Chloe Veitch: Age, Height, Net Worth, TV Shows, Movies, Dating Life and More!

Chloe Veitch is an English beauty queen and media personality known for her appearance in the reality TV shows, “The Circle” and “Too Hot To Handle” on Netflix. She was crowned Miss Supertalent in 2018 and has since built a successful career as a model and content producer on YouTube. She won the first season of “Too Hot To Handle” and was named “Fan Favorite” in the second season of “The Circle”. Veitch was also featured in other reality TV shows like “Celebrity Ghost Tour” and “Celebrity Hunted”.

Looking for information on Chloe Veitch? Find out everything you need to know about her age, height, movies and TV shows, dating life, net worth, and more. Discover her appearances on reality shows such as “Love is Blind” and “The Circle,” and her rumored engagement to actor Jody Latham.

Get to know the rising star and find out who Chloe Veitch is currently dating in 2023. Explore her career and learn about her achievements, as well as her personal life and relationships. Find all the latest updates on Chloe Veitch, including her Wikipedia page, TV show appearances, and more.

Chloe Veitch Biography/Wiki

Chloe Veitch

Full name Chloe Veitch
Nickname Birdy
Age 24 Years Old
Zodiac Pisces
Eye color Brown
Height 5’ 7”
Weight 56 kgs

Early Life

Chloe Veitch was born in Essex, England, on March 6, 1999 (she is 24 years old as of 2023). After being bullied by her classmates at Clacton Coastal Academy (CCA), she went to CCC’s Inner College to finish her studies in English, Performing Arts, and Music. She used to act in shows, take theatre classes. Also, she used to sing in addition to her studies. However, she initially planned to go to law school.

Veitch attended Clacton Coastal Academy while attending school in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. Of course, this is where he grew up. Veitch was a model and an estate agent before going on “Too Hot To Handle”. In fact, Veitch has said she intends to relocate to the United States of America for business. However, she now resides in London.

Chloe Veitch Personal Life

In the United Kingdom’s Essex, Chloe Veitch was born. Also, she is a Pisces by horoscope. Macheala Veitch is her mother, and Darren Veitch is her father. She studied music, performing arts, and English while she was a student at Clacton Coastal Academy (C.C.A.). In fact,  Veitch was bullied when she was a kid. Veitch faced horrible anguish after losing her stepbrother to heavy drinking. She moved to London from Essex to further her acting, modelling, and music talents. Veitch served as an extra for the Channel 5 television programme “Extreme Hair Battles” in 2018 before modelling made her a living. When Veitch was 19 years old, she ran in “Top Models U.K.” and won. That was her first time fighting in a pageant. Veitch also led the UK in the 2018 “Miss Supertalent” competition.

Chloe Veitch received a call to take part in the first season of ““Too Hot To Handle”.” For those of you who are curious, it is a reality tv show made by Netflix, in 2020. She failed to find love at the show’s end and left with part of the cash. Veitch started a YouTube channel the same year to share her vacation films, beauty tips, and other unique personal stuff.

The hosts also gave her a call to appear in the second season of “The Circle,” It is another reality television series produced by Netflix. And, this came after her solid run on ““Too Hot To Handle”.” In “The Circle’s” new season, she was the lone Brit. She had trouble grasping American lingo. And, it got worse when she tried to justify her use of British code words.

Chloe Veitch Career

Chloe Veitch is very lovely, as we have already said. And we are not the only people who feel this way. Veitch was a model before she went on The Circle. Of course, she built up quite a CV by starring in ads for companies like Calvin Klein and working with the modelling agency Bame Models.

They placed Chloe fourth in the Miss Supertalent pageant. And, it was in the same year as she won the 2018 Top Model UK competition, as per her wiki bio.

Most importantly, Chloe Veitch was able to keep up her ong-standing charitable gift as a result of the funds she got. Also, she collaborated with Top Model to raise money for the ‘Children with Cancer UK’ after she won.

Following modelling, she made the choice to try out for the Netflix series “Too Hot To Handle”. Of course, she got accepted. Veitch grumbled that she only came home with roughly 10 dollars. Chloe was a fan favorite and also the runner-up on The Circle.

Chloe Veitch Net worth

As per The Cinemaholic, we believe Chloe Veitch’s net worth to be around $300,000. However, given how famous she is, we think she’ll soon be making a lot more.\

Age & Height

Chloe Veitch was born on March 6, 1999, and is currently 24 years old. She is known to be 5 feet 7 inches (1.67 m) tall.

Chloe Veitch Social Media

Veitch’s numerous fans will be happy to hear that they can quickly find her on social media. In fact, she is active on all the major social media platforms. For example, on Instagram, where she often posts photos of herself walking the runway. Or, she shares some shots of modelling, or just hanging out with pals. Her TikTok page has 895,800 followers who enjoy Veitch’s videos. In these videos, she explores fads and shares pieces of her daily life. Veitch has more than 19 million fans on Twitter. Here, she gives up-to-date info pertaining to her future reality appearances.

Of course, viewers love her too much. So, it is not at all surprising that many are curious about the smallest details of her life. Veitch is already well-known in many circles despite being only a few years into her 20s. As per IMDb, she is about 5 foot 7 inches tall and reportedly has many tattoos.

Chloe Veitch touts herself as “funny AF” on Instagram. Of course, it might be the primary factor in her ongoing appeal in the reality courting industry. Following her visit on Perfect Match, fans are already wanting to see more from her. But they will have to settle for her brief time on the show for the moment.

Chloe Veitch Instagram

Chloe Veitch is not only eccentric, but she also has a stunning appearance. Further, she is not shy about flaunting it. Chloe puts up a lot of stylish photos on Instagram. So, we can stop and let you admire how lovely she appears with this bright red lip.

She currently has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and over 19.5k Twitter followers. Although Veitch doesn’t seem to be busy on her Twitter these days, we can tell from these data that we aren’t the only ones who are big admirers of her.

Chloe Veitch Tik Tok

Say it with me: silhouette challenge. We can clearly know why Chloe has about 875k followers on the app given that she takes part in this challenge and others on her TikTok page. In fact, she has a great sense of humour. And, she is not even a bit scared to make unusual noises while waving her hair around.

Chloe doesn’t have to worry about taking herself too seriously. SAnd, that is because she loves her quirkiness in her TikTok bio. In fact, it reads, “I’m odd, welcome to the party.” Well, Chloe, we value you having us.

Chloe Veitch “Too Hot To Handle”

One of the few characters from “Too Hot To Handle” season 1 that didn’t stir up too much fuss was Chloe Veitch. In fact,  Chloe liked being on the show. Also, she found fun in taking part in Lana’s bonding activities. And, this was quite unlike other competitors, such as Hayley Cureton. So, she became a fan favourite right away. Of course, it was mostly due to her chatty, ditzy nature, which was very amusing.

Chloe was one of 10 hot singles vying for a share of $100,000 during the first season of Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle”. In fact, she participated in order to find love and form serious romances. The show’s goal was to replace sex (and any other form of physical contact) with lasting ties while living in paradise. Ten hot singles were put in the heart of a tropical paradise. Thus, this pushed them to their absolute limits in the wildest and kinkiest reality chat show Netflix has ever produced. These contenders had to perform properly as Lana was in charge of the island’s affairs.

Chloe was really seeking to open herself up on an intimate level. On the other hand, some candidates looked to not be taking the criteria on the show seriously. She tried to find love through her romances with Kori, Bryce, and David. But none of them went to a more serious level. During these private exchanges, Chloe gave her fans another side of herself. In fact, she demonstrated that she was more than just a lovely face. She even shocked herself when she noticed she liked having private talks with the men. And, she would choose that over simply placing them on her bed.

Chloe Veitch Perfect Match

Chloe Veitch is always in the current moment and is wacky and entertaining. In fact,  Chloe Veitch from The Circle is back and hunting for romance in the new Netflix series Perfect Match. Here, she will face off against numerous other Netflix reality stars. And, that is in addition to other alumni from The Circle.

Chloe won our minds during her stint on The Circle season 2. And, also during her visit at the villa in “Too Hot To Handle” season 1. So, we cannot wait to see who she links with on Perfect Match. From twisting that stunning red pantsuit to not having faith that America and England engaged in conflict with one another in a war, Chloe has ruled forever.

With the release of Netflix’s Perfect Match, a brand-new reality tv show has made waves.

Nick Lachey was the host of the “strategic and seductive” reality dating competition series. In fact, it showcases a variety of singles once more seeking love in the most visible way possible. The show gives  power to the most matched couples on the show. In fact, the series revives the endlessly popular dating game model. Perfect Match lets its contestants join in their other contestants’ pairings rather than letting its plot rely solely around vying to make contacts. In fact, the most suited couple is given the option to combine and contrast their fellow competitors. Also, they can forge partnerships and end them at will.

Chloe Veitch The Circle

Chloe Veitch is a model from Essex, UK, and she is 24 years old. In fact, she was the first girl we saw in Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle”. When presenting herself, Veitch, a past Top Model U.K. winner, said, “I’m very kooky as well, so you just need to be patient with me, because I’m not the brightest person, um, in the book.”

Even if she does not seem to, the lens still adores her. The Circle is a reality show on Netflix that depicts a set of individuals who can only interact through a social networking platform. Now, the show welcomes Veitch. In fact, at the time of this show, she was just 22 years old. She earned a mere sum of  $10.50  from “Too Hot To Handle”. On the contrary, the winner receives $100,000 in prize money and the title of best influencer on the show ‘The Circle’.

Working on THTH affected Veitch’s strategy for The Circle as well. In fact,  THTH taught Veitch to “be herself”—and play The Circle as her own self. Aspirants are allowed to play as themselves or use a phoney identity. “I wouldn’t have gone on The Circle as anyone other than myself as I know that is my force, who I am, the charisma I have,” she said in a chat with Us Weekly.

Jody Latham and Chloe Veitch

Actor Jody Latham and TV personality Chloe Veitch have reportedly split up after dating for several months. The two were first linked in August 2021, and fans speculated about their relationship after seeing social media posts from the couple.

However, according to a source, the relationship did not work out and the couple decided to part ways. The source also stated that they remain on good terms and are still friends. Chloe Veitch rose to fame after appearing on the reality TV show “Too Hot to Handle” in 2020, while Jody Latham is an actor known for his roles in “Shameless” and “The Fixer”.

Chloe Veitch Movies and TV Shows

Veitch’s affair with fame is by no means unique to Perfect Match. In fact, the 24-year-old has established herself as a household figure in the world of reality television. Of course, she continues to stun with each new outing.

Chloe Veitch

Veitch is arguably probably most famous for her successful run on “Too Hot To Handle”. She is an integral part of every event in which she has engaged. She secured a joint win on “Too Hot To Handle” in 2020, as we already said. And a year later won over the audience on The Circle. From 2021 and 2022, she took part in Celebrity Ghost Tour, Celebrity Hunted, and both Celebrity Hunted and Eating with my Ex. Even there, she ended up winning the “runner-up” vote on the social media-styled series. In fact, she was a clear favourite in The Perfect Match once more.

Chloe Veitch & Shayne Jansen

Reality TV star Chloe Veitch has moved on from her previous relationship with Shayne Jansen to start dating professional ice hockey player Ivan Lodnia. News of the relationship first surfaced in a March 2023 interview with E! News. Veitch revealed that the couple met by chance in Malibu and that she was the one who asked for his phone number.

Lodnia, who is 23 years old and from California, has played for a number of teams including the Niagara IceDogs, Dinamo Minsk, and the Chicago Wolves. Despite her lack of prior knowledge about ice hockey, Veitch expressed her excitement to watch Lodnia play. The couple has not yet made their relationship official on social media, but fans are eagerly anticipating their first public appearance together.

Chloe Veitch Boyfriend Ivan Lodnia

Reality TV star Chloe Veitch has revealed her new boyfriend, Ivan Lodnia, a 23-year-old ice hockey player from California. The two reportedly met by chance in Malibu, with Chloe being the one to make the first move by asking for his number.

Ivan has played for several teams, including Niagara IceDogs, Dinamo Minsk, and the Chicago Wolves, and has over 5,000 followers on his Instagram account, where he posts about his career, family, and travels.

Chloe has posted about her new relationship on social media, but neither she nor Ivan have posted about each other on their main feeds. Fans have been speculating about Chloe’s new relationship for weeks, with some even speculating that her boyfriend may have been Perfect Match star Joey Sasso.

Who is Chloe Veitch Dating?

Chloe Veitch is dating Ivan Lodnia, a 23-year-old ice hockey player from California. They met by chance in Malibu and Chloe made the first move by asking for his number. Ivan has played for teams such as Niagara IceDogs, Dinamo Minsk, and the Chicago Wolves.

Chloe revealed that she didn’t even know about hockey before she met him, but she is excited to see him play. Ivan can be found on Instagram @ivan_lodnia, where he posts about his career, family, and trips. As of now, neither Chloe nor Ivan has posted each other on their main grid of Instagram, but it’s expected that they will soon become Insta-official.

Who is Ivan Lodnia?

Ivan Lodnia is a 23-year-old ice hockey player from California who has played for teams such as Niagara IceDogs, Dinamo Minsk, and the Chicago Wolves. He has over 5,000 followers on Instagram and posts about his career, family, and trips. He is currently dating Chloe Veitch, a reality TV star known for her appearances on shows such as Too Hot to Handle and The Circle. They met by chance in Malibu and Chloe made the first move by asking for his number. Although Chloe didn’t know much about hockey before meeting Ivan, she is excited to see him play. While they have yet to make any official posts on social media about their relationship, fans are eagerly awaiting updates on the couple.


How did Chloe Veitch get famous?

Veitch split the prize money for the first season of “Too Hot To Handle” on Netflix. Also, she got the “Fan Favorite” award for The Circle’s second season. In fact, she was also chosen as the runner-up.

Are Chloe Veitch and Harry Jowsey together?

Chloe replied to a question about her bond with Harry amidst all the rumours. She said, “Me and Harry are simply close friends. I don’t know if we would have been more than just besties if I had chased Harry — if Francesca wasn’t in the villa.”

Who did Chloe date from The Circle?

Mitchell was in the buddy zone since Chloe had her eyes set on dating Trevor. And, that was the case when The Circle ended during the game. She soon shifted her focus to Mitchell after they exposed Trevor as a catfish. Of course, he was eager!

Did Harry and Chloe date?

Harry was a major ITV purge that included a few of the show’s best known faces. For example, the list included Ella and Clelia Theodorou. They fired Harry from the scripted reality tv series in September 2021. Chloe and Harry had a short affair when they first came on the show in 2018. But, they later broke up due to a run of petty debates.

Is “Too Hot To Handle” scripted?

No script was used for “Too Hot To Handle”. In fact, we learnt that the candidates aren’t handed scripts, as per the narrator Desiree Burch.