The 5 Most Common Types Of Hair Extensions You Need To Know About

Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande’s long luscious locks are always making rounds in fashion publications, and are the newest trend in hair fashion. Long flowy hair and gravity-defying ponytails are the most popular hairstyles these days, and the one way you can achieve them is through high-quality hair extensions. It is quite frankly impossible to maintain insanely long natural hair, and one may also be bored of having long hair all the time. Hence, hair extensions are a popular semi-permanent solution.

If you are a newbie to hair extensions and cannot quite decide which ones would be the best for you, given below is a breakdown of the five most common types of hair extensions that you need to know about:

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions come in the form of wefts that you can clip to natural hair. These are the most basic and easiest type of hair extensions and are great for beginners. For those looking for a temporary solution to lengthening or thickening their hair for a few hours, clip-in hair extensions are the best solution. These are commitment free and cause zero damage to your natural hairline.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions require slightly more maintenance than clip-ins and are a semi-permanent solution for longer and thicker hair. Tape-in hair extensions feature adhesive strips that are applied by using heated glue at the roots of your hair. Out of all semi-permanent hair extensions, these are the easiest to maintain and also the cheapest. If you are looking for them to last you for about 8-10 weeks, you should use salon quality tape in hair extensions for better results.


Weaves, also known as sew-in hair extensions, are yet another type of semi-permanent extensions that are suitable for those with naturally thick hair. Their application is typically different from that of other hair extensions as the individual’s hair is first braided and then the wefts are sewed into place using a needle and thread. Due to the application being complicated, these are typically more expensive than clip and tape-ins.

Nano ring hair extensions

Nano ring hair extensions are very small wefts of hair that are attached to an individual’s hair using tiny rings. These wefts of hair come pre-bonded, and the fact that these wefts are so compact leads to your hair extensions looking seamlessly blended with your natural hair line. They do not require heat to be attached to your natural hair and are lightweight and easy to maintain. They last for about 6-8 months depending on how well you care for them.

Keratin bonds

Keratin bonds are extensions in which small pieces and individual strands are bonded with your natural hair type with the use of an adhesive. A heat fusion machine is used to attach these, and the overall appearance is not very different from that of nano ring hair extensions. These last for about 3 months and require a maintenance appointment every 6 weeks.


The above-mentioned types of hair extensions all come with their pros and cons. While some are commitment-free and can easily be removed or put whenever you want, some are long-lasting and require high maintenance. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose the type that works for you the best.