Top Unique Engagement Ring In South Lake

When buying engagement rings every detail of the ring matters. One of the factors that matter most is the settings that determine the design and style of the engagement ring. People want their engagement ring as unique as possible so wholesale custom engagement ring in South Lake can be a perfect way to make a more personalized ring for your engagement ring. So what is the most unique setting of an engagement ring? Let’s check on the list to know more.

Engagement Rings Styles

Type of Gems

Diamonds still tops the list when it comes to choosing a gem for an engagement ring. Diamonds have been valuable centuries ago and still hold that value until now. Most women prefer a diamond as the center stone on their engagement ring. Apart from its price, it has been a tradition to get an engagement ring with diamonds in it. This tradition is still being practiced up to this modern time.

The shape of the Center Stone

Center stone comes in any shape and each shape has special stories or theories behind it. However, round brilliant cut and princess cut still top the list when it comes to the most trending and popular shape for diamond. These two shapes can give a beautiful reflection due to their symmetry in their cuts, they can give more brilliance to the diamond.

Metal Band for the Ring

Metal Band for the Ring

Rose gold and yellow gold are the popular metals used for engagement rings. Rose gold gives a feminine allure that’s why it is preferred by women. Gold, in general, can be a good match to any skin tone that’s why they are being chosen as metal bands for engagement rings. Also Read – How To Precious Weight Loss?

Settings and Styles

Settings are what give life to the whole engagement ring. Choosing the right setting can enhance the beauty of the center stone. The most popular style that never fades is the solitaire. The solitaire setting has a simple plain smooth band that holds the stone.

Simplicity is always the best as they say that’s why more people would prefer a simple metal band for their engagement ring. Solitaire design can boost up the beauty of the center stone. Here are some of the popular engagement ring styles that are on-trend:

  • Classic Style Engagement Rings
    This style of engagement ring has plain bands but is accentuated with stones. Bands with stones can make the center stone sparkle more and give a more brilliant look to the ring.
  • Open Cathedral Engagement Ring
    This style has a solitaire thick band and adds up on a cathedral-style head. The thick band and cathedral head make the ring study and yet still makes it look elegant.
  • Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
    The band of the ring has split shanks to add more spice to the design of the ring. Plus half of the shank is paved with stones which add up to the beauty and elegance of the ring. This style makes the design unique by combining shapes, layouts, and geometrical lines.
  • Three Stone Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring
    Three stone rings mean the past, present, and future. This is a good way to show your partner that you cherish every moment with her. She is your past, present, and future. The ring will always remind her that she is precious to you. One gem can make a woman happy, what’s more if there are three stones in her ring.
  • Split Shank Squarish Halo Engagement Ring
    This style has a squarish halo that encircles the center stone. This design makes the center stone look bigger. As they say, bigger stones are better, it is a good way to trick the eyes and make the center stone appear bigger than its size. Plus the split shank can add up to the looks of the ring.

How Much To Spend In An Engagement Ring?

Two months’ salary is the standard amount a person should spend on an engagement ring. However, the budget would depend on the one buying the ring. If he can afford an expensive engagement ring then why limit the price but if you are practical then having a budget is fine.

Now that you have an idea of the top unique engagement ring in South Lake then you can be able to decide which engagement ring is the best for your partner.


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