LeBron James was Destined For Stardom

LeBron James is going to go down as one of the best NBA players in league history, and it’s unclear how many more years he still has left. James is already the career-scoring leader in the NBA, and he could end up on top of more lists before he decides to call it a career. 

What has made the NBA career of James even more impressive is that he has been able to live up to the hype ever since he came into the league. James was viewed as a can’t-miss NBA prospect when he was still playing high school basketball, and he has always been able to deliver. 

LeBron James was Destined For Stardom

There haven’t been many years during their long career of James in which the NBA Finals odds weren’t impacted by his play in some form or fashion. James doesn’t have the best record ever when it comes to the final series, but he has been able to carry some underdog teams to the final two weeks of the year. 

James has also been able to stay away from trouble off of the floor, and that has made him a fan-favourite with followers of the league. Here is a brief look at the life and legacy of LeBron James. 

A High School Phenom

Basketball fans first got a chance to see LeBron James play when he was a high school basketball star at St. Vincent St. Mary’s in Ohio. ESPN started showing these games when James was a star for the team, and they became must-see event for basketball fans. 

James was putting up ridiculous numbers while a member of the St. Vincent St. Mary’s team, and his games were attracting celebrities and NBA stars. Not only were celebrities taking note, but college coaches throughout the country were looking to sign James to their schools as well. 

Ultimately James decided that he would be entering the NBA Draft straight out of high school, and NBA franchises began to try to position themselves for the top overall pick in the NBA Draft. 

Cavaliers Get Their Guy

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2003 NBA Draft Lottery, and that gave them a chance to select LeBron James as the top overall pick in the draft. This was a dream scenario for the team and for James as they were able to select a local kid, and James was able to play for the team that he grew up rooting for. 

James made an immediate impact in the NBA as he won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in 2004, and had the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals in 2007. During the early years of his tenure in Cleveland, James was playing without many other stars or proven veterans.

The first NBA MVP Award for James came during the 2009 season, and he followed that up with another MVP performance in 2010. By the time his first decade in the NBA was over, James was considered the best player in the league, but he was also looking to make a career change.

“The Decision” Defined His Career

After becoming a free agent for the first time, LeBron James had a chance to pick where he wanted to continue his career. In a made-for-TV event, James announced that he would be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and signing the Miami Heat.

James was teaming up with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami, and this gave James the best chance to win a championship. There were some massive expectations for James and the Heat after this decision was made, but the team did win just two championships.

This decision might have given James the best chance to win a championship, but it also caused him plenty of trouble in the favor of the fans. James was hated by fans in Cleveland, but he would eventually do something to get them back on his side.

After James became a free agent again, he decided to head back to Cleveland and try to bring a championship to his hometown. The Cavaliers were in a position to bring in some better players to play with James, and they were finally able to get over the hump in 2016.

That championship by James in Cleveland will always keep him a legend with those fans, but he has once again moved on from his hometown team. After delivering a championship with the Cavaliers, LeBron decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers to play with Anthony Davis.

James will likely have his jersey retired in Los Angeles as well, even though his run there hasn’t been as dominant as expected. There was a championship won by James, but it came during the COVID-19 season, in which the entire playoffs were played in a bubble.

NBA fans will argue about whether or not James or Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time, but it’s clear that LeBron has done enough to get himself into that consideration. Also Read About – James Arness: Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Movies, Awards, & More.

Sons Set to Follow His Footsteps

Many NBA legends tend to fall out of the limelight after their playing careers are over, especially if they don’t get into coaching. That isn’t going to be the case with LeBron James, as his two sons appear ready to follow in their father’s footsteps.

Bronny James is the oldest of the two sons, and he is being heavily recruited by some major college basketball programs from across the country. Bronny is expected to make a decision at some point this summer, but he will likely spend just one year at the NCAA level.

Bryce James is a little bit younger, but he is another player that the Scouts are keeping a close eye on. LeBron has been able to follow both of his sons’ games throughout their prep career and is often seen in the crowd.

He has made it clear that he would love a chance to play with his sons at the NBA level, and any team that drafts either Bronny or Bryce will have a chance to land James for the final year or two of his career.