Tanya Hijazi: Actress, Costume Designer & Rick James’ Ex-Wife

Meet Tanya Hijazi, a multi-talented artist who has made her mark in the entertainment industry as both a performer and a costume designer. With her impressive skills, she has gained recognition for her work, including being an associate costume designer for the film The Unseen in 2005. Tanya has also showcased her acting abilities in various films and television shows, with notable appearances in The Unseen and Unsung. Let’s delve deeper into the life and career of this renowned artist.

Who is Tanya Hijazi?

Tanya Hijazi

Tanya Hijazi is a successful artist in the entertainment industry, known for her work as an actress and costume designer. Her creativity has brought her acclaim, notably as an associate costume designer for the 2005 film “The Unseen.”

As an actress, Tanya has showcased her talent in films and TV shows, with standout performances in “The Unseen” and “Unsung.” She has built a fan base that admires her acting skills.

Tanya’s personal life, including her former marriage to musician Rick James, also draws public interest. Despite their separation, she remains focused on her career, showcasing resilience and determination.

In costume design, Tanya’s attention to detail and stunning designs have earned her recognition. She has become an inspiration for aspiring costume designers.

Bio/Wiki Table

Name Tanya Hijazi
Profession Actress and Costume Designer
Notable Works The Unseen, Unsung, I’m Rick James
Net Worth $5 million
Marital Status Divorced (previously married to Rick James)
Children Ty James, Rick James Jr., and Tazman
Legal Issues Convicted for 2 years (pleaded guilty to 14 charges)
Fine $5,000
Ex-Husband Rick James
Ex-Husband’s Net Worth $35 million

Tanya Hijazi’s Love Life: Her Marriage and Separation from Rick James

Tanya Hijazi, a known figure in the entertainment industry, was once married to the late musician Rick James. They married on December 24, 1997, in a private ceremony with family and friends.

Tanya and Rick collaborated professionally, with Tanya designing costumes and sets for Rick’s performances. Their partnership extended to several successful projects, reflecting their shared artistic passion.

The couple had three children: Ty James, Rick James Jr., and Tazman. Tanya has always prioritized motherhood and strives to provide the best for her children.

Their love story began in 1989 at a party, leading to a relationship the next year. Despite facing legal issues in 1993, including jail sentences for assaults, their bond remained strong.

Though their marriage ended in divorce, Tanya continues to honor Rick’s legacy and focuses on being a dedicated mother to their children.

Tanya Hijazi & Her Career

Tanya Hijazi is a multi-talented artist who has made a name for herself as a gifted costume designer and performer in the entertainment industry. Her exceptional creativity and skill have been on full display throughout her career, including her work designing costumes and sets for her ex-husband, the late Rick James, as well as serving as an associate costume designer for The Unseen in 2005.

Tanya Hijazi

In addition to her work behind the scenes, Tanya has also made a mark in front of the camera, appearing in films such as The Unseen (2005) and I’m Rick James (2009). She has shared the screen with a range of talented actors, including Carlos Leon, Eric Smith, Gale Harold, Rick James, Charlie Murphy, and George Clinton, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Tanya’s contributions to the entertainment industry extend beyond film and television. She has also participated in the hour-long music documentary series Unsung on TV One. The show focuses on highlighting the careers of R&B, Soul, and Gospel vocalists who have been overlooked despite their immense talent and contributions to the music industry.

Through her impressive work in various areas of the entertainment industry, Tanya Hijazi has established herself as a highly skilled and multi-faceted artist, whose talent and dedication continue to inspire and captivate audiences.

An Insight into the Ex-Husband of Tanya Hijazi

James Ambrose Johnson Jr., known as Rick James, was a prominent American musician. He contributed significantly as a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer.

James began his music career in Buffalo, New York. He played in bands to avoid army draft before joining the United States Navy Reserve. After leaving the Navy in 1964, he moved to Toronto, Canada. There, he formed the rock band the Mynah Birds, which secured a Motown Records contract in 1966.

A desertion charge led to James serving a year in jail, interrupting his time with the band. He regained popularity in 2004 with an appearance on Chappelle’s Show. Despite resuming touring, James died in the same year from heart failure at 56. In November 2020, his estate sold 50% of his publishing and mastering rights to Hipgnosis Songs Fund. James’ music continues to inspire artists across generations.

Tanya Hijazi & Darius McCrary

In late October 2021, former reality TV star Darius McCrary announced his engagement to Tanya Hijazi. The couple confirmed their relationship during an interview with hiphollywood, where they shared a kiss. McCrary dispelled rumors that his fiancée was transgender Sidney Starr, emphasizing that he was only friends with Starr and was actually dating Tanya.

Notably, McCrary revealed that he is the godson of Tanya’s late ex-husband, Rick James. He was close to the musician, even spending time with him on the night before his death.

Tanya Hijazi & Her Net Worth

Tanya Hijazi, known for her privacy, has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. Her earnings mainly come from her career in the entertainment industry, including roles in films and documentaries.

Her ex-husband, Rick James, was worth $35 million at his death. Their marriage faced controversies, including Hijazi’s accusation of 14 charges. She served two years in prison after a guilty plea and paid a $5,000 fine. James stated that the charges against Hijazi included burning a woman and hitting someone. The couple divorced in December 2002 amid marital issues. Despite these challenges, Hijazi continues her successful entertainment career.


Who is Tanya Hijazi?

Tanya Hijazi is an American actress and costume designer who is known for her work on various film and television projects.

What notable projects has Tanya Hijazi worked on?

Tanya Hijazi has worked on several successful film and television projects, including The Unseen (2005), I’m Rick James (2009), and Unsung (TV series).

What was Tanya Hijazi’s role in The Unseen?

Tanya Hijazi worked as an associate costume designer for The Unseen in 2005.

Who was Tanya Hijazi’s ex-husband?

Tanya Hijazi was previously married to Rick James, an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

Did Tanya Hijazi have any children with Rick James?

Yes, Tanya Hijazi and Rick James had three children together: Ty James, Rick James Jr., and Tazman.

What is Tanya Hijazi’s net worth?

Tanya Hijazi’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Has Tanya Hijazi been involved in any legal issues?

Tanya Hijazi faced 14 charges and received a four-year jail sentence. However, she pleaded guilty and was released after serving two years. Additionally, she was fined $5,000.