Joey Joy: The Athlete on “Too Hot To Handle”

Joey Joy, born on July 15, 1997, is not only an athlete but also a reality TV star who gained fame through his appearance in the second season of Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle.” Now 25 years old, Joey hails from Harrisburg, US, and has become an Instagram star and social media personality following his stint on the reality show. Standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall, Joey was a football sensation since childhood and even played for the senior team at West Minister College, where he pursued a major in Business Administration.

Joey successfully auditioned for season 2 of “Too Hot To Handle” and was selected as one of the participants. Eventually, he entered the house in the sixth episode alongside Elle Monae and Tabitha Clift. However, Joey’s time in the house was marked by controversy, including a rule-breaking kiss with fellow participant Carly Lawrence.

With a significant fan following on Instagram, Joey shares captivating photos of his travels, lifestyle, and events. Consequently, he has become a sought-after face for major fashion brands, as he endorses their products. Furthermore, Joey maintains a self-titled YouTube channel and a TikTok account, further expanding his presence on social media platforms. Notably, he is also recognized as a popular figure for sports brands. If you have any doubts or questions about your favorite reality TV star, we are here to address them and provide answers.

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Joey Joy Bio/Wiki Table

Name Joey Joy
Occupation Social Media influencer, Reality TV star, Instagram personality
Age 25 years
Birthdate 15th July 1997
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Weight 68 kg
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Birthplace Harrisburg, USA
Education Major in Business Administration
TV Show “Too Hot To Handle” (Season 2)
Sports Former football player
Social Media Instagram: @joeyjoy
Endorsements Fashion brands and sports brands
Controversy Rule-breaking kiss with Carly Lawrence

Joey Joy Age, Height, Religion and Ethnicity & Nationality


Joey Joy, born on July 15, 1997, in Harrisburg, United States, is currently around 25 years old. He gained popularity through his participation in the adult dating reality TV show “Too Hot To Handle” on Netflix. Joey completed his schooling at Pine-Richland High School and later attended West Minister College, where he showcased his talent as a wide receiver in the college’s senior football team. Notably, he played a crucial role in helping the team secure a Division III championship. Following his time in college, Joey relocated to Miami, Florida, where he began actively auditioning for various reality shows.


Joey Joy possesses an athletic physique and stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches, which proved advantageous during his football tenure at West Minister College. His height, combined with his bold and confident nature, captivated many hearts due to his appealing appearance. Notably, Joey’s skills and determination led him to triumph in his senior year, securing the Division III championship for his college team. As a wide receiver, he played a pivotal role in the team’s success.


Joey Joe, born on July 15, 1997, in Harrisburg, United States, was raised in a Christian family. Although he prefers to keep details about his family private, he continues to reside with them in Pennsylvania following his appearance on “Too Hot To Handle.” Joey maintains his Christian faith, aligning with the religious practices upheld by his family.


Joey Joy, born on July 15, 1997, in Harrisburg, United States, falls under the zodiac sign of Cancer. As a typical Cancer individual, he possesses nurturing and loyal qualities. Joey gained significant attention for his relationship with Carly Lawrence during the show. Moreover, being an athlete at heart, he capitalizes on his own strengths and takes action accordingly.


Joey was born into a Christian family on 15th July, 1997. In the same way he practices Christianity and is of pure ethnicity. However, nothing has been revealed about his family and his background. We know he stays with his family and is certainly a family man. He has his siblings but we don’t know much about them either.


Born in Harrisburg, United States, Joey Joy, now 25 years old, has become a well-known reality TV star. Hailing from America, Joey rose to prominence following his appearance on the widely acclaimed Netflix reality TV show, “Too Hot To Handle.” Notably, his relationship with Carly Lawrence sparked considerable excitement among the show’s fans, creating a buzz and drawing significant attention.

Joey Joy Net Worth

Joey Joy, a renowned American reality TV star and social media personality, gained recognition for his athletic prowess while playing football for West minister college. He achieved widespread fame through his appearance in the second season of Netflix’s adult reality TV dating show, “Too Hot To Handle,” which premiered in 2021.

While Joey keeps his earnings and family life private, little information is available about his siblings. Nonetheless, his popularity soared after the show, amassing a substantial following on Instagram. Notably, a significant portion of his income comes from brand endorsements and partnerships. Additionally, Joey’s involvement in reality TV and other business ventures contribute to his diverse career.

According to reports, Joey’s estimated net worth is approximately $800k USD. With his status as a prominent reality TV star and social media influencer, his net worth is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

Joey Joy In “Too Hot To Handle”

In 2021, Netflix premiered the second season of its highly popular adult reality TV show, “Too Hot To Handle.” The show brings together single men and women on an island, aiming to find their ideal partners. Joey, after relocating to Miami, Florida, embarked on the audition process for the show. Following several rounds of auditions, he secured a spot and joined the show in the sixth episode alongside Elle Monae and Tabitha Clift. With his athletic physique and infectious smile, Joey quickly became a sensation within the house.

Initially, Joey showed interest in Melinda during the early days of the show, despite the presence of Marvin. However, his attention later shifted to Carly Lawrence, another contestant on the show. Their on-screen chemistry was intense and sparked controversy throughout their journey on the show. Eventually, they decided to leave the show together as a couple, further adding to the intrigue surrounding their relationship.

Joey Joy and Carly Lawrence

Joey Joy

Joey Joy and Carly Lawrence first crossed paths on the second season of Netflix’s adult dating reality TV show, “Too Hot To Handle.” Carly, a 24-year-old model from Toronto, was part of the show from its inception, while Joey entered in the sixth episode. Despite Carly’s initial connection with another contestant named Chase, her interest waned, and she soon found herself drawn to Joey. They quickly established a strong bond, sparking a fiery chemistry between them.

Initially, Joey had his sights set on Melinda, but his attention shifted once he discovered his connection with Carly. Unafraid to break the rules, they disregarded the show’s prohibition on physical contact and shared an onscreen kiss, leading to both admiration and controversy among fans. The dynamic between Joey and Carly made them a fan-favorite couple throughout the show.

Following the conclusion of the series, Joey and Carly continued their relationship as a couple for several months. They frequently shared adorable pictures and videos of their time together on Instagram, providing glimpses into their post-show life.

Joey and Carly post “Too Hot To Handle”

Joey Joy and Carly Lawrence’s journey after the controversial run on the second season of “Too Hot To Handle” took a tumultuous turn. Despite breaking the no-touch rule and sharing an onscreen kiss, Joey, a 25-year-old athlete from Miami, and Carly had a fiery chemistry during their time on the show. They decided to continue their relationship after the series ended, but fans began questioning the authenticity of their connection.

Following the show’s filming, Joey and Carly had a passionate relationship. They openly expressed their love for each other in multiple interviews, with Joey stating that he would have fallen in love with Carly as early as the first episode. They were emotionally invested, and rumors circulated that they planned to start a joint YouTube channel. Although they faced a few ups and downs, they managed to overcome them and remained strong. However, their relationship took a downward turn.

On August 30, 2021, Carly took to Instagram to announce that Joey had cheated on her with other girls, leading to a bitter end to their relationship. Accusations of cheating were made against Joey, and Carly went as far as claiming that he had used her. Carly officially declared that she was done with him and shared an Instagram story implying that Joey had moved on with other girls instead of being with her.

Fans of the show worldwide rallied behind Carly, who had been a strong contender for the title. During the final vote-out, Joey voted for Marvin Anthony, showing impartiality in his decision. Carly demanded that her association with Joey be removed from the competition. In contrast, Joey has not publicly addressed the breakup or the allegations made against him.

Joey Joy Instagram

Joey Joy, the American reality TV star and athlete, gained immense popularity after his appearance in the second season of Netflix’s “Too Hot Too Handle.” As a well-known social media personality, Joey has garnered approximately 400k followers on Instagram under the username @joeyjoy.

On his Instagram profile, Joey has built an extensive fanbase, captivating them with his posts showcasing travel adventures, lifestyle moments, and snapshots from various events. His passion for soccer is evident through his frequent appearances in soccer jerseys, and he often collaborates with renowned sports brands for endorsements. With a steady growth in engagements and endorsements, Joey’s career remains active and his fans delighted.

He first joined Instagram on June 30, 2016, and since then, his love for football shines through on his page, demonstrating his genuine passion for the sport.

Joey Joy YouTube

Joey Joy, the American football player and reality TV star who gained fame through his appearance on the second season of Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle,” has expanded his presence as a social media personality and influencer. He has developed a significant fan base worldwide and opened his own YouTube channel on July 10, 2021.

Joey’s first YouTube video featured his reaction to the onscreen kiss with Carly Lawrence, which garnered considerable attention and views from his dedicated fans. In addition to reaction videos, Joey shares travel vlogs and other relevant content on his channel. Currently, he has amassed around 5.6K subscribers who eagerly follow his YouTube journey.

Joey Joy TikTok

Joey Joy, the American reality TV star and influencer, maintains a strong presence across various social media platforms. Notably, he has garnered a significant following on TikTok, where he has been active for a considerable period of time. On TikTok, Joey shares a variety of content, including short vlogs, videos, and other engaging posts to entertain his fans and keep them entertained. His dedicated presence on TikTok allows him to connect with his audience in a unique and entertaining way.

Joey Joy Unknown Facts

Joey Joy, originally from Pennsylvania, United States, has gained significant recognition as a well-known figure in the world of reality TV. In addition to his television career, Joey has made a name for himself as a prominent football player. His success extends beyond the realm of athletics, as he holds a major in Business Administration and has ventured into multiple business investments.

One of Joey’s passions is traveling, and his social media is filled with captivating photos from various scenic destinations, including China, Russia, Italy, and more. Alongside his adventurous spirit, Joey is also an avid fan of Hollywood movies. He holds Will Smith as his favorite actor and Anne Hathaway as his favorite actress, appreciating their performances and talent.


How old is Joey Joy?

Joey Joy was born 15th April 1997 in Pennsylvania, United states. He is 25 years of age as of 2022. In 2021, he appeared on Netflix’s popular reality show, “Too Hot To Handle”.

How tall is Joey Jay?

Joey Jay was a prominent football player in his school and college. Hence he has an athletic physique with a height of 5 foot 9 inches. His height and his physique are one of the few attractive things about him.

Where is Joey from?

Joey was born in Pennsylvania, united states. He’s an American reality tv star and influencer. He finished his schooling and college from West minister College.

Are Carly and Joey still dating?

Joey Joy and Carly Lawrence came out together from the house of “Too Hot To Handle” as a couple. Things were great between them until there were some serious accusations. Carly announced on 31st August 2021 that she had broken up with Joey. According to her Joey had been cheating on her post the show. He had affairs with multiple women at the same time. She furthermore confessed that she feels used by Joey.

Is Joey single?

After his breakup with Carly and the accusations thrown towards him, Joey has been away from relationships. After August 2021, he is still single and stays with his family in Miami, Florida.