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Corinna Kopf is an American social media personality who is mainly known for her gorgeous pictures and videos that she posts on her different social media accounts and YouTube channel. She is a YouTuber, streamer, model, and social media influencer. Kopf is popularly known as Pouty Girl and has a huge fan base on multiple social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. She loves to play Fortnite in her stream. Along with this, she is also a regular fixture in David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad group. Kopf has been a part of Dobrik’s vlog since 2015. In addition, the vlog’s videos frequently revolved around her relationship with the men in the content group. Moreover, she even got the words “David’s Vlog” tattooed on her fingers.

Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf Bio/WIKI

Name Corinna Annelis Kopf
Date of Birth December 1, 1995
Age 27 Years
Birth Place Rockford, Illinois, United States
Profession Social Media influencer, Instagram Model, streamer, and YouTuber
Nationality American
Hometown Palatine, Illinois
Zodiac Sign Leo
School Local High School, Palatine, United States


Corinna Kopf started her internet career early right after her High school. Before entering the world of social media, Kopf was doing regular jobs. In the beginning, she used to work as a nanny in Malibu. Later on, she started working for the American Internet star Taylor Caniff as his assistant. Certainly, that was the turning point for Kopf as that’s when she gained interest in the world of the internet.

Since childhood, she wanted to be famous so she dropped out right after high school and started her journey back in 2012 when she posted her pictures on Instagram. That brought her a lot of fame and attention as fans loved her style. As a result, her Instagram struck the massive 5.7 million subscriber mark in no time. Many of you think that her first debut was in David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, but no. Instead, in reality, Kopf was first seen on a channel named Second Class which was owned by her friend Jack Drytych. Later on, Jack introduced her to David. Since then, David and Kopf started appearing together in his videos, and that’s how she got her breakthrough.

Corinna Kopf YouTube

More than 79% of Corinna Kopf Instagram fans wanted to see her on YouTube. That’s why in 2016 she decided to start her own YouTube Channel, Corinna Kopf with the purpose of making her own content. Over there she began posting videos like Vlog, Prank, Makeup, and Challenge video. Not only that but she also tied knots with popular groups like Vlog Squad and did collaborations with stars like Liza Koshy, Alex Ernest, Toddy Smith, and many more. Moreover, she began posting lifestyle videos as well. With time she gained massive popularity and fame and managed to amass a huge fan following of 1.77 million subscribers on YouTube.

Corinna Kopf Personal Life

Born on December 1, 1995, Kopf is 27 years old as of 2023. She was born in Palatine, Illinois, the United States, in an upper-middle-class Christian family. She completed her early schooling at a local High School in Palatine, United States. Further, she dropped out to pursue her dream of becoming a social media influencer. Needless to say, she holds an American nationality, and she follows Christianity. She is also a Sagittarius. Her family moved from one place to another throughout her childhood. She was born to her father, Jayrod, and her mother, Trina. Subsequently, she grew up in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri. She is of German descent. Kopf also has a sister named Sophia. She even had a brother who committed suicide during her dispute with the YouTuber Logan Paul.

Kopf spent most of her childhood with her grandparents in Germany. Since childhood, she has been suffering from anxiety. Initially, her anxiety was not that bad but recently it has gotten worse. She also has trouble breathing due to her anxiety issues. Her biggest fear due to anxiety is that she might pass out due to a lack of oxygen. Although dealing with anxiety all her life, Kopf is an extrovert with an outgoing personality. At this moment, Kopf is living her best life in Los Angeles, California, with her pet dog carls, and enjoying her fame from social media to the fullest.

Corinna Kopf Dating History

Speaking of relationships, Corinna Kopf dated a lot of guys in the past. Her list includes famous YouTuber Logan Paul, Turner Tenny, musical artist Toddy Smith, and vlogger Brennen Taylor at different times. Well noticing her history so far, it is apparent that she prefers having friends with benefits kind of relationship. Recently she posted a straightforward tweet saying “i want a boyfriend”. Needless to say, fans showered her with proposals and requests. Even though she did not reply of any of those, we hope that she soon finds the love of her life.

Corinna Kopf Boyfriend

When it comes to relationships, Corinna Kopf has a huge list. She is an extrovert, and she has had multiple relationships in her past. However as of now, she is not in a relationship and her marital status is unmarried. Back in 2017, she was romantically involved with Jack Dail ut it didn’t last. In 2018, she dated 30-year-old Toddy Smith who is a famous YouTuber. The Internet loved this couple and they were pretty open about it. But after 2019, they stopped positing pictures on their accounts, in short indicating that they are not in a relationship anymore. Moreover, reports of her dating Turner Tenny came up in 2019 but it didn’t last long.

Not only that, but she also posted a tweet saying that she would love to date the famous rapper Lil Naz X. Talking about her future goals, Carter, Sadie, Hudson, and Everest are the names she wants for her four children.

Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf Age and Stat

Corinna Kopf is one of the most stunning girls on Instagram with an attractive face and toned features. At the present time, Corinna Kopf is 27 years old and on her way to 27. She is a natural blonde and her eye color is hazel. Her height is 5 feet and 5 inches(165 cms) and her body weight is around 52 kgs. She has a slender physique and is bisexual.

Hair color Blonde
Eye color Hazel
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 52 Kgs or 114 pounds
Body measurements 34-26-34

Corinna Kopf Net Worth 2022

To put it another way, Corinna Kopf has a very successful career and a massive fan base. Obviously, she makes a good amount of fortune as well. As far as reports say, she makes around $10K USD only from her YouTube revenue even though YouTube isn’t even her primary source of earning. Presently the net worth of Corinna Kopf is approximately $2 million USD. Most of her income comes from brand endorsements and mostly from her Onlyfans.

Corinna Kopf OnlyFans

Although the reports are unverified, in August 2021 Corinna revealed that she earned roughly $4 million from OnlyFans within a month, making one of the platforms highest earning personalities. After tweeting, “F**k it…500,000 likes and I’m making an OnlyFans,” she created an OnlyFans account.

However, she disappointed her fans by sharing old Instagram photographs on her OnlyFans page, accusing her of cheating with the fan base. Nevertheless, Kopf clarified in response to criticism by stating that “Everything would be leaked if I posted everything straight away”. She did post fresh stuff later on making everyone happy. Well needless to say that people already leaked the NSFW content on different platforms like Reddit. After revealing the amount she practically stunned her friends who, understandably, could barely believe it. Moreover, she said that her “first t*t pic ever made USD 165 000”, which is simply insane considering that she’s only been on the platform for less than 2 months.

Corinna Kopf Instagram

Corinna Kopf’s Instagram account is @corinnakopf. She has more than 6.2 million followers and counting. Along with that, she has above 750+ posts there. In contrast to her huge following, she barely follows 70 people on her platform. She usually posts pictures of herself and her daily life.

Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf Twitter

Along with her other social media platforms, Kopf is also amazing with her Twitter game. She owns a verified Twitter account with more than 2.5 million followers. Yet, she is facing a lot of backlashes recently due to some of her infamous tweets. One of the members of the Vlog Squad posted a pic of hers where she is wearing a t-shirt quoting “Think while it’s still legal”. Kopf got called out for wearing that since it stated her anti-vax stance. She faced a lot of heat and criticism to which she put up a slew of online tweets.

“i would like to be the most hated person on the internet”
“apparently that shirt was too much for the internet, I will take it off and burn it”.

Well to her surprise, not only did people agree to her tweets but also lashed her for her tweet which she posted back in July.

“You think a flu shot is a vaccine? Hahahahahaha.”

Although Kopf got a lot of hate she still decided to clear her stand on the vaccine via her tweets. She stated that everyone often talks about respecting one’s feelings and choices, “but all that is thrown out the window when someone’s nervousness is taken as selfishness.”

“The internet really is a weird place… I open up about how I currently feel and instantly I’ve labeled an anti-vaxxer? y’all realize I have all my other vaccines and plan on vaccinating my kids right?”

Corinna Kopf Controversies

When it comes to controversies, Kopf is never out of it. Kopf was recently banned from Twitch for the video she posted during her birthday. Apparently, she was wearing a tank top while talking to her fans on Twitch live stream which according to the platform, was against their policies. Kopf announced her frustrations via a series of posts on Twitter and called Twitch “lame as hell”. Although this is not the first time that Twitch has straight-up banned content creators for weird reasons, Twitch might have to change its policies due to increased pressure from fans and creators alike.

“remember someone threw their cat but I got banned for wearing a cute top.”

Even though the platform lifted the ban but it’s unlikely that Kopf will return to the platform anytime soon. It is more likely that she will start using other streaming platforms rather than fighting with Twitch.

Corinna Kopf Facebook gaming

As can be seen, Corinna’s recent fight with Twitch forced the streamer to switch to a different streaming platform. That’s when Facebook gaming showed up. Formerly This news comes after Kopf teased a possible platform change earlier in the week on her Twitter account. While her fans were left wondering where she was heading, the move itself was not very unusual to anyone who followers her on social media. The streamer thanked all her fans to support her throughout all the Twitch mess. Moreover, she stated that she hopes her fans will keep on supporting her on her new platform. 

“Most of you know gaming has become a huge part of my life over the last year. As a female gamer, it’s so important for me to find a home that not only empowers myself but also all of you, in order to make a positive impact in the gaming world,”

Needless to say, after all the Twitch drama, Kopf would want to start her journey on a new streaming platform.

Corinna Kopf Logan Paul

Logan and Kopf got wrapped up in a controversial situation after he posted his Aokigahara or “suicide forest” vlog. That was the most hated video of Logan which brought him a lot of backlashes. Even though the duo dated or a while back in 2019 where they were spotted wearing the same sweatshirts in a basketball match, it did not stop them from being in a duel. Kopf was furious and sad as she lost her brother to suicide. She showed her frustration through a tweet quoting;

“I’m truly sickened by this logan paul situation. I lost my brother to suicide… my brother took his own life by hanging himself… how insensitive and sick can you be to film someone in that state”.

Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf and w2s

Kopf has been rumoured to be in a flirty relationship with famous sidemen and YouTube streamer Harry Lewis aka w2s. Harry and Kopf both were both seen streaming videos quite often. Moreover, Harry even accepted thec fact that he is thirsted by Corinna Kopf.

FAQs relating Corinna Kopf

What is Corinna’s full name?

Full name of Corinna aka Pouty Girl is Corinna Annelis Kopf.

How old is Corinna Kopf?

Corinna Kopf is 27 years old as of now. She was born on December 1, 1995, in Illinois.

What is Corinna Kopf famous for?

She is best known for appearing in David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad group. Other than that she is an American model, streamer, and social media influencer. Moreover, OnlyFans and Instagram are her most famous social media platforms.

Has Logan Paul dated Corinna Kopf?

Although they have never been in a relationship officially, the duo was spotted together at a basketball game back in 2019 wearing matching outfits. Despite all these, Logan Paul once stated that he regrets going on a date with her. The reason for such a statement is unclear.

Who is Corinna Kopf ex?

Kopf dated Toddy Turner between 2017 and 2018. The duo, unfortunately, broke up due to reasons unknown. Since then Kopf is single even though she went on a date with Logan Paul.

How did David meet Corinna?

According to Kopf they first met at a concert for the pop duo, Jack & Jack. As both of them lived in Chicago they became friends and later on, became roommates. Moreover, they even moved to Los Angeles together.

How much does Corinna Kopf make from her OnlyFans?

Kopf once revealed that she makes more than $4.2 million dollars from her only fans, which needless to say makes her one of the highest-earning models on the platform.

How much does Corinna Kopf make a month?

As per the reports of 2021, Corinna’s net worth is around $2 million USD. Most of her fortune comes from her YouTube revenue and her OnlyFans. In addition, she has more than 90,000 subscribers on OnlyFans which makes provides her with a minimum of $1.5 million per month.

Has Corinna Kopf had any plastic surgery?

She stated that she does go to a plastic surgeon. Moreover, she has been open about her experience getting botox fillers in her lips with makeup artist Laura Lee.

Not only that, but she also posted a detailed video back in 2017 where she talked about her fillings.

What games does Corinna Kopf play?

Even though she usually and majorly plays Fortnite, her other preferences are PUBG, Just Chatting, and Minecraft.