Alex Watson: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Acting, Movies, Harry Potter, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth & More

Alexander Chris Watson is a famous personality of British and French origin. Most people know him as the brother of world-famous actress Emma Watson while others know him as a model. Alex Watson entered the celebrity spotlight in the year 2010 when he appeared in Burberry’s Spring campaign along with his sister Emma Watson. After that, he also modeled for Silhouette where he launched their Titan Minimal Art eyewear campaign. Silhouette is an international frame manufacturer.

After these two modeling gigs Alex Watson withdrew from the public eye to concentrate on his education as he was only 17 years old at that time. In the month of August in 2010, in an interview with the Independent, he said that he would like to study for his A-levels which he was going to give later that year.

Unfortunately, that is the last we heard from this young rising model. After 2010, Alex Watson stayed out of the public eye, focusing on his studies in France and then in the UK. Keep reading to know more about Alex Watson’s short modeling and acting career, his net worth, and a few other details.

Alex Watson Biography/Wiki

Some Facts about Alex Watson

Alex Watson Age

Alex Watson was born on the 15th of December in the year 1992. Thus, as of now, he is 30 years old.

Alex Watson & His Birthplace

Alex Watson was born in the city of Paris in France. Thus, he also is a citizen of France by birth.

Alex Watson Parents

Alex Watson’s father is Chris Watson. We do not know the identity of his birth mother, but his stepmother is Jacqueline Luesby. Watson grew up in France and he was brought up by his father and his stepmother.

Alex Watson Siblings

Alex Watson has three siblings. They are Lucy Watson, Toby Watson, and Emma Watson.

Alex Watson Height

According to sources, Alex Watson stands at 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm in height.

Alex Watson Harry Potter

Alex Watson

It is unknown to a lot of people that the relatives of many actors in the main cast played minor roles in the movies! Some of them even were in the same scene as the main actors. Some relatives only were minor actors or extras. But there were a lot of others who played important roles. James and Oliver Phelps were one such pair. They were brothers and portrayed the Weasley twins. Alex Watson who is Emma Watson’s brother was also one of these extras on the set! He first appeared in the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where he had a cameo as a Hogwarts student.

This movie that came out in the year 2002 is based on the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It is the second part of the seven-book series by J.K Rowling. Just like its predecessor this movie too was a huge success and it became the second-highest grossing movie of the year. For the next two Harry Potter movies, The Prisoner of Azkaban and the Goblet of Fire, Alex Watson was busy with his school.

As a result of this, he did not have the time to appear in these movies. Next, in the year 2007, Alex did not have any prior engagements and thus had the time to appear for a minor role in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. He played a Hufflepuff student in the movie.

Acting Career

He is the brother of Emma Watson, the actress who portrayed Hermione Granger. Thus, the casting director of the movies thought it would be fun to add him as an extra for fun trivia! The British actor even attended the 2010 Burberry Spring campaign with his sister. He also played a background role in a Pixie Lott music video during the same year. Pixie Lott is a pop music artist.

In the movie, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix Alex Watson only had a minor role but you can spot him very easily. He shares a few scenes with the main trio Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Even though he plays a Hufflepuff student, there is a scene where he is sitting next to the main trio in the Great Hall. The fact that he is a Hufflepuff student is indicated by his yellow robes. In another scene, Alex Watson also stands next to Emma Watson in the Hogwarts courtyard.

Thus, when Alex Watson first emerged as a popular celebrity of interest he did not have any shortage of wide-eyed fans. The hashtag #alexwatson was also quite popular and his fans did not hesitate to use it whenever it came up. Even after he decided to nip his modeling career in the bud, his fanbase did not disperse. They kept their adoration of the young Watson going for a long time reposting all the modeling shots that Alex had done along with obsessing over paparazzi shots of him at his university and other places.

Hence, if Alex Watson were to make a come-back in his career as a model or an actor he would already have a large fanbase that did not stop liking him in the eleven years that he has been inactive.

Alex Watson and Emma Watson

Emma Watson has been an important figure in Hollywood since she was nine years old when she first auditioned for the Harry Potter movies. During most of her time in the public eye, she has been alone in her spotlight as a famous actress and public figure. However, for a couple of years, when she was at the peak of her fame as Hermione Granger, it seemed like she would have to share her space with her brother Alex Watson.

Alex Watson became quite popular during that time which made many people think that maybe it was the Watson genes that inspired such celebrity grade talent. Watson who was only seventeen years old in the year 2010 was on the verge of becoming more famous than his sister. This is when he made his modeling debut alongside Emma Watson in a Burberry Spring campaign.

With his perfect looks and appealing personality, Watson managed to gather quite a large fanbase from that single gig as a model. Many fans thought that Alex Watson would become just as famous as his sister since he had it all, gorgeous looks, a beautiful smile, and a famous rich family name. In the various interviews he did in the year 2010, he said to various sources including the Daily Mail that he wanted to become an actor after he completed his university education.

What does Alex Watson do?

Alex Watson, the brother of the famous British actress Emma Watson used to be the brightest young star in the modeling world. What happened after that? In an interview with the Independent in the year 2010, he had admitted that he got his first modeling gig with the help of his sister. “I am very grateful for the help of course”, he said as he laughed.

Alex Watson became wildly famous after he appeared in the 2010 Burberry campaign, and he even became the model who was the face of Burberry. He said that he was shopping for a suit at Burberry. He needed a suit to wear at the premiere of one of the Harry Potter movies that his sister starred in. Alex Watson continued to say that when he was shopping, a person from the brand came to him and said that Watson should meet with Christopher Bailey.

It was a really big shock to Alex but he really enjoyed the gig. He said that he received a lot of help from his sister and he was grateful for that. Alex admitted that it calmed his nerves to have Emma Watson do the gig with him and give him tips. He said that Emma kept telling him to relax and not be scared. It was of course easier said than done. Then he praised his sister saying that she was very efficient and helpful.

Watson went on to say that he always wanted to do projects that interested him. He said that he really loved the unique British heritage that Burberry had to offer. At the same time, Burberry also was quite modern and kept up with the times too.

Alex Watson Career as a Model

Alex Watson recalled his first assignment at Burberry to be really tense. The famous photographer Mario Testino shot his first modeling photoshoot. Watson described him as eccentric but a legend. The creative director of Burberry, Christopher Bailey was very impressed by Watson’s work. He said that he was surprised to see someone so young work with such efficiency. He even sent Alex a thank you card and flowers after the photoshoot was over.

After that Watson starred in Silhouette’s new Titan Minimal Art eyewear collection.

Alex Watson said in multiple interviews that he felt very lucky. He said that he had a lot of notions that the modeling and acting industry was tough to work in. He also admitted he was completely wrong about it. Watson added that Christopher Bailey was the nicest guy to work with. He always took the time to think about everyone’s needs. He was a really helpful person.

A lot of interviewers asked Alex Watson if he felt the pressure to keep up an image. This was since a Burberry model Tom Nicon had recently committed suicide. Thus this tragedy gave rise to a lot of tension in the male model arena. It also affected a lot of young models who had just started work. Alex Watson replied saying that the castings in various shoots were not smooth. He said that everyone in the industry was facing a lot of pressure to look perfect. Thus, everyone was going on crazy diets. He said that in spite of the situation he was not too worried about his looks or food. He added that all beauty was subjective and this was not an area of concern for him.

Where does Alex Watson Live?

Alex Watson was born in Paris and he lived there for the first few years of his childhood. He has mentioned in interviews that he does not remember living in Paris. This is because he was very young at that time. In 2010 he said that he lived in a flat in London. The woman who originally lived on the third floor of the apartment gave it to him.

Alex Watson has said that the woman was very close to his family. Thus, she gave him the flat when she passed away. Thus, the flat is of sentimental value to Alex and his family. In fact, Alex’s parents named Lucy Watson, the youngest of the Watson siblings after the aforementioned woman.

Personal Life

The last time the media had any news about Alex Watson was in 2010 during the Burberry campaign. After that, the young Watson disappeared from the public eye. In the last few interviews that Alex Watson appeared in, he mentioned that he would like to pursue his modeling career after he finished his education. Yet, we have not heard from him for about eleven years now.

Since Watson has been very private about his career and personal life we do not know anything about him in terms of relationships or romances. He is also not active on social media. Although there are a lot of fan pages under his name that are still active, we have not heard anything from the man himself.

Alex Watson Net Worth

According to some sources Alex Watson’s net worth is around $1 to $5 million. All his assets, money, and income together make up this net worth. The primary source of this net worth is Alex Watson’s familial property and money. This is because he himself had a very short modeling and acting career.

He is one of the richest family members listed by most popular Family Members. According to Forbes and the Business Insider, Alex Watson owns $1.5 million worth of assets. Although Alex Watson is quite rich and his wealth comes from his family, he prefers to lead a modest life.