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Javon Walton is a famous American kid actor. However, his real name is Javon Wanna Walton. Then, he is famous for his outstanding performance in Euphoria and Utopia. Moreover, he is also a boxer and gymnast. Also, he gained many followers for his boxing skills. He is a rising star who will be more famous in future. He is an active user of Instagram. However, he shared many daily updates and fashionable outfits on his instagram account. He did many movies and TV series. Also, he won multiple championships in boxing. However, these championships are Georgia State champion and USA Boxing South East Regional Champion. In this article, we are talking about this actor.

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Javon Walton Biography/Wiki

Javon Walton

Real Name Javon Wanna Walton
Date of Birth July 23, 2006
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia, the United States
Age 16 years old
Profession Actor, Boxer
School one of Los Angeles high schools
Hometown Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Leo


However, he was born on July 23, 2006. Then, his birthplace was in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States. He is christian by his religion. His fans or people called him Javon. Now, he studied at one of Los Angeles high schools. His father’s name is DJ watson and his mother’s name is Jessica Walton.

Age, Height, Weight & Measurements

Javon Walton was born on July 22, 2006, which makes him 16 years old. He stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Javon’s weight is approximately 58 kilograms. His hair color is described as brownish. The color of Javon’s eyes is brown. He does not have any tattoos.


DJ and Jessica Walton have four children, one of them is Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton. Wanna was discovered on social media by Steve Harvey in 2017 and invited to appear on his syndicated daily talk programme, STEVE. He made his acting debut in 2019 as “Ashtray” in HBO’s critically acclaimed and popular series Euphoria. In Amazon’s version of the renowned British television series Utopia, he co-stars with Sasha Lane and John Cusack.

Season 2 of Euphoria, MGM’s cartoon The Addams Family 2, in which Walton will voice “Pugsley,” and the highly anticipated superhero film “Samaritan,” in which Wanna will co-star with Sylvester Stallone as Sam Cleary, are among his next ventures.

From the age of 16, Walton has become a five-time Georgia State Champion and a four-time USA Boxing South East Regional Champion.

Javon Walton

In gymnastics, the athlete/actor has achieved comparable success. Walton is Under Armour’s youngest athlete to be chosen to represent the renowned brand. At the age of eight, he was chosen by Under Armour as one of just seven athletes to be named NEXT. Wanna was featured in the Muhammed Ali Collection commercial campaign in 2018 and was heavily featured in UA’s Will Find A Way campaign alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Parents, Brother, Sister & Siblings

Javon Walton is a rising star in the world of boxing, and his impressive skills are a testament to his hard work and dedication. But behind every successful athlete is a supportive family, and Javon is no exception. His parents, DJ Walton and Jessica Walton, have been instrumental in nurturing his talents and guiding him towards his goals.

Javon’s father, DJ Walton, is not only a proud dad but also a well-known name in the boxing world. As a professional boxer, he has competed in numerous matches and has emerged victorious in many of them. He is also a founder member of AK Worldwide, a prominent boxing organization that has produced many talented fighters over the years. Besides, DJ Walton is the founder of OnWard Athletics, a coaching service that aims to help aspiring athletes reach their full potential.

As for Javon’s siblings, he has three of them, all of whom are equally talented and athletic. His younger twin brother, Jaden Walton, has a passion for baseball and has been honing his skills on the field for years. Javon’s sister, Jayla Walton, is a fierce fighter who also excels in volleyball. And then there’s the youngest of the Walton siblings, Daelo Jin Walton, who has been training in both boxing and baseball since he was a toddler.

Growing up in such a supportive and athletic family, it’s no wonder that Javon developed a passion for boxing from an early age. But it’s not just his talent that sets him apart from the rest; it’s also his unwavering dedication and commitment to his craft. With the support of his family and the guidance of his father, Javon has become a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. And he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Movies and TV Shows

However, in 2019, he played a main role as ‘Ashtray’ in “Euphoria” tv show. Then, in 2020, he played a role as ‘Grant Bishop’ in “Utopia” tv show. You can see him in 8 episodes of this tv show. Then, in 2021, he played a voice over role as ‘Pugsley Addams’ in “The Addams family 2” comedy animation movie. Then, in 2022, he played a role as ‘Sam Cleary’ in the “Samaritan” movie. However, this year, we will see him in “The Umbrella Academy” TV show. (The Umbrella Academy is an American superhero streaming television series based on Gerard Way’s comic book series of the same name.

It is a Netflix original series created by Steve Blackman and developed by Jeremy Slater that follows a dysfunctional family of adopted sibling superheroes who gather to unravel the mystery of their father’s death and the threat of an impending apocalypse. Borderline Entertainment, Dark Horse Entertainment, and Universal Cable Productions are in charge of the show’s production.)


Javon Walton name on Instagram is onwardwanna. However, he has 1.7 million followers on his Instagram account. He uploaded over 900 posts on Instagram. Also, he is an active user. He shared many daily updates and fashionable outfits on his Instagram account.

Javon Walton Facts

Javon Walton

Javon Walton Birthday

However, his birthday falls on July 23 every year.

Javon Walton Age

However, he is 16 years old currently.

Javon Walton Siblings

Javon Walton is not the only talented athlete in his family. He has three siblings, each of whom has a unique set of skills and talents that they’ve been honing from a very young age.

Javon’s younger twin brother, Jaden Walton, is a gifted baseball player. He has been playing the sport since he was a little boy and has developed a reputation for his impressive batting skills and fielding abilities. Jaden is an important member of his school’s baseball team, and his coaches have high hopes for him in the future.

Javon’s sister, Jayla Walton, is a fighter in every sense of the word. She has been training in martial arts and boxing since she was a young girl and has already won several competitions. But that’s not all; Jayla is also an accomplished volleyball player and has been playing the sport competitively for years. Her dedication to both sports is truly impressive.

The youngest of the Walton siblings is Daelo Jin Walton, who is already following in his older siblings’ footsteps. Since he was a toddler, Daelo has been training in both boxing and baseball. Despite his young age, he shows a lot of promise and has already impressed his coaches with his skills.

Growing up in a family of such exceptional athletes has been a blessing for Javon and his siblings. From an early age, they were encouraged to pursue their passions and work hard to achieve their goals. This has resulted in a family of athletes who are not only talented but also dedicated and hardworking. It’s no wonder that Javon has become a rising star in the boxing world with a family like this behind him.

Javon Walton Euphoria

Fans first saw Ashtray in season 1 when he was approximately 11 years old, and they learnt that his grandmother abandoned him as a kid. He was reared by Fezco (Angus Cloud), who had lost his grandmother and babysitter when he was a toddler. Ashtray acquired his moniker after chewing on cigarette butts in the bathtub. By the second season, the young, tattooed drug dealer is about 13 years old. And it was evident in the first episode that he was still on a risky road when he assaulted a mouse with a hammer.

Going into season 2, fans of Euphoria didn’t know much about brothers Ashtray and Fezco. However, they learned more about the duo’s history at the premiere. The new season’s opening episode introduced fans to Fezco’s drug-dealing grandma (Kathrine Narducci).

She took Fez away from his violent father when he was a youngster and vowed to care for him. She did, however, prepare him for a life of crime. However, she also treated Ashtray as if he were her own grandson, despite the fact that they were not blood relatives. Ashtray became a member of her family after one of her customers left the infant as collateral but never returned to get him. When she became unwell, Fez took over as Ashtray’s primary caregiver.

Javon Walton Brother

His brother’s name is Jaden “Jdub” Walton. Jaden is a baseball player, while Jayla is a fighter who also plays volleyball. Daelo Jin Walton is the youngest of the Walton siblings, who have been boxing and baseball training since he was a toddler.

Javon Walton Height

Besides, he is 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) tall.

Javon Walton Weight

Besides, his weight is 51 kg.

Javon Walton Eye color

However, his eye color is dark brown.

Javon Walton Hair Color

However, his hair color is dark brown.

Javon Walton Net Worth

Javon Walton’s net worth is believed to be between $1 and $3 million. Walton’s net worth increased dramatically between 2020 and 2021, when his acting career took off. The majority of the actor’s profits came from his acting career; but, before becoming famous as a child actor, he was a Boxer and a Gymnast. Javon is also known for being a boxing prodigy prior to becoming an actor. He won Georgia state titles in both boxing and gymnastics. He has won the Georgia State Boxing Championship five times in a row, and he has also won the USA Boxing South East Regional Championship four times.

Javon Walton Girlfriend

Javon Walton has never married and is still unattached. Despite having a vast and loyal fan following, he has never committed her heart to anybody. Perhaps he is seeking for the ideal companion, someone who would love and care for him, or perhaps he simply does not want to fall in love so that he can focus on his profession. He has likewise kept the details of his prior collaborations hidden. However, he may be a newcomer to the political scene. He, like other celebrities, values his privacy and goes to considerable efforts to protect it. Like other celebrities, he chooses to keep his personal and romantic life private.

Javon Walton Nationality

Besides, his nationality is American.

Javon Walton Religion

However, he is christian.

Javon Walton Zodiac sign

Besides, his zodiac sign is Leo.

Javon Walton Favourite

However, his favourite foods are Pizza and Donuts. Then, his favourite actor is Ben Whishaw. Then, his favourite Actress is Sally Hawkins. Moreover, his favourite movie is Avengers Ends Game. Then, his favourite drink is Lemon juice. There is no information about his favourite subject. Then, his favourite Animal is Dog. Then, his favourite website is YouTube. However, his favourite colours are Red, Grey and Blue. Also, his favourite Car is the Bugatti Veyron. Then, his favourite singer is Justin Babier. Atlast, his hobbies are acting, Dancing & Boxing.

Some frequently asked questions

Javon Walton

Does Javon wanna Walton have a twin?

Javon Walton has three siblings, including his twin brother Jaden, and he comes from a large family. Javon “Wanna” Walton is a child actor from the United States who has been in television programmes such as Euphoria and Utopia.

How old is the Ashtray in Euphoria?

Javon “Wanna” Walton, 16, is the young actor who portrays Ashtray on HBO MAX. He appeared in the play when he was 12 years old, and it was his first significant acting role.

Is Javon Walton a boxer?

The star is actually a boxer and gymnast who aspires to compete in the Olympics. While most Euphoria fans are aware of Javon’s sporting ambitions, others viewers are only now discovering that the young star is an exceptionally skilled athlete.

Who is DJ Walton?

Javon’s father, Dj Walton, is an American professional boxer and a founder member of AK Worldwide. Aside from that, he founded OnWard Athletics and presently works as a coach.

How old is Fez’s little brother in Euphoria?

Nate is 11 years old in the flashback episode. In the shot, he appears to be roughly the same age as his younger brother, who appears to be many years younger. Nate is now 18 years old, so it’s been around 7 years since the photo was shot.

Who is Fez robbing?

When the cops came to Fez’s house, he and his younger brother, Ashtray (Javon Walton), a preadolescent with face tattoos, flushed all their narcotics down the toilet. Fez robbed Mouse’s supplier, a wealthy suburban doctor, in order to repay Mouse for all of the drugs.

Is Mac Miller on Euphoria?

Fans have pointed out that actor Angus Cloud looks similar to late rapper Mac Miller. Fez has been established to be a distinct sort of drug dealer character since the first episode: he cares about Rue, our heroine, played by Zendaya.

What makes Javon famous?

Javon Walton is a famous American kid actor. However, his real name is Javon Wanna Walton. Then, he is famous for his outstanding performance in Euphoria and Utopia. Moreover, he is also a boxer and gymnast. Also, he gained many followers for his boxing skills. He is a rising star who will be more famous in future. He is an active user of Instagram. However, he shared many daily updates and fashionable outfits on his instagram account. He did many movies and tv series. Also, he won multiple championships in boxing.

What happens to Fez in Euphoria?

The first episode, in classic Euphoria form, delves into the life of Fez, East Highland’s heroin dealer. By the end of the episode, he had been savagely beaten up by Fez, who had spent most of the party on the sofa talking to Lexi.

How old is Javon Walton now?

Besides, he is 16 years old currently.