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Cr1TiKaL (pronounced ‘critical’) is a card collector, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer from the United States. He rose to fame for his YouTube video game commentary videos on his Penguinz0 channel. His monotone voice and deadpan delivery of amusing remarks have drawn the attention of people all across the globe. His hilarious commentary clips have offered him a prominent and esteemed online presence. Moreover, he is a powerhouse of talent. Besides, Cr1TiKaL is also an actor, singer, chess grandmaster, award-winning author, and Karen specialist. Fans have voted him #1 in the category of Funniest YouTube Commentators on the Top-ten website. Hence, people constantly refer to him as one of the Funniest YouTube Commentators ever.

Thus, would you like to know more about this gaming star? Then, worry not. If you scroll over, you will find that our article has thrown light on Cr1TiKaL’s life in detail. Henceforth, tune in to learn more about his age, height, weight, partner, net worth, career, and much more.

Cr1TiKaL Bio/Wiki

FULL NAME Charles Xavier White Junior
ALSO FAMOUS AS Cr1TiKaL, Penguinz0, Big Moist, Moist Man
DATE OF BIRTH 2 August, 1994
CURRENT AGE 26 years
BIRTHPLACE Tampa, Florida, USA
RELIGION Christianity
HEIGHT 5’6″ (167 cm)
WEIGHT 70 kg (154 lbs)
PROFESSION YouTuber, Twitch streamer, Actor, Podcaster, Musician, Voiceover artist, Business tycoon
GENRE Gaming, Commentary reactions, Vlogs, Podcasts, Music
YEARS ACTIVE 2006 – present
SUB COUNT 9.7 million on his main channel and 10.4 million when combined
VIEW COUNT 4.6 billion on his main channel and 4.7 billion when combined
NETWORK Maker Studios (2012-2017), and later on BroadbandTV Corp (2020-present)
PARENTS Not known
SIBLINGS Not known
PARTNER Tiana Tracy

Cr1TiKaL Birth, Family, and Education

Born in Tampa, Florida, on August 2, 1994, his birth name is Charles Xavier White Junior. Nonetheless, there is hardly any info on the web regarding his parents and family. However, he belongs to a mixed ethnicity.

Cr1TiKaLWhite grew up in Tampa, Florida, in the United States of America. Additionally, he spent some of his youth in Orlando as well. Cr1TiKaL finished his schooling at the Carrollwood Day School. Further, he graduated from the University of Tampa in 2016 with a degree in Human Sciences.


Cr1TiKaL Early Years

White initially appeared on the internet in 2007. Moreover, Gears of War Jetpack bug (No Standby or lag switch) AP was his debut YouTube video. It largely stressed how well a glitch in the video game Gears Of War worked. He posted other videos, most of which were tutorials in which he exposed bugs in popular shooting video games. Further, in 2010, he got his big break. His video Aliens vs. Predator Let Rock Achievement Guide went viral in February. In addition, his deep voice left fans baffled, which he had used for the first time on the video.

Likewise, on his YouTube channel, he kept posting several videos. Each had its unique style and carried more gameplay and commentary than the previous ones. Besides, he also included more gaming guides in the form of videos. Cr1TiKaL began to use humor in his comments later in his videos, which proved to draw in more viewers. Furthermore, his witty and sharp remarks reflected his gaming skills. Eventually, he also threw in some insults. He would play badly in games on purpose and trash the other players who would kill him. In addition, he poked fun at himself and others while also offering a mild criticism.

Cr1TiKaL YouTube

In 2006, Cr1TiKaL began making YouTube videos by uploading music and AMVs to his former channels. Further, on May 7, 2007, he started the penguinz0 YouTube channel. Moreover, he posted his first non-deleted video, which featured Gears of War gameplay, on August 5. Eventually, he streamed live on from late 2009 to early 2010 at this time.

Cr1TiKaLAfter uploading a video titled The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and Commentary, White’s fanbase quickly increased. There he quipped while playing the online game QWOP and deemed it “the hardest game he had ever played”. Moreover, Ray William Johnson’s series Equals Three featured a critique of the video. Johnson had praised White’s sense of humor in the video. Subsequently, Tubefilter cited him in 2013 as criticizing YouTube’s new comment system. That required users to have a Google+ account to add comments on videos.

Cr1TiKaL began talking about a variety of topics in early 2015, including internet drama. His commentary videos grabbed media notice since they were usually about internet platforms and were harshly critical of YouTube’s standards. Likewise, he kept creating content about what was going on the online platforms and their communities. Besides, he also reacted to YouTube’s removal of his video about Logan Paul’s suicide forest debate in January 2018.

As of March 2018, his YouTube channel had gained two million subs. White’s video of a 5,400-ball pit he built for his husky Tetra went viral in May. Moreover, that prompted an interview with the Press Association and coverage in the media. He would regularly stream on YouTube. However, he eventually withdrew due to the site’s restraints and poor exchange with YouTube’s support team.

Cr1TiKaL Face Reveal

After eight years of seclusion, Cr1TiKaL revealed his face in 2015. Finally, he made his Snapchat account, @big_moist public. Further, on March 5, 2017, he uploaded his first video showing his face on camera.

Cr1TiKaL Podcast

In 2016, White decided to expand to podcasts. With the help of his close pals Jackson, Andrew, and Kaya, he came up with the concept. At first, they merely experimented with the podcast. Nonetheless, it quickly gained attention, and thus, they took up the dare of pushing the agenda forward.

Henceforth, Cr1TiKaL started co-hosting The Official Podcast in December 2016. Likewise, his panel included fellow Internet icons – ZealotOnPC, Huggbees, and Kaya Orsan. It is a podcast in which a group of friends debates various issues. The first episode titled Biblical Questions aired in December 2016. It has been a huge success and is highly popular.

Cr1TiKaL Twitch

White began live streaming on Twitch in 2018. Due to COVID-19 lockdown measures, he co-hosted an online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event. He had fellow YouTuber Alpharad on board, and the match took place on his Twitch channel during March 2020.

White’s fame soared in late 2020 as a result of his chess and Among Us Twitch streams. He would partake alongside popular streamers like Sykkuno, PewDiePie, Pokimane, Nigahiga, Valkyrae, Trainwreckstv, and Disguised Toast. Besides, he also took part in the first PogChamps chess event, held by in June. Cr1TiKaL defeated fellow Twitch streamer in six moves to win one of the more anticipated games in the contest. The game was one of the five “greatest moments in streaming from 2020”, as per Dot Esports. In addition, the clip of White’s win became one of the most-viewed in Twitch history. It gained over 1.9 million views by December 24, 2020. Further, White also won the consolation bracket.

Additionally, he was a member of a huge content-creating team that got to play Among Us with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The streaming of the match took place in late October. Furthermore, in November, he brought up an uptick in Twitch’s DMCA crackdowns in a YouTube video. Moreover, he also took part in a Pokémon Week event on Twitch in December. Many creators streamed themselves there, opening boxes of Pokémon cards.

White and fellow Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren began airing a game show called Hivemind in January 2021.

Cr1TiKaL Music

White and Troy McKubre formed a musical duo – The Gentle Men. With their debut single and music video 2019 Guy, the duo began making music in 2019. Further, in 2020, they released five new singles. The duo released their debut studio album – The Evolution of Tears, on September 5, 2021.

Cr1TiKaL Company

White signed a deal with BroadbandTV Corp (BBTV) in November to become a content partner with the firm. Additionally, White and his friend Matt co-founded Human Media Group in 2019. It is an American multi-channel network through which online content creators and artists can access brand deals and legal teams.

Cr1TiKaL Business Ventures

Subsequently, on July 5, 2021, Cr1TiKal talked of the release of GODSLAP, a graphic novel series. He co-wrote it with Stephanie Phillips and Ricardo Jaime, and Meatier Productions took charge of its publishing. Nonetheless, White expressed interest in expanding the series beyond comic books and hinted at a possible animated adaptation.

Further, on August 11, 2021, White announced the opening of Moist Esports, a new esports club. Kolawole Kola Aideyan, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player was the first to join. Nevertheless, he also won an event under the name Moist Kola. Additionally, Aideyan and Aaron Wilhite finished 7th in Smash Ultimate Summit 3 on August 29, 2021. Moist Esports expanded into Super Smash Bros. Melee on September 2, 2021, by signing Fox main Kurtis Moky Pratt.

Cr1TiKaL in Hunger Games

In addition, Cr1TiKaL has appeared in a variety of TV and film roles. Moreover, he also holds an uncredited cameo in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. Further, White voiced Kessler in Killer Bean Forever Episode 1. He has been a part of Skynut too. Besides, he also does voice-overs for a wide range of video games, including Lucius II.

Cr1TiKaL Games

  • 2014 – Tropico 5
  • 2015 – Lucius II: The Prophecy
  • 2016 – Anima: Gate of Memories, Move or Die Announcer
  • 2018 – Anima: Gate of Memories – The Nameless Chronicles, Lucius III

Cr1TiKaL Controversies

Former YouTuber MaximilianMus deleted his channel on February 22, 2021. He did so reluctantly after White called him “the worst YouTuber” in one of his videos. The content called out MaximilianMus; with White slurring him for illicitly raiding Twitch channels. Additionally, White also claimed that his audience had shared child pornography through Discord servers and his subreddit. MaximilianMus revived his channel about a month later and charged White with slander.

Moreover, White has been a vocal critic of YouTube and Twitch’s treatment of online producers. Once, one of his videos received a strike even though it did not violate any YouTube standards. Therefore, he openly slammed the company for its lack of human supervision.

As a result, the birth of the hashtag #AnswerUsYouTube took place, and it went on to become trending. Although YouTube kept upholding its decision initially, it quickly backtracked and apologized after receiving heavy criticism.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is also a big foe of Cr1TiKaL. He has stated many times that DMCA claims are harmful to streams’ careers and that they should be banned.

Cr1TiKaL Charity and Donations

Cr1TiKaL stated in 2012 that he wanted to donate all of his YouTube earnings to charity. Subsequently, he signed a deal with Maker Studios and created a Twitter account to track his donations to charity. Therefore, White made a video on September 2, 2014, thanking his fans for helping him reach the 1 million-sub mark. Besides, he also stated that he had donated over $50K from his YouTube profits to charity.

Additionally, on his Twitch stream in November 2020, he said that he had funded $14K for surgery on two dogs. Besides, he also shared how he had donated an additional $3K, thus bringing the total to $17K.

White held a charity event on his Twitch channel with a personal donation of $10K for Cure Rare Disease. He received full support from fellow YouTuber Jacksepticeye, who became his guest. The event took place on April 29, 2021. Additionally, White took part in a Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl charity event in October 2021. Its presenters were Alpharad and Coney of Panda Global.

Cr1TiKaL Accolades

White has received the Best Reaction Face and Best YouTube/Social Media Meme at the Grandayy’s Meme Awards 2020.

Cr1TiKaL Net Worth

White roughly has a net worth of over $10 million. Initially, he made the most of his money from his Yeezy footwear. Thus, he kept inflating the size of his business over the years. Besides, he made enough money to emerge as one of the richest stars of all time.

Additionally, he has had cameos in multiple films and did voice overs for many TV shows. Moreover, he even acted in a number of TV episodes and web shorts during his career. Subsequently, he stars on other people’s podcasts and hosts his own.

Cr1TiKaL makes money in a variety of ways, including YouTube, Twitch, sponsored deals, grants, his companies, podcasts, and music. Nevertheless, all of these easily bring him in more than $3 million each year.

White’s Twitch earnings are around $50K each month. Unless he is heavily demonetized, his YouTube earnings are likely to be over $260K per month. In addition, his Twitch streams also bring in a lot of money. Furthermore, his sponsors include World of Tanks, Blitz, Current, Honey, Amazon Music, FitBod, MeUndies, and others.

Cr1TiKaL Girlfriend

Talking of the Twitch streamer’s love life, he has been dating Tiana Tracy for a long time. The couple marked their fifth anniversary on November 12, 2021. Their love for dogs may have led them to fall in love with each other after meeting in college. White discussed his affair with his partner in a 2018 video titled 51 Hour Roadtrip.

Tiana graduated from Hillsborough Community College with a veterinary technology degree in 2020. Presently, she is a trained vet and amateur photographer from the United States. Cr1TiKaL’s romance with Tiana led the beauty to soar to fame in no time. She has always kept a low profile over the years, thus making it difficult to know further about her. Unlike her boyfriend, she does not stream or spectate.

The duo frequently posts lovely photos with each other on social media. Additionally, ever since they began dating, they have been happily living together. Many of Cr1TiKaL’s fans consider his bond with Tiana to be joyful and inspiring. The couple is yet to have a baby though. Tiana, on the other hand, already claims herself as a proud mother of two children – Cayda and Petra. If you fail to figure out how – let’s simplify it for you. Cayda and Petra are the couple’s two adorable pups, who live with them.

Tiana Tracy perfectly fits the phrase ‘beauty with brains’. Rather than relying solely on her partner’s stardom, she is gladly pursuing a career as a vet. The love of Cr1TiKaL’s life is indeed amazing, loyal, loving, and caring.



Therefore, let’s now take a look at the most common facts on the web about Cr1TiKaL. Keep reading as we answer the usually asked questions on the multi-talented Twitch streamer.

Who is Cr1TiKaL?

Cr1TiKaL is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, podcaster, actor, musician, voice-over artist, and business owner from the United States. We can link his success to the videos he has been creating for over a decade. He has a large fanbase and has strongly made a lot of money from gaming. White’s YouTube videos primarily consist of gaming and commentary, with a monotone voice and dry humor. In most of his video clips, he has received attention and praise due to his caustic quips. You will often find him repeating a deadpan joke and claiming it to be the funniest one ever. He then goes on to say how great the joke is.

What is Cr1TiKaL’s real name?

His actual name is Charles Xavier White Junior.

Why is Cr1TiKaL famous?

Cr1TiKaL is best known for his use of dry humor and a lot of profanity in his videos. Moreover, he is famous for adding “Gameplay and Commentary” to the end of the title of his gaming videos. Besides, he also adds “This is the Greatest X of All Time” to the description of his videos.

Why is Cr1TiKaL called Penguinz0?

Penguinz0 is his nickname, which was inspired by his favorite bird – the penguin. Besides, Cr1TiKaL is just another moniker for him.

How old is Cr1TiKaL?

Born on August 2, 1994, the podcaster is currently 26 years of age.

Where is Cr1TiKaL from?

Cr1TiKaL is currently a resident of Tampa, Florida, US.

Is Cr1TiKaL religious?

Although he had strong religious views as a child, White is now a secular guy who is not religious anymore.

Where does Cr1TiKaL stream?

Yes. Cr1TiKaL is a Twitch partner and only streams on Twitch.

Can Cr1TiKaL sing?

Yes, Cr1TiKaL is a great singer. His rich voice has given him a scope to work as a voice-over artist. In addition, he also released his music singles and collabs in the year 2019. Along with Troy McKubre of Solstate, he is a member of the music duo The Gentle Men. Both of them have even teamed up on a couple of tunes and released singles over the years.

How much money does Cr1TiKaL make?

Cr1TiKaL makes more than $50K per month from Twitch. And by uploading videos on YouTube, he roughly makes $480K. Due to the platform’s heavy demonetization, his revenues on YouTube have suffered a knock. White mainly earns through subs, ads, and donations.

Does Cr1TiKaL have tattoos?

Yes. White has an athletic body that is well-built and in great shape. Multiple tattoos cover both of his forearms as well as his left shoulder plate.

Did Cr1TiKaL undergo surgery?

In 2011, White was diagnosed with a pneumothorax in his left lung and thus, had to undergo surgery.

What is Cr1TiKaL’s gaming setup?

  • Mouse – Logitech G502 HERO
  • Microphone – Audio Technica AT2020
  • Chair – IKEA Millberget
  • Webcam – Phone Camera for YouTube videos
  • CPU – Intel i9 10900K
  • GPU – EVGA FTW3 RTX 3090
  • Motherboard – ASUS ROG STRIX Z490 MAXIMUS HERO
  • Memory – Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 64GB DDR4
  • Case – Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL BLACK
  • Cooling – NZXT KRAKEN Z73 AIO
  • SSD – SAMSUNG 1TB 970 EVO NVMe M.2
  • Power Supply – NZXT C850 GOLD
  • Fans – Corsair QL 120 RGB

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