Timeless Engagement Rings that You’ll Want to Rock Forever

Have you seen the massive diamond that has been shining on Hailey Bieber’s finger? This oval diamond set in an 18k gold solitaire band has been rumored to be worth a small half-million dollars and has brought the topic of engagement ring trends through the decades back to the forefront.

Although Hailey and other influencers have been setting some new wedding chic trends, engagement rings have been statement pieces for a very, very (very) long time. There’s a lot of history to cover, but don’t worry–we’ll walk you through the very exciting background of engagement rings and past trends.

If you want to know more about what engagement rings are and what they stand for, keep reading on!

Diamonds: A Forever Kind of Thing

The first pre-wedding ring was donned by Mary of Burgundy, and gifted to her by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. Even though this exchange happened in 1477, news of the diamond she *rocked* spread quickly, and it was fancied quite a lot. Within a short amount of time, every noble lady was given one prior to her wedding day.

Today, many societies are still enchanted by the symbolism of engagement rings: they signify everlasting love, commitment, and passion. Hailey Bieber isn’t the only celeb sporting an impressive expression of her husband’s love: Paris Hilton has a huge emerald diamond ring and Kourtney Kardashian has a 12-carat oval diamond with a platinum band. These are just a few examples of how far we’ve taken Mary of Burgundy’s legacy.

Celeb engagement rings are occasionally so sensational that we forget the meaning behind such a significant piece in one’s life: a statement of the unbreakable bond between two partners. Let’s consider the sentiment that engagement rings represent before we dive into bride-to-be trends.

The Meaning Behind Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are gorgeous, but their sentiment and the meaning behind them is even more significant than their appearance. The circular shape that encapsulates the finger represents eternal love and unending devotion. Mary of Burgundy wasn’t necessarily original with the ring that represented her love. Before her, Romans wore ‘betrothal’ rings on their left ring finger. The reason we wear our rings there today is that this finger was believed to hold the ‘vena amoris’ that connected directly to the heart. 

When an individual decides to give an engagement ring to his/her partner, it makes the statement that they want to be with that individual for the rest of their lives. An engagement ring not only represents the bond between a couple, but also marks a major milestone in the relationship that declares, “I’ve found my person!” Whether proposing in a secluded area, surrounded by strangers in a foreign city, or in the close surroundings of family and friends, this ring will represent a cherished memory that you will love to think back on for years to come.

Thanks to today’s contemporary idea of marriage as a balanced partnership, more and more couples are choosing their rings together. Whether you’re shopping together or looking for the style you’d like to ask for, get ready to read about a few timeless styles that will make you gleeful for its significance and appearance.

Tasteful Engagement Rings that have Timeless Style

Engagement trends do come and go–Paris Hilton may not have loved Mary of Burgundy’s ring and vice versa–but there are still some classic, elegant styles that you can’t go wrong with. The sparkle factor can be tuned to the wearer’s liking, but any of these settings will look absolutely perfect on a bride-to-be.

Here’s the tea on timeless engagement rings.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire Engagement Rings

A classic staple, it’s no wonder Justin chose this setting to showcase the impressive diamond on Hailey’s engagement ring.

Solitaire engagement rings are composed of one central diamond, such as emerald-cut diamonds. Solitaire settings also look fantastic with radiant cuts and pear-shaped diamonds. Solitaire engagement rings look great when matched with simple or intricately designed wedding bands. Depending on your personal style, you could choose a minimalist, plain gold band, or something sparklier, or with more intricate designs.

If you want a sparkly solitaire, consider the Pave Kamelie, a sophisticated design with a hidden halo that serves brilliance from all directions. The Pave Kamelie is breathtakingly gorgeous on its own, and looks exquisite with wedding bands or eternity rings.

If you’re looking to up the sparkle a notch, the Pave Alex might be the one for you. The wrap-around halo along the center stone and pave detailing make for a glamorous look. This ring can bring all eyes on you, no matter the trends going on, making it one of the most timeless styles out there.

Halo Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring is a breathtaking ring that features a central gemstone encircled by smaller diamonds. This design is a perfect way to showcase your creativity and individuality. Some choose to make their favorite gem the center piece, just like Kate Middleton and Katy Perry did.

Halo rings look larger and more striking compared to traditional solitaire rings, and their mix of vintage and contemporary styles make them a popular choice among celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, Cardi B, and Bella Thorne.

If you’re seeking inspiration, take a look at the Hidden Halo Penelope, a delicate halo ring with a thin band and accent diamonds on the shoulders and bridge. Its sophisticated design highlights the center stone in style.

For those who love making a statement, the Nelly halo solitaire ring is a perfect choice. This ring features a hidden halo of small diamonds that elevates the center stone, giving it a brilliant glow.

Gleaming Pave Engagement Rings

Pave, meaning “paved” in French, refers to engagement rings covered in glittering diamonds, creating a mesmerizing sparkle. Each diamond is secured in place by metal beads, emphasizing the diamonds and minimizing the metal.

Pave engagement rings, such as the Kamelie and Alex, are versatile and timeless, making them some of the best engagement ring styles of all time. Options include:

  • A band covered in pave accent diamonds to highlight the center gem
  • A halo of pave diamonds that add luminous detail to the center stone

Popular celebrities, such as Margot Robbie, are fans of pave engagement rings, and it’s easy to see why.

Artistic Engagement Rings

For those who appreciate unique and playful styles, artistic engagement rings are a must-see. These rings reinterpret classic designs, offering a bohemian vibe.

Take the Twig, for example, a nature-inspired ring with lustrous accent diamonds that adorn the twisted band. The Lindsey is another artistic option, featuring a row of sparkling diamonds on a singular silhouette. Stack it with your favorite rings for extra flair. Also Read – How To Wear A Bandana?

Sentimental Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone engagement rings are rich in history and sentimental value. The center stone represents the couple’s present, while the side stones symbolize their past and future. This makes the ring an even more meaningful symbol of love.

Celebrities like Megan Fox and Ariana Grande put their own spin on this classic style. Fox sports a two-stone emerald and diamond ring with magnetic gold bands, while Grande’s show-stopping band features an oval-shaped diamond and a pearl.

Alternative Gemstone Engagement Rings

Colorful gemstones make a bold and stunning choice for engagement rings. Take Blake Lively’s solitaire-set oval pink diamond ring, for instance. It showcases the beauty of colorful gemstones and the special meaning they can hold. Some popular gemstones for engagement rings include:

  • Aquamarine: representing courage and communication
  • Blue Sapphire: symbolizing happiness, luck, loyalty, and love
  • Emerald: representing happiness and success
  • Ruby: symbolizing love, devotion, and passion

Each gemstone holds its own unique meaning, making it possible to find one that perfectly reflects your personality and the nature of your relationship.

The Most Timeless Engagement Ring Styles

There’s no shortage of breathtaking engagement ring styles to choose from, and you’ll know the perfect one when you see it. Whether you prefer halo, pave, artistic, or three-stone settings, you’re bound to choose a timeless style that you’ll feel strongly connected to for years to come.

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