Nina Altuve: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Measurements, Husband, José Altuve’s Wife, Net Worth, Daughter, Family & More

Nina Altuve bio, husband José Altuve’s wife, net worth, profession, family, children, and other relevant information are presented in this article. It’s not new that spouses are getting fame with their famous partners. In this case, popular Spanish baseball player José’s wife Nina is on a similar page. Nina is not a celebrity for her acting or business or any other relevant field. As she married José, she received media attention. She has a large number of followers on social media, precisely, on Instagram. And people are curious about Nina for a long time. That’s why this article is here. Along with her limelight personality, let’s explore Nina Altuve as a common person too.

If you search on the Internet, you may find Nina’s various images with his husband José Altuve and their daughter. People may assume that she married him out of interest in fame and wealth. But, this assumption is pretty much wrong. The couple were together since they were teenagers. So, she is a support system for the famous footballer. Recently, the last December, José hugged her wife Nina Altuve in an almost empty stadium after a successful game. It shows nothing but their bond. On the contrary, Nina shared very little information about her as an individual person. She loves her family and spends maximum time with them.

Who is Nina Altuve?

Nina Altuve is one of the women who got fame after marrying any famous personality. Her husband is a familiar name in sports, specifically in baseball. Nina is getting more and more recognition now on social media and in person. Let’s know more about her here apart from her identity as a celebrity wife.

Nina Altuve Biography/Wiki

Full name Gianna Elizabeth Cimetta Sandoval (Nina Altuve now)
Nickname Nina
Date of Birth February 2, 1992
Age 31 years
Birthplace Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela
Nationality Venezuelan
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Ethnicity White
Parents Not yet shared
Siblings 2 brothers
Spouse José Altuve (m. 2006)
Children Two daughters, Melanie A. Altuve (5 years old)

Younger daughter (! year old) name is unknown

Best known for Wife of baseball player José Altuve

Nina Altuve Birthplace, Education, Family, and Early Life

Nina Altuve is basically from Venezuela. She was born on 2nd February 1992, in a Maracay city, Aragua. It is the capital of Aragua and one of the busiest places in the state, near the Caribbean coast. So she turned 31 this year some days back. There is no information available about her father till now. Beatriz Sandoval is Nina’s mother. She also has two brothers, Alfredo David, and Justo Emilio. She was the only daughter in their family. Currently, Nina maintains a low-key relationship with her family and also with her friends to avoid media attention.

We are guessing that Nina completed her primary education in any local institute. The name or details are not available right now. However, she was a student at the University of Carabobo, Venezuela. Interestingly, she completed her course after marriage with Jose. Nina Altuve received her bachelor’s degree in Bioanalytics from that university. This subject focuses on a sub-part of analytical Chemistry including measurement of xenobiotics and biotics in biological systems. Clearly, her and Jose’s subject interests were quite different. Still, they made a couple at a very young age. How they met and how are things going now are available in the next segment.

Nina Altuve and José Altuve Relationship, Marriage, Children

Nina Altuve

Unlike major relationships nowadays, Nina Altuve and José Altuve found their love of life at an early age. It seems like a fairy tale! They met at a young age and fell seriously in love while dating in the teenage. Before José became a player or Nina completed her college education, the lovebirds tied a knot. Their marriage didn’t have strong financial support at that point in time. Nina Altuve was 14 years old and José was two years older than her. Their marriage took place on 20 November 2006. Only close family members and friends were present on their special day. So, this year, this celebrity couple will complete 15 years of togetherness.

This is to mention, Nina completed her higher studies in college after marriage in Venezuela. In the same year of their marriage, José Altuve started his playing career. They’re each other’s support system, indeed. On the internet, you can find Nina’s picture on the day of her graduation with her husband, José.

Now, let’s talk about Nina Altuve as a mother. Although this couple got married at an early age, they took time to settle down. So, they became parents after a longer time than usual. It’s good how Nina and her husband proved some stereotypes wrong. For instance, love can happen at any age, for real. Secondly, a couple can choose a longer or shorter time to be parents as per comfort.

Nina Altuve as a mother

On 1 November 2016, Melanie A. Altuve came into Nina’s life as their first daughter. Houston Chronicle referred to her like a little princess while confirming her arrival. After 10 years of marriage, Nina and José became parents. Now she is five years old. Nina spends most of her time taking care of Melanie. Also, José mentioned how Melanie became a lucky charm for his baseball career. Jose and Nina love to spend time with their child a lot.

In January, Nina and Melanie appeared at the Astros Foundation Safe at Home luncheon. It was a celebration for the Houston Astros as they clinched another division title. Nina was looking hot in a steel-colored jacket and while inner-top with silver hot pants and silver shoes. Melanie wore a black frock with a white jacket with shoes the same in color as her mother. In addition, Nina’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her sweet and small family.

In 2019, Nin revealed her 2nd pregnancy on Instagram. A year later, Nina and Jose became parents again and Melanie got a little sister. However, they didn’t reveal her name yet.

Who is Nina Altuve’s Husband?

José Carlos Altuve is Nina’s long-time boyfriend and now husband for an even longer time. José is a professional football player in Houston Astros of Major League Baseball. He has had a career for the last 15 years. He is from Maracay, Venezuela and now lives in Texas. Lastenia Linares, Carlos Altuve are his parents. However, now he lives with Nina Altuve and their young daughter.

José had a comparative short height for a baseball player. However, his playing technique and hard work made him a successful player in baseball. At first, he had to struggle to prove his competence. Then, in 2011, Houston Astros promoted him to the senior team. That is a breakthrough for José. Nina Altuve was a strong supporter of him every time. She often watches the matches from the gallery. José received multiple for his performance. He won the MLB All-Star award seven times from 2014 to 2021. In 2019, José Altuve was the most valuable player in the American League Championship series. Likewise, this second batsman of Astros has 308 batting average, 1777 hits, 164 home runs, and 261 stolen bases. In 2014, he became the first player in the last 30 years who made 130 hits and 40 stolen bases before the All-Star Game.

Interesting Facts:

  • José is only two years older than Nina Altuve.
  • He is the shortest active player in Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • Jose shared how he enjoys spending time with her daughter, Melanie. Even if he had a bad day in the field, he can get positive energy from her.
  • His net worth is $20 million approximately in 2021. As a baseball player in Houston Astros, José gets 2.6 crores USD as a salary.

In mid-2021, José tested covid positive and it was a tough time for the family. After feeling well again, Altuve shared his concerns. He told the media how this time was challenging as he have to stay away from the team. José and Nina Altuve associated the Astros Foundation to donate 60,000 meals to Kids’ Meals, Inc., to support those in need during the pandemic.

Nina Altuve Career and Net Worth

Nina completed her higher education in Bioanalytics around 2006 or 2007. After that, her job profile is unknown. This field is related to basic and applied research to enhance knowledge about various living organisms. It also manages natural resources and develops new practices and products in the fields of medicine and agriculture. Nina Altuve’s net worth is unknown too as she is not working now, maybe. We can anticipate that she is a full-time mom now.

Interesting Trivia

  • Nina Altuve is available on social media. In her Instagram account (@neenaa27), she has 27.2k followers. She described herself as a mommy and wife of Altuve. Then she mentioned herself as a strong woman.
  • Nina loves to travel. She posts pictures of her ‘me’ time as well.
  • She posts pictures with her two daughters often. However, we don’t know the younger daughter’s name till now.

Nina Altuve Figure Measurements, Size, Height & Weight

Nina Altuve

Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Black
Height 5.5 feet
Shoe size 65 kgs