QTCinderella: Bio, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Body, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth, Controversy, YouTube, Twitch & More

Hailing from the United States, QTCinderella, also known as Blaire, is a renowned Twitch broadcaster and YouTuber. She’s popular for her online streams centered around chess and poker, along with engaging chat sessions on her Twitch channel. Apart from focusing on gaming content, her stream also includes casual conversations and cooking/baking shows, an interest likely stemming from her background in culinary arts, having graduated from a culinary school.

Though she could have pursued a career in the culinary field, Blaire instead followed her gaming passion to become a popular Twitch streamer. Her Twitch channel boasts a following of over 950,000, while her YouTube channel – home to her daily vlogs with Ludwig Ahlgren – enjoys over 150,000 subscribers.

An animal lover, Blaire has two pets, Swift the dog and Dees the cat. Despite her passion for gaming and streaming, Blaire is no stranger to controversy; she’s known to consume alcoholic beverages during live feeds. This behavior led to her and TheWillNeff’s Instagram accounts being reported by Adin Ross’s fans, resulting in them getting blocked.

Her interests aren’t solely confined to gaming and streaming. She loves baking cakes, often creating desserts inspired by various games.

Explore comprehensive details about QTCinderella, a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber. This guide includes information about her bio, wiki, real name, age, height, body measurements, boyfriend, family, net worth, controversies, and her thriving career on YouTube and Twitch. Get to know more about QTCinderella’s journey, from her early life to her present success.

QTCinderella Biography, Wiki


As a celebrated model and Instagram influencer from America, QTCinderella’s gained substantial recognition for her distinct acts that have set her apart. Boasting a substantial following, she ranks among the most popular personalities on Instagram, a platform where she frequently showcases her fashionable outfits and professional modeling shots. Despite Instagram being her mainstay, she has successfully maintained a strong presence across multiple social media platforms.

QTCinderella’s unique and innovative style has attracted the attention of various global brands, propelling her into the limelight. The combined allure of her striking beauty, endearing smile, stylish outfits, and engaging personality have greatly contributed to her rising fame. Her popularity has been further fueled by her captivating photos and videos, which have led to her social media presence expanding at an incredible rate.

In the near future, expect to see QTCinderella in more modeling shoots. As we delve deeper into her life, we’ll cover everything you need to know about her, from her biography and age to her family and intriguing facts. Stay tuned for more.

Name QTCinderella
Real name Blaire
Age 29-years old
Birthday June 6, 1994
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Birthplace United States
Religion Christianity
Birth Sign Gemini
Boyfriend Ludwig Ahlgren
Net Worth More than a million-dollar
Famous As Twitch streamer

QTCinderella Age, Birthday

QTCinderella, the popular Twitch streamer, was born on June 6, 1994, which makes her 29 years old as of now. Having mixed heritage, QTCinderella proudly holds American citizenship. Born under the zodiac sign Gemini, her personality resonates with her star sign’s traits. As a native of the United States, she has made a significant impact in the American gaming and streaming industry.

QTCinderella Height, Body Counts & Physical Stats

QTCinderella, known for her youthful allure and captivating charm, is a popular figure among teenagers. Sporting a slim physique, she carries an elegant doll-like appearance.

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall, equivalent to 1.65 meters or 165 centimeters, she maintains a balanced weight of approximately 55 kg (121 lbs). Her body measurements are a well-proportioned 34-26-35 inches. She wears a bra size of 33C, further highlighting her balanced figure. A dedicated fitness enthusiast, QTCinderella never compromises on her health and fitness regimen.

QTCinderella’s radiant brown eyes and golden hair add to her captivating charm. Her physique, complemented by her height and weight, offers an appealing aesthetic. Her attractive personality is further amplified by her silky hair and enchanting wide eyes. In essence, QTCinderella embodies a perfect blend of fitness, beauty, and charismatic appeal.

Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight approx. 55 Kg (121 lbs)
Body Measurements 34-26-35 inches
Bra Cup Size 33 C
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Shoe Size 6 (US)

QTCinderella Real Name

Known to many as QTCinderella in the online world, her real name is Blaire. She’s an accomplished American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, social media influencer, content creator, Instagram sensation, and entrepreneur. Her outstanding YouTube videos and Twitch broadcasts have earned her nationwide recognition and cemented her status as a prominent figure in the digital arena.

QTCinderella Family & Parents

QTCinderella, or Blaire as she’s known in her personal life, is reported to be of Christian faith and hails from a Caucasian family background. Details about her family remain private as she’s chosen not to share specific information about her parents or siblings with the media. From what is known, her father is an entrepreneur, while her mother was a homemaker, who, tragically, passed away after a prolonged illness. Blaire’s family also includes a stepbrother, as indicated by her Instagram profile.

Growing up in the United States, Blaire was surrounded by family and friends. Among her family members is an older sister. Her Instagram pictures often reveal her enjoying time with her close-knit circle of friends, indicating a strong bond and a shared love for socializing.

QTCinderella Childhood, Early Life

The celebrated online streamer, Blaire, better known as QTCinderella, was born on June 6, 1994, in the United States. Raised in a well-established Christian family, she now turns 29 as per her birth date. Early on in life, she developed a passion for cooking, leading her to pursue an education at a culinary school and subsequently graduate with a degree in culinary arts.

Despite her culinary background, Blaire chose to follow her love for gaming and carved a path for herself as a Twitch streamer. She celebrates her birthday every year on June 6th.

Growing up, Blaire’s passion for cooking remained a constant. Sources suggest that she attended a local cooking school. After completing her education, she transitioned her focus to an online career. Today, she stands as a prominent figure in the digital world, recognized as a renowned YouTuber, streamer, and TV personality in the United States.

QTCinderella Boyfriend

In terms of her personal life, QTCinderella has been in a relationship with Ludwig Ahlgren since 2020. Ludwig himself is a well-established American YouTuber and Twitch streamer, often featuring in QTCinderella’s YouTube and Twitch videos. Her Instagram feed also showcases numerous pictures with Ludwig, documenting their shared moments.

Despite being in the public eye, QTCinderella has kept her previous relationship status out of the media’s attention. The couple first decided to meet in person after collaborating several times on livestreams. This pivotal encounter was documented by QTCinderella in a vlog titled “Meeting Ludwig for the First Time,” which she uploaded to her channel. Despite the video starting with an awkward encounter with a stranger, it quickly turned into a memorable and sweet experience.

QTCinderella Career on Youtube

Blaire, better known as QTCinderella, turned her attention towards online streaming during her time as an undergraduate, as reported by the media. Upon completing her higher education, she took the leap to establish her own YouTube channel and began creating content that quickly garnered the attention of numerous fans.

Capitalizing on the growing popularity, QTCinderella expanded her online presence by live streaming on Twitch.tv. Here, she attracted a substantial fan base through her streams of popular online games including Minecraft, Among Us, and Online Chess, among others.

Her YouTube channel content doesn’t stop at gaming; it also features reaction videos, unboxing experiences, and pranks, providing diverse entertainment for her followers. Additionally, she utilizes her Instagram platform to share snippets of her content, further engaging with her audience.

QTCinderella Television Series and Movies

She is an Instagram influencer and actress as well. She performed roles in a few tv series. The Names of the shows are mentioned below.

Show name Year
Dare Package (TV Series). 2020
Shitcon (Video). 2021
Shitcamp (TV Series). 2021

QTCinderella Lifestyle

QTCinderella, or Blaire, is a prolific user of social media and possesses a deep love for animals. She relishes the experiences of traveling and capturing her moments in photographs. Her pictures often exhibit her radiant beauty, with her showcasing her figure while relaxing outdoors. She frequently shares selfies in a variety of outfits and settings across her social media platforms.

Her leisure activities aren’t just limited to digital engagement; she enjoys dancing and singing as well. Currently, she is not married and is very close to her family, who provide her with strong support.

Blaire has a voluptuous and striking physique, often captivating her audience. Her favorite color is blue, adding another personal touch to her online persona. Originally, she joined TikTok for fun, but her popularity skyrocketed when one of her videos went viral, showcasing the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of her online career.

QTCinderella Social Media

She is a Social media influencer. She has worked with some of the other influencers. Her twitch account has most of the followers. Her Facebook account is currently not available.

Social media platforms Follower count Username/link
Instagram 207k Instagram: @qtcinderella
Facebook NA NA
Twitter 542k Twitter:@qtcinderella
Youtube 443k Youtube: @QTCinderella
Twitch Tv 92kk Twitch: @qtcinderella
IMDb NA IMDB/@QtCinderella
Tiktok 50.3k TikTok: @qtcinderella

QTCinderella Controversy

As a public figure, QTCinderella is no stranger to rumors and misinformation that can spread quickly. It’s not uncommon for public personalities to face fabricated stories from detractors, often rooted in jealousy or envy. However, QTCinderella chooses not to engage with these narratives. Instead, she concentrates her energy on promoting positivity and love, steering clear from any scandalous affairs.

At her core, QTCinderella is a creative thinker and a driven individual. Her approach is self-motivated and inwardly directed, showing a high level of focus and determination in turning her dreams into reality. She remains unphased by the negative noise, striving to maintain an optimistic perspective and a clean image throughout her career.

QTCinderella Cheating on Schooled

Gaming often grapples with the issue of cheating, and determining its occurrence can be challenging. Twitch Streamer QTCinderella faced accusations of adjusting her responses based on viewers’ comments during her appearance on Miz Kaif’s Schooled. Her boyfriend, streamer Ludwig Ahlgren, dismissed these allegations as “crazy.” Lengyel, better known as xQc, added his perspective to the discussion during a Just Chatting session, advocating for thorough measures to prevent any possibility of cheating, which could include interactions with the chat.

xQc was quick to clarify that he wasn’t trying to undermine Ludwig or Mizkif. However, he underscored his firm stance on what constitutes cheating and what should be deemed permissible. Notably, xQc himself has faced cheating accusations in the past.

During GlitchCon in November, he was issued a temporary ban from Twitch and Twitch Rivals after he was caught stream sniping. Although he confessed to the act, reasoning it was done for humor, it didn’t seem to grant him any substantial advantage. Nevertheless, it was a clear violation of the rules, leading to his forfeit of the prize money.

Whether QTCinderella was truly leveraging the comments in the stream remains ambiguous. However, to steer clear of any such controversy in the future, she might consider adhering to xQc’s suggestion.

QTCinderella & Maya

QTCinderella, a popular streamer, recently apologized on her Livestream for meddling in fellow streamers Maya and Mizkif’s personal issues. The controversy initiated when QTCinderella publicly discussed Emiru moving into Mizkif’s OTK streamer house after Maya and Mizkif ended their two-year relationship in September 2021.

QTCinderella’s repeated comments on Emiru’s relocation led to tensions, suggesting that Maya Higa felt supplanted by Emiru in Mizkif’s life. She poked fun at Emiru, highlighting that the acclaimed cosplay streamer moved into Mizkif’s house following a stalking incident.

Mizkif rebuked QTCinderella for airing their private affairs publicly, triggering his fans to flood her feed with accusations of stirring drama. QTCinderella’s partner, Ludwig, intervened to criticize Mizkif’s fans for their double standards, as Mizkif himself is known for indulging in dramatic affairs.

When the situation eventually de-escalated, Maya Higa also issued an apology for discussing the issue on her Livestream. In her defense, QTCinderella claimed that she was only presenting Maya’s viewpoint to provide context.

Reflecting on the episode, QTCinderella acknowledged her misstep in addressing Mizkif and Maya’s personal matter on her Livestream. She admitted needing to exercise discretion in her speech, recognizing that her candidness had led her into multiple controversies in the past.

QTCinderella Chess


QTCinderella, a female streamer and proficient chess player, is presently a contender in the PogChamps 2 event, where she is due to participate in the consolation bracket semi-finals. However, a recent stream showcased her frustration with the apparent misogyny and toxicity prevalent in the chess community.

She questioned why her physical appearance became a subject of discourse during her streams, while her male counterparts did not face such scrutiny. QTCinderella also noted the unequal treatment when she faced official complaints on chess.com for making risqué jokes, while similar explicit humor from male streamers went unchallenged.

Highlighting the double standards, she criticized the chess community for placing gender-specific behavioral expectations, insinuating that what’s permissible for men differs for women.

Notwithstanding the challenges, QTCinderella continues to perform admirably. On September 12, 2021, she bagged her highest single tournament prize, $4,000.00, from Chess.com PogChamps 4. This fifth-to-eighth-place finish contributes to over half of her total prize earnings.

QTCinderella Net Worth

As a prominent Twitch streamer, QTCinderella, also known as Blaire, earns a considerable income from her career. Additionally, she boosts her earnings through online brand promotion. As of 2023, her estimated net worth is around $3-4 million USD. Apart from gaming and streaming, she has carved out a niche for herself in lifestyle and fashion, sharing selfies on Instagram. Furthermore, she gains financial benefit from sponsors who pay her for advertising and collaboration opportunities.


What happened to QTCinderella?

When QTCinderella burst into Ludwig’s room, he was in the middle of a live webcast. Ludwig got up to check on her when she held her nose. However, she slammed into a glass door that she mistook for being open. Ludwig just confirmed that she had a little concussion, but that she felt better after being transported to the ER.

Is QTCinderella a chef?

QTCinderella went to culinary school after high school and became a chef. However, she discovered streaming in college. She planned to start streaming in 2015 but was unable to do so owing to a lack of appropriate equipment. Instead, she began generating game content and hosting Just Chatting streams in 2018.

What is QTCinderella’s real name?

Ans. BlairAreIs Ludwig and QTCinderella still together?

QTCinderella and Ludwig are in a relationship. The two video makers have collaborated on numerous occasions over the years and have displayed some flirty chemistry on-screen.

Is QTCinderelly a WGM?

They also bestowed the WGM title to QTCinderella, not as a sign of power, but as a motivational and feel-good badge. Don’t be too concerned about it. However, all titles do this so that you can find genuine titled players.

Whats the QTCinderella chess rating?

Highest 1194 (Jun 10, 2020).