Alinity: Bio, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Height, Family, Career, Twitch Ban, YouTube, Onlyfans, Nip Ssip, Cat Vodka, Net Worth, FAQs & More

Alinity, originally known as Natalia Mogollon, is a well-known Colombian Twitch streamer and YouTuber. Hailing from Cali, California, she has gained immense popularity as a social media influencer, live streamer, and twitch player. While studying at the University of Saskatchewan, Alinity achieved her bachelor’s degree, but she decided not to pursue further education. It was during her graduation ceremony that she embarked on her journey as a Twitch streamer, which ultimately led her to fame and success, making her one of the most popular figures in the realm of social media.

However, Alinity faced a setback when Twitch suspended her account due to a violation of their terms and conditions. This incident occurred during one of her recent videos, where an accidental wardrobe malfunction occurred when her gown slipped. It’s important to note that this was unintentional, and it is expected that she will resume her streaming activities in the near future.

Learn all about Alinity’s bio, wiki, age, real name, height, family, career, Twitch ban, YouTube, Onlyfans, controversies such as the nip slip and cat vodka incidents, net worth, and more in this comprehensive guide. Get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and delve into the intriguing details of Alinity’s life and online presence.

Alinity Divine Age / WIKI


Natalia Mogollon was born in Cali, Colombia, on January 10, 1988 (age 35 as of 2023). Capricorn is her zodiac sign. However, she graduated from a University in Canada with a nursing degree.

Name Alinity Divine (Natalia Mogollon)
Birthday January 10, 1988
Age 35 Years Old
Gender Female
Height In cm- 165 cm

Then, in m- 1.65 m

Then, in Feet Inches- 5’ 4”

Weight In Kg- 52 kg

Then, in Pounds- 114.64 lbs

Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Net Worth Around $800K or more
Married/Single Single
Education University of Saskatchewan
Instagram @alinitydivine
Twitter @AlinityTwitch
Youtube @Alinity
Channel Trailer Link
Most Viewed Video Link
First Video Link

Alinity Divine Real Name

Natalia Mogollon, also known as Alinity, has gained widespread fame through her Twitch and YouTube channels. While Alinity is the name under which she has achieved online recognition, it’s important to acknowledge that Natalia Mogollon is her actual given name. As a prominent celebrity, she has become well-known by both names.

Her streaming endeavors have been instrumental in propelling her to popularity. Through her engaging and entertaining streams, Alinity has garnered a significant following and cemented her position as a prominent figure in the online content creation space. Her unique style and content have captivated audiences, contributing to her rise as a celebrated personality.

Alinity Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Alinity stands at a height of 5 feet and 4 inches (162.56 cm). She has dark brown hair and vibrant brown eyes, which complement her overall appearance. In terms of her weight, her body mass index (BMI) is 114, indicating that she weighs 52 kilograms (114 pounds). Her physical attributes contribute to her unique and recognizable presence as an online personality.

Alinity Divine Family

Alinity hails from a family with a strong entrepreneurial background. In addition to her own pursuits, her younger sister goes by the name Valentina Mogollon. She also has a brother, making him her only sibling. Apart from her immediate family, Alinity is a proud owner of two cats named Maya and Milo, who hold a special place as her beloved pets. Furthermore, she shares her home with two dogs, highlighting her affection and care for animals.

Alinity Fake Marriage, Husband

There have been reports suggesting that Alinity was involved in a marriage with a Canadian man whom she met during her college years. However, the details surrounding their relationship remain uncertain, as her private life has been shrouded in secrecy. Some accounts claim that the marriage did take place but ended relatively quickly, while others suggest that she may have fabricated the marriage altogether. At present, Alinity has chosen to keep her dating status undisclosed, maintaining a level of privacy regarding her personal relationships.


Alinity’s career has been multifaceted and spans various platforms. While her mother, Natalia Mogollon, pursued a nursing degree at the University of Saskatchewan and has been a nurse for over four years, Alinity herself embarked on her journey in content creation.

Alinity made her debut on Twitch in December 2012 and uploaded her first YouTube video in April 2013. Her broadcasting skills became particularly renowned through her gameplay streams of Apex Legends, a popular game in the gaming community. Additionally, on March 3, 2021, she ventured into creating cooking-related content, adding another dimension to her content repertoire.

Building on her success, Alinity gained significant recognition as a Twitch streamer, often known by her alias “Alinity Divine.” She developed a strong presence within the “World of Warcraft” gaming community, where she became well-known and cultivated a dedicated following.

However, she also faced controversy when she became embroiled in a heated exchange with PewDiePie, a prominent YouTube personality. PewDiePie criticized Alinity for making racially insensitive remarks in one of his videos, resulting in a public confrontation.

Alinity’s social media presence extends to Instagram, where she has amassed over 304 thousand followers. Additionally, her YouTube channel boasts over 149 thousand subscribers, showcasing her popularity across multiple platforms.

Her online persona and name draw inspiration from the video game “World of Warcraft,” a title she frequently engages with during her live streams. With over 650,000 followers on Twitch, Alinity has built a substantial and dedicated audience for her content.

Alinity Divine Is Associated With Whom?

Her Twitch broadcasting channels, along with that of fellow online gamer SodaKite, are well-known.

Alinity Divine Lifestyle

Alinity Cat

Maya and Milo are indeed Alinity’s two beloved pet kitties, who hold a special place in her life. Alongside her feline companions, Alinity also shares her home with two dogs, forming a diverse and loving family of pets. She often shares adorable and heartwarming images of her pets on social media, providing glimpses into the joy and companionship they bring to her life. These furry friends are an integral part of her personal journey and the moments she shares with her followers online.

Alinity Health

While Alinity has openly discussed her mental health challenges, including dealing with acute depression and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it’s important to approach these topics with sensitivity and respect for her privacy.

In interviews, she has mentioned the difficulty of discussing mental health issues with her family and friends, as they may not have fully understood her experiences. She expressed the importance of having a support system that could empathize and comprehend what she was going through, which she found incredibly valuable and uplifting.

Alinity Controversies

Alinity has indeed faced various controversies throughout her career, which have garnered significant attention and criticism.

One of the most prominent controversies involves allegations of animal abuse. On stream, there were instances where she engaged in actions that viewers perceived as mistreatment of her pets. These included allowing her cat to lick her lips after consuming vodka, tossing her cat over her chair, and allowing her dog to climb on her while practicing yoga. PETA, an animal rights organization, attempted to have her banned from Twitch, but she was ultimately cleared of all claims after a government Animal Cruelty Investigation. Despite the clearance, the controversy continued, and she faced ongoing criticism from people who accused her of being an animal abuser.

Another notable controversy occurred when she accidentally exposed her chest during a live stream on April 24, 2020. While she quickly recovered and continued with the stream, the incident generated negative reactions from some viewers who felt that she should have faced consequences for the accidental exposure. In response to the incident, Alinity took to Twitter and announced a self-imposed three-day suspension, expressing frustration with Twitch’s perceived lack of action. She urged viewers to direct their complaints to Twitch, as she felt powerless in regards to being banned.

Alinity Copyright-Striking PewDiePie

Alinity and PewDiePie were involved in a copyright-related dispute that occurred in May 2018 and generated significant attention.

During a Twitch stream, Alinity asked if she could copyright-strike PewDiePie’s channel after he referred to her as a “Twitch thot.” She also mentioned her use of a company called CollabDRM, which deals with copyright claims on YouTube videos. Alinity criticized what she perceived as rampant sexism in online groups and expressed that PewDiePie’s comments insulted women. As a result, copyright claims were filed against PewDiePie’s video.

In response, PewDiePie released a video titled “Can we copyright-strike PewDiePie,” where he apologized for his insults towards Alinity and clarified that his intention is never to offend people, suggesting that his comments were made in jest. Copyright cases were indeed filed against his video.

Alinity then released a video blaming CollabDRM for the removal of PewDiePie’s video. Additionally, someone falsely claiming to be PewDiePie issued a strike on Alinity’s video reaction, but the false strike was eventually removed.

PewDiePie retaliated with a video titled “BAN PEWDIEPIE,” in which he criticized Alinity’s content. However, in July 2020, Alinity stated during an interview with Dr K that she and PewDiePie were currently on good terms. In response, PewDiePie mentioned during a Livestream that he doesn’t mind their current relationship as long as Alinity takes responsibility for her past actions.

The feud resurfaced in September 2020 when PewDiePie responded to a Reddit post, claiming that Alinity had personally messaged him to resolve their differences. He advised people to stop bringing up the incident, highlighting that it occurred several years ago.

Alinity Cat

In 2019, Alinity faced accusations of mistreating her pets, specifically her cat, during a stream. Viewers observed a moment where she appeared to fling the cat from her shoulder. Alinity, however, has maintained that she did not intentionally throw the cat. According to her explanation, she was trying to place the cat on top of her chair, but it slipped and fell instead.

The incident sparked significant controversy and criticism, with many expressing concern for the welfare of the cat. Animal rights organizations and individuals called for consequences and investigations into the matter. The situation raised important discussions around responsible pet ownership and the treatment of animals in online content.

Alinity Feeding Her Cat Vodka

There have been allegations and controversy surrounding an old video from one of Alinity’s broadcasts in which it appeared that she served liquor to her cat. Alinity has acknowledged that the cat licked her lips, but she clarified that she did not intentionally feed her cat alcohol. Additionally, she has admitted to feeding her cat from her lips while being intoxicated, acknowledging that it was a mistake for which she takes responsibility.

This incident sparked significant backlash and concerns from viewers and animal rights advocates who expressed concerns about the welfare and safety of the cat. It led to discussions about responsible pet ownership and the ethical treatment of animals.

Alinity Said the N-word

In August of this year, she allegedly shouted the N-word live stream. Some defended her, claiming that it was because of her accent, which sounded similar to ‘Nick your,’ rather than the term itself.

Alinity Nip Ssip

During a live stream in April 2020, Alinity experienced an accidental wardrobe malfunction. While attempting to tuck a pillow under her shirt, she unintentionally pushed it up, briefly revealing her left nipple. This incident caused offense among some viewers, who called for her to be banned from Twitch. However, Twitch did not take immediate action, and Alinity herself addressed the situation by inquiring about the lack of consequences. Eventually, a few days later, she resumed streaming on the platform.

Alinity Marriage Fraud

In May 2018, she acknowledged marrying a Canadian and then divorcing him to gain citizenship and return to Colombia. She, on the other hand, refuses to reply to any criticism directed at her as a result of this.

Alinity Twitch Career

Alinity launched her Twitch channel in 2012, where she streamed World of Warcraft to a modest audience. She gradually gained a fan base, but later in her career, because of some of the unlikely activities she took on stream, she attracted a considerable number of haters.

Many people scolded Twitch for not taking action against her for allegedly disregarding their Terms of Service. They claimed that they were being two-faced, being extremely hard on other streamers who “don’t deserve to get banned.” Her many scandals include allegedly throwing her cat, allowing her cat to lick her lips after drinking vodka, and accidentally exposing her private part.

However, compared to previous years, the hatred appears to have gone down. She has 1.3 million followers and averages 2.5k per stream as of 2021.

Alinity YouTube Career

Alinity started her YouTube account in 2013, a year after she started her Twitch channel. She uploads once or twice a week at the present, with content consisting of brief 5- to 10-minute items from her Twitch streams. However, she occasionally unites with others and features in their videos. She has 168k subscribers and a little more than 7 million views across 271 videos.

Alinity Onlyfans

Earlier this year, she created her own OnlyFans account. She didn’t disclose the exact amount she makes from the platform. But once she did tell fellow streamer Mizkif on stream that the money she made from OnlyFans in just two months is a lot more than she’d make from ten years of Twitch streams. This figure has been estimated to be at least $1 million by many.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Alinity Divine


Was Alinity banned from Twitch?

Twitch banned her from their platform. At first, they didn’t ban her but suspended her for 24 hours after inadvertently revealing her chest on screen.

Is Alinity single?

Her current relationship status is unknown, but she has previously indicated that she had a Canadian husband. She did that to obtain citizenship. It is unknown whether or not this is correct.

How much does Alinity earn?

Her current sources of income are her YouTube and Twitch channels, her OnlyFans account, and sponsorships and donations. Her YouTube channel, where she updates once a week, brings in an estimated $200 per month. However, subscribers to her Twitch channel bring in roughly $35k per month (assuming they’re all Tier-1). She also makes a lot of money from her OnlyFans; while she hasn’t divulged the precise figure, many have guessed it to be between $300,000 and $400,000.

However, Alinity’s total annual revenue is estimated to be between $4 million and $5 million, depending on her Twitch and OnlyFans activity, which are her primary sources of income. On her Twitch streams, she also accepts sponsorship deals and gets money from fans.

Where does Alinity stream?

Alinity exclusively streams on Twitch, but she also has a YouTube channel where she publishes recordings of her Twitch streams.

How old is Alinity?

She will be 35 years old in the year 2023. She was born on the 10th of January, 1988.

What did Alinity get banned for?

She received backlash in 2020 after devs banned her from Twitch due to a nip slip that occurred during one of her lives. They suspended her account due to nudity on the streaming site. The entire incident occurred on April 24, 2020, which is about a year ago. However, she swiftly removed the video from the internet. But fans had already saved it, and they re-uploaded it numerous times in the days that followed. At the time, her leaks were trending on Twitter. Following the creation of her OnlyFans account, Twitter users have been discussing the streamer.