Understanding Orthodontic Options for a Perfect Smile

A perfect smile not only makes you look pretty as a picture but also fills you with inner confidence. This shows in the way you interact with people and even how you navigate through life. But if your smile is affected by misaligned teeth or jaws, you might feel left out of enjoying these perks. 

With orthodontics, you can permanently fix dental issues that stand in the way of your ideal smile. This helps you bring out the beauty of your natural teeth while also doing away with the need for more expensive treatments.

Person smiling confidently after orthodontic treatment
Discover the various orthodontic treatments for achieving a perfect smile

Are you interested in letting those pearly whites shine? Here’s a quick overview of orthodontic options for a perfect smile. 

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on fixing teeth and jaw alignment for improved smiles. The treatments take some time to settle in. But once they do, they deliver permanent results that can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. This is different from cosmetic dentistry options like veneers, which use artificial tooth coatings that you need to replace in a few years. This makes orthodontics different from temporary solutions like eyelash and eyebrow services.  

In the past, orthodontic solutions were only popular among children and teenagers. But now, more and more adults are benefiting from them to permanently improve their smiles. 

Different orthodontic options for smile improvement

Orthodontic solutions include the following treatments: 


If you pay even a little attention to the world around you, you might be familiar with braces. These wired, wearable devices go on top of your teeth to fix issues like tooth misalignment, tooth gaps, overbites, and underbites. Your doctor may use an intraoral scanner to take your dental impressions and personalize your braces for the best possible results. 

With that being said, braces can be a bit painful to wear. Since they are fixed by your dentist, you cannot take them off yourself. You typically need to wear braces between 1-3 years and maintain follow-up visits with your dentist throughout this period. After your braces have aligned your teeth or resolved your jaw alignment, your dentist will take them off of your teeth.


Similar to how a fitness tracker replaces a traditional watch, braces are sometimes substituted by aligners. These clear aligners can do almost everything braces can, but they are clear in their appearance and aren’t fixed permanently on your teeth. This means that you can still smile comfortably and remove them on your own. 

However, clear aligners have to be worn at least 22 hours a day and only taken out during meals. You also need to wear them for a period of 12–18 months. Similar to chest fat reduction tips, aligners don’t work well for everyone. In many cases, you may need to wear braces to resolve your smile concerns. 


After you take off your braces or aligners to find permanent improvements in your smile, you need to wear retainers every night for at least a few years afterward. Otherwise, the improvements you gain from your orthodontic treatment go in vain. If you find it difficult to remember this practice, you can use a habit journal app to stick to it. 

For most adults, retainers have become a lifelong necessity. For children and teenagers, the requirement to wear them lasts for only a few months or years. In some cases, dentists can also put on permanent retainers that can hold the redefined shape of your teeth and jaw. But only your dentist can tell you if they are a good option for you. 

How do you determine the right orthodontic option for you?

Person consulting with a dentist about orthodontic options
Consultation with a dentist helps in selecting the best orthodontic treatment

Similar to following tips for feeling your best, orthodontics does not work the same way for everyone. For some people, braces are the only option. But for others, clear aligners can deliver the same advantages. Since braces are cheaper than clear aligners, this choice can also come down to the funds you have in your online bank account for your smile makeover. 

To make sure that you are choosing the best possible solution for the smile of your dreams, hold a consultation with a qualified dentist in your area. This gives you access to personalized advice that caters to your specific concerns, limitations, and comfort while also leading you to a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.