Austin Abrams: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Movies and TV Shows, Euphoria, Family, Dating, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Instagram, FAQs & More

Austin Abrams is a very well-known celebrity in the world of Hollywood. He was born and brought up in Sarasota, Florida and. Furthermore, he is of Jewish descent. In fact, he is very well into movies and television series. And therefore has stolen the hearts of many as well.

Austin Abrams Biography/Wiki

Full name Austin Noah Adams
Descent Jewish
Birthday 2nd September, 1996
Height 5 ft. 9 inches
Weight 147 pounds
Zodiac sign Virgo
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Hazelnut
Shoes size 9 [UK]

Austin Abrams Age

Actually, Austin Abram was born on 2nd September, 1996. So, that makes him roughly 26 years old.

Austin Abrams Height

Actually, Austin Abrams’ height is around 5 ft and 9 inches. Further, he weighs 147 pounds. Also, it roughly translates to 1.73 m. Of course, his roles in certain tv shows and movies have gained him a lot of fame in recent days. Also, he has been an actor as well as a producer in certain movies.

Austin Abrams Movies and TV Shows

Austin Abrams

Of course, we all know that Austin Abrams is a star in general. Also, he has been spotted in various web series and movies.

In fact, in the fourth and fifth seasons of The walking dead, he was spotted as Ron Anderson.

Further, he is super-famous for his roles as Ethan Lewis in Euphoria (since 2019) and as Dash in Dash & Lily (2020).

Of course, his movies deserve a special mention as well. Firstly, his roles in The Kings of summer (2013) and Paper Towns (2015) are noteworthy.

In fact, Brad’s Status (2017), Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) and Chemical Hearts (2020) have also received wonderful responses.

Austin Abrams Euphoria

Of course, the new TV series ‘Euphoria’ has been an absolute favorite since its start. In fact, it was created and written by Sam Levinson for HBO. Also, it has grabbed eyes due to its content. However, it revolves around the lives of a group of high-school students. Also, it explores their relationships, traumas, identities, sex and friendships during the teen phase. So, that is definitely something youngsters can relate to quite well.

On the contrary, critics have found the nudity and sexual content a bit too much.

Here, Austin Abrams has portrayed Ethan Lewis. In fact, he appeared as a main character on the show only in its second season. However, he was seen in a recurring role in the first season of the show as well.

Austin Abrams Family

Austin Abrams parents are Bradley Adams (father) and Lori Abrams (mother). Also, he has a sister Ashley Abrams.

Moreover, both his parents are doctors. So, they never expected their son to go ahead and become an actor. However, they are quite happy for his success.

Birthplace Sarasota, Florida
Father Bradley Abrams
Mother Lori Abrams
Sibling (sister) Ashley Abrams
Marital status Single
Dating / Girlfriend Single

Austin Abrams Net Worth

Firstly, Austin Abrams’ net worth has not been very easy to find. In fact, different sites have reported them quite differently. However, various interviewers have brought the information to light.

In fact, he has a massive amount of wealth to his name. His net worth is roughly estimated to be around 2.5 Million dollars. However, other sites have calculated his net worth to be around $600,000 dollars.

Austin Abrams: This is Us

Austin Abrams portrayed Marc in the TV series ‘This is us’. Actually, he played the role of Kate’s love-interest Marc in this show. In fact, he appeared in the fourth season of the show ‘This is Us’.

However, in this show, Austin Abrams’ character Marc works as a record store.

Also, the show ‘This is us’ is important for its frequent time jumps. It mainly jumps to the flashbacks of the lives of the Pearson kids to the times they were babies, teens and kids.

Also, the teenage years are portrayed in the early ‘90s. And, this is where Austin’s character plays an appearance.

Kate and Marc hit it off due to their mutual love for music. In fact, Marc first appears in the episode ‘Flip a coin’. However, they do not get a very happy ending. Since, we know that Kate ultimately gets together with Toby (her teenage love), we can assume that is the case.

In fact, Kate’s relationship with Marc adds an additional layer to her dynamic character. Also, at this point in the show, she is trying to learn how to handle her infant child to live a normal life with his blindness.

Austin Abrams Girlfriend

We do not know about Austin Abrams’ private life. In fact, there is not much information about his dating life even prior to his successful acting career. Also, even now there is no rock-solid proof regarding his relationship.

In fact, in a recent interview, he stated that he is not ready to disclose his personal life details with the world yet. So, now fans must agree to help him maintain his privacy as well.

According to major sources, he is currently not dating anyone. Hence, apparently he is single, though one cannot guarantee it.

Austin Abrams Instagram

However, Austin Abrams is not on the famous social media site Instagram. Of course, this is not what fans expect.

In fact, we could say that he is kind of a secretive person. In the same way, he believes in maintaining his privacy to the fullest. Also, he does not like the world to shed any spotlight on his private life.

Further, he had a very recent interview with Coup De Main. Indeed, he mentioned that he does not quite get the modern internet hype. So, he is actually quite a secluded person.

However, there are various fan pages dedicated to him having several followers.

Also, the Instagram id for one of his fan pages is: @austinabramsfans

Also, this page has about 26.1 K followers. So, if you are a fan of Austin, go ahead and follow this page to receive the latest updates on his life.

Austin Abrams Series

In addition, Austin Abrams has been a part of various TV series and web series in his entire acting career so far. Consequently, he has received various praises for the same.

Briefly, the series are mentioned in the order of their chronological occurrence.

In most of these shows, he has played supporting main-roles. To sum up, the list of the shows and the roles he played are:

Series Character
The Inbetweeners Todd Cooper
Shameless Henry McNally
Silicon valley The Carver
The walking dead Ron Anderson
The Americans Jackson Barber
Euphoria Ethan Lewis
This is us Dash

However, his latest role is in the show ‘Dash and Lily’ in which he plays the main character Dash. Of course, this one is going to be a major career breakthrough for him.

Austin Abrams Movies

Austin Abrams

Also, Austin’s movie-career began in 2011. In fact, he has also produced a few movies.

The list of his movies is given below. We shall also make a list of the roles he played in these movies respectively:

Movie Character
Ticking Clock James
Jewtopia Young Adam Lipschitz
Gangster Squad Pete
The Kings of Summer Aaron
Sacrifice Tim
Paper Towns Ben Startling
All Summers End Hunter Gorski
Brad’s Status Troy Sloan
Tragedy Girls Craig Thompson
We Don’t Belong Here Davey
Dude James
Puzzle Gabe
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Tommy Milner
Chemical Hearts Henry Page

His new movie ‘Chemical Hearts’ released in 2020 itself. In this movie Lili Reinhart was his co-star.

In fact, the movie became quite popular among youngsters. Moreover, the movie can be classified as a rom-com. Its storyline revolves around a romantic high school senior falling helplessly in love with the mysterious new girl in school. In fact, it is not a plot we haven’t explored before. But, the chemistry between Lili and Austin Abrams in this movie has stolen hearts. Initially, they were also co-stars in the movie The Walking Dead when they were teenagers. So, they kind of were at ease working alongside each other for this movie as well.

It unravels the journey and confusion of a young adult who faces various choices in their life. In fact, it describes the various facets of life of an adolescent- love, sex, friendship and heartbreaks. Importantly, it is a movie that most teenagers can relate to.

Initially, they were also co-stars in the movie.

Austin Abrams FAQs

Austin Abrams

What is Austin Abrams doing now?

Austin is very much into movies and TV series. In fact, he is a heart-throb of many.

In 2019, he played a role in a horror movie adaptation, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Also, his role in the 2020 movie ‘Chemical Hearts’ has been quite a hit.

Now, according to sources he will be starring in upcoming Netflix dark comedy Strangers. Of course, fans are eagerly waiting for this series to hit the screens.

How old is Austin Abrams?

Austin Abrams was born on 2nd September, 1996. So, that makes him around 26 years old.

Is Austin Abrams and JJ Abrams related?

No, the two are not related at all. Although many may think Austin is his son, that is not true. In fact, Austin’s parents are Bradley Adams and Lori Adams. Also, they are both doctors.

Will there be Dash and Lily season 2?

In fact, there is disappointing news for fans. No, the writers have confirmed that Dash and Lily will not return for another season. Austin Adams played the main role of Dash in the series and fans have loved him for the same

Is Austin Adams on Shameless?

Yes, Austin Adams was in the 2014 family drama television series Shameless.

In fact, he played the role of Henry McNally in the show.

What is the age of the characters in Dash and Lily?

Actually, the series Dash and Lily is based on the book ‘Dash and Lily’s book of dares’. In fact, in the book, they are both of the same age and around 16 years old. Of course, the series has portrayed the same.

Why did Netflix cancel Dash and Lily?

Just like many other shows in the pandemic time, Dash and Lily were also hit. In fact, it was canceled due to the pandemic and rising production costs.

Is Austin Abrams related to Gracie Abrams?

Though fans might think that Gracie Abrams is related to Austin Abrams in some way, it is not true. However, she has a featured track in the series ‘Dash and Lily’. So, that is the only connection between the two.

Is Austin Abrams in “This is Us”?

The fourth season of ‘This is us’ has been epic. In fact, it is in this very season that Austin Abrams has joined the show.

Here, he portrayed Marc who is Kate’s love-interest in the fourth season of the show. Also, Kate’s character is going through some major changes since she is a single mom who is trying to raise her blind infant son. Finally, she ends up with Toby in the show. However, Marc is her latest fling in the fourth season of ‘This is us’.

Is Austin Abrams in Euphoria season 2?

Yes, this is good news for fans. Austin Abrams is in the second season of Euphoria in the role of ‘Ethan’. Here, he plays his usual character of being a sweet, smart and occasionally awkward Ethan.

Also, at the end of the first season Kat and Ethan were seen going for the school dance. Further, in the final scenes, they danced to the tunes of the BTS song ‘euphoria’.

However, season 2’s first episode also shows them in a similar lovey-dovey fashion. In fact, their ‘too sweet to be true’ relationship continues. But, the audience is highly doubtful as to how long this will continue.

Does Austin Abrams have Instagram?

No, there is sad news for his fans. Austin does not have an official Instagram handle. In fact, he stays on his own. So, he prefers staying out of the media spotlight.

He has always been very secretive about his personal life. And, in an interview he also said that he doesn’t understand the hype of the internet too well.

However, there are numerous fan pages of Austin Abrams. If you are a fan, you can go ahead and follow those pages. They maintain it quite well.

Does Austin Abrams have a girlfriend?

Earlier we have talked about him wanting to stay out of the spotlight. Similarly, he does not share any details about his dating life. However, he has not been spotted with anyone so far. So, sources assume that he is single.