Chandler Belfort: Age, Height, Boyfriend, Facts, Net Worth & Personal Life

Chandler Belfort is the daughter of The Wolf of Wall Street, a famous American investor, and motivational speaker, Jordan Belfort. Jordan formed the group of tricksters that made rich investors go broke through a stock brokerage firm. The movie was a blockbuster. Since then, we have come to know a lot about Jordan Belfort. Most of the time, the convicted felons and the group that made Jordan rise high got the media limelight. But never in the movies or the interviews have they spoken much about Chandler Belfort.

You might be wondering who Chandler Belfort is or what the story of her life may be like. If so, you have come to the right place. Here is all you need to know about Chandler Belfort’s career, net worth, and her boyfriend.

Chandler Belfort Biography and Wiki

Name Chandler Belfort
Age 28 Years
Height 1.58 m
Full Name Chandler Belfort
Nicknames Can
Professions Mental Health Consular
Date of Birth July 29, 1994
Age 28 Years
Birth Place United States Of America
Hometown United States Of America
School (s) Vistamar School
College Muhlenberg College
Qualification Not Known
Height 1.58 mts
158 cms
5 feet 2 inches
Weight 52 Kg
Measurements Body Shape – Slim
Dress Size – Not Known
Shoe Size – 00
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Skin Colour White
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Signature Not Known
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Blood Group Not Known
Food Habits Not Known
Address United States Of America
Hobbies Reading
Parents Father: Jordan Belfort
Mother : Nadine Caridi
Husband/Spouse Cannor Winter
Siblings Carter Belfort
Children No Kids Of Her Own yet

Birth and Family

Chandler Belfort’s birth took place on July 29, 1994. Her birthplace is the United States. Her parents are Jordan Belfort and his now ex-wife Nadine Caridi. Chandler also has a younger brother named Carter. Moreover, she is the granddaughter of Max and Leah from her father’s side of the family. Nadine’s parents are still together, but not much is known about them.

Early Life

Chandler is the only daughter whom the kingpin stockbroker Jordan Belfort welcomed during his 14-year old marriage with Nadine. Since this was a second marriage for Jordan, he tried to keep his daughter happy all the time. But unfortunately, this happiness did not last very long. Jordan and Nadine started getting into conflicts very often. Soon, in 2005, Jordan and Nadine ended their marriage. Nonetheless, Jordan became more and more troublesome as he got richer.

Chandler Belfort

He allegedly had extramarital affairs with women that many knew about. In fact, Jordan himself has admitted to kicking Nadine down the stairs while being on drugs. Sadly, little Chandler was a witness to all this domestic abuse. After the divorce took place, Chandler started living with her mother and brother. Conversely, Jordan tried changing himself at the rehab. However, he could not break free from his substance abuse. Nadine remarried soon, giving Chandler the father figure she was in need of. Currently, Chandler has three more stepsisters in her family from her stepdad’s previous marriage. Her stepdad, John Macaluso, is a famous business tycoon from New York. It should be noted that Chandler is very close to her stepdad, John.

Chandler Belfort Education

When you are born into a wealthy and influential family, it is likely for you to do whatever you want. But here, Chandler made an exception and broke the stereotypes. Not all children belonging to wealthy families grow up to become spoiled brats. Unlike the girls of her age, you will not find this young woman on social networks.

She chose to focus on her career instead. Clearly, she did not pursue the road which most others in this situation would have otherwise. Her parents usually received a lot of spotlight. On the contrary, she decided to concentrate on her studies. Since childhood, she has wanted to become a scientist. Chandler took admission at Vistamar School in 2008. Making the most of her fraud father’s money, she started climbing the academic ladder. Undoubtedly, she had a stellar career.

Chandler Belfort

After graduating from school with good grades, she enrolled at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Staying there for four years and hitting the books paid off in 2016. Therefore, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

This youngster did not let her education stop at the bachelor’s level. Currently, Chandler is studying for her Master’s degree at New York University. She intends to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology to be able to start counseling in the future.

Chandler is also multilingual. Although the president kept Spanish culture from spreading, it couldn’t prevent Chandler from connecting with the culture. Besides English, Chandler can also speak Spanish fluently.

Chandler Belfort Professional Career

Being born into a broken family could not stop Chandler from achieving her dreams. Now that Chandler has turned into an adult, she has chosen a peaceful life for herself. And this life of hers is way far from her parents. According to her LinkedIn profile, she has a Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Spanish Language. Chandler’s Master’s degree in mental health counseling led her to currently counseling clients for a private practice in New York.

Meanwhile, Jordan Belfort has been getting deep into his new job as a motivational speaker. He charges a lot for his private motivational speeches. Thus, this adds even more to his net worth. Nevertheless, Jordan keeps dodging accusations of his past wrongdoings and refuses to pay them back.

Chandler Belfort

Often, this leads people to wonder whether Chandler has been receiving any financial support from her dad at all. On the other hand, many keep believing otherwise too. There are very few details about where their relationship presently stands at. But Chandler is deeply rooted in her job as a counselor and she loves it too. So seemingly, she is probably doing fine on her own in terms of finances.

Chandler Belfort Net Worth

According to her website, clients reportedly have to pay between $100 to $150 for a single session. Nonetheless, there are no exact details about her total earnings annually. However, there is no doubt that she earns a considerable amount of money through her work as a private counselor.

So many of her fans often talk about her net worth and salary. She has a net worth of around $150 million, as per records. Chandler Belfort is on her way to becoming one of the highest-paid mental health counselors in the world. And the day is definitely not very far.

Chandler Belfort Struggles

Being the daughter of an infamous man certainly brings in plenty of problems. Chandler Belfort has had to face many hardships since her childhood. In her early years, she had to witness her parents splitting and parting their ways. Moreover, she also had to face the trouble of growing up in a family that constantly attracted the media. She saw her family falling apart and then gluing together as her mother remarried. So it surely hasn’t been any bed of roses for the youngster.

But Chandler never let the hardships pull her down. She found home in her new family. Carter was also growing up together with her. The moment of truth soon came up when she had to choose a career for herself. Would she become a swindler just like her father? Or step into the entertainment industry as her mother did? Nonetheless, she decided to lead a different life. She wanted to live independently, not following her father’s trials. Before we talk about that let’s find out what her brother Carter had chosen.

In 2015, the young wolf, Carter, decided to get into the stock brokering lane as his father. Carter went away from Los Angeles leaving his family. Then with his father’s help, he secured his place in Gold Coast Lair. Ever since he has been keeping in touch with his father while managing his own business.

On the other hand, Chandler chose a unique career path. What prompted this choice is her ability to bear and endure. And soon enough, she did achieve what she aimed for. She is soon going to become one of the most paid counselors in the world.

Chandler Belfort Personal Life

Chandler Belfort is 28 years of age, as of 2022. Talking of her marital status, she is not married yet. However, she has been in a relationship for a long time with Conner. According to an Instagram post by Nadine Caridi, Chandler and Conner have been engaged for quite some time now. Perhaps, they are soon going to tie the knot.

Chandler Belfort and her fiancé, Conner contracted the coronavirus in March 2020. Nonetheless, the couple did not reveal the diagnosis themselves.

However, Chandler’s mother Nadine announced it to her fans over Instagram. Nadine shared this in a photo, kissing her baby daughter, Chandler. She wrote, “Our family contracted this virus. My beloved daughter Chandler and her fiancé tested positive and are now under quarantine”.

Apart from that, Chandler does not expose her private life to the media. She is not even active (publicly) on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Chandler Belfort And Her Father’s Relationship

As mentioned already, Chandler’s father, Jordan Belfort is an influential wealthy man. He’s a former stockbroker – the real man on whom the movie The Wolf of Wall Street is based. He is well-known for his frauds and related crimes with stock market manipulation. He ran a boiler room as part of the Penny-Stock scam. For this reason, Jordan had to spend 22 months in prison for these frauds. He gave testimony against many partners in his fraud scheme. During this time, he met Chandler’s mother, Nadine. He tried to raise the family properly this time. They had two kids. But soon enough, his substance abuse got in the way of his family life. Jordan abused Nadine quite often, leading to her filing a divorce.

Jordan BelfortSince then, his career path has changed quite drastically. He published the memoir The Wolf of Wall Street in 2007, which did pretty well. As a result, he got into writing and motivational speaking for good. Though Chandler did not get to see her father often as a child, she bears no grudges against him presently. Their relationship has stayed pretty healthy after all this. Soon, her mom also reconnected with Jordan. This is evident from the photos they share on social media together. Seemingly, time has healed the wounds of the broken Belfort family.

Mostly Googled Facts about Chandler Belfort

Therefore, we bring to you the most sought-after facts about Chandler Belfort on Google. Read on.

Chandler Belfort Age

She is 28 years old as of now.

Chandler Belfort Birthday

Born on July 29, 1994, Chandler Belfort’s birthplace is somewhere in the United States. She was born to Jordan Belfort and his now ex-wife Nadine Caridi.

Chandler Belfort Instagram

Chandler’s Instagram ID is @chandlerbelfort. However, she does not post about her life on social media much and runs a private account. Nevertheless, her mother seems to post a lot about both of her children.

Chandler Belfort Net Worth

Her net worth has reached 150 million dollars.

Chandler Belfort Mom

Her mom is Nadine Caridi. We currently know her as Nadine Macaluso. She is Jordan Belfort’s second wife. According to Page Six, Jordan and Nadine met via her ex-boyfriend. She was a supermodel back in her day. Nadine shared a marriage with Jadine from 1991 to 1998. In their seven years of married life, they suffered quite some trauma together. Nadine says the duo often fought about drugs since Jordan was a drug addict. Previously, she hardly cared about his affairs or arriving home late. But Nadine claimed that Jordan would be doing drugs in front of their newborn, Chandler. For this reason, she made up her mind to divorce him.There is little information on what kind of divorce settlement Nadine received as alimony.

Chandler Belfort TikTok

She does not own any TikTok account of her own. Recently though, she was trending on TikTok. You can discover short videos related to Chandler Belfort on TikTok. Probably, she was trending because she was the only rich daughter to Mr. Jordan.

Chandler Belfort LinkedIn

Her LinkedIn ID is @chandlerbelfort. Though she does not post there anymore.

Chandler Belfort School

Chandler got into Vistamar School in 2008. She graduated after four years in 2012.

Chandler Belfort College

Chandler got enrolled at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Four years later, in 2016, she got her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Chandler Belfort Height

Chandler Belfort is 5’2″ tall. The family believes she got her genes from her mom, Nadine.

Chandler Belfort Weight

She weighs 115 lbs.

Chandler Belfort Body Measurements

We do not know Chandler Belfort’s body measurements as she likes to maintain her privacy.

Some More Facts about Chandler Belfort

Chandler Belfort’s nickname is Chandler. Her sun sign is Leo. We know her to be a Christian woman. Her nationality is American.

To sum up, Chandler Belfort has proven that one can be successful like her parents without using devious ways. There is a lot to know about her as a person. Due to the unavailability of resources on the Internet, we could hardly present much about her in this article. Nonetheless, we certainly hope that more information will be revealed after she becomes a renowned counselor.

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