Mat Best: Biography, Age, Height, Military, Black Rifle Coffee Chain, Marriage, Wife, Net Worth, Article 15 & FAQs

Mat Best, originally from El Paso, Texas, grew up in Santa Barbara, California. Soon after completing high school, he enlisted in the US Army and served five tours with the 2nd Ranger Regiment, undertaking four missions in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. A lineage of military service runs in his family; his father is a Vietnam War veteran, and both of his siblings served in the US Royal Marines during the Iraq War.

Upon concluding his military service, Best earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Ashford University. He then transitioned to working as a consultant for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Outside his military and intelligence career, Best has made a significant mark in the online space. He runs a popular YouTube channel, has produced a film, and written a novel detailing his army experiences. Additionally, he is an investor in the Black Rifle Coffee Chain. This multifaceted individual, with deep roots in both military service and digital media, continues to inspire many with his journey and achievements.

Explore the comprehensive biography of Mat Best, delving into his military career, association with Black Rifle Coffee Chain, and personal life. Get insights about his age, height, net worth, and his connection with Article 15. Plus, find answers to frequently asked questions about this multifaceted personality.

Mat Best Biography

Mat Best

Birthday 2nd October
Age 36
Zodiac Libra
Born in United States of America
Height 70 inches
Brought up in El Paso, Texas
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Black

Mat Best Black Rifle Coffee

Mathew Best, Taylor, Danny Worsnop, and over 20 of their best mates have released a new music video called “Lay the Warriors to Rest.” And, this reminds us to remember — as well as to celebrate.

Truly, the lyrics hit home and allow anyone to force their ideas of bygone days. And, of course of the companions who are no longer active. It is not sad, nor is it corny, nor is it dramatic. It’s a daily sign of how we ought to all treat the break.

Lahren inquired about his victory with Black Rifle Coffee Chain. And, also how critics believe he is getting rich from war and his service in the military. People have stated things like “making a profit off your service…somehow…profiting off of fight and tragic loss”. And, to this Best answered, “I think they are imbecilic because you can ask any person, ‘Which college did you go to?'” Harvard’ Well, you are gaining from your stay at Harvard.

These are events that have shaped him into the guy that he is. Also, it shows kids who are working — 18 or 19 years old — that they have a route ahead after duty that they may use. And, also achieve what they want to. In fact, one of the best times of his life has been gazing at all the effect that his actions had over the military squad. Alos, it is what Best said of his firm’s work with the veteran society. To some extent, they were hell bent on growing  as a group and showing to the public that they are not all weak people with mental and physical issues. In fact, the large bulk are normal people who love The country and just would like to serve in the civilian world.

Is Mat Best Still With Black Rifle Coffee?

Best started Black Rifle Coffee Chain in 2014 with Evan Hafer, Jarret Taylor, and Richard Ryan. In fact, this was after a test launch roasting beans under 15 of the constitution Clothing with “Freedom Roast.”  They pressed the company via dramatic YouTube videos, which Best termed to CBS Channel as “far too over top.”  Others slammed the firm for two events in 2017. In fact, one was the support from Donald Trump Jr., and once more when the company thought to train 10,000 soldiers after global coffee chain Starbucks vowed to hire 10,000 refugees in protest to travel constraints placed by US President Trump.

As Black Rifle company’s head and co-founder Evan Hafer rang the New York Stock Market’s open bell Thursday morning to mark the coffee firm’s official debut, co-founder Matthew Best partied with San Antonians just at the unit’s Northside shop.

Is Mat Best Still Married?

People know Mat best for his YouTube page, MBest11. Of course, he is one of the most fun content providers today. The former combat veteran has been well judged for his hilarious satire of the 2nd Amendment. Aside from his affinity to weaponry, the young idol is utterly in love with his fiancée, who is now his wife. Of course, the star  has been in a marriage for a few months.

Mat Best

Mat is married to Noelle Jane Best from 2017. Of course, the wedded pair shares a lot of images with each other on social media. But, it is also true that they rarely discuss their romance in light.

Since February 2017, her spouse Mat’s company, Black Rifle Coffee hired her to help them in their business. In fact, she adds to his Youtube page. She keeps showing up in her hubby’s clips. She was the Sales Director at Charter Fitness in Valparaiso, Indiana, prior to entering her lover’s business.

Noelle and Best have purportedly been together since 2016. Despite the lack of proof to back up this belief, Mat and Noelle have already been sharing photos since early 2017.

Mat and Noelle’s love has hit a certain stage of maturity. It is this that sets their relationship apart  from others. In fact, Noell and her spouse are not like other spouses who rush right to find out what their mate wishes. Mat and his lady seem to be in for the long haul, given their love. The pair took up residence on a seven-acre area in Hills north of San Antonio, in Texas.

Mat Best Net Worth

Mat Best is a senior United States Army Ranger who posts YouTube videos. In fact, the clips on his channel are mainly about the second amendment & political stances on his MBest11x page. Moreover, the page has over 1.39 million users.

Mat went into The army at the age of 17. And, he served with the 2nd Ranger Regiment, 75th Ranger Division. Also, with an exclusive light army airborne special operations unit that is part of the US Military Special Operations Group.

The 75th Range Brigade’s entire aim is to make direct action strikes in critical or adverse situations around the world. In fact, they end up generally seizing or slaying high-value targets.

The 75th Ranger Division is based in Fort Benning, Georgia. It consists of one special forces unit and three Ranger teams.

Mat became 18 years old at the time of his basic training. Further, he was posted to the 2nd Ranger Battalion, when he joined his platoon in Mosul. Mosul is a key city in northern Iraq about 250 miles (400 km) to the north of the region, Baghdad.

He originally garnered notoriety in the army and special operations circles with his first YouTube video. In fact, the title of the video was: “How To Be An Operator,” a comical look at troops of top special operations teams. Now, this video has over 2.8 million views.

Mat is also the Chief Brand Director of the Black Rifle Coffee Company. Also, he is one of the presenters of the iconic Drinkin’ Bros Podcast. As a result, American web icon Mat Best has a net worth of around $3 million.

Mat Best Article 15

Best and fellow vet Jarred Taylor co-founded Article 15 Apparel in 2012. Best is still the CEO of Article 15 Attire, which sells “humorous clothing… for the army troops.” The company was started by six battle vets. In fact, has since risen to cover two brands of whiskey, as well as labels of rum and wheat beer.

Mat Best

In 2016, Article 15 joined with another clothes manufacturer, Ranger Up. Of course, the aim was to make the crowd-funded film Range 15. Best acted in the film among a cast of other vets. Further, this includes three Medal of Honor recipients, and also Marcus Luttrell. Marcus is the most famous as the creator of Lone Survivor, which was made into a film of the same name.  At the GI Film Festival, the film won the Best Film award.

Mathew Best’s Article 15 Clothing, a clothing line that favors veterans and the Second Amendment.

Mat co-owns this firm with four of his senior pals, Cody, Rocco, JT, as well as Brad.

In fact, the revenue stream via this clothing line is also quite great. And, he is mentioned it various times as well. As per reports, Initially, everyone was shocked when they had over $10,000 in gross orders in the first month. Then, they  sold over $30K in the next month and $90K in the following month.

Is Mat Best Still With BRCC?

Of course, the coffee brand has used Mat for ad purposes. In fact, the major claim they make is by asking people to be like Best. Mat is a part of the Most of BRCC, which includes a new mix of high-quality BRCC coffee beans each month.

Mat Best Ex Wife

Noelle Best was born on December 25, 1984, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Her lunar sign is Capricorn. And, she is of American origin. She is a social network celebrity, but she is best known as the bride of Mat Best, an ex US Army Ranger and digital media personality.

Noelle was reared in Minneapolis by her father, a store owner, and mother, an educator at a local middle school. While growing up, she wanted  to be a model. So, she began perusing girl magazines before starting high school. Noelle soon studied about diet and how to seem like a model. Further, at the age of 15, she began eating sensibly and went to the gym, when she worked on physical activities.

She did not go to college after matriculation. Instead she focused on her work as a social network star and became a gym coach.

Mat Best and Noelle met at the gym in July 2017. Then, it took Mat about a month to get the nerve to ask her out. The first day did not go well, but the two chose to go on a second one. Then, they soon began dating. Mat proposed to Noelle over two years later. And, the event took place in Nov 2019 with just their best friends and kin in attendance.

Prior to meeting Mat, Noelle was in a violent relationship. From 2000 to 2005, she saw her high school beau and lasted in their toxic relationship until she chose to leave him. Similarly,  Mat was also in a long affair, as he loved his ex-girlfriend for more than three years before the two split. In fact, it was due to jealousy issues. Noelle and Mat have no kids and are fully devoted to their jobs at this point.

Mat Best FAQs

What Did Mat Best Do In The Military?

He fought with the 2nd Ranger Regiment for five tours, four in Iraq and the last one in Afghanistan. Upon his release from the service, Best got a Degree of Arts in Liberal Arts from Ashford University. Then, he worked as a contractor for the CIA Intelligence Agency.

Who Started Black Rifle Coffee?

Evan Hafer started Black Rifle Coffee Co and has remained the CEO since its beginning. Mr. Hafer fought in the United States Army for 20 years. Also, fifteen of these years were spent in special units as a Green Beret with the 19th Super Forces Group.

Who is Heather Lynn?

Heather Lynn is a Coffee or Die staff blogger as well as a writer and advocate for BRCC. Here, she produces hands-on media for the company’s online channels.

Where Does Black Rifle Coffee Get Their Beans?

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a vet-owned elite small-batch coffee company. In fact, they import high-quality cocoa beans straight from Colombia as well as Brazil at BRCC. Then, the staff manually blend and fire each of the unique coffee roasts before mailing them to the customer’s house.

How Old is Mat best?

At present, Mat is 36 years old since he was born on 2nd October, 1985.

Is Black Rifle Coffee Losing Money?

On sales of $65.8 million, Black Rifle lost greater than $62 million, or $1.36 on a per-share basis. This contrasts to a gain of $149,000 the prior year, before the firm went public. The loss was made on sale of $48.7 million, marking a 35% rise year over year. However, the fee was hefty.