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Меgаn LееАnn Тurnеу, known as Meg Turney whо wаѕ bоrn оn 12 Маrсh 1987, іѕ аn іntеrnеt реrѕоnаlіtу, соѕрlауеr, glаmоur mоdеl, аnd vlоggеr bаѕеd іn Аmеrісаn. However, her work as a host, first with SourceFed and now with Rooster Teeth’s The Know, has helped her establish herself as an internet figure. She also has a personal YouTube account where she regularly posts vlogs. Turney is well-known for her cosplaying at conventions like Comic-Con, as well as her work in internet media.

However, bеfоrе Mеg Turnеy bеcаmе fаmоus, she hоstеd fоr Techknow and Nerdist Nеws аnd wоrkеd аs а hоst fоr а fеw smаll vеnturе. In the country, not much is known about her family background, even though she has eleven children, some of them are adopted.

Meg Turney

Moreover, Megan LeeAnn Turney, commonly known as Meg Turney, is a well-known Internet celebrity. She was born in Austin, Texas, on March 12, 1987. Austin, Texas, is a lovely and bustling city in the United States of America. Megan LeeAnn Turney began her career as an online celebrity in 2012 when she was just 25 years old. However, she quickly rose to prominence in her field in a short amount of time, influencing people through her work and gaining a great deal of fame. Her career came full circle after a while, as she rose in prominence. Megan LeeAnn Turney became well-known in her home country, the United States of America, as well as internationally.

Meg Turney Bio/WIKI

Real Name Megan LeeAnn Turney
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession an internet personality, cosplayer, glamour model, and vlogger
Sex orientation Bisexual
Marital Status In a relationship
Net Worth in 2022 $800 thousand

Meg Turney Age, Birthday

Meg was born on March 12, 1987, in New York City. She is a 35-year-old woman.

Megan LeeAnn Turney was her given name when she was born in the United States.

Meg Turney
Zodiac sign Pisces
Birthday 12 March 1987
Birthplace Austin, Texas, United States
Age 35 years old

Height, Weight & Body Stats

Meg Turney stands 5 feet 2 inches tall (157 cm) and weighs 58 kg (127 lbs).

Her body measurements are 35-25-36 inches, and her hair and eyes are black.

Height 5 feet 2 inches 157 cm
Weight 58 Kg 127 lbs
Body Measurement 35-25-36 inches
Bra Size 34 D
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Dress Size (-) US
Shoe Size 6 (US)
Body (-)

Early Life

Megan LeeAnn Turney (born March 12, 1987) is an internet personality, cosplayer, model, and YouTuber from the United States. However, her hosting work with SourceFed and Rooster Teeth’s The Know helped her become an internet personality. She also has her own YouTube account, which she uses to post vlogs, Let’s Play videos, and live streams. Turney cosplays at conventions such as Comic-Con, in addition to her employment with online media.

However, she was exposed to cosplaying and anime conventions in 2002 thanks to a friend’s invitation to Ushicon 1. Turney’s first cosplay was as Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon from the Sailor Moon anime series. “I failed miserably,” she said of her first cosplay. I couldn’t make half of the costume since it was so tough, but I was overjoyed.” She has now become well-known for her cosplaying and has amassed a large enough fan base to make cosplaying a full-time job. “Meg is an internet mainstay,” according to the Vancouver Sun.

However, her Patreon fansite is a moneymaker, and she has her own YouTube channel.” Turney’s Faye Valentine, Princess Leia, and Psycho cosplays were particularly well-received when she first started receiving coverage in online magazines. However, her popularity as a cosplayer led to her appearances in the Syfy series Heroes of Cosplay and a Guild Wars 2 commercial. In 2013, she held a cosplay competition at SXSW. Turney was also a special guest at Fan Expo Vancouver 2016 in 2016.


Various media outlets have described her cosplaying as raunchy and erotic. Meanwhile, Turney’s online activity primarily consists of shots of her cosplaying and modelling, according to the Inquisitr, and she “tends to share photos that push the edges of Instagram’s community guidelines surrounding nudity.” However, Turney has said of sexuality in cosplay, “I believe that there is a sexual element to cosplay, and that other people have no sexuality at all. It all depends on how you approach it, in my opinion. That, I believe, is true of any community.”

Turney also claims that cosplaying entails more than just showing off her figure, such as costume creation, and that she enjoys it “‘She [fellow cosplayer Jessica Nigri] has boobs, that’s why she’s popular,’ I believe some people think. However, this is not the case.” Turney was placed number 10 on Playboy’s “25 Hottest YouTube Stars” list in January 2015. She was ranked number 20 on FHM’s annual “100 Sexiest Women in the World” list in April 2015.

However, she has modelling experience outside of cosplay, having worked with a variety of photographers. Turney was photographed by Playboy in June of 2015.

However, her boyfriend Gavin’s character from Rooster Teeth’s show X-Ray and Vav was one of her cosplays, with Ashley Jenkins joining her as X-Ray at RTX 2014. Moreover, Ray and Gavin had dressed up as the couple for the Achievement Hunter panel at the previous year’s RTX, which had started as an intro flub for a Halo 4 achievement guide on Gavin’s part.


Meg Turney covered events for deviantART and was a featured host on CraveOnline’s TechKnow show in the early stages of her online media career. Meanwhile, she had her first appearance as an online media host in July 2012, on SourceFed, alongside Steve Zaragoza, where the two talked Star Wars, Comic-Con, and cosplaying. However, she appeared alongside Elliott Morgan and Philip DeFranco on SourceFed’s videos for YouTube’s “Election Hub” later that year. Turney and her SourceFed co-host earned an Audience Choice Streamy Award for Series of the Year in February 2013. She was a writer for the SourceFed website in addition to being a co-host of the channel. However, she would continue to host the channel, as well as its Nerd offshoot, until the end of the year. In April 2016, she announced that she would be leaving SourceFed.

Twitch and Gaming

Meg Turney was embroiled in a scandal in October 2014, when Twitch revised their rules of conduct, stating that users could not shoot videos in “lingerie, swimsuits, pasties, and undergarments.” Moreover, she was the first user to be banned for breaking the amended rules of conduct, according to several news outlets.

However, she began streaming on Twitch in June 2016. Meg has continued to produce video game commentary and streams, as well as cosplay-related vlogs, on her personal YouTube channel in the years since leaving SourceFed and Rooster Teeth.

Turney, meanwhile, joined the gaming roster of talent agency Abrams Artists in April 2019. However, she transferred from Abrams to TalentX Gaming in June 2020, where she is now represented. Twitch Rivals organised a Dead by Daylight event in October, and she competed in it.

Turney presently streams Dead by Daylight daily, as well as a range of other games, and in June 2021, he marked 5 years of Twitch cooperation. Her YouTube account has mostly been used to showcase highlights from her Twitch streams.

Rooster Teeth

Megan LeeAnn “Meg” Turney worked for Rooster Teeth Productions in the past. Before joining Rooster Teeth in May 2014, she worked for SourceFed.

Meg had been approached to host Immersion Season 2 but was unable to do so owing to a production delay, and the show was instead hosted by Burnie and Gus.

However, she hosted episodes of Rooster Teeth’s news show The Know. Meanwhile, on June 1, 2014, Meg made her Rooster Teeth debut in an episode of The Know, and on June 27, 2016, she announced her departure in a video titled “I’m No Longer at Rooster Teeth – Meg Turney,” which was broadcast on her personal YouTube vlogging channel.

Only Fans

Meg Turney started an OnlyFans account in March 2020 to supplement her Patreon account. However, Turney announced on Twitter in October 2020 that she was moving all of her content to OnlyFans and that the site would be her new primary content hub. At the time, Patreon was her primary venue for releasing her modelling work, while OnlyFans was primarily used to share older photo sets that were no longer available on Patreon. However, she began generating boudoir content full time on her OnlyFans after releasing her book of topless images on her own website. Turney’s OnlyFans still has Cosplay photo sets, although the majority of her work is boudoir photography.


Meg Turney has always been forthright about her sexuality, and she is indeed bisexual. However, she’s made a few videos about her bisexuality and is always happy to talk about it.

She also revealed how she first noticed it in a video with the Vlogbrothers. I know it sounds odd, but she did practise kissing with her pals for the boys, and she loved it. She had a thing for boys, but she also had crushes on girls. However, the most crucial point she made was that she would never date or marry a woman.

Moreover, she’s active on YouTube, where she talks about what she hears about bisexuality and her thoughts on it. She also joins a group of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals to talk about sexuality.

However, people insult and reject her sexuality in the videos, and they try to let her down. She uses YouTube vlogs to keep her fans up to date on her personal life.


Meg Turney, like other celebrities, prefers to keep her personal and romantic lives private. Before Gavin Free, she had at least one romance. Meg Turney has never been married before. However, Gavin Free, an English actor, director, cinematographer, and internet personality, has been her long-term partner. Moreover, she has been living with him and is upfront about her relationship with him. We can expect the connection to be cemented with a marriage in the future, but not anytime soon.

In terms of her previous relationships, she was formerly associated with Kevin Pereira, an American game show host and TV personality. He was reported to be gay because he was a supporter of gay rights at the time, which could have contributed to their breakup.

Meg Turney & Gavin Free Breakup

Gavin Free, an English actor, director, cinematographer, and internet personality, has been her long-term partner. People speculated that she was cast in Rooster Teeth because of her boyfriend, but she denied this and explained that she met him on the show.

Despite the fact that the couple doesn’t commonly appear on each other’s Instagram photos, it’s safe to assume that their relationship is stronger than ever. The couple has been together for more than six years and still has a long way to go.

Home Invasion

Gavin Free and Meg Turney were the victims of a crazy fanatic’s house invasion in Austin, Texas. The noises of smashing glass and a gunshot, however, roused Turney and Free. Around 3:40 a.m. on January 26, they quickly hid in a closet and dialled 911 while Christopher Giles searched their home brandishing a.45 calibre handgun, according to a search warrant affidavit.

Turney and Free took refuge in a closet and dialled 911. When the man was unable to locate the pair, he left, only to be confronted by officers outside. Officers returned fire after the suspect fired one shot, and when they approached the suspect’s vehicle, they discovered him dead. However, the death of the suspect is being investigated to see if it was caused by self-inflicted or police-fired gunfire.

Meg Turney

Meg Turney Net Worth

Throughout hеr career, Mеg hаs received аn еxtrаоrdnаrу аmоunt. However, she is regarded as one of the world’s best professional cosplayers. Her wealth stems in part from her appearance on television and cosplaying.

Rеcentlу, shе lives а lаisvh lifе, аnd hеr nеt wоrth аbоut $800 million thоuаnd аnnuаrу 2022. Furthermore, she also makes a lot of money from her YouTube account, which has +325000 subscribers and +20.6 million views.

She found to be consistent in hеr саrееr since thе inсерtоn оf it, аnd with no doubt, she became rich for her оссuраtоn. However, her journey from the beginning to the most popular cosplayer undoubtedly inspired a lot of her followers. Meanwhile, from the subscriber count and the views in her video, we can assume that she is also doing well on youtube. We hope hеr popularity аnd wеаlth wіll соntіnuе to rise more and more in future.

Meg Turney Store

Meg has her own shopping website where she sells merchandise. T-shirts, pajamas, various clothes and accessories are also available there. Click here to visit her store.

Meg Turney 2022 Calendar

On a few websites and also in Meg’s own store, a new 2022 calendar is available. The 2022 topless calendar and Meg Turney wall poster calendar are available there.

Meg Turney Twitter

The most recent tweets and updates from Meg Turney’s official Twitter account can be found below.

However, Meg Turney, who had ruled Twitter for many years, is a well-known Internet personality. Meanwhile, she has a large number of Twitter followers with whom she shares personal information.

However, her profession has grown in popularity on Twitter, and she has gained a large number of followers in recent months. After her role in the film The Social Network, we shouldn’t be surprised by her social media know-how.

Meg Turney Instagram

Meg Turney is a significantly more active Instagram user, posting Story Highlights, photos from concerts, and announcements about her latest projects and activities (along with the usual selfies and personal life posts). She’s been one of the most well-known faces on Instagram for a long time. Her Instagram account is primarily footage from her events and music videos, as well as selfies and general life updates. She also keeps a collection of Story Highlights from her travels across the world.

Meg Turney


What is Meg Turney marital status?

Gavin Free and Meg Turney are dating.

How many relationships did Meg Turney have?

Meg Turney has had at least one previous relationship.

How many children does Meg Turney have?

She doesn’t have any children.

How old is Meg Turney?

Her date of birth is March 12, 1987. She is a 35-year-old woman. She is of mixed ancestry and is of American nationality. Pisces is her zodiac sign. She was born in the Texas city of Austin.

How tall is Meg Turney?

She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, or 1.65 metres or 165 centimetres. She does, however, weigh around 55 kg (121 lbs). Her lovely brown eyes and blonde hair are stunning. 34-26-39 inches is her body measurement. Her bra cup size is 33C. She’s also a health nut. Furthermore, she frequently shows off her flat stomach while staring at the camera with a heavy-lidded glare.