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Tabitha Clifft is a fitness influencer, reality TV celebrity, and Instagram model. Tabitha has acquired a big Instagram following, pushing others to live a healthy and active lifestyle. She has a good eye for fashion and a fit figure to match. Tabitha has been on numerous prominent reality TV series, including Too Hot to Handle Season 2. Besides, She continues to attract fans with her captivating attitude and stunning appearance. Whether she is uploading a new gym plan or flaunting the newest fashion trends, she is a real trendsetter and a force in the entertainment world.

Tabitha, a growing social media personality and fashion model, has been a face and advocate of several fashion, cosmetics, and clothing businesses. Beautiful Little Things, Lounge Underwear, A Vintage Fit, and many more are examples. In addition, she manages the “Glow By Tabitha” beauty and health blog. In this article, we are talking about this star. So, keep reading to know more about her.

Tabitha Clifft Bio/Wiki Table

Tabitha Clifft

Birth Name Tabitha Clift.
Sweet Name Tabitha Maria.
In Headlines Too Hot To Handle Season 2.
Profession Model & Entrepreneur.
Age 29 Years Old
Birth Date March 6, 1995.
Birth City London, United Kingdom
Nationality British.
Gender Female.

Tabitha Clifft Glow

So, Tabitha Clifft of “Too Hot To Handle” has shared her terrible health scare after being admitted to the hospital for partying too much. After suffering “mentally and physically” from body dysmorphia, the 22-year-old was forced to spend 11 days on a drip. Tabitha, who appeared late in season two of Too Hot To Handle, has spoken up about her trauma in the hopes that it would assist others. Tabitha, who has a new fitness company called Glow By Tabitha, explained her mental condition at the time: “I was uncomfortable, worried, had body dysmorphia, and despised the ‘omg you’re so tiny’ comments.”

“On top of that, I had acne, IBS, and was severely dependent on medicines for headaches, stomach problems, heartburn, you name it!” “On top of that I was blindly consuming contraceptive pills, throwing all my hormones out of balance and increasing the harm I was inflicting to my microbiota.” “On top of that, I was partying every weekend, abusing my body, and associating with individuals who didn’t care about my well-being.” Tabitha’s life and health began to spiral out of control. She ended up in the hospital with a serious kidney infection and was forced to make life-altering decisions.

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“I dropped much more weight and was genuinely at rock bottom at this time,” she explained.

“It was at this point that I realized I needed to modify my whole approach to not only my health, but also to my entire life. “My house, relationships, social life, profession, and spirituality all need improvement. When I began to develop an interest in nutrition and the use of food as medicine, I discovered that healing my gut healed nearly all of my ailments!” She went on to say: “Today, I am pleased with the strength I have developed in my body. I am even more pleased with the mental fortitude I have developed.

Tabitha Clifft

“I am IBS-free, my skin is Glowing, and I am so fucking full of energy and will to continue this path because I know it isn’t done yet.” The former model from London is now a fitness teacher and licenced dietician. She dated Chase DeMoor on the TV show but ended things due to the distance between them. In an unexpected change of events, Tabitha was pictured in Malt with series winner Marvin Anthony. They were visiting a lot of eateries while exploring Portomaso and Valletta. That sparked controversy since Marvin departed the show while dating Melinda Melrose.

Tabitha Clifft On Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle season 2 has captivated fans, and we’re ready to reveal the main takeaways from the reunion. As host Chloe Veitch spoke with her fellow THTH alums, the turmoil that made the TV show so addicting was frequently on display. But, there were some humorous and lighter moments as well. There’s a lot to absorb here, from Emily Miller’s favorite baby name to Melinda Melrose’s messaging troubles with Marvin Anthony.

Season 2 of Too Hot To Handle featured fit and lively singletons taking commands from digital presenter Lana. Instead of meaningless couplings, this cone wants cast members to learn how to build meaningful emotional ties. The candidates had no idea they wouldn’t be permitted to have sexual relations with other cast members while vacationing at the Turks & Caicos Turtle Tail resort. Viewers could feel their annoyance when they discovered it. Contestants may, of course, breach the rules, but when they did, money was withheld from the cash reward.

The season 2 reunion aired on YouTube after a fantastic season full of rule violations, love triangles, and so much more. It allowed viewers to observe how the THTH alumni were doing after the show. The reunion was full of unexpected twists and turns. On July 5, the reunion was published on the Netflix UK & Ireland YouTube page, and fans were overjoyed to see Chloe hosting. Her inquisitive, gossipy, and extroverted demeanor was ideal for the work at hand! Chloe didn’t find love in Turks and Caicos, but she did get a professional boost from the TV show. See below for the “Extra Hot” reunion episode.

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Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose’s love looked genuine enough at Turtle Tail Resort, despite the fact that the relationship had a difficult start and Melinda seemed to do all the chasing. Several supporters believe Marvin manipulated Melinda in order to win the monetary award. Marvin, the French hottie who won his 3rd season, wanted to travel to Mexico with American Melinda when the season concluded. As the two began squabbling, the entire vacation was scheduled. Marvin decided to cancel his vacation at the last minute. Marvin then abandoned Melinda, who related the entire tragic story during the reunion. Melinda, a fan favorite, is now dating her former Too Hot to Handle co-star Peter Vigilante.

Tabitha Clifft

The majority of viewers were glad that these two remained together after filming. Cam and Emily fared far better than Marvin and Melinda, and some viewers believe that Instagram phenomenon Cam deserved to win since he changed the most honestly during the TV show. Emily joked during the reunion that she would name their child Lana. She is not pregnant, but she is interested in marriage and having children in the future. Emily, on the other hand, had difficulties with Cam because of his famous encounter with Tabitha Clifft. Tabitha encouraged Cam to shower with her. He finally rejected her, but Emily believed he should have said no sooner.

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Chase is seen as one of the villains of his Too Hot to Handle season since he did not show Carly Lawrence the devotion she desired and instead moved on to Tabitha in an instant. According to evidence disclosed at the reunion, he may have fallen in love with Tabitha at first sight. Once the show’s production concluded, the athletic Chase continued to pursue her. Tabitha said he sent her a note. He declared his love in the letter. Chase stated that Tabitha had planned to accompany him but ended up in Dubai instead. Ultimately, the Too Hot To Handle season 2 reunion was as fascinating as the show itself.

Tabitha Clifft Career

Tabitha Clifft is the most recent addition to Netflix’s reality TV show. She is a model, business owner, and Integrated Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. London-based Tabitha is believed to have been born around 1995, putting her approximately 29 years old. She made an explosive debut in Too Hot To Handle season 2, coming on a jet ski alongside Elle. Tabitha immediately drew the attention of both Chase DeMoor and Marvin Anthony. Chase recently divorced Carly Lawrence, so might there be romance on the horizon? In any case, Tabitha stated that she is “ready to f*** s*** up,” implying that she isn’t afraid to step on anyone’s toes. Tabitha just received her certification as an Integrated Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. In June 2020, she received her certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

This certificate is in support of Tabitha’s work with her own brand, GLOW by Tabitha. Tabitha’s quest for wellness began at an early age. This followed a period of intense drinking and partying in her late adolescence. Tabitha came to Bali at the age of 17 after leaving London. “I fell into a whole new way of living,” Tabitha says on the GLOW website. It was a blessing in disguise. I spent three years traveling between Bali and Australia, and every day was a new revelation of my enthusiasm for healthy living and food.” Tabitha expanded her health quest last year to include exercise, especially weight training. Tabitha has now turned her exercise and good eating advice into a wellness brand. GLOW offers two plans: 4 Week Glow Up and Bubble Butt Builder.

Tabitha Clifft Net Worth

Tabitha Clifft has a net worth of $400,000 dollars. Her primary sources of income are sponsorship and business. She utilizes Instagram to get compensated sponsorships. Her expected earnings from each source are listed below. She has more than 332k followers on Instagram. Every day, she gains thousands of new followers. As a result, marketers are looking for her to promote their brand/product through a sponsored post. She has a % engagement rate on average. As a result, the expected profits from a sponsored Instagram post are around $800.

Many people are unaware that she is a trained health coach and integrated nutritionist. She started selling fitness/health-related books on her own website, Glow By Tabitha. Besides, She discusses numerous suggestions and strategies for improving one’s health and lifestyle in the book. She now has three e-books offered on her website, each costing £30, £50, and £30. Her income from this source, however, is unavailable.

Tabitha Clifft Age, Height, Nationality

Tabitha Clifft is 29-year-old age. She was born in 1995, making her 29 years old at the time. Her nationality and background are unknown.

The only thing that is known is that she is from London. As a result, the actress is of European descent. Tabitha is 5 feet 7 inches tall (170 cm) and weighs around 56 kg.

Tabitha Clifft Instagram

So, Tabitha Clift’s Instagram page is full of wellness and fitness content, as you might guess from her work, as well as frequent influencer-style photos. She also posts fashion photographs that inspire her, usually Vogue covers, in addition to her own modeling work. She already has over 332k followers on the social networking platform. We’re confident that, along with the other cast members, her popularity will skyrocket.

Tabitha Clifft Boyfriend

Chase and Tabitha were the unexpected romance that fans didn’t see coming after Tabitha had her heart set on Cam. But they ultimately became close, and Chase fell deeply for Tabitha – more than the audience realized. He told us, “Me and Tabitha… There were a lot of things they didn’t show, including how we truly got the green light at the white party. Tabitha and I have a pretty good connection; she calls me at four o’clock in the morning, so I turn on the light and chat to her for a few minutes. “I get along well with both Tabitha and Carly.”

But, when we asked the NFL athlete if he explored his affections for Tabitha, he cryptically replied: “I don’t know, you never know, relationships are one of those things you can never really anticipate or forecast or anything. “I definitely had chemistry with Tabitha, and I definitely had chemistry with Carly, but only time will tell.” Tabitha and Chase struck it off as soon as Tab came as a grenade, which caused a slew of problems for Chase’s prior flame on the show, Carly. Regrettably, the couple is no longer together, claiming distance as the cause – Tab lives in the UK, while Chase lives in the United States. They are, however, still in contact.


Tabitha Clifft

  • Tabitha Clift, a London-based model, startled the Too Hot To Handle participant when she appeared as a Special Guest in Season 2 on June 30.
  • Her identity was already exposed to the public on June 23 when she attended the Season 2 Special Screening photocall at Fulham Beach Bar.
  • Tabitha is a fitness fanatic and businesswoman in real life, in addition to being a lovely reality TV star on-screen.
  • She maintains her GlowByTabitha website as a businesswoman, where she distributes Workout & Beauty Programs in the form of Books.
  • On December 13, 2018, she uploaded a picture of a small girl with the words “God bless all the children alone this Christmas; my heart is with you all,” demonstrating her kind personality.
  • She visited La Brisa Bali, Ipanema, and Santiago, Chile, for modeling and sightseeing on several occasions.
  • Tabitha Clift, who is 5 feet 6 inches tall, arrived in London on March 7, 1995, and is now 27 years old, although she hasn’t revealed anything about her parents.
  • She usually uploaded her daring photographs on social media before February 9 because this is when she initially appeared in full costume.
  • She never stated anything about her family on social media, however she is related to Stephanie Clifft.
  • Most contestants on Too Hot to Handle have been hurt at some point in their love lives. But Cliff has no record of his previous relationships.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tabitha Clifft?

Tabitha Clifft was born in England on March 6, 1995 (age 29). She is a reality TV star. According to numerology, Tabitha Clifft’s Life Path Number is 5. English reality personality best known for her participation in Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle. Apart from being a reality celebrity, she owns the Glow By Tabitha website, where she promotes fitness and beauty plans.

Is Tabitha a Fitness coach?

Tabitha Clifft is an IIN Certified Health Coach who is passionate about transforming young ladies. With her straightforward yet compassionate coaching technique, Glow by Tabitha, she assists clients in losing both physical and emotional weight. Tabitha presently resides in London. She enjoys traveling and has spent years living overseas in Australia and Bali. Besides, she lived a health-conscious lifestyle and met like-minded individuals. The 4 Week Glow Up plan is now available for purchase on her site. It is based on her own experience as well as her education as a Health Coach.

What is Clifft’s Brand name?

Tabitha, on the other hand, is much more than a model. She is also an entrepreneur trainer who is passionate about assisting her customers with Glow Up. Tabitha is a qualified health coach and registered dietician. She earned her diploma from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in June 2020. Tabitha’s work with her own brand, GLOW by Tabitha, is backed by certification. Tabitha’s health and fitness advice has been included into her wellness brand. The 4 Week Glow Up and the Bubble Butt Builder are the two plans offered by GLOW.

How old is Tabitha?

Tabitha Clifft is a British and English reality TV star who rose to prominence after appearing on the second season of Too Hot to Handle. In addition to her work as a reality personality, she is the owner of the Glow By Tabitha website, where she promotes numerous health and beauty routines. Tabitha Clifft was born on March 6, 1995 in England, United Kingdom. Tabitha Clifft will be 28 years old In March 2023.

Who is Tabitha’s boyfriend?

Tabitha is now single, which is great news for her followers. She is not dating anyone, male or woman. Her social media sites include no evidence of prior partnerships or dating activities. She has not disclosed any information about her parents or siblings. Her height is 5 feet and 7 inches, and her body measurements are 35-25-37. Tabitha has had some plastic surgery on her body. Her breast implants and buttock implants are two of the most visible.

Who won Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle?

Marvin won the $10,000 prize over Cam Holmes, Carly Lawrence, and Chase DeMoor after demonstrating that he transitioned from a ladies man to a serious boyfriend after making it official with Melinda. He was elected by a majority vote of the season 2 cast.