Alanah Pearce: Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Height, Boyfriend, Partner, Net Worth, Accident, Measurements, Podcast & More

Alanah Pearce is a video game writer and journalist from Australia. She has been working for the game developer Santa Monica Studio for about two years. She joined this American game developer company in the year 2020. Alanah has also worked as a video game reporter. She worked for various news outlets in this field. Thus, she has also worked with the famous entertainment news website IGN as a video game reporter.

Pearce also worked at a production company from the year 2018 to 2020. She hosted a news program for Inside Gaming for the company Rooster Teeth. She worked in the Funhaus division of the company. The Funhaus division of Rooster Teeth produces videos focused on Video games. Keep reading to find out more about Alanah Pearce’s net worth, early life, career, and much more.

Alanah Pearce Bio/Wiki

Full Name: Alanah Pearce
Born Date: 24 August 1993
Age: 29 years
Horoscope: Virgo
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Stone: Sapphire
Lucky Color: Green
Best Match for Marriage: Taurus, Capricorn
Gender: Female
Profession: Social media star, On-camera host, Content Producer and Co-star of Funhaus at Rooster Teeth, voice actress
Country: Australia
Height: 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)
Marital Status: Single
Dating No, Ex- Boyfriend Blaine Gibson
Net Worth $1 million
Salary $297-$4.7 K per year
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blond
Nationality Australian
Education Queensland University of Technology
Mother Susan
Facebook Alanah Pearce Facebook
Twitter Alanah Pearce Twitter
Youtube Alanah Pearce Youtube
Instagram Alanah Pearce Instagram

Alanah Pearce Measurements

Body Type Pear
Body Measurements 34B-25-36
Chest [in inches] 36 inches
Waist [in inches] 25 inches
Hips [in inches] 36 inches
Shoes size 8 [UK]
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Have tattoos? Yes


Alanah Pearce

Alanah Pearce was born in the city of Cairns on the 24th of August in 1993. She grew up in Cairns and had a happy childhood there as she often shares on her social media handles. After that, she also spent nine years in the city of Brisbane. Alanah Pearce often talks about her family as she loves them a lot. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a homemaker. According to her Instagram profile, Alanah Pearce has a sibling whose name is Twinklesnap.

According to sources Alanah Pearce has been interested in gaming from a very young age. During her childhood, she was an introvert and one of her primary hobbies was playing video games. Pearce’s friends say that she also loved writing a lot. She used to write reviews of video games regularly in her journals and diaries. Thus, it is not surprising that she chose video gaming as her career eventually! When Alanah Pearce graduated she worked for some time in a call center. Thus, when she worked there she came across a job listing in a newspaper about a job as a journalist of video games. Hence Pearce claims that finding that volunteer job listing inspired her a lot to start her career in journalism.


Alanah Pearce has a bachelor’s degree in mass communication. She graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. Pearce has said in many interviews that her Alma Mater inspired her a lot to become the famous Youtuber and online twitch gamer she is today.


In the year 2012, Alanah Pearce started working for various news outlets. Thus, she wrote gaming news for many news outlets such as Impulse Gamer, Zelda Universe, and the BBC. She wrote gaming news till the year 2015. During this time she also worked many stints at Australian radio and television stations. In the year 2012, Alanah Pearce also launched her own Youtube channel. In her Youtube channel, Pearce publishes game reviews. She also has many personal videos on her channel.

Alanah Pearce Career in Journalism

Alanah Pearce realized that the Australian video game industry was too small. Thus in the year 2015, she moved to the United States of America. During the same year, she was able to get a job in IGN. Thus, Alanah Pearce started working as an editor and a writer for the famous company IGN. In the year 2017, Pearce was able to secure another prestigious promotion. She became the host of IGN’s gaming news program. The name of this news program was Daily Fix. Previously, Naomi Kyle worked as the host for Daily Fix.

During the same year, Alanah also participated in a staff walkout. This walkout was regarding the sexual harassment allegations about a former editor of IGN. Thus, the walkout forced the company to issue a statement addressing these allegations. The editor of IGN Kallie Plagge was the person who was facing these allegations. In the year 2018, Alanah Pearce also co-hosted an Award ceremony. She co-hosted the SXSW Gaming Awards along with Rich Campbell.

In the year 2018 Pearce left the company IGN. She has mentioned that it was getting too tedious for her and she wanted some change in her life. Thus Pearce joined the famous production company Rooster Teeth. While working for Rooster teeth Alanah Pearce regularly appeared in videos for Funhaus. Funhaus is a section of Rooster teeth that makes videos that are focused on video games. Pearce also co-hosted a news program for Rooster teeth in the year 2019. She co-hosted the news program called Inside Gaming. In the year 2020 in the month of October Alanah Pearce left the company Rooster Teeth.

Alanah Pearce Career in Game Development

In the year 2020 in the month of November, a month after leaving Rooster teeth, Alanah Pearce joined Santa Monica Club. Santa Monica Club by Sony is a famous video game developer. Pearce joined this company as a video game writer. Before joining this studio Pearce had already completed her work on two video games. In addition to that, she had also provided consulting on three video games. At the end of the year 2020, a lot of trolls harassed Alanah Pearce on social media.

This was because the Santa Monica studio announced their decision to delay the video game God of War Ragnarok. Pearce said that the trolls really had a negative impact on her mental health and she hoped no one else had to go through that. In the month of September in the year 2021, Pearce revealed that she was a part of the development team that had worked on God of War Ragnarok.

Alanah Pearce also did a lot of voice acting in between her career in journalism and game development. In the year 2019, she did voice acting for Gears 5 and also for Afterparty. In the year 2020, she also lent her voice to a character in Cyberpunk 2077. She also lent her likeness to the character.

Alanah Pearce Accident

On the 8th of May in the year 2019 Alanah Pearce posted a tweet from her iPhone about an accident. She said that she had gotten into an accident previously that day. She said that the reason the accident happened was that her driver was texting while driving. Everyone involved in the accident was fine.

Pearce also added that she could not stop thinking about the accident because the car that she crashed into had a small child in it and the situation could have become worse. Thus she cautioned her followers against texting while driving. She said that only a few seconds of time on the road can be a matter of life and death so you should not text while driving. She posted the tweet at 12:41 am.

On the 24th of October in the year 2021, Alanah Pearce posted another tweet about an accident. She mentioned that she had gotten into an accident in January and she could not walk for a while because of the injury. Thus she gained a lot of weight because she could not exercise. Then she went on to say that she made a full recovery in the month of June and received permission from the doctor to work out again.

Hence, she started working out and lifting weights again in June and returned to her original weight. Alanah Pearce also added a photograph of her before and after she lost the weight she had gained during her recovery period. She mentioned that her primary focus was health and building strength but seeing that she had lost the weight was a good motivation for her. Thus, she said that lifting and VR are good workouts and recommended them to her followers.

Alanah Pearce Twitter

In the year 2014, Alanah Pearce appeared a lot on the news after her innovative way of tackling social media trolls. Pearce was being harassed on her Twitter by a group of anonymous trolls who were sending her rape threats. She tracked down the parents of these internet trolls and contacted their mothers. Thus, she reported the internet trolls to their own mothers!

Alanah Pearce Personal Life

Alanah Pearce has mentioned in many interviews that playing video games helped her to deal with tendinitis. She said that it also helped her to deal with the effects of myalgic encephalomyelitis. Pearce has always been passionate about making video games accessible to everyone. Thus, she works with the charity AbleGamers. Pearce helps the charity raise funds to improve accessibility in video games.

In the year 2020, in the month of November, Pearce co-hosted the inaugural Video Game Accessibility Awards. She hosted this award ceremony with the charity AbleGamers. In the year 2019, Pearce had to face a lot of harassment since the Entertainment Software Association leaked the personal information of the E3 2019 media attendees to the public. The Entertainment Software Association organized E3 originally.

Alanah Pearce Relationship

On the 26th of June in the year 2020, Alanah Pearce announced that she was pansexual in a social media post. At that time Pearce was 26 years old. She posted a tweet announcing her sexuality to her followers. The Australian Internet sensation said that she had decided to come out and talk about her sexuality so that others could derive hope and inspiration from her. She is currently living in Los Angeles. Pearce said that she hopes this message will give her fans confidence in her post. She also said that the LGBT community exists everywhere and people should not have to hide who they are.

Thus, she urged all her fans to love and support everyone no matter who they were. Many people praised Pearce for her honesty. In her tweet, Pearce started by saying hello and then continued on to say that she had decided to come out. She mentioned that she recognized her position of privilege because her sexuality was something she had never struggled with. She also added that she never felt like she needed to hide her sexuality from her family and friends. Hence, she said that she talked to her queer friends and realized that it could help a lot of her fans if she shared it.

Is Alanah Pearce Gay?

In a Twitter post, the Australian Youtuber Alanah Pearce mentioned that she was pansexual. She said that she was attracted to men, women, and many trans and queer people. She said that it felt like a huge win to be able to have relationships with many kinds of wonderful people. Pearce ended the post by saying that she hoped people would also have the confidence to reveal who they were.

She also said that she hoped people would realize that heterosexuality is not the norm and queer people were everywhere. People just don’t know about queer folks because they are forced to hide themselves. Thus, Pearce inspired many of her fans to talk about their sexuality in the comment section of her tweet. Many people also praised her bravery to come out on an online platform.

Alanah Pearce Cyberpunk

Alanah Pearce lent her voice and likeness to a character from Cyberpunk 77. The name of her character is Lana and she is a part of The Nomad Lifepath. Alanah Pearce announced that she was lending her voice to Lana in a Tweet and also in a video she released on her Youtube channel. She also described how to find her character to her fans.

First, you have to choose the Nomad life path. A side job called These boots are made for walking will appear during Act 2 of the Badlands. Thus you will also receive a message about the coordinates of the car you must get into. This message will be from Thorton Galena 80845. When you reach the coordinates, you will find your car and something to scan it with. Then you have to open the hood of the car and look under it. After checking the engine you will notice that some parts are new. Thus Lana will walk up to you and announce that the car belongs to her.

Alanah Pearce Podcast

Alanah Pearce is an Australian writer, producer, voice actress, on-camera host, gaming journalist, and Youtuber. She used to work for Funhaus, which is a Los Angeles-based channel brand for Rooster teeth.

She currently works for Sony’s Santa Monica studio as a game developer. Other than this she also has many podcasts. She has worked in the podcasts Play Watch, Listen, Idiots and a broad, and Red Lips, Orange Car.

Alanah Pearce Net Worth

As of now, Alanah Pearce has a net worth of $126,000. She has accumulated this net worth from her successful Youtube career as well as her career as a journalist and game developer.

Some Facts about Alanah Pearce

Alanah Pearce

Alanah Pearce Age

Alanah Pearce was born on the 24th of August in the year 1993. Thus, as of now, she is 29 years old.

Alanah Pearce Birthplace

Alanah Pearce’s birthplace is Cairns. Cairns is in Queensland, in the country of Australia.

Alanah Pearce Height and Weight

As of now, Alanah Pearce stands 177 cm or 5 feet 10 inches tall. Her weight is 60 kg or 132 pounds.