of Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall is a versatile actress whose movies and TV shows are popular among viewers. Her worklist covers diverse topics, including adventure, horror, romance, and comedy, and she has played a variety of characters in different genres. Today, Cattrall is a successful actress who continues to take on new television projects.

Performance in Films

Kim Cattrall’s career in film began after she completed her studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and signed a five-year contract with director Otto Preminger. She made her debut in the film Rosebud (1975) and went on to appear in 38 films throughout her career, with her most successful work being the Sex and the City movie (2008) in which she played the iconic character Samantha Jones.

For her portrayal of Samantha Jones, Cattrall received several prestigious awards, including four Golden Globe Award nominations, four Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, and five Primetime Emmy Award nominations. She ultimately won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the Sex and the City movie.

Kim Cattrall’s versatility as an actress is evident in her performances in various popular movies. One of her notable movies was Police Academy, where she played the role of a socialite fresher police cadet named Karen Thompson. Cattrall shared the screen with Steve Guttenberg, G.W. Bailey, and Scott Thomson in this comedy film. Although there were several sequels to Police Academy, Cattrall only appeared in the first movie.

Another memorable movie of Cattrall’s career is the comedy-romance film Mannequin, in which she played the lead role of Emmy opposite Andrew McCarthy’s character Jonathan Switcher. Directed by Michael Gottlieb, this fantasy film has garnered 5.9 stars on IMDb. Before her role in Sex and the City, Cattrall was already well-known for her performance in Mannequin.

Other Movies

Kim Cattrall’s filmography includes several notable works beyond Sex and the City, such as Ticket to Heaven (1981), Police Academy (1984), Big Trouble in Little China (1986), Live Nude Girls (1995), Ice Princess (2005), and The Ghost Writer (2010). She has received recognition for her performances in various films, including winning the Teen Film/TV Series International Award for her role as Tina Hardwood in Ice Princess.

In addition to her awards, Cattrall has also been nominated for her performances in Ticket to Heaven (1981) and The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990), among others. Her impressive track record demonstrates her ability to shine in a wide range of genres and roles throughout her career.

Cattrall’s recent film Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans (2019) showcases her ongoing talent and dedication to the craft of acting. With her consistent ability to captivate audiences, it’s clear that Cattrall will continue to be a highly respected figure in the film industry for years to come.

Performance in Television Shows

Throughout her illustrious career, Kim Cattrall has showcased her versatility and talent in over 50 television shows. Her television debut was on Dead on Target in 1976, and she continued to make guest appearances on popular shows such as Good Against Evil, Quincy, M.E., and Logan’s Run in 1977.

In 1978, Cattrall landed two leading roles, portraying Joanne Nicholls in Columbo and Emily Harrison in Starsky & Hutch. She also made several cameo appearances on other beloved shows, including The Incredible Hulk (1979), How the West Was Won (1979), and Charlie’s Angels (1979).

Kim Cattrall’s recent work includes several noteworthy projects in both television and film. In Producing Parker, a television series where she worked as a voice-over artist for 26 episodes, Cattrall received a Canadian Screen Award nomination in 2013.

Cattrall also received critical acclaim for her performance as Davina Jackson in the comedy-based show Sensitive Skin (2013-16), for which she received nominations from the International Emmy Award (2015) and Canadian Screen Award (2017). This show has a high rating of 7+ on IMDb.

In 2017, Cattrall portrayed the role of the US president Helen Tyler in Modus, further showcasing her ability to play diverse and complex characters throughout her career.

Overall, Cattrall has appeared in a total of 58 television shows, including as the main character, in cameo roles, as a voice-over artist, and as herself. While working on the popular project of Sex and the City, she also continued to work on several other shows.

Theatre and Music Videos

In addition to her successful career in film and television, Kim Cattrall has also made a significant impact in the world of theater. Her first theater performance was in the 1976 production of The Rocky Horror Show, in which she played the role of Janet at the age of 20.

Cattrall has also performed in repeated shows of Private Lives (2010 and 2011) and Antony and Cleopatra (2010 and 2012) at various prestigious theaters.

In 1987, Cattrall made a brief appearance in the music video for Starship’s hit song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” as Ema “Emmy” Hesire, showcasing her talent and versatility in yet another artistic medium.

Cattrall’s contributions to theater and music videos further highlight her range and adaptability as an artist, cementing her status as a beloved and accomplished figure in the entertainment industry.

Kim Cattrall 2020

Kim Cattrall made a highly anticipated return to television in 2020, starring in the Fox Drama Filthy Rich as Margaret Monreaux, the powerful matriarch of a wealthy Southern family. The family’s reputation and fortune are put in jeopardy when her husband dies in a plane crash and they discover he fathered three illegitimate children who are now included in his will. Cattrall not only acted in the series but also served as a producer.

Her performance in Filthy Rich earned her the prestigious Icon Award at the 2020 Atlanta TV Festival, further cementing her status as a highly respected and influential figure in the industry. With her talent and versatility as both an actress and producer, Cattrall continues to captivate audiences and make significant contributions to the world of entertainment.

Kim Cattrall 2021

Kim Cattrall has continued to make waves in the entertainment industry with her recent projects. In September 2021, she joined the cast of the comedy film About My Father, which is inspired by the life of stand-up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, alongside Robert De Niro and Maniscalco himself.

Cattrall was also prominently featured in the permanent exhibition Wondrous Place, which celebrates Liverpool’s rich cultural heritage and opened in November 2021.

However, Cattrall did not appear in the 2021 Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That… due to disagreements with the show’s storyline. Despite not being a part of the project, Cattrall’s legacy as Samantha Jones continues to live on, and she remains a beloved and iconic figure in the world of television and film.

Kim Cattrall 2022

Kim Cattrall made headlines once again in May 2021 when she joined the cast of the How I Met Your Mother spinoff series, How I Met Your Father, which is led by Hilary Duff. Cattrall was cast in the pivotal narrator role that was originally portrayed by Bob Saget in the original series.

The highly anticipated series was released on January 18, 2022, and has been met with critical acclaim and positive reviews. In fact, due to its success, Hulu renewed the series for a second season on February 15, 2022, with 20 new episodes to be released in the near future.

Cattrall’s involvement in How I Met Your Father showcases her continued relevance and versatility as an actress, as well as her ability to captivate audiences in a variety of roles. Her contributions to the series have further cemented her status as a beloved and respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Kim Cattrall Movies List

Kim Cattrall is an accomplished actress who has made a name for herself in both film and television. In this list, we will take a closer look at some of her most notable films and memorable roles throughout her career.

Year Title Role
1975 Rosebud Joyce Donnovan
1977 Deadly Harvest Susan Franklin
1979 Crossbar Katie Barlow
1980 Tribute Sally Haines
1981 Ticket to Heaven Ruthie
1982 Porky’s Miss Lynn “Lassie” Honeywell
1984 Police Academy Cadet Karen Thompson
1985 Turk 182 Danny Boudreau
1985 City Limits Wickings
1985 Hold-Up Lise
1986 Big Trouble in Little China Gracie Law
1987 Mannequin Ema “Emmy” Hesire
1988 Masquerade Brooke Morrison
1988 Midnight Crossing Alexa Schubb
1988 Palais Royale Odessa Muldoon
1989 The Return of the Musketeers Justine de Winter
1989 La famiglia Buonanotte Aunt Eva
1989 Honeymoon Academy Chris
1990 The Bonfire of the Vanities Judy McCoy
1991 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Lieutenant Valeris
1992 Split Second Michelle McLaine
1994 Breaking Point Allison Meadows
1995 Above Suspicion Gail Cain
1995 Live Nude Girls Jamie
1996 Unforgettable Kelly
1996 Where Truth Lies Racquel Chambers
1997 Exception to the Rule Carla Rainer
1998 Modern Vampires Ulrike
1999 Baby Geniuses Robin
2001 15 Minutes Cassandra
2002 Crossroads Caroline Wagner
2005 Ice Princess Tina Harwood
2006 The Tiger’s Tail Jane O’Leary
2007 Shortcut to Happiness Constance Hurry
2008 Sex and the City Samantha Jones
2010 The Ghost Writer Amelia Bly
2010 Meet Monica Velour Monica Velour
2010 Sex and the City 2 Samantha Jones
2019 Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans Agrippina
TBA About My Father Tigger

Kim Cattrall TV Shows List

Kim Cattrall is a prolific actress who has appeared in over 50 television shows throughout her career. In this list, we will take a closer look at some of her most notable films and memorable roles throughout her career.

1976 to 1980

Year Title Role
1976 Dead on Target Secretary
1977 Good Against Evil Linday Isley
1977 Quincy, M.E. Joy DeReatis
1977 Logan’s Run Rama II
1977 Switch Captain Judith Pierce
1977 What Really Happened to the Class of ’65? Cynthia
1978 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries Marie Claire
1978 Columbo Joanne Nicholls
1978 The Bastard Anne Ware
1978 Starsky & Hutch Emily Harrison
1978 The Paper Chase Karen Clayton
1978 Family Susan Madison
1979 The Incredible Hulk Gabrielle White
1979 How the West Was Won Dolores
1979 Vegas Princess Zara
1979 The Night Rider Regina Kenton
1979 The Rebels Anne Kent
1979 Crossbar Katie Barlow
1979 Charlie’s Angels Sharon Kellerman
1979 Trapper John, M.D. Princess Allya
1980 Scruples Melanie Adams
1980 The Gossip Columnist Dina Moran
1980 Hagen Carol Sawyer

1982 to 1999

Year Title Role
1982 Trapper John, M.D. Amy West
1983 Tales of the Gold Monkey Whitney Bunting
1984 Sins of the Past Paula Bennett
1991 Miracle in the Wilderness Dora Adams
1992 Double Vision Caroline/Lisa
1993 Running Delilah Christina/Delilah
1993 Wild Palms Paige Katz
1993 Angel Falls Genna Harrison
1994 Dream On Jeannie
1994 Screen One Sydnie
1995 Tom Clancy’s Op Center Jane Hood
1995 The Heidi Chronicles Susan
1996 Every Woman’s Dream Liz Wells
1997 The Outer Limits Rebecca Highfield
1997 Invasion Sheila Moran
1997 Rugrats Melinda Finster (voice)
1997 Duckman Tami Margulies (voice)
1998 Creature Amanda Mayson
1998–2004 Sex and the City Samantha Jones
1999 36 Hours to Die Kim Stone
1999 51st Primetime Emmy Awards Self – Presenter


Year Title Role
2000 57th Golden Globe Awards Self – Nominee
2001 7th Screen Actors Guild Awards Self – Nominee and Presenter
2001 53rd Primetime Emmy Awards Self – Presenter
2004 The Simpsons Chloe Talbot (voice)
2005 Kim Cattrall: Sexual Intelligence Herself
2007 My Boy Jack Caroline Kipling
2007 The Sunday Night Project Herself
2009–2011 Producing Parker Dee (voice)
2009 Who Do You Think You Are? (UK) Herself
2009 The Simpsons Fourth Simpsons child (voice)
2010 Any Human Heart Gloria Scabius
2011 Who Do You Think You Are? (US) Herself
2011 Upstairs Downstairs Abbey Countess of Grantham
2014–2016 Sensitive Skin Davina Jackson
2016 The Witness for the Prosecution Emily French
2017 Modus US President Helen Tyler
2018–2019 Tell Me a Story Colleen Powell
2020 Filthy Rich Margaret Monreaux
2022 New York: World’s Richest City Narrator (voice)
2022 – present How I Met Your Father Future Sophie
2022 Queer as Folk Brenda Beaumont (Recurring role)


Kim Cattrall is a renowned actress who has made a name for herself in Hollywood through her impeccable acting skills. She has starred in several movies and TV shows, and her talent has been recognized by several prestigious award-giving bodies throughout the years.

In 1999, Cattrall and her Sex and the City co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon were honored with the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Award. They were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry, particularly for their portrayal of strong and empowered women in the hit HBO series.

In 2002, Cattrall and her co-stars in Sex and the City won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. The show, which ran for six seasons, was beloved by fans all over the world and continues to be a cultural touchstone for women today.

Cattrall’s performance in Sex and the City also earned her the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Television Film in 2003. This was a well-deserved win, as her portrayal of the character Samantha Jones was praised for its wit, humor, and authenticity.

The following year, Cattrall and her co-stars in Sex and the City won another Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. The show had already become a pop culture phenomenon by this point, and this award was a testament to the talent and chemistry of its cast.

Finally, in 2011, Cattrall was recognized for her contributions to the LGBTQ+ community with the GLAAD Media Award Golden Gate Award. This award was given to her in recognition of her outspoken support for LGBTQ+ rights and her portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters in her work.


Kim Cattrall, best known for her iconic role as Samantha Jones on “Sex and the City,” is also a successful author. In 2002, she released her first book, “Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm,” which was a best-seller and received critical acclaim.

The book is a comprehensive guide to female sexuality and explores topics such as masturbation, sexual fantasies, and the importance of communication between sexual partners. Cattrall draws on her own experiences and interviews with sex experts to provide readers with an informative and empowering look at female sexuality.

Kim Cattrall

In addition to “Satisfaction,” Cattrall has also authored a memoir, “Kim Cattrall: Sexual Intelligence,” which was released in 2005. The book explores her personal life, including her childhood in Canada and her rise to fame as an actress.

Cattrall has been praised for her frank and honest writing style, which is both informative and entertaining. Her books have helped to break down the stigma surrounding female sexuality and have encouraged women to explore their own desires and pleasures.

Husband, Spouse, Marriage & Divorce

Kim Cattrall is a well-known actress, famous for her iconic role as Samantha Jones in the popular television series, Sex and the City. Her personal life has also garnered a lot of attention over the years, especially when it comes to her past relationships and marriages. In this section, we’ll be taking a closer look at Kim Cattrall’s husband, marriage, and divorce.

Firstly, it’s important to note that Kim Cattrall has been married three times throughout her life. Her first marriage was to Larry Davis, a Canadian architect, in 1977. However, the marriage ended in divorce just two years later in 1979.

In 1982, Kim Cattrall married Andre J. Lyson, a writer and producer. The couple remained together for six years before their marriage ended in divorce in 1988.

Kim Cattrall’s third marriage was to Mark Levinson, a jazz musician and audio engineer. They were married in 1998 but the marriage ended in divorce in 2004.

It’s worth noting that Kim Cattrall has also had a number of high-profile relationships over the years. One of her most well-known relationships was with actor Daniel Benzali, who she dated from 1995 to 1997.

Despite having been married three times, Kim Cattrall has not yet remarried since her divorce from Mark Levinson. However, in recent years, she has been in a long-term relationship with Russell Thomas, a Canadian artist.


Kim Cattrall, the famous Hollywood actress, is known for her exceptional acting skills, glamorous looks, and stunning personality. She has a massive fan following all over the world, and people are always interested in knowing more about her personal life. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether Kim Cattrall has children or not.

Kim Cattrall has been married three times in the past. She was first married to Larry Davis in 1977, which ended in divorce in 1979. Her second marriage was to Andre J. Lyson in 1982, which ended in divorce in 1989. Her third marriage was to Mark Levinson in 1998, which also ended in divorce in 2004. It is important to note that despite being married multiple times, Kim Cattrall has never had any children.

Kim Cattrall has been open about her decision not to have children. In an interview with BBC Radio 4, she explained that she had never felt the urge to have children and that her career had always been her top priority. Kim said that she loved children and enjoyed spending time with her nieces and nephews, but she never felt the need to have children of her own.

Despite not having children of her own, Kim has been actively involved in several charitable causes related to children’s education and health. She has been a UNICEF ambassador since 2016 and has worked with various organizations to raise awareness about children’s issues worldwide.


Kim Cattrall is a celebrated actress best known for her role as Samantha Jones in the hit TV series Sex and the City. However, fans of the star are also interested in her personal life, including her romantic relationships. In particular, her current boyfriend, Russell Thomas, has been a topic of interest for many fans and media outlets.

Kim Cattrall and Russell Thomas have been together for seven years. Thomas is a Canadian artist who has exhibited his work in various galleries and museums across North America. He also runs his own studio, where he creates unique and beautiful pieces of art.

The couple has been very private about their relationship, but they have occasionally shared glimpses of their life together on social media. Cattrall has posted photos of Thomas and their travels together, as well as of his artwork. Fans have been delighted to see the couple happy and in love.

Kim Cattrall has had several high-profile relationships in the past, including marriages to Larry Davis and Mark Levinson. However, her relationship with Russell Thomas appears to be a source of great happiness for her. Fans have taken notice of their strong bond and support the couple in their love for each other.

Kim Cattrall & Her Brother

Kim Cattrall, known for her iconic portrayal of Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, had a difficult time in 2018 when her brother, Chris Cattrall, went missing from his home in Canada. She took to Instagram to appeal to her followers to help find her brother.

Unfortunately, in February 2018, Kim announced the devastating news that her brother had taken his own life. This was a shocking blow for Kim and her family, and they were all devastated by the loss.

After Chris’s death, there was tension between Kim and her Sex and the City co-star, Sarah Jessica Parker. The two actresses had a feud that had been brewing for some time, and Chris’s death seemed to exacerbate the situation. Sarah offered her condolences to Kim, but Kim was not happy with the gesture and publicly stated that Sarah was not her family and they didn’t need her support.

The feud between Kim and Sarah continued to make headlines, with rumors of bad blood between the two actresses. However, Kim has maintained a close relationship with her other siblings, Lisa Cattrall and Cherry Kuss.

Kim Cattrall and Just Like That

Sarah Jessica Parker, star and executive producer of the upcoming “Sex and the City” revival, “And Just Like That,” recently explained why Kim Cattrall, who played the iconic character Samantha Jones, was not invited to join the new series.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Parker addressed the rumors and controversy surrounding Cattrall’s absence, stating that it was not a decision made out of spite or animosity, but rather a creative choice. She said that the writers of the new series wanted to explore the characters’ lives in their 50s and the changes that come with that age, and felt that Samantha’s story had already been told in the original show and its subsequent movies.

Parker also expressed her love and respect for Cattrall, stating that she remains grateful for the time they spent together on the original show and their subsequent films. She also acknowledged the impact that Cattrall’s character had on the show’s success, stating that she was an integral part of the show’s legacy.

While some fans may be disappointed that Samantha won’t be returning for the revival, Parker’s explanation offers insight into the creative choices behind the new series. “And Just Like That” will feature Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon reprising their roles as Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes, respectively, as they navigate life and love in their 50s.

Overall, it seems that Cattrall’s absence was a creative decision that was made with the intention of exploring the new directions of the characters’ lives. Fans will have to tune in to see what the new series has in store for the beloved characters and how their stories will unfold without Samantha’s presence.

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker’s alleged feud has been making headlines for years. The two actresses co-starred in the hit HBO show Sex and the City, which aired from 1998 to 2004 and spawned two movies. However, rumors of tension between the two have been circulating since the show’s heyday.

Here is a timeline of their rumored feud:


The first Sex and the City movie was released, and reports began to surface of tension between the two actresses. Cattrall reportedly demanded a higher salary than her co-stars, and there were rumors of diva behavior on set.


Parker revealed in an interview that there were disagreements among the cast during the filming of the second Sex and the City movie, but she denied any major issues with Cattrall. Cattrall, however, did not attend the premiere of the movie.


Plans for a third Sex and the City movie were scrapped, reportedly due to Cattrall’s refusal to participate. Cattrall denied that she was the reason for the cancellation, and a public back-and-forth between the two actresses ensued on social media.


Cattrall’s brother, Chris, went missing and was later found dead. Parker expressed condolences on social media, but Cattrall called her out in a now-deleted Instagram post, accusing her of exploiting the tragedy for publicity.


The announcement of a Sex and the City revival, titled And Just Like That, sparked speculation over whether Cattrall would be involved. Parker revealed in an interview that Cattrall was not asked to participate, citing her previous reluctance to continue with the franchise.

The rumored feud between Cattrall and Parker has been a topic of tabloid fodder for years, with fans and critics alike speculating on the reasons behind the tension. While the exact nature of their relationship remains unknown, it’s clear that their working relationship was fraught with tension at times. Whether they will be able to put aside their differences and work together again remains to be seen.

Police Academy

Kim Cattrall is a well-known actress who has starred in numerous TV shows and movies throughout her career. One of her notable roles was in the 1984 comedy film “Police Academy.”

In the movie, Cattrall played the character of Cadet Karen Thompson, who was one of the few female recruits in the police academy. Her character faced challenges and discrimination from her male counterparts but eventually proved herself to be a capable and skilled officer.

Kim Cattrall

“Police Academy” was a successful film and spawned six sequels, with Cattrall reprising her role in the first three films. The movie helped to establish Cattrall as a comedic actress and set her on the path to further success in the entertainment industry.

Overall, Cattrall’s performance in “Police Academy” was well-received and helped to solidify her place as a talented actress.

From Hollywood to the Department Store: The Legacy of Kim Cattrall’s ‘Mannequin

“Mannequin” is a 1987 romantic comedy film that stars Kim Cattrall as the titular mannequin, Emmy, who comes to life and falls in love with a struggling artist named Jonathan, played by Andrew McCarthy. The film was a box office success, grossing over $42 million worldwide, and became a cult classic over the years.

In “Mannequin,” Kim Cattrall delivers a charming performance as Emmy, a mannequin who comes to life with the help of Jonathan, who is the only person who can see her move and talk. The film follows their adventures as they try to evade the security guard, Hollywood, played by Meshach Taylor, who is determined to catch Emmy moving.

Kim Cattrall

Cattrall’s chemistry with McCarthy was praised by critics, and the film’s success helped to further establish her as a leading lady in Hollywood. “Mannequin” also features a memorable soundtrack, including the hit song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The Fortune of Kim Cattrall: A Deep Dive into Her Net Worth and Earnings

Kim Cattrall is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, and her net worth reflects her success. According to reports, Cattrall’s net worth is estimated to be $90 million. This makes her the second wealthiest member of the Sex and the City cast, behind Sarah Jessica Parker, who is worth an estimated $150 million.

Kim Cattrall has earned her wealth through a successful film and television career spanning over 40 years. She is best known for her role as Samantha Jones on Sex and the City, for which she earned a significant salary. However, her net worth also includes earnings from her many other film and television roles.

Kim Cattrall

Cattrall has also served as an executive producer on several shows, including Sensitive Skin and Filthy Rich. This would have earned her significant backend fees, in addition to the salaries she received for starring in these shows.

While Cattrall’s net worth may be less than half of Sarah Jessica Parker’s, she still has a higher net worth than her Sex and the City co-stars Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, who are worth $35 million and $25 million, respectively.

In addition to her successful career in film and television, Kim Cattrall’s net worth also includes earnings from her role in How I Met Your Father, Hulu’s How I Met Your Mother spinoff, in which she plays the future version of Sophie, portrayed by Hilary Duff. Overall, Cattrall’s net worth is a testament to her talent, hard work, and success in the entertainment industry.

Social Media

Kim Cattrall is active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Here are the links to her social media accounts:

  1. Twitter:
  2. Instagram:
  3. Facebook:


Was Kim Cattrall in Big Trouble in Little China?

Yes, Kim Cattrall played the character of Gracie Law in the 1986 film Big Trouble in Little China.

What is Kim Cattrall’s net worth?

Kim Cattrall’s net worth is estimated to be $90 million.

What are some of Kim Cattrall’s most famous movies and TV shows?

Kim Cattrall is most famous for her role as Samantha Jones in the TV show Sex and the City. She has also appeared in movies such as Police Academy, Mannequin, and Big Trouble in Little China.

How old is Kim Cattrall?

Kim Cattrall was born on August 21, 1956, which makes her 66 years old as of 2023.

What is Kim Cattrall doing now?

Kim Cattrall is currently working on the TV series How I Met Your Father, where she plays the future version of Sophie.

What did Kim Cattrall look like when she was young?

Kim Cattrall was known for her striking looks when she was young, with her blonde hair and beautiful features.

What are some other movies and TV shows that Kim Cattrall has appeared in?

Aside from Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall has appeared in shows like Sensitive Skin and Filthy Rich, as well as movies like Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Has Kim Cattrall worked with Jean Smart?

No, Kim Cattrall and Jean Smart have not worked together on any projects as of yet.

Who was Kim Cattrall’s brother?

Kim Cattrall’s brother was named Chris Cattrall, who passed away in 2018.

Was Kim Cattrall in Police Academy?

Yes, Kim Cattrall appeared in the first Police Academy movie as Officer Karen Thompson.

Was Kim Cattrall in Mannequin?

Yes, Kim Cattrall played the lead role of Emmy in the 1987 movie Mannequin.