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Algee Smith is a famous actor born in America who recently came into the limelight through Disney’s star-studded platform. In brief, this young actor made his most known appearance in the role of Ralph Tresvant in The New Edition Story mini-series. Later on, he got lucky enough to be cast in Kathryn Bigelow’s film Detroit as Larry Reed. At the present time, Smith is starring in the HBO drama series, Euphoria. Not to mention, Algee has also gained enough success and name as a singer apart from acting. Even though he made enough fame and money as a Disney star, Smith is reluctant to step out of that bubble and work within his comfort zone.

Algee Smith Biography/Wiki

Algee Smith

Full Name Algee Smith
Age 28 years
Birth Date November 7, 1994
Horoscope Scorpio
Birth Place Saginaw, Michigan, US
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 6 inches(168 cm)
Weight 60 kg(132 lbs)
Build Mesomorph
Profession Actor, Musician
Active years 2012-present
Net Worth $5 million
Salary $13k- $16k (per episode)
Social Media Instagram and Twitter

Algee Smith Age and Stat

Algee Smith

Disney star Algee Smith is 28 years old as of now. Since he was born on November 7, 1994. Moreover, he was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio, which is one of the most mysterious, enchanting, and alluring signs of all.

Furthermore, our star celeb stands just at 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm which is pretty average if compared to the male population of America. Moreover, he weighs around 60 kgs or 132 lbs. Not to mention his short black hair and pretty dark eyes, which make him look more stunning. Talking about his physique, Smith successfully gained a mesomorph body as he maintains his diet and does rigorous workouts.

Algee Smith Parents and Family

The young and rising celebrity Algee Smith was born in Saginaw, Michigan, the United States of America. He was raised by his parents, Algee Smith III and Tanesha Eley, a known fashion designer. Although his parents broke up and his mom, later on, married John Eley, with whom she raised Algee. Despite all this, his biological father is a part of his life.

Talking about siblings, Algee has a younger sister named Soteria. Later on, Smith’s whole family decided to move to Atlanta in the hope of a better future when he was just eight years old. On the positive side, Smith found this new place perfect to explore his secret singing and acting talent.

As for his education, Algee went to Early Head Start and Kempton Elementary in the beginning but soon left to be homeschooled. Not to mention, the Atlanta life left a great impact on his life. In many interviews, Smith has stated how the city helped him “perfect his craft” on multiple levels. In addition, he was greatly influenced by his stepfather, who worked as a stepping stone in the field of music. Moreover, he recorded his first ever rap song at the age of nine. Furthermore, at the age of 16, he got lucky enough to get the opportunity to take part in Radio Disney’s ‘Next Big Thing’ competition.

Algee Smith Movies

He made his first appearance on the big screen in the science fiction movie ‘Earth to Echo’ in 2014, where he played the role of Marcus Simms. In the same token, he also worked as Theo in the famous US Network’s drama-thriller Complications.

Moreover, in 2016, he starred in the television film, The Infamous and guest-starred as Warren in a TV show called ‘Here We Go Again’ followed by TV’s soap opera Saints & Sinners.

Furthermore, he made a mind-blowing appearance in Detroit, portraying the character of Larry Reed. In addition, he was cast as the lead singer of a professional black R&B group and sang the track ‘Grow.’ Needless to say, he got enough positive responses for this show. Smith also made a guest appearance in the science fiction anthology series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams.

Needless to say, our star celeb is way more than just an actor. As mentioned above, he also stepped into the music world at the age of nine. He released his first single, She Says, back in 2013. Not only that, but he also launched his next album Ep ‘Listen Ep,’ on June 22, 2017.

List of Movies

Movies roles
Earth to Echo(2014) Marcus Simms
Detroit(2017) Larry Reed
The Hate U Give(2018) Khalil Harris
Judas and the Black Messiah(2021) Jake Winters
Mother/ Android(TBA) Sam

Algee Smith TV series

Since Smith was already had a passion for singing, he made his first appearance or, say, debut as an actor in Nickelodeon’s sitcom, How to Rock, back in 2012. Later on, he got the opportunity to portray the character of Spencer in the series How to Rock Braces and Glasses.

Moreover, Smith also made a guest appearance as Sam in Lifetime’s drama series, Army Wives, in the very same year. Not only that, but he also appeared in season six’s ‘Casualties‘ episode. Even though he worked in a lot of different shows, the show which ultimately gave a boost to his career and made him famous was the musical television film ‘Let It Shine.’

Not to mention, it was also the first Disney production that he had his face on. The series provided a good platform to showcase both his acting and singing ability as the character Da Boss. It is such a coincidence that Smith got so many opportunities within 2012. Furthermore, Algee got the chance to work with Ralph Tresvant in the miniseries, The New Edition Story, in 2017. Not to mention that this was one of the most memorable roles for Smith as his step-father helped him prepare for the role.

List of TV Series

How to Rock Spencer
Army Wives Sam
Let It Shine Da Boss
Complications Theo
The Infamous Dante Warren
Here We Go Again E.J
Saints and Sinners Ralph Tresvant
The New Edition Story Kaveh
Electric Dreams Ralph Tresvant
Euphoria Chris McKay

Algee Smith and Euphoria

Algee Smith

Euphoria is a mini drama series by HBO. The current season of this show portrays the story of Rue, Jules, and their friends are going through their teenage life and have some usual complexions. Despite all this, it has been on the news for a few weeks as the viewers are missing the character McKay. As a result, it has been rumored that Algee Smith, who plays McKay, has quietly left the series even though the true story is still unclear.

The character McKay was only shown once in the first episode, which led to multiple speculations. In that case, fans are getting concerned about the actor Algee Smith’s future on the show in that role. In the first place, fans already guessed long ago that McKay would not be in the highlight into the second season. Not only that, but there have also been rumors circulating that his appearance in the second season has been drastically reduced due to his anti-vaccine stance, as it could cause harm to the reputation of the show. Despite all this, Smith and the network have rejected all these rumors.

Algee Smith Euphoria Season 2

All things considered, It is obvious for the fans to be disappointed about Algee’s retreat from the show as the character McKay was one of the most regular characters of all. Not only that, for the most part, viewers were also waiting to witness the hazing incident and the impact it leaves on McKay. Therefore, the departure of this character is quite unpleasing for the viewers. Formerly, Algee Smith stated that he has yet to discuss the character’s future plans and character developments with creator Sam Levinson. For this reason, it is still unclear if McKay has been officially removed from the show or he will make a comeback later on in the future.

In fact, neither Smith nor Levinson has officially confirmed the exemption of the character from the series. Moreover,  Smith has been seen doing the promotion of ‘Euphoria’ season 2 various times through his social media handles, as if he is still a part of the project. Not only that, but some viewers have also speculated Smith was not available much for season 2, resulting in his less screen on time. Nonetheless, viewers shouldn’t give up hope of seeing Smith’s McKay on their screens in the upcoming episodes of season 2 as it is still not official.

Algee Smith Girlfriend and Dating Life

Needless to say, Algee is on the list of most women due to his stunning looks and popularity. In fact,  Algee tends to be passionate and focused about his work and is professional about it on set as well. As a result, you will never find him stepping out of his line in public.

Moreover, Smith prefers to keep his personal life away from media as much as he can. That is why we have no information about his dating life or if he has ever been on a date or not.

Even though we do not know much, we do know that Smith is dating Dalia Kaissi now, as per our records. By all means, Algee Smith prefers maintaining silence when it comes to sharing his personal life and tries his best to keep it out of the public eye.

Algee Smith Net Worth and Income

After getting enough fame and popularity as Chris McKay in the HBO mini-series, Euphoria, many are eager to know more about his personal to professional life, whatever is out there on the internet.

Due to this reason, his income and net worth are also not much hidden from social media. As can be seen, this young actor has amassed a whopping net worth of $5 million as of 2022. Not to mention, most of his income comes from his successful career as an actor and a musician.

According to some reports, he receives around $13k to $16k per episode. Even though people are saying that he is getting underpaid, we are sure that the amount will soon be somewhere in six figures with his work and fame as he is working day and night to build his name.

Algee Smith Instagram

Algee Smith

Needless to say, Smith is pretty famous on social media and is an active user of Instagram. His Instagram id is @itsalgee, where he successfully amassed more than 680 thousand followers. On this platform, he promotes Favor Peace & Blessings, an online clothing store. Even though he lives a great life, most of his posts are either about his future roles and appearances in shows or brand endorsed pictures.

Is Algee Smith related to Will Smith?

Since  Will and Algee share the same surname, a lot of people wonder if they are related or not. Unfortunately, they are not related. Not to mention,  Smith is actually one of the most surname used in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. So, it is possible that Will and Algee share the name despite not having any kind of blood relations whatsoever.

Algee Smith FAQs

Is Will Smith and Algee Smith related?

Even though they share the same surname, they are not related. Algee was born in Michigan and relocated to Atlanta at the age of eight. Moreover, talking about Will, he has no one named Alge in his entire family tree. At the present time, his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and their two children, Willow and Jaden Smith complete the Will family.

Is Algee in Euphoria season 2?

It is being said that Algee Smith with again appear in the show Euphoria, portraying his role of McKay, who is a college freshman and football player who dated Cassie in season one until Cassie got pregnant, and they had a huge fight about it which ultimately caused some differences between them.

Did Algee leave Euphoria?

Algee Smith, known for his role of McKay in the show Euphoria has stated that he won’t be returning to the show in an interview with The Daily Beast.  According to him, despite the craze of the characters among the fans, both he and the fans are confused about the storyline this character follows. He also stated that he never had a proper conversation with the creator, Sam Levinson, about the character development and he feels being in the dark. As a result, he found it better to leave the show and work on something else.

Where was Algee Smith born?

Smith was born in Saginaw, Michigan, in the United States of America.

How did Algee Smith start acting?

His whole family decided to move from Michigan to Atlanta when Smith was eight years old.  Although it was one of the best decisions of his life as this is where he stepped into the field of acting and music. After making his debut in projects such as Disney Channel’s Let It Shine and Earth to Echo, Smith finally got his first major screen as the role of the real-life singer Ralph Tresvant in The New Edition Story. Since he always had a keen for music, fans admired his acting skills, and that gave him a huge boost as well.

What is Algee Smith Instagram

Needless to say, Algee Smith is pretty active on Instagram, where he comes under the username (@itsalgee).

How tall is Algee Smith?

Smith is 1.65 m or 5 feet 6 inches tall which is pretty average, all things considered.