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Dr DisRespect is a well-known internet personality and Twitch streamer. He gained fame for his high-level gameplay in “H1Z1” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.”

His personality, entertaining commentary, and iconic appearance with a mustache and mullet hairstyle have earned him a large following on social media. He has won several awards, including Streamer of the Year at the 2017 Esports Industry Awards and Trending Gamer at The Game Awards 2017.

In June 2020, Twitch banned Dr DisRespect for unknown reasons. He later revealed that Twitch had not given him a reason for the ban. Despite this, he continues to stream on other platforms like YouTube and his own website.

Dr DisRespect Bio/Wiki Table

Dr DisRespect

Real Name Guy Beahm
Known As Dr DisRespect
Date of Birth March 10, 1982
Place of Birth Encinitas, California, United States
Occupation Twitch Streamer, Internet Personality
Years Active 2010 – present
Games Played H1Z1, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, etc.
YouTube Subscribers Over 4.8 million
Twitter Followers Over 2.5 million
Awards Streamer of the Year at the 2017 Esports Industry Awards, Trending Gamer at The Game Awards 2017
Notable Catchphrases “Violence, speed, and momentum”, “The two-time”, “Champions Club”, “Blockbuster Gaming”, etc.
Controversies Banned from Twitch in June 2020 for unknown reasons, has faced criticism for offensive behavior and language in the past
Other Ventures Published an autobiography in 2021, has appeared in TV shows and commercials, launched a gaming arena in 2019

Young & Early Life

Born on March 10, 1982, in Encinitas, California, Dr DisRespect’s real name is Guy Beahm. He grew up playing video games and excelled in competitive gaming during his youth. Beahm attended California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, earning a radio and television degree. After graduating, he briefly worked as a production assistant at a local TV station.

In the early 2010s, Beahm, also known as Dr DisRespect, embarked on his gaming industry career. He started as a level designer at Sledgehammer Games. There, he contributed to titles like “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.” Later, he left Sledgehammer Games to become a Twitch streamer and internet personality. In this new role, he achieved significant success.

Family & Parents

Dr DisRespect, known for keeping his personal life private, hasn’t shared much about his family. Details about his parents or potential siblings remain unknown. He did mention in an interview that he’s married and has a daughter. Beyond that, little is known about his family history or personal life. Dr DisRespect primarily focuses on his career as a Twitch streamer and internet personality, steering clear of divulging personal details.

Age, Height, Ethnicity, Nationality, Zodiac

Dr DisRespect, also known as Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, was born on March 10, 1982. As of 2023, he is 41 years old.

Standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall, Dr. Disrespect significantly surpasses the national average height of 5 feet 9 inches. This places him in the top percentile of the tallest individuals, not just in the United States but also worldwide.

While Dr DisRespect’s ethnicity remains undisclosed, he is widely believed to hold American nationality.

His astrological sign, as a Pisces, suggests a creative and intuitive personality.

Real Name

Dr DisRespect’s real name is Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV.


Dr DisRespect

Dr DisRespect kickstarted his gaming career in 2010 as a level designer at Sledgehammer Games. He contributed to several “Call of Duty” titles. In 2015, he launched his Twitch streaming career as Dr DisRespect. His blend of high-level gameplay and entertaining commentary quickly attracted a large audience.

By 2016, he emerged as one of Twitch’s most popular streamers. He amassed millions of followers and subscribers. Dr DisRespect gained fame for playing games like “H1Z1,” “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” “Fortnite,” “Call of Duty,” and “Apex Legends.” His distinctive style, featuring a mustache, mullet, sunglasses, and costume, became iconic.

He won several awards, including the 2017 Streamer of the Year at the Esports Industry Awards. He also bagged the Trending Gamer award at The Game Awards 2017. In June 2020, Twitch banned him for reasons that remain undisclosed. He then moved to YouTube and other platforms for his streams.

Beyond streaming, Dr DisRespect has appeared in TV shows and commercials. He launched a gaming arena in 2019 and published an autobiography in 2021.

Midnight Society

Dr DisRespect made headlines in December 2021 when he announced the launch of his own gaming studio, Midnight Society. The studio will be led by Dr DisRespect himself and will feature Call of Duty and Halo veterans Robert Bowling and Quinn DelHoyo, as well as CEO Sumit Gupta.

Midnight Society’s goal is to create a unique “day-zero” community experience for players. This means that players will have a say in the games’ “feature prioritization, pivotal design decisions, and fuel innovation in the shooter genre.” The studio will mainly focus on online player versus player multiplayer games.

However, Midnight Society’s currently in-development free-to-play battle royale game, codenamed Project Moon, drew criticism for the sale of “Founder’s Access” NFTs. Despite this, the gaming studio remains highly anticipated by fans of Dr DisRespect and the shooter genre.


Dr DisRespect’s unique style sets him apart from other Twitch streamers. His iconic outfit includes a black mullet wig, mustache, sunglasses, and a black and red jumpsuit. This look has become a hallmark of his brand. He embodies a larger-than-life persona, confident and sometimes controversial. Dr DisRespect often trash-talks opponents with humor to entertain his audience.

His streams burst with energy, featuring loud yells and exaggerated movements. He views his streaming as a performance, aiming to captivate his audience constantly. As a skilled gamer, Dr DisRespect showcases high-level play in “Call of Duty,” “Fortnite,” and “Apex Legends.” His competitive spirit shines through in his gameplay.

The production quality of his streams stands out, complete with custom animations, sound effects, and music. A team of editors and designers work behind the scenes to create a unique viewing experience. Dr DisRespect’s distinct combination of outfit, persona, energy, gameplay, and production value has made him a standout figure in the Twitch world.

E3 Bathroom Filming Incident

In June 2019, Dr DisRespect made headlines for an incident that occurred at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). During the event, he entered a public bathroom with a cameraman and began filming, which was a violation of E3’s strict no-filming policy.

The incident was widely criticized for invading the privacy of other individuals using the bathroom, and Dr DisRespect was quickly banned from E3. He later issued a statement apologizing for the incident and stating that it was not meant to be taken seriously.

However, the incident had serious consequences for Dr DisRespect. Twitch, the platform where he streamed, suspended his account for two weeks, and he lost several sponsorship deals as a result of the incident. It also sparked a broader conversation about the ethics of streaming and the importance of respecting others’ privacy in public spaces.

Dr DisRespect has since returned to streaming and continues to have a large following, but the E3 incident remains a controversial moment in his career.

Ban From Twitch

In June 2020, Twitch banned Dr DisRespect, shocking fans and colleagues. He had amassed over four million followers, known for his dynamic streams and competitive gaming. Twitch cited a violation of community guidelines as the reason, but didn’t disclose specifics.

Dr DisRespect responded with confusion and frustration, claiming lack of communication from Twitch. The ban triggered widespread speculation, but the exact reason remains unknown. Despite this setback, Dr DisRespect shifted to other streaming platforms. However, his absence from Twitch has significantly impacted the streaming community.

On August 23, 2021, Dr DisRespect revealed his awareness of the ban’s reason. He announced plans for legal action, citing substantial alleged damages. However, on March 10, 2022, Dr DisRespect and Twitch settled their legal dispute. They issued statements without admitting any wrongdoing. Following this, Dr DisRespect tweeted his decision not to return to Twitch.


Dr DisRespect is active on YouTube, where he streams gameplay, shares highlights from his streams, and posts vlogs. His YouTube channel has over 4.8 million subscribers, and he has amassed over 500 million views on his videos.

He started his YouTube channel in 2010, but it was not until he became a popular Twitch streamer that his YouTube following grew significantly. Since his permanent ban from Twitch, he has focused more on his YouTube content and has continued to build his following on the platform.


Dr DisRespect is active on Twitter, where he has a large following of over 2.5 million followers. He uses his Twitter account to share updates about his streaming schedule, interact with his fans, and promote his YouTube and other projects. He is known for his witty and sometimes controversial tweets, which have generated a lot of engagement and media attention.

Wife & Children

Dr DisRespect

Dr Disrespect’s wife, known as “Mrs Assassin” on Instagram and in his streams, keeps her real name private. Her personal life remains largely a secret. Although she occasionally appears in his streams and at award events, her persona as “Mrs Assassin” has become a beloved part of the Dr Disrespect universe. Fans enjoy discussing her character based on her rare appearances.

Mrs Assassin, of mixed ethnicity, is American. She has supported Doc, especially during his 2020 suspension. The couple faced marital challenges in 2017 but chose to stay together, showcasing a strong bond.

The pair met and married in 2013, while Dr Disrespect was at Sledgehammer Games. Now, their marriage spans over nine years, and they share a daughter, affectionately called Baby Disrespect. Her identity, too, is kept private.

The couple has navigated rough waters, notably when Dr DisRespect admitted to infidelity in 2017. However, they resolved their issues and have remained united since. Mrs Assassin occasionally features in his streams, bringing him food or interacting off-camera. While some fans question her involvement, many appreciate the couple’s playful banter.

Dr DisRespect Net Worth

Dr Disrespect, born Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, stands as a streaming giant. Known for his unique persona and gaming prowess, he commands a huge following on Twitch and YouTube. His net worth, as per various sources, hovers around $7 million. This includes income from streams, sponsorships, merchandise, and other projects. However, these are just estimates and may vary.

Streaming forms a major part of his income. Initially a Twitch streamer, Dr Disrespect now exclusively streams on YouTube. He boasts over four million subscribers and attracts thousands of viewers per stream. Besides live streams, he posts highlights and clip compilations.

Furthermore, Dr Disrespect has inked several sponsorship deals. He has collaborated with brands like Gillette, ASUS, and G Fuel. These partnerships boost his income while aligning with his values.

Merchandise sales also contribute significantly to his revenue. His website offers branded apparel like t-shirts and hats, plus gaming-related products. Venturing beyond streaming, he has dabbled in music and acting. His 2019 song “Alleyways” and appearances in commercials and the movie “The Game Changers” have expanded his profile.


What is Dr DisRespect’s real name?

Dr DisRespect’s real name is Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV.

When was Dr DisRespect’s permanent ban from Twitch issued?

Dr DisRespect was permanently banned from Twitch in June 2020.

What is Dr DisRespect’s height?

Dr DisRespect is 6 feet 8 inches tall.

How much money does Dr DisRespect make from his streams?

Dr DisRespect reportedly makes around $2,000 per day from his streams, sponsorships, advertising, and other income streams.

Is Dr DisRespect active on social media platforms other than Twitch?

Yes, Dr DisRespect is active on Twitter, where he has a large following of over 2.5 million followers.

What was Dr DisRespect’s involvement in the E3 bathroom filming incident?

Dr DisRespect filmed himself inside a bathroom at E3 2019, which resulted in him being banned from the event and a subsequent apology from him.

What is Dr DisRespect’s net worth?

It is estimated that Dr DisRespect’s net worth in 2023 is around $6 million.

Does Dr DisRespect have a wife and children?

Yes, Dr DisRespect is married and has a daughter.

What is Dr DisRespect’s YouTube channel about?

Dr DisRespect’s YouTube channel primarily features gameplay videos and highlights from his streams.

What is Dr DisRespect’s ethnicity and nationality?

Dr DisRespect is of white ethnicity and is an American citizen.

What led to the launch of Dr DisRespect’s gaming studio, Midnight Society?

Dr DisRespect and a team of experienced gaming industry veterans launched Midnight Society with the mission of creating a “day-zero” community experience for online player versus player multiplayer games.

What was the controversy surrounding Midnight Society’s NFTs?

Midnight Society sparked criticism around the sale of “Founder’s Access” NFTs for their in-development free-to-play battle royale title, which some argued were unethical and potentially illegal.

What was the resolution to the legal dispute between Dr DisRespect and Twitch?

Dr DisRespect and Twitch announced that they had resolved their legal dispute in March 2022 with neither party admitting to any wrongdoing. Dr DisRespect clarified that he will not be returning to the Twitch platform.