Marcella Samora: Everything About Selena Quintanilla’s Mother

Who is Marcella Samora?

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, more commonly known as Selena, was an excellent pop singer. The name of her mother is Marcella Samora. She is more commonly famous around the world for her daughter. Thus, people all over the globe know Samora as Selena’s mother.

Marcella Samora Wiki

Born on July 17, 1944, in the USA, Marcella Samora is partly Mexican-American and partly of Indian ethnicity. Initially, her father lived in Amarillo, Texas, while her mother was a native of Colorado. Not much do people know about how her parents raised Samora or her academic life. It was in Washington where she had come across her future husband, Abraham Jr.

Full Name Marcella Samora
Gender Female
Net Worth $5 million dollars (approx.)
Birth Date July 17, 1944
Age 77 years
Horoscope Cancer
Birth Place Washington DC, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Social Activist
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Lucky Number 6
Lucky Stone Moonstone
Lucky Color Silver
Spouse Abraham Quintanilla Jr. (m. 1963)
Famous As Mother Of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez
Daughter Selena Quintanilla-Perez (Died) and Suzette Quintanilla
Son Abraham Isaac Quintanilla
Height 5’6″
Father Marcella’s father was from Amarillo, Texas
Mother Marcella’s mother was from Colorado
Resides Washington DC
Education Master of Arts in Journalism at New York University
Marital Status Married
Weight 70 kg
Last Updated February 2022

Marcella Samora Age

As of 2021, Marcella Samora is 77 years old and was born on July 17, 1944.

Marcella Samora Birthday

The birthday of Marcella Samora is on July 17.

Marcella Samora Social Media Profile

Samora is not active on either of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Insta.

Meeting of Samora and Abraham Jr.

Abraham Jr.Abraham Jr. was present in Washington on account of his services to the U.S. military. Therefore, it was there that they came across each other. After that, they went into an affair and also exchanged wedding vows. Hence, Abraham and Samora had their engagement in June 1963.

Wedding Life of Marcella Samora and Abraham Quintanilla Jr.

After their wedding, the couple gave birth to a child. Then Marcella Samora and her entire family moved to Texas. After they shifted, Samora gave birth to two more children. Both of them were daughters. Hence, one’s name was Suzette, and the other’s name was Selena.

The daughters of Marcella received music training quite well from their father, Abraham. This is because he is a singer and a song composer himself. Revolving around his three children, he formed a mutual group. The name of the group was Selena y Los Dinos. But eventually, Selena was the one who turned out to be the best of all. Thus, among the three siblings, Selena came out to be the luckiest one.

More about Marcella Samora After Her marriage

Marcella Samora's FamilyIn the late 1970s, the doctors found out that Marcella Samora had a tumor. They proposed to remove it as soon as possible through surgery. But Abraham was not very happy with the decision. Therefore, he decided to take a second opinion. However, when they took a second opinion, they found out that Samora was pregnant instead. Hence, the doctors informed them that Marcella would be giving birth to a son. They even decided on a name for him. However, when Samora gave birth, it was a daughter, and they named her Selena. This is how Selena was born. If anyone knew from before what lies for her in the future, they would have taken extra care. This is how a girl with huge flair and talent stepped foot in this world.

About the Murder of Samora’s daughter, Selena

SelenaIt was in the year 1995 that someone named Yolanda murdered Samora’s daughter, Selena. But eventually, the murderer could not flee. The name of the murderer was Yolanda. Therefore, Samora’s family became extremely sad, and she fought along with her family for the justice of her daughter. Eventually, Selena received justice, and the fight that Samora and her family had put up paid off. The court declared the murderer Yolanda of murdering Selena and sentenced him to life custody. Therefore, there was even a possibility of parole after 30 years.

Info About Selena’s Murderer, Yolanda Saldívar

Yolanda Saldívar

Yolanda Saldívar is a famous retired registered nurse because of her crime involvement in pop singer Selena’s murder. Born on September 19, 1960, in San Antonio, Texas, U.S., she created a fan club for Selena. Therefore, the bond between them deepened eventually. Yolanda ultimately won her trust as a very close person. Hence, one day Selena appointed her as the manager of her boutiques.

However, not everyone is worthy of trust. At least Yolanda was not. She solely made herself involved in theft activities. Hence, she started to steal major funds and crucial documents from the boutique and the fan club. Selena’s fans and staff members reported to Selena about the incident a number of times. But Selena did not break their friendship. She hardly believed whatever anyone said. Hence, eventually, Selena maintained the friendship. But soon, she figured out the true motives of Yolanda. And it was not very late when Selena confronted her. A shocked, terrified, and helpless Yolanda found no way out and shot Selena to death.

The Fan Club of Selena

Initially, a retired nurse named Yolanda disliked Selena and was a fan of Tejano music. However, after attending her shows and concerts, she eventually started to like Selena’s music. But most of all, she loved Selena’s stage concerts. Hence, she thought of starting a fan club for Selena. She created the fan club in San Antonio, Texas. The creation of the fan club had settled to an accord between both Yolanda and Selena’s family. People say that Yolanda texted her almost 15 times to gain approval to open the club. Eventually, they agreed. Therefore, it was in June 1991 that she formed the club and became the club’s president. All fans of Selena received extra perks, and she also stated a membership fee.

Selena and Yolanda were initially close friends, but eventually, everything in between them became rougher and bitter. Apart from that, she also created a bridge with Selena’s family. Therefore, she went on being the closest and the most efficient assistant. Nobody knew her aims back then. Later on, someday, she will turn out to be the murderer of Selena. She even retired from her nursing job to devote herself entirely to the club. More precisely speaking, all the earnings of the club were given to a charity. However, Yolanda constantly went on to impress Selena and her family. Therefore, in 1993, Selena’s fan club became the most popular fan club in the area.

Bitter Phase in Selena’s Fan Club

Selena launched her boutique in 1994. Its name was ‘Selena Etc.’ It had its branches in Corpus Christi and San Antonio. She made Yolanda its manager as well. Hence, from 1994 onwards, Yolanda started managing the boutiques. Apart from that, she even moved to Corpus to spend some quality time with Selena. Her aim was always to come closer to Selena. In the same year, she also started handling the finance wing. Her work was to issue and encash cheques.

However, the bitter things started in the same year itself. It was when the club went into a financial crisis. The funds strangely kept vanishing. Yolanda, herself being the actual culprit, started to fire a few personally disliked employees. She initially blamed them for the sudden loss. Few of Selena’s fans and employees even reported to her that Yolanda abused everyone in her absence. But Selena was too blind to see her faults because she shared a deep bond with Yolanda. Seeing how blinded she is by Yolanda’s faults, the staff members took to her father, Abraham.

The Reason Behind the Fan Club’s Financial Loss

In January 1995, Selena’s cousin, Debra, joined her club to help in rising business. However, she quit within a week. She admitted about the staff’s inability to report sales. Debra also told everyone about missing sales receipts of many boutique items. However, Yolanda even tried to turn Selena against her designer Martin. Thus, in the same year, Selena and her father confronted Yolanda about her inability and loss of funds. However, she did not admit a thing. Thus, Yolanda failed to give any reason behind it.

Moreover, Abraham found out that the fan club’s bank account was under Yolanda’s sister’s name,” Maria.” Thus, Selena and her family decided to fire her from work but paused for their deep bond. She also did not cut off ties with her as Yolanda had Selena’s all finance papers. The papers were a must for tax plans. Therefore, on March 10, 1995, Selena removed Yolanda from the boutique’s bank account. She appointed a new manager named Irene as her substitute for the club’s president.

The Entire Story Behind The Murder Of Selena

  • Selena’s father Abraham opened up one day that not only once did Yolanda attempted to murder her. It happened at least three times. Roughly, the first attempt was on March 11, 1995. This day was 2 weeks before Yolanda shot her. It was on that day that Selena realised that Yolanda owned a gun. Since they were close friends, Selena did not overthink much, and she casually handed over the gun to her.
  • The gun was a 38 caliber revolver. On that day, both of them traveled to Tennessee to complete her first cross over album. Moreover, Selena even asked her about the missing bank reports. Hence, her first murder attempt failed.
  • The second attempt was on March 27. It was in a motel where Yolanda was present too. However, somehow she was saved on account of her fans.
  • The third and final attempt was on March 31. It was the day when Yolanda personally called Selena alone in a motel. The name of the motel was “Days Inn,” and it was in Corpus Christi. She wanted to hand the bank reports over to Selena. Instead, when Selena went there, she found that there were no reports.
  • But Yolanda was constantly making excuses that a couple of days ago, she was raped. Selena did not hesitate. She took her to the hospital urgently for a medical check without knowing it was just a lie. However, doctors did not find any signs of rape on her report.

Final Moments of Selena’s Life

When they both went back to their motel, Selena asked her why she lied. Hence, an argument had stirred up. It was when in the heat of the matter that she pointed the revolver at Selena. She, being afraid, tried to run, but it was too late. She had already shot her, piercing Selena’s artery and causing a huge loss of blood. Though she was taken to the hospital, the doctors declared her dead at around 1.05 pm.

Final Trial of Yolanda and Justice For Selena

The court proved Yolanda guilty of murder. They found out that despite her being a nurse before, she did not help Selena. Instead, she tried to flee from the crime scene. The police caught her in the parking lot where she was trying to escape. Moreover, the gun’s design was such that someone had to pull the trigger on purpose to fire it. Hence, the judge passed it as first-degree murder and declared Yolanda to custody for life.

Life of Samora after Selena’s Justice

Marcella SamoraThe entire family of Samora fought hard and protested for Selena’s justice. However, they figured Selena finally found peace when the court had declared Yolanda’s sentence. It was when Samora and her family were indeed happy and had a sense of relief. But they inevitably miss their daughter so much.

Is Marcella Samora Still Alive?

Marcella Samora is still alive, very much in flesh and bones, and is in her 70s now. She runs the non-profit firm and also handles various other wings of her daughter.

Marcella Samora Now

Therefore, Marcella Samora and her family and Pérez currently operate a non profit firm in honor of Selena. Its purpose is to cheer up young and needy children to pursue education and become good human beings. Marcella’s role has been present in various biopics, one being in 1997. In the latest Netflix biopic as well, the director portrayed her role. Various actors play her part.

Is Marcella Samora Still Married?

Yes, Marcella Samora is still married happily with his one true love, Abraham. The couple is currently marking 58 years of their wedding anniversary together.

Net Worth Of Marcella Samora

Marcella SamoraRoughly Samora’s net worth currently is around $5 million. This worth includes various things summed up to this, mainly from her social work activities. However, her husband’s net worth of around $10 million adds up a vast sum to their entire family.

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