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Of course, we all know Sophia Rose Wilson. She is an American actress. In fact, she has marked herself as a successful actress via her role in Euphoria. She has been in the show since its inception.

Further, she has played the role of BB in the five recurring episodes in the first season of the show.

Sophia Rose Wilson Biography/Wiki

Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Married/Single Single
Instagram sophiarosewilson
Birth Place/City Columbus, Ohio
Net Worth $50,000
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light brown
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Sisters 1

Sophia Rose Wilson Age

Sophia Rose Wilson was born on 16th March, 2001. Currently, she is 21 years old. In fact, she was born and brought up in the United States. According to sources, she is from Columbus, Ohio and presently she resides there as well. So, she holds an American identity.However, this information has been collected from her Facebook page.

Sophia Rose Wilson Euphoria

Sophia’s role in Euphoria was praised by all. Here, she played the character of Barbara BB Brooks. In fact, hers was a recurring role for five episodes in the first season of the show.

In fact, on the show she is not commonly known by the name of Barbara. Here, in Euphoria, she is better known as the ‘Vape girl’.

Also, she is part of the cool gang. And, she hangs out with Maddy, Cassie and Kat. Of course she appears in several episodes. However, there has been no episode that portrays her as the centric character yet.

Actually, there is a funny story about how she landed up on the sets of this show. Apparently she was out in the mall when she got to know about the ongoing auditions of Euphoria. So, she decided to stop by and audition for the same. Finally, she got selected for the role of ‘Vape Girl’ and since then, she has been on the sets of the show. In fact, this is how she had described having landed on the show in her interview with Good day Columbus.

After securing the role of Barbara, she began filming for the show in Los Angeles.

Sophia Rose Wilson Euphoria Season 2

Season 2 of Euphoria is back. And so is Barbara Brooks a.k.a. the ‘Vape girl’. Also, her screen-time has begun to decrease in the second season of the show. So, this is bad news for fans because they wanted to get to know her life more closely.

In fact, people on social media have started calling her the ‘vape girl’. Since the premiere of the second season, fans have wanted to delve deeper into her character.

Sophia plays this character and has definitely done justice to the role as well.

Sophia Rose Wilson IMDb

She is an American actress who is famous for her role in Euphoria. Firstly, she had a recurring role in the first season of the show. In fact, she also appears in the second season of the show. Also, fans are expecting some episode capturing her backstory as well. We think it will happen very soon.

She made an appearance in seven episodes. In fact, we will list them for you:

– You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can (2022) … BB

– Out of Touch (2022) … BB

– The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed (2019) … BB

– ’03 Bonnie and Clyde (2019) … BB

– Made You Look (2019) … BB

– Stuntin’ Like My Daddy (2019) … BB

– Pilot (2019) … BB

Sophia Rose Wilson Net Worth

Sophia made her debut in her role as BB in Euphoria. Of course she has stolen hearts with her acting skills and appearance. However, she is quite young. In fact, she is just 21 years old. We do not know her exact net worth. However, according to sources, we can estimate it to be something between 1 million to 5 million dollars. Now, that is obviously a massive person for a girl as young as her. Also, this information is in her latest updated report of 2021.

Sophia Rose Wilson Facebook

Just like any other twenty year old girl, Sophia has a facebook presence as well. In fact, sources have collected most of the information regarding her from her facebook account. In fact, she is quite secretive about her personal life in general. She likes to stay away from the spotlight.

In fact, her whole Facebook frenzy had landed her in big trouble recently. Some of her posts from 2016 resurfaced on Facebook. Here, she allegedly made some racist comments on more than one occasion. After playing the role of the ‘Vape girl’ in the hit HBO Drama ‘Euphoria’, she came into the limelight. Since then, she has made a million fans. However, her racist posts came to light in a tik tok video. Also, this tik tok video calling her out has over 2.6 million views now. Of course, fans are disappointed in her.

However, she is yet to make any comment regarding the same.

Sophia Rose Wilson Interview

Since her role in the hit HBO Drama ‘Euphoria’, Sophia Rose Wilson has become quite popular. In fact, very often she appears for interviews with various news and media agencies.

Also, in her interview with GDC’s Kurt Ludlow and Jesse Pagan, she spoke about her rise to fame. In fact, she also mentions how she landed this role as well.

Honestly, it is a very unexpected story for fans. One morning, she was out in the shopping mall hanging out with her friends. Moreover, that is when she got to know about the audition and appeared for it just for fun. Finally, she got selected for the role. Of course, it is a pretty funny story, right?

Since season 1, fans have loved her comic relief and dry humour. But, the worst part is that there is very little information about this actress online. Unlike the other characters on the show, she is not much talked about. So, her fans do not get to know about her. Also, she also isn’t tagged in any photos she’s featured in on Instagram. In fact, fans have begun wondering if her role will ever be significant, or whether she will just keep vaping and commenting in the background for the rest of the show.

Sophia Rose Wilson Trump

Sophia Rose Wilson came into limelight after her role as Barbara in the hit HBO drama Euphoria.

Then, Sophia and Ziayla Pizarro have been accused of posting some posts on Facebook. In fact, the comments were racist in nature. It is true that high school student Barbara was a minor character of the show. However, she became a fan-favourite and is often seen on various memes on the show.

But, critics have put the actress in the hot-seat after four of her racist posts from 2016 resurfaced. Here, the actress has allegedly used the N-word and the R-word in her posts. And, she has also faced a lot of backlash for it.

In one of her other posts, she even celebrated Donald Trump’s Ohio victory. Here, she mentioned “Trump just won Ohio!”

So, she has also received some backlash for that as well.

Also, another actor of the ‘euphoria’ community Ziayla Pizarro (Elliot’s cousin on  the show) was also slammed for using the N-word and R-word in an instagram live. Earlier, she had also used such racist slurs in her tweets. So, fans were pretty upset with this news resurfacing.

During the stream, she tried to fight for herself. In fact, she said that even though she is not black, half her family is. Thus, she says that those slurs did not mean anything.

Sophia Rose Wilson Tweets

Sophia Rose Wilson

Sophia Rose Wilson is not quite active on social media. However, she does post very seldom on twitter. Of course, ahe does not share any personal life details. But, she gets vocal about issues that she faces.

Earlier, she received huge backlash for her posts that used racist slurs. Sinec then, she has not been very active on social media as well.

Sophia also joined Twitter in January 2015. In fact, that is seven years with the username of @sophia Rose Wilson. Also, she has only 154 followers and 290 followings.

However, she is on Instagram. Her username is @sophiarosewilson. Also, she has 11.4k followers and 271 following on her Instagram account. Moreover, we can say that she does not have a boyfriend since there are no pictures of her with anybody else.

However, she does post pictures with her best friend even though we do not know much about him. She mostly posts her selfies on her Instagram profile and she has 92 posts on her Insta account.

Sophia Rose Wilson Parents

Sophia has never mentioned her parents’ name on the web. So, it is difficult for us to provide information regarding the same.

In fact, she has managed to keep her family out of the limelight for a very long time. Only once she had mentioned about her sister Heather on one of her Facebook posts. Even there, there was no mention of her sister’s last name.

Indeed, she is one of the least talked about actresses on the show. So, her life is pretty hidden at this point. In fact, we think she prefers to keep it that way as well.

Sophia Rose Wilson Height

Since Sophia is a very young artist, we do not know much about her at this point. Exact data regarding her body features has not been accessed yet.

However, the artist is very dynamic on Instagram and has a huge follower-base. Of course, her fans inspire her to do her best. Also, there is no news regarding her net assets as well. This is because she is a young actor and she needs to acquire a lot more cash before the calculations can be made.

Moreover, Sophia does not have a Wikipedia page for now. Instead, she has an IMDB page.

Sophia Rose Wilson FAQs

Is Sophia Rose Wilson white?

Yes, Sophia is white. Earlier, she had received quite some backlash from her fans due to her racist comments. She had used the N-Word and R-Word very commonly in her posts from 2016. After her acting career began on Euphoria, her previous posts resurfaced. In fact, some tik toker called her out for all of this. Now, he has about 2.6 million views on this video.

What is Sophia Rose Wilson’s age?

Sophia was born in Columbus, Ohio in the United states. Also, she was born in 2001. Currently, as of 2022, she will be 21 years old. In general, she is a low-key celebrity who likes to keep her personal life private.

Is Sophia Wilson dating?

As we have said many times before, Sophia likes keeping her personal life out of the spotlight. But, we have not seen any close pictures of her with anybody on her Instagram handle, where she is usually quite active. She has only been spotted with her best friend Marcus in a few pictures. Thus, fans can conclude that she is single. However, we are not sure of it. Maybe, she will speak about it someday.

Which show is Sophia Rose Wilson on?

Sophia Rose wilson debuted in the field of acting with her role as the ‘vape girl’ on the HBO hit-drama Euphoria.

However, this role was a recurring one for the first season. But, we can hope to see more of her in the following seasons. Her co-stars on this series were Zendaya, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Storm Reid, Maude Apatow, Angus Cloud, Lukas Gage, Javon Walton, John Ales, Eric Dane, Algee Smith.

Further, this show had only 10 episodes in their first season. Also, the show had initially premiered on June 16, 2019.

Is Sophia Rose Wilson on Twitter?

Yes, Sophia is on Twitter. However, she does not have a huge follower base on the platform. She seldom posts, and when she does it is mostly about topics in general. Also, it is about issues that bother her and is not focused on some particular niche.

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