FaZe Banks: Real Name, Age, Height, Tattoos, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Allisa, Chantel, Mike Majlak, FAQs & More

Most gamers immediately think of Ricky “FaZe Banks” Banks when they think of the FaZe Clan. Due to his outsized personality and frequently contentious antics, the YouTuber Banks, the chief operating officer of the gaming esports company, is frequently seen as the brand’s face. In the fall of 1991, the YouTuber Banks was born in Massachusetts. The YouTuber Banks has had a lifelong obsession with video games. Banks previously served as the captain of the Call of Duty squad known as SoaR. He began Call of Duty and other game streams on YouTube and eventually rose to fame on social media.

Personal Information

FaZe Banks Net Worth

With the gaming team FaZe Clan, the YouTuber Banks has accomplished a lot since first becoming well-known on YouTube. When Banks was younger, he used to enjoy playing video games a lot, and eventually, this developed into a career. In addition to his love of vlogging, he is a producer, songwriter, and composer. The YouTuber Banks’ net worth was approximately $13 Million as of August 2022.

FaZe Banks Age

Ricky Banks is the real name of FaZe Banks. On October 18, 1991, he was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts. So, Banks is currently 30 years old.

FaZe Banks

He is an American who moved to Florida after spending the majority of his childhood in Lowell. At Lowell High School, he graduated from high school in 2010. He has a lifelong obsession with video games. So, on October 18, 2022, the YouTuber Banks, who is presently 30 years old, will turn 31.

FaZe Banks Height

FaZe Banks’ height is unknown, but he is rumoured to be extremely tall. The YouTuber Banks is reported to be 6’4″ tall, which is significantly taller than the average person based on photos of him with other tall celebs.


Richard Bengtson, better known as Ricky Banks, was born on October 18, 1991, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in the United States. He moved to the town of Lowell when he was 7 years old. Ricky studied at Lowell High School, where he received his diploma in 2010.

He started dating Instagram sensation Alissa Violet in 2017. Since then, the two have shared a few pictures of themselves on Instagram. When they tweeted a picture of the two kissing at the Electric Daisy Carnival with the comment “Look mom, I’m pleased,” it was confirmed that they were in a committed relationship. He then fueled the fire by writing her name as “Alissa Violet Marie Banks” on his Twitter account.

FaZe Banks and Allisa Violet

After posting some sensual photos to Instagram, many are sure that influencer-model Alissa Violet and FaZe co-founder Ricky Banks are back together. Following her abrupt breakup with YouTube fighter Jake Paul, Alissa Violet initially dated FaZe, the YouTuber in 2017.

FaZe Banks

Violet and Banks dated for over two years. Yet 2019 came to a disappointing close. After Banks told about having sex with YouTuber Tana Mongeau in a show, the couple got into a fight. Violet then accused Banks of cheating on her, despite the fact that both sides said that the fight wasn’t about Tana.

In July 2019, both of them told us about their separation in writing. In a long explanation of the matter on Twitter, Banks acknowledged that “none of us has been faultless” and asserted that “Alissa and I were having troubles and I did something extremely foolish and hurtful.”

FaZe Banks Girlfriend

There is no denying that breaking up is difficult to do. However, love always finds a way into a person’s life. related to taking a vacation from romance. FaZe, the YouTuberis currently dating Tyson Salomon, a stunning woman.

Now, many of you might not be familiar with Tyson. The daughter of well-known voice actor and singer EG, fashion model Tyson Salomon is also an aspiring singer. Daily Speaking of the YouTuber Banks and Tyson’s dating history, their union seems to be very new. FaZe, the YouTuber, whose real name is Ricky, hasn’t officially confirmed his relationship with Tyson, but one of his Instagram photos definitely hints at it.

Social Media Accounts Of FaZe Banks


FaZe Banks Twitter username is @Banks. He has 2.8 million followers and follows 1887 accounts. Moreover, he came to Twitter in August 2011.


FaZe Banks Instagram username is @banks. He also has 2.9 million followers. But he has only 132 posts. He also follows 1803 accounts.

FaZe Banks Tattoos

In response to the allegations, FaZe, the YouTuber, who has appeared alongside Romeo Lacoste in videos on his YouTube channel and even had some of his tattoos done by him, has issued a brief statement. Despite admitting that the fresh screenshots and videos shared on Twitter do not bode well for him, Banks stated that he is going to wait for Romeo to explain his side of the story.

FaZe Banks Real Name

Richard “Ricky” Bengston, better known online as FaZe, the YouTuber(sometimes known as Ricky Banks or simply Banks), was born on October 18, 1991, making him 30 years old. FaZe is an American YouTuber from Massachusetts. He also helped form and is an owner of the FaZe Clan esports team. But, now he currently resides in the FaZe home in Los Angeles, California, together with other team players. Even though his channel is presently dormant, he still works to grow the FaZe Clan by bringing in new members and workers.

What Happened to FaZe Banks?

FaZe, the gamer has been absent from YouTube for some time, but after fans pleaded for him to upload more videos, he eventually gave an explanation.

The most well-known role of Richard “Banks” Bengston is that of owner and founder of FaZe Clan. He did, however, have a sizable fan base on YouTube. His video blogs and entertainment videos were well-liked by viewers.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been active on his channel in a while. He last published a batch of films in May 2019 and hasn’t been seen since. He even acknowledged in August 2020 that he might never return to YouTube again.

After tweeting “soon” in response to a follower who expressed how much he missed Banks’ work in December, Banks eventually confirmed that he would be making a comeback to YouTube.

Despite a further Instagram post on April 11 teasing the return of his vlogs, his YouTube channel has remained silent.

FaZe Banks and Chantel Jeffries

Now, according to numerous speculations, Alissa and FaZe have resolved their differences. Since their breakup, they have not communicated, though. However, Alissa just shared a TikTok, which some social media news reporters claim accuses one of her ex-boyfriends and a former acquaintance.

Yes, a lot of people believe that Alissa is blaming Chantel Jeffries and her ex-boyfriend FaZe, the gamer for the incident. We all now understand why Alissa and FaZe broke up. However, we are genuinely unsure of the underlying cause of her and Chantel Jeffries’ breakup.

FaZe Banks and Mike Majlak

In a recent reveal, FaZe, the gamer discussed what may have happened if MrBeast, a charitable YouTuber, had signed with FaZe Clan.

Aside from Mike Majlak, the YouTuber Banks discusses the deal, the situation at the time, and why the company would not have benefited from a long-term MrBeast signing in an edition of the No Jumper podcast.

FaZe Banks

Speaking of how MrBeast’s non-gaming content at the time didn’t mesh with FaZe Clan’s heavily video game and Call of Duty-inspired content, the timing and content categories were mismatched during the offer timeframe.

The YouTuber Banks reveals that MrBeast wanted to join Clout Gang and even be a part of the FaZe house. He also says that Jimmy “is a lovely kid and we’re not,” and that MrBeast’s upstanding reputation contrasts with that of FaZe.

MrBeast’s expansion into new industries, such as gaming and a channel devoted to philanthropy, presented a chance for FaZe and MrBeast to partner and create even crazier material than what is now available.

Mr. Beast currently has over 99 million subscribers throughout his YouTube network and has one of the largest social media followings, largely because of his distinctive brand of uplifting philanthropic programming.

Is FaZe Banks the Owner of FaZe?

Banks used to start the FaZe Banks channel with a brief (30–60 second) video of trick shots or wild kills. Before joining FaZe in 2013, Banks was a SoaR member and went by the name “SoaR Banks.” Along with CS: GO videos, Banks has continued to produce Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3 content. Since relocating to the Clout House on March 20, 2017, Banks has increased the number of vlogs she creates alongside other YouTube vloggers who also reside there.

Banks ceased uploading videos to his YouTube channel in 2019 and instead put his whole attention into developing FaZe Clan and co-hosting his podcast “Moms Basement” with Keemstar and Colossal is Crazy.

Is FaZe Banks Good at Video Games?

Due to his competitive prowess and some associated turmoil, the gamer Banks gained a lot of popularity in his early years with FaZe Clan. But when the gamer, FaZe began dating Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet in 2017, he truly started to gain notoriety in the gaming world. As a result, there was a lot of conflict between Jake Paul and FaZe, which grabbed several viewers in the streaming community.

Later, Paul and Violet split up early in 2017, and then only a few months later, the gamer, Banks began seeing Violet. Alissa Violet charged Paul with being verbally and physically abusive at the time. In retaliation, Paul accused YouTuber Banks of assaulting Paul’s aide in the summer of 2017, which Banks refuted.

Is FaZe Banks Rich?

This YouTuber and gamer is renowned these days for flaunting his money. He probably has a net worth of $13 million. But was all of this the result of his work with FaZe Clan? Actually, no.

For his engagement in cryptocurrency and NFT businesses, FaZe has come under fire on a lot of occasions. His activities have frequently been viewed as perhaps unlawful and have involved offshore gambling. He also appeared to be connected to the SaveTheKids incident at FaZe Clan, in which several well-known members of the group urged followers to participate in a pump-and-dump scheme.

FaZe has been actively involved in CryptoPunk NFTs recently. His social media bravado appeared to be just another con intended to get his fans to buy the NFTs. He said that the purchase changed his life completely.

FaZe Banks

FaZe reacted defensively when accused of hyping up another NFT following the SaveTheKids debacle.

He said he could increase the worth of a good that is there for $50 million every day with a lot of publicity. He also said, “once the $150,000 floor? Why then doesn’t the FaZe Clan sell $50 million worth of merchandise per day?” asked FaZe.

FaZe has long been viewed as a bit of a controversial person in the gaming and esports communities, and his most recent commercial ventures suggest that will remain the case, despite some supporters assuring him that “some people don’t want to see him win.”

Why Did FaZe Banks Leave YouTube?

The YouTube activity of the FaZe leader totally stopped in the middle of 2019. He also claimed he was keener on making the FaZe Clan at the time. Additionally, he started working with DramaAlert’s Keemstar as co-host of the podcast “Mom’s Basement.”

FaZe supporters had a glimmer of optimism that Banks was only taking a little break from YouTube and would soon return. Those dreams now seem to be in ruins as Banks says he might “never return.”

Banks’ position on his return to YouTube echoes the reason why he too took a long hiatus from the platform in 2018. The 28-year-old took a brief hiatus two years ago, stating he “wasn’t feeling it anymore… wasn’t having fun.”

What Does FaZe Banks Do on YouTube?

On YouTube, FaZe has amassed a sizable fan base over time. He currently produces content regarding streamer drama and uploads personal vlogs to his YouTube channel, which has over 5.2 million subscribers. Whether FaZe is hanging out with fellow social media sensation Jake Paul or surprising his girlfriend with a new automobile, all of his videos routinely receive millions of views.

FaZe Banks FAQs

Has Banks left FaZe?

FaZe currently resides in the FaZe home in Los Angeles, California, together with other team players. Even though his channel is presently dormant, he still works to grow the FaZe Clan. So, he does so by bringing in new members and workers.

How did FaZe Banks get notoriety?

Due to his competitive prowess and some associated turmoil, FaZe Banks gained a lot of popularity in his early years. Moreover, it was with FaZe Clan. But then FaZe Banks began dating Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet in 2017. After this, he truly started to gain notoriety in the gaming world.

Is Banks FaZe’s founder?

In Plainview, New York, Oliveira and COO Richard “Banks” Bengston established the first FaZe shared home in 2014. It was so they could mix gaming material with lifestyle content.

What is FaZe Banks’ salary?

American social media star and video game entrepreneur FaZe Banks has a net worth of $13 million. On October 18, 1991, Richard Bengtson became FaZe Banks.

What brought FaZe Banks to the FaZe Clan?

In 2013, FaZe Banks began playing Call of Duty professionally. He immediately became a member of the FaZe Clan gaming team, but for Banks, playing for FaZe wasn’t enough. As he progressed, he increased the company’s social media presence. He also added additional teams to a variety of video games, such as Overwatch, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. FaZe Banks is now the COO of FaZe Clan and a content provider rather than a competitor. He attempts to raise the profile of FaZe Clan both publicly and covertly.

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