ASMR Cherry Crush: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Stat, Boyfriend, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, Net Worth, FAQs & More

Cherry Crush who is famously known as ASMR Cherry crush is a social media personality, adult movie star, and Vlogger. Moreover, she also has an ASMR channel named ASMR cherry crush which has more than 470k subscribers as of now. In addition, she also has a self-titled vlogging channel which she made on the same day. She lives by her motto; “no person has the right to rain on your dreams”. Moreover, She is known to be happy and cheerful and fans love her cheerful personality.

ASMR Cherry Crush Bio

ASMR Cherry Crush was born on 10th July 1990 in Florida, United States. Currently, her age is 32 years old, and belongs to American nationality. In contrast to her popularity, the real name of the content creator is still unknown as she prefers keeping her life as private as possible.

Moreover, her father is originally from England while her mother is from America. She even resides with her English aunt. Besides this, there isn’t any information regarding her parents, sibling, and childhood.

The young YouTuber was home-schooled until she had completed her 12th grade. Formerly, she had attended a regular school when she was in 9th grade for just one week since she hated it. After high school, there is no sign regarding her further education plan.

As a matter of fact, her favorite colors are pink, purple, and white, and sometimes blue-green depending on the mood. Moreover, she prefers having a good iced tea as her favorite drink. Likewise, her favorite pastime hobby is going out for a run and doing yoga coupled with pilates. In addition to that, she loves making music, just for fun though. Her favorite genre is rock even though she loves listening to every kind of music. Furthermore, her soul animals are a horse, a dolphin, and a cat.

In contrast to her happy and jolly content, Crush suffers from constant depression and anxiety. Nevertheless, she is happy for the life she has and considers all of this as a mere chemical imbalance.

ASMR Cherry Crush Age & Stat

As mentioned above, Crush is 32 years old as of 2023. She was born under the birth sign Cancer. Her height is 5’2 or 158 cm. Moreover, her weight is 55 kg and she has a slender and voluptuous body. Her eye color is hazel and she has blonde eyes. Even though she dyes it pretty often.

Known as Cherry Crush
Age 32 years old
Date of birth July 10, 1990


Florida, United States


Height 5’2 or 1.58 m
Weight 55 kgs or 122 pounds
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Eye color Hazel

ASMR Cherry Crush Career

Since childhood, Cherry had always loved making videos. With this intention, she decided to work in the beauty industry. Moreover, he had even participated in a pageant but couldn’t lead her to success and she left it. In spite of giving her best effort, it did not work out so she started to look for other career opportunities. Crush co-founded her YouTube channel in 2012 and began uploading videos to her channel along with her friend Kayla Suzette. Needless to say, being American gave her a pretty good amount of limelight. In the beginning, both used to make ASMR videos together. In addition to her ASMR content, Crush also did QnA videos, makeup, and beauty tutorials as well as other content depending on her mood.

ASMR Cherry Crush YouTube

Her first video was posted on Aug 21, 2013, and it got more than 55k views. Both of her channels were created on the same day in March of 2012 which in the meantime, have amassed thousands of followers. Crush crossed the 200k subscribers in 2017. Her former channel is mainly dedicated to ASMR, meditation, and relaxation. The term ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and her videos feature activities that tend to relax the fact, through these videos, she has earned a massive amount of subscribers on both of her channels. As can be seen by now she has posted more than 295 videos on her channel and counting.

As per the different sources, Crush started as an adult movie star to earn a living. This shocked her family on a critical level. For this reason, her father kicked her out of the house. Despite all the grudges, after a year, her parents accepted her. Since then, she is featured in several adult movies.

ASMR Cherry Crush Twitter

As can be seen, our content creator enjoys spending her time on Twitter a lot. Her username is @cherrycrushxo where she enjoys having more than 30k followers. Here she posts clips and teasers from her exclusive OnlyFans content. In short, Twitter is her advertising platform for her NSFW content.

ASMR Cherry Crush Spotify

Furthermore, her ASMR content is not limited to her YouTube channel. She posts her ASMR on Spotify as well under the name My Cherry Crush. Needless to say, she has a pretty good amount of traffic there, with approximately 72.8k listeners every month.

ASMR Cherry Crush Instagram

As per reports of May 23, 2021, Cherry Crush has whopping 491 thousand followers on her official Instagram account. Not only that but she also earns a good amount of fortune by selling her content and advertisements on the platform. Needless to say, people do love her content a lot whether it be ASMR or NSFW.

ASMR Cherry Crush Reddit

In addition to all her platforms, she also enjoys posting stuff on her Reddit page. Although she has a lot of fanmade subreddit pages where people post her leaks, MyCherryCrush is the official Reddit of Crush where she self-titled herself as a “delicious adult model”. Needless to say, most of the content there is either lewd or NSFW. Even though she has more than 181k people following her.

ASMR Cherry Crush Tumblr

In the same fashion, Cherry Crush proudly owns a Tumblr page as well. Although her Tumblr game is not huge, but the creator loves it. Additionally, she even once mentioned Tumblr to be her favorite social media platform as it provides her and her fans to post pictures as much they want. Needless to say, her fans shower her with fan arts and stuffs like that on Tumblr. Not only that, but she also uses this as her “ askcherrycrush” platform which provides her with all her QnA content.

ASMR Cherry Crush Net Worth 2023

As per AdSense policy, our YouTube star makes $2-$5 per 1000 monetized views.

Not only that, but the talented YouTuber also earns monthly from $846 to a whopping $13.5K and her estimated earning per annum is approximately $162.5K through her channel ASMR Cherry Crush.

Moreover, she has even earned $60-$963 per month and her estimated earning per annum is $722-$11.6K through her vlogging channel Cherry Crush. The social media influencer Cherry Crush has not mentioned the exact net worth yet. But, it is estimated that she has an approximate net worth of around $500 thousand, which she earned through YouTube and her other social media content. Not only that but she also earns through her OnlyFans. Needless to say, Cherry crush is working as a full-time OnlyFans creator with estimated earnings somewhere between $107.3k to $178.9k per month. Although these data are just estimation and not completely accurate.

ASMR Cherry Crush Boyfriend

Regardless of getting so much love online, Cherry Crush is not dating anyone nor involved in any kind of rumor until now. Needless to say, she is single and she mostly is focusing on improving her content in the hope that will make her more popular on social media. Not to mention that she has never dated anyone before or been on a date before. Although we do not have any strong reports related to this for now.

Be that as it may, Cherry Crush has a great affection for pet animals. Not only that, but she also possesses a Bobcat named Bob and often shares a glimpse of her pet cat on her Instagram stories and posts. Moreover, she is a foodie and loves to eat bakery items, especially, baked chocolate cookies. In short, our content creator is happy in herself, and her chances of getting involved in any kind of dating or being in a relationship seem dim.

ASMR Cherry Crush Ear Eating

Not to mention that our content creator makes ASMR videos for her living. ASMR Cherry Crush is great when it comes to ear soothing sounds like whispering voices and scalp massages. For this reason, she usually mentions triggers previously for the upcoming stuff such as kissing sounds, humming, lip-smacking, rain sounds, as great as tapping to help her fans relax and not trigger them. As can be seen, her opinions have shown quite famous with the YouTube group as she takes care of all her fans and does not just focus on earning money. Needless to say, her ASMR content is one of her most popular ones and people love her for that.

ASMR Cherry Crush Controversies

Even though working for more than 5 years on her YouTube channel and also being into a couple of adult films, Crush has always avoided getting involved in any kind of controversies or drama. Literally, you won’t find any. Maybe it is because she prefers keeping her professional life away from her personal life. Although this may be true that she has involved herself in any kind of personal controversy, but we will never know. Moreover, Crush is normally known to be sweet and kind so it is doubtful that she has any.

ASMR Cherry Crush FAQs

Who is Cherry Crush?

ASMR Cherry Crush is a famous adult content creator who is also known for her ASMR and vlogging YouTube channels. In addition, she posts pretty exclusive kinds of stuff on her Twitter and Instagram which makes her pretty famous on social media.

What is ASMR Cherry Crush height?

As per reports, Cherry Crush is 5’2 or 1.58 m tall. moreover, her weight is around 55 kgs which is pretty decent for such a small size as hers.

What is the age of ASMR Cherry Crush?

Crush was born on July 9, 1990. She is 32 years old now, as of 2023.

What made Cherry Crush make YouTube videos?

According to the content creator, there is no specific reason for her to start her YouTube channel. Moreover, she started her channel just to try something new as she loved trying new things. Someone sent her a video link saying he would make great ASMR videos as a result of giving birth to her channel.

Where does ASMR Cherry Crush live?

Although she hails partially from England, her current residence is in Florida, United States. However, she loves to travel and had been to a lot of different parts of the world.

What’s Cherry Crush’s favorite social media platform?

Even though she is really active on her Twitter and Instagram, her favorite social media is Tumblr as she loves photography.

What are the most famous ASMR triggers of Cherry Crush?

As of now, her ear licking triggers are the most famous ones. Talking about Crush, she loves raindrop triggers the most.

What does ASMR Cherry Crush love to drink?

According to the content creator, iced tea is her most preferred drink. In addition to that, she loves strawberries and chocolate with whipped cream.

What is ASMR Cherry Crush zodiac sign?

As shown above, ASMR Cherry Crush was born on 9th July 1990. Therefore we can say that she was born under the zodiac sign Cancer.

What are the hobbies of ASMR Cherry Crush?

Even though Crush loves spending time working on her content, at the same time she loves spending some time for herself. Her favorite pastime hobbies are going out for a run, doing pilates, together with some Yoga. In addition to that, she also loves making music for fun.