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Born on 27th April, 1995 Melinda Melrose is an American social media influencer and actress. Melinda is very popular in Instagram and TikTok. After her successful modelling gigs she rose to fame during her stint in Netflix’s adult reality tv show “Too Hot to Handle”.

Besides her modelling, Melinda is also well known for being highly opinionated. Similarly, she was confident and brave in performing the tasks that were assigned to her in the show.

Melinda shot to fame quickly and was nicknamed “Queen of Sass” for her savage one-liners. In fact, she successfully owns the name until now. She is popular within young people all over the world. Here we will resolve all your doubts on your favourite model and celebrity from “Too Hot to Handle” season 2.

Melinda Melrose Bio/Wiki Table

Occupation Model, Social Media influencer, Reality Tv star, Actress, Dancer, Content creator, Media personality
Age 29 years
Birthdate 27 April 1993
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Weight 59 kgs or 127 pounds
Height 5 feet 6 inches or 167 cm

Melinda Melrose Age, Height, Religion and Ethnicity & Nationality



Melinda Melrose was actually born as Melinda Berry. She is one of the most popular females faces on the reality Tv and likewise a successful model. Melinda was born on 27th April 1993 in Philadelphia. Melinda chose modelling as her profession since a very young age. She was an instant success in her field of passion. It made her on of the most popular faces entering the house of “Too Hot to Handle” season 2. She is 29 years of age as of 2022.


Melinda Melrose is very popular in the modelling industry for her strong and curvy physique. In addition, she carries her dresses and her fashion sense like a boss. Hence, she is a part of many popular brands and featured on many magazines.

Melinda Melrose

Melinda has a medium and average height of around 5 feet 6 inches. She is a bold, confident and strongly opinionated woman in the field of fashion.


Melinda Melrose was originally born as Melinda berry in a family of 16 in Philadelphia. She has never revealed much about her parents or family. However, we know that she belongs to one big happy family. Similar to her parents, Melinda has been practising Christianity. In fact, she originated from a middleclass house old. Melinda has 15 siblings. Her father was a small-time business man in his region.


Melinda Melrose has always been careful enough to not reveal much about her family and siblings. Nonetheless from certain interviews and her old records we know that Melinda was born to her parents on April 27,1993. She has 15 other siblings and they resided together in Philadelphia. Melinda has a mixed ethnic background similar to her parents.


Melinda Melrose was in fact born as Melinda Berry on April 27, 1993 and is 29 years of age as per 2023. She is an American reality tv star and also a social media personality. She was a part of Netflix’s adult reality show “Too Hot to Handle”. Melinda completed all her education from Pennsylvania. Now, she currently resides in Brooklyn and is a proud New Yorker.


Melinda was born to family of 15 in Pennsylvania on 27th April, 1993. She is 29 years of age and is a Taurus. Likewise other Taurus personalities Melinda is a self-composed and strong individual. She is passionate and honest in her love. For an instance we have her fiery chemistry with her co contestant Marvin Anthony in the house of “Too Hot to Handle”. She has also had several long-term relationships in her past.

Melinda Melrose Net Worth

Melinda Melrose is one of America’s most popular Model and reality Tv star. She had a popular run on the show and her fans showered her with their love. Moreover, her bold personality and her courageous takes on certain topics gave her worldwide recognition.

Melinda is also equally popular on Instagram and TikTok and has millions of followers. As a social media influencer, she has signed many deals with leading brands. Also, a huge amount of her earning comes from social media engagements and followers. Melinda also works with successful clothing and shoe brands on Instagram.

In the final analysis, we can calculate that Melinda Melrose’s net worth is approximately around 200 thousand USD.

Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony

Melinda joined the second season of Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” with a lot of confidence and charisma. She was quite determined to provide good entertainment experience for fans of the show. Therefore, her attractive personality, her confidence and her charm really came in handy. She started having a connection with Marvin Anthony within a few days.

Melinda and Marvin’s chemistry started budding right from the beginning of the show. Consequently, it quickly escalated into a relationship and caught the attention of the fans. While their stay in the house, Marvin and Melinda looked warm together and spend a lot of time trying to understand each other. As a result, they were fan favourites.

Melinda and her partner left the house as a fiery couple but soon split up outside. Although Melinda was very much emotionally invested in their relationship, Marvin had problems. He struggled with commitment issues. They had frequent fights post the show and finally decided to part their ways on July 2021.

However, Melinda moved on quickly and started dating Peter Vigilante, another contestant from the show. This news was confirmed by Peter via an Instagram post.

Melinda Melrose and Peter Vigilante

Peter was also a part of “Too Hot to Handle” season 2. Melinda spends some good time with him but he was eliminated quickly. Melinda had fights with Marvin if she had a conversation with Peter. Though Marvin and Melinda had commendable chemistry on the show, there were some issues between them.

They left the show as a couple with strong bonds, but their problems continued. Finally, Marvin and Melinda split up around June 2021, which was confirmed in one of the reunion episodes of the show. Melinda quickly moved on into dating Peter Vigilante after her breakup.

Melinda and Peter announced their relationship on 5th July with an Instagram post. Most of her co stars from the show were indeed excited about the new couple. Melinda and Peter had a beautiful summer in their relationship. They were often seen posting pictures together. Peter and Melinda’s rekindled romance post the show quickly became popular.

Current relationship Status

Melinda and Peter rekindled their old romance from the house of “Too Hot to Handle” in of July 2021. Their romance was an internet sensation as both of them were finally happy. As a result, fans kept waiting for their comments on each other’s posts or their pictures.

However, things started to change after the warm summer of 2021 passed away. Suddenly they stopped posting pictures together. Afterwards there were rumours of a long distance relationship. However, it was finally revealed by Peter that they broke up on March 2022. The reasons of their breakup were furthermore unknown.

Melinda Melrose Modelling

Melinda Melrose

Melinda is a popular American model who can create the perfect moment in front of a camera. She tried modelling right from a very young age. Born in 27th April, 1993 she is 29 years of age now. Her confidence and bold opinions make her a youth sensation. As a result of her success in modelling, she was called in the house of “Too Hot to Handle”.

She has modelled for many designers, publications and photographers. Modelling is her passion and we can even say that she knows her art well. Melinda is 5’’6’ inches in height. It is considered short according to fashion industry standard. But she breaks all barriers in front of her thus setting a worthy example.

Besides she also likes to spread a message of body positivity through her Instagram posts, motivating her fans all over the world.

Melinda Melrose YouTube Channel

Melinda started her own YouTube channel in 2015. She mostly posts makeup, fashion and hair styling ideas on her channel. Melinda recently reached to 76k subscribers in 2022. Furthermore, she has an average view of around 10,000 per video.

Currently she started a segment called “Let’s talk about it” on her YouTube channel. So, it is a segment where Melinda provides her bold and confident opinions on dating and life related issues.

Melinda Melrose Instagram

Melinda is popular on social media. She has 1 million followers. In September 2022, she announced her new Netflix show “Dated and Related”. In this show she appears as a host. Also, Melinda is also a part of engagements and brands on Instagram. Her fans wait for her bold posts.


Are Melinda and Marvin still together?

Melinda and Marvin from “Too Hot to Handle” were in fact the talk of the show. They indeed had a fiery chemistry between they were in the house. However, things went rough once they came out of the show. Finally, they broke up after some serious fights.

Are Melinda and Peter a couple?

Melinda started dating another participant from the show, Peter after her split up with Marvin. Similar to Marvin, she also had a beautiful chemistry with Peter.

Where is Melinda from?

Melinda Melrose is in fact a Philly girl. However, she currently stays in Brooklyn. Melinda owns a lavish villa. But she has always been proud of her Philly origin. Melinda Berry, later Melinda Melrose was born to her parents on 27th April, 1993 in Philadelphia.

Where is Melinda based now?

Melinda currently lives in Brooklyn. She is a reality TV star and has huge following in all social media platforms. Consequently, she’s one of the most celebrated social media influencers.

What is Melinda Melrose net worth?

Melinda’s net worth is 200 thousand USD. Firstly, she is a part of several modelling deals of top brands. Next, she also endorses several products on Instagram.