Surprising Rentals You Can Post on Airbnb

You know that Airbnb is a great place to find vacation rentals around the world. You know that if you needed to book a weekend in an exciting new destination, you could find a nice apartment or house to stay in. But did you know that you could stay somewhere a little more out-of-the-ordinary?

These are three surprising types of rentals you can find on Airbnb.

1. Treehouses

Did you ever wish for a treehouse when you were a kid, but you didn’t get one? You can live out your childhood dreams with the help of Airbnb.

That’s right—one of the categories you can browse on the site is “Treehouses.”You’ll find tons of options for homes high up in the treetops across the country, and even across the world. Overlook a forest from a rustic cabin-style treehouse in Canada. Soak up the sun in a treetop cabana in Puerto Rico. Lounge overtop a sandy beach in Indonesia. Choose the vacation spot that suits you best.

2. Campground

Speaking of childhood memories, do you miss going camping? Sitting in front of a roaring fire and roasting up marshmallows? Lying back and watching the stars? Then, Airbnb can help you. You can book a private camping spot through the website so that you can relive those precious memories — or at the very least, make some new ones.

Unlike a regular campground, you won’t just pay to pitch a tent on a patch of grass. You don’t even need to bring a tent! Airbnb hosts offer huge camper vans or canvas tents with bedroom setups inside. You’ll get to have a glamping experience instead of roughing it in a sleeping bag on a dirt floor.

3. Shipping Container Homes

Shipping containers aren’t just used to bring cargo overseas. They can make cozy homes, too. That’s why Airbnb has a rental category specifically for container homes that prospective tourists can browse through. You can find unique container homes all across the globe, from the United States to the U.K. to South Korea. You’re bound to find a great container home wherever you’re heading on your next trip.

Hosting These Rental Options

If you thought you couldn’t jump on the Airbnb bandwagon because you don’t have an apartment or cottage to rent out for most of the year, this list should give you some hope. Maybe hosting could still be a possibility for you? You might be able to wrangle up one of these surprising rentals.

For instance, you might be able to build a shipping container home on your property. Then, you could rent it out whenever you’d like—you could do it all year round and bring in tons of passive income. To get your plans in the works, you should look into different containers sizes and types available. If you have the space, you could attach several containers to make a larger container home.

Or if you have a big tree in your backyard, you might be able to put together a treehouse of your own. Building one from scratch is not a monumental investment. For instance, a West Virginia couple, Will Sutherland and Sabrina Hartley, built a treehouse by hand for $15,000. Statistics show that it costs more to pay a year’s rent for an apartment. When you put it into perspective, the project isn’t that grand.

These are some exciting rentals that you can stay in on your next vacation. Or better yet, they are exciting rentals that you can set up on your own property and list for rent. Become a host and stand out with one of these options!