Carly Lawrence: Catch Latest Update On Too Hot To Handle Star

So, have you heard of the Netflix show “Too Hot To Handle”? You must have because it has been hugely popular and the youngsters’ names are flashing everywhere. Carly Lawrence as well is rising in popularity on the very same grounds. However, you might not know about it. So, let us see very briefly what all this is about.

So, Netflix has four seasons of “Too Hot To Handle” as of now. Lawrence appears in the second season which was shot in 2021. You can call it a reality show but it is a bit different from normal reality shows. It kind of has the Big Boss setting but only in a more romantic scenario. Well, that might sound a little confusing. So, let us see what exactly happens in “Too Hot To Handle” which suddenly made Carly Lawrence so famous.

Carly Lawrence

So, the show takes a bunch of youngsters, around 20-something-year olds, and keeps them aloof in a romantic and luxurious villa. Here they are supposed to meet each other and bond themselves. They may become friends, date each other, or fall in love, completely up to them. However, the catch is that they cannot indulge in any sexual relationship. The more chaste one is, the better their chance of winning the show.

Therefore, the one who is the most chaste bags the winner of the season with a huge cash prize. Moreover, it is difficult because the villa gives you every single chance of actually doing it. However, it is also obvious that all these contestants have a life outside the show, both personal and professional. Carly Lawrence is no exception.

So, Lawrence has been in showbiz since 2016 but her popularity definitely skyrocketed after she ended up in the third position on the show.

Carly Lawrence Wiki

So, let us see what we know about Carly Lawrence as of now. She is a model from Canada and she has been in and out of the business very frequently. However, she had started modeling as early as her high school days. So, she has considerable experience in her field by now. However, despite being a Canadian model in the first place, she is extremely popular in British television media. This is because “Too Hot To Handle”, which showed her to the world, is a British Netflix show. However, that is not just it. Despite being young, Carly Lawrence has great business acumen. So, she has already bagged several exciting brand endorsements and collaboration projects. Therefore, these include houses like Jaclyn Cosmetics, Sherri Hill, Hayley Elsaesser, and others. Hence, she is nothing short of a businesswoman. Moreover, her Instagram has also flourished.

However, it does not just end there. By September 2021, she already had her own podcast channel. She calls this “Now The Fun Starts”- the name itself screams of the podcaster being a fun gen z woman. So, this is definitely another one of her investments. Moreover, she had her first brand collaboration back in November 2021. So, she had shared an Instagram post with a paid partnership from the fashion brand PrettyLittleThing. It does not end there. In March 2022, she again collaborated successfully with the brand Fashion Nova.

However, she does not have a Wikipedia page. So, we do not have a lot of information about her early life, background, or parents. But, that does not mean we will not dig up and give you everything that we could find.


Known Name Carly Lawrence
Real name


Carly Sutherland Lawrence
Nickname Carly Lawrence, Carls
Date of Birth 30 May 1997
Age 25 years (As of February 2023)
Home Town Toronto, Canada
Current Residence So, she still lives in Toronto, Canada with her parents. However, since her fame rose based on a British show, she is often in London too for projects or collaborations.
Profession Model, media face, internet sensation, influencer, show participant, podcaster, and collaborator.
Boyfriend/ Affairs So, the current relationship status of Carly Lawrence is that she is married. She is now in a very peaceful relationship with Bennet Sipes though they do not know each other for that long. Moreover, their careers match a lot because Bennet rose to popularity with Love Island which is a similar show. However, while being on “Too Hot To Handle”, Lawrence was in a relationship with Joey Joy which quite became the talk of the town then. However, around the ending of the show, like most of the “Too Hot To Handle” couples, they broke up. Moreover, before she went to the show, she had been in a brief relationship with her highschool sweetheart.
Nationality So, she might be extremely popular in the United Kingdom but she is still based in Canada and holds Canadian citizenship.
Religion & Ethnicity So, Carly Lawrence is White Caucasian. Therefore, she comes from a mixed descent of Irish and English heritage. However, that is not to forget she is still Canadian despite her ethnicity and success both being achieved in the UK.

For religion, she is a Christian and claims herself to be a follower of Jesus.

Zodiac sign Gemini

That was a very quick look at the details of the popular “Too Hot To Handle” contestant, Carly Lawrence.

Carly Lawrence’s Age

Therefore, now, let us check out more about her personal as well as professional life. And of course, that starts with her age which is the most basic question.

Carly Lawrence took birth on 30 May 1997 to white caucasian parents in Toronto, Canada. Therefore, as of February 2023, she is 25 years old, almost heading on to 26. However, she has achieved quite a lot despite being so young and her net worth is already millions. And she has her entire career before her. Fans love her because she is lovely, honest, and congenial. With that kind of base, she really has a long way to go. This is just the start.

Carly Lawrence’s Tiktok

So, Carly Lawrence is a media face, an internet sensation, an influencer, a model, and a digital personality. Therefore, it is only natural that she will have a TikTok account and be immensely popular on it. She indeed is. So, if you are there on TikTok, you can check her out at @carlylawrence. There might be other accounts on the internet but this is her official one which you must follow!

Now, you will hardly be dazzled by the numbers because she is so extremely popular. Still, let us go through them quickly. So, she has a total view of 1.4 billion which is huge. On top of that, she has 30.9 million likes which is also no joke. You really have to build your profile on Tiktok to have a viewership like that. Moreover, she also has 882 thousand of followers. She puts up various kinds of videos on her account. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the follow button and keep following her for new and fresh content.

Carly Lawrence’s Instagram

So, TikTok is banned in a number of countries. If you have a digital personality that you really love and admire, this can be bothering as well as frustrating. But, never mind! With Instagram reels on the table, TikTok videos are hardly any different. Moreover, most of the stars are there on Instagram and it is not banned in most countries. So, you are good. If you are a Carly Lawrence fan, then there is definitely good news for you. She is there on Instagram. Check her out at carlylawrence_.

Carly Lawrence

So, now, let us quickly check the numbers which are only staggering. Therefore, she has 1.1 million followers which are huge. You can only imagine the kind of labor that has gone behind building that profile. That also becomes evident because as of now she has 288 posts. So, you know, she posts very regularly. On the other hand, she follows only 350 people. So, once you look at the gap, you will surely get amazed. Moreover, she also has 6 sets of highlights. Just like her TikTok bio, her Instagram bio also reads “Canadian made”. So, you know that she is a very proud Canadian, after all, no matter where her fame came from!

So, she has both image posts as well as reels. Her feed is a riot of colors and it is steaming hot. Well, you already know she is a model. Therefore, you can hardly be surprised if you find a lot of sexy pictures on her feed. So, she mostly posts pictures or reels of herself. They may come from shoots or simply for documentation. However, they are majorly from shoots. On the other hand, she does not post a lot from her personal life, that which involves her family, friends, or relationships.

Carly Lawrence’s Height, Stats & Measurements

So, let us just get real here. By now, you have definitely googled photos of Carly Lawrence. And, you must have come across some very beautiful, steamy, hot, and sexy photos. Yes, we love her and her absolutely stunning body! Moreover, when it comes to height, she is also quite winning that game. As a Caucasian white woman, she might not be extremely tall. However, she is taller than the average, we would say. She is more than 5 feet 7 inches. That is for sure something. Well, since she is a model and her body is definitely one of her chief assets, let us quickly give a run through her physical details.

Hair Color So, the base hair color of Carly Lawrence is brown. But come on, she is a public figure, a model on top of that. Therefore, you can hardly expect to see her brown hair. Sometimes, you might see her with a wig, sometimes with her hair dyed, and sometimes with some stunning highlights. Moreover, hair might be a part of her job as well. She might need to do or dye it depending on a project that she might be currently working on. So, a lot of factors are at work here.
Eye Color Hazel brown. She indeed has beautiful eyes.
Height Feet – 5 feet 8 inches

Meters – 1.73 m

Centimeters – 173 cm

Weight In Kilograms – 56 Kg

In Pounds– 123.5 lbs

So now, we have gone through the physical details of Carly Lawrence in detail. We have also known about her professional life, whatever there could have been to know. So, the only part left is surely her past and her personal life. Therefore, let us go through that a bit now.

Carly Lawrence and Chase DeMoor 

So, Carly Lawrence and Chase DeMoor sparked off in the second season of “Too Hot To Handle”. Chase was also a fellow contestant. Their romance was budding and it received considerable clout. However, as you can already guess, it was not long-lasting. So, Carly had kissed Peter Vigilante but that was only on a dare. It did not go well with Chase. Their relationship became very difficult though they had initially almost immediately connected.

So, it was only natural that Chase’s lack of affection and doubts did not sit well with Carly. Therefore, they broke up. However, in the course of the show, they soon found them with other romantic partners. So, Chase paired with Tabitha Clifft. On the other hand, Lawrence got into a relationship with Joey Joy. These two had entered the show later. So now let us go through the relationship that had the most clout- between Carly and Joey.

Carly Lawrence and Joey Joy

So, as you can already guess, Joey Joy was also a contestant on the second season of the Netflix show “Too Hot To Handle”. Carly met her after she broke up with Chase. Their relationship was one of the most popular ones that came out of that show. It made them famous as much as it gathered viewership for the show. Everyone was talking about them. They kissed on the show and were very happy. Moreover, they also walked out of the show being in a relationship.

Carly Lawrence

However, Carly Lawrence did not have a lot of luck with “Too Hot To Handle” guys, apparently. In August 2021, they had broken up. But that is not just it. She said she felt Joey Joy had simply used her and had cheated on her. Allegedly, she had been paying for absolutely nothing.

However, two years later, she is very happy with Bennet Sipes and we can only wish the best for her.

Carly Lawrence “Too Hot To Handle”

So, there is not much more to add here. We already know that Carly Lawrence appeared in the second season of the British Netflix show “Too Hot To Handle”. Moreover, she was also one of the most popular contestants of her season. Her Instagram followers skyrocketed right after. Moreover, it opened up her career.

She had also ended in third place. However, she was always the talk of the town because of the relationships that she got into during her time in the show- both with Chase as well as with Joey Joy. It is true that none of them ended on a good note but she had her run!

Carly Lawrence FAQs

Did Carly and Joey stay together?

Well, when they walked out of the show in 2021, they were still together. However, they then broke up. After this, they reconciled. They even moved in and started living together in Los Angeles. However, the spell broke soon. Carly caught Joey cheating on him and she felt like he had been using her all the while. Well, you can guess, they obviously broke up after that. Moreover, now she is with Bennet Sipes.

Did Carly and Chase get together?

Yes, they did spark almost instantaneously when they were on the show. So, they got into a relationship. However, it soon became very difficult and laborious. Carly could not feel the warmth of his affection for her. Moreover, Chase was very doubtful of her. So, they finally chose to break up and got together with other partners who appeared later on the show. For Carly, as we all know now, this was how she got with Joey Joy. To know more about them, scroll up and read the “Carly Lawrence and Chase” section.

Did Joey cheat on Carly?

Well, yes Joey cheated on Carly. As per various entertainment news, Carly had posted a number of stories back then that clearly revealed Joey was cheating on her. Moreover, that really put her through a lot.

Who does Carly end up with “Too Hot To Handle”?

Well, so, in the show, Carly ends up with Joey Joy but then breaks up with him for good. Therefore, she again falls in love with Bennet Sipes who is the Love Island star. Moreover, they were so much in love that despite not knowing each other for a long while, they are already married. And, they are very happy together.