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Storm Reid is a young American actress who has gained a lot of popularity in recent times for her skills. She took birth on 1st July 2003. So, her first acting job was to play a cameo role in the television film A Cross to Bear back in 2012 as a nine-year-old child. However, it was in the 2013 Academy-award-winning groundbreaking film 12 Years a Slave that she had made her proper acting debut. Moreover, she gained prominence when she played a role in the superhero film Sleight in 2016.

So, following this, Storm Reid had the breakthrough role of her career with the 2018 fantasy film A Wrinkle in Time. However, it does not just end there. For this role, she had received quite a few nominations. So, these include the Teen Choice Award for Choice Fantasy Movie Actress and the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Breakthrough Role in a Motion Picture.

Moreover, Storm Reid has also made an appearance in the 2019 film Don’t Let Go. Her powerful performance in this thriller film received many accolades from both the audience as well as the critics. Her parts in the 2019 Netflix miniseries and the 2020 horror film The Invisible Man also received much critical acclaim and appreciation. Moreover, she has also played a minor role in the 2021 superhero film The Suicide Squad starring Margot Robbie as the lead. However, she is currently invested in the HBO drama series Euphoria. So, Euphoria started streaming in 2019 and has recently released a new season. Since then, Euphoria has been gaining a lot of commercial and critical success. Therefore, she has come under the limelight. Moreover, in 2020, Storm Reid got a nomination for the BET YoungStars Award.

Storm Reid Biography/Wiki

Storm Reid

Full name Storm Reid
Nickname None
Date of Birth 1st July 2003
Age 19 years
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
Nationality American
Profession Actress in both television and films
Boyfriend Sayeed Shahid
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Cancer
Race/ ethnicity African American

Parents & Early Life

So as you can well imagine, Storm Reid is still really young. However, she has had nearly a decade-long career in Hollywood. Yet, she still cannot have a really long early life because she is probably just a few years out of that phase. So, Storm Reid took birth in 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia to African American parents. Her father is Rodney Reid and her mother is Robyn Simpson Reid. We do not know what exactly her parents do but her mother has made a couple of appearances with her at award shows and parties! Moreover, she has three siblings. So, she has an elder brother Josh and two sisters, Iman and Paris.

Storm Reid

However, Reid always knew that she wanted to be an actress from a very early age. Therefore, when she was 9, her family shifted to Los Angeles so that she could go for auditions and make a career out of acting.

Storm Reid Age

Storm Reid is an extremely young actress despite being a powerhouse of crazy talent that has put her in leading roles in various movies and series. So, she took birth on 1st July 2003. Therefore, she is only 19 and a little more than a half years old. However, her age has little to do with her work. Moreover, she has already been in the acting space for nearly a decade now which means she had started when she was barely eight years old.


So, Storm Reid studied at Chestnut Elementary School. She has skillfully managed both her acting career and her education which is no easy job. It is particularly difficult to do when you are already becoming a global sensation at such a young age. However, Storm Reid did it all. She is a high-school graduate now. Moreover, she had gone back to Chestnut Elementary School for promotional purposes. Both her parents and her teachers were very happy about such a decision. There had been a lot of crying, hugging, and other emotional exchanges. So, she revisited her old classrooms. Then, she attended the press conference that was set up there. Following this, she spoke before a bunch of kids between the 2nd and 5th stage who are all her fans. Therefore, there is definitely a lot to learn from this incredibly talented young actress!

Storm Reid College

Yes, you heard that correct! Despite her commercial and critical success, she never left the path of formal education. Moreover, even now, when her acting career is really at a brilliant place, she still chose to continue with her education. So, like any other eighteen-year-old Storm Reid also attends college. Therefore, she studies in the School of Dramatic Arts under the University of Southern California. So, she is currently pursuing a bachelor of arts over there. Her majors are in dramatic arts, quite obviously. Therefore, it is amazing how she blends her profession and education into something perfectly organic. So, in the long run, her education at the University of Southern California is going to be important. It will help her become a more flawless actress. Because what she is receiving is formal training and studying the art of acting itself.

Moreover, she plans to minor in African American studies. We do not know the reason for her choosing this minor. However, you can easily think of it as a tribute to her own race. She has an urge to know and explore who she is and where she comes from. All of these definitely increase our respect for her!

Storm Reid Net Worth

One of the most popular teen actors in the industry right now, Storm Reid has millions of fans. But, she is still young and many of her roles have been under the section of being a child actor. However, she is a lucky one! In her span of nearly a decade of acting, she has been able to amass a considerable portion of wealth at such a tender age. So, her net worth amounts to a total of 600,000 dollars. However, this comes both from her acting career as well as the endorsements like from Mattle that she receives because of her overflowing popularity, and rightfully so! Moreover, according to reports, she is the face of various brands. So, Storm Reid also earns as a brand ambassador of various brands.

As per reports, in the television series that she acts in, she receives 13 to 16 thousand US dollars per episode. So, she is one of the richest eighteen-year-olds today. However, when you realize the length of her career and all the shows and films that she has been a part of, you would definitely be surprised that her net worth is not higher!

Storm Reid Boyfriend

She is currently dating Shedeur Sanders, son of football star Deion Sanders.

Storm Reid and her ex-boyfriend Sayeed Shahidi did make a very cute and adorable pair! Therefore, they met each other in 2017 and have been dating since then. So, these are young lovers! However, there is a little story behind how they started dating.

We all remember Zoey Johnson from the sit-com Black-ish. Yes, Yara Sayeh Shahidi, the currently 22-year-old actress shares a very close bond with Storm Reid. And, Sayeed Shahidi is none but her own brother! The world is really a very small place. So, Yara and Storm are really good friends, maybe the best of them even. Both of them have attended many dinners, award ceremonies, red carpets, and other events with each other. So, they spend a lot of time together. Therefore, the paparazzi have caught many cute moments of them together. However, probably the sweetest gesture that Yara did was to ask her brother to ask Storm out to their prom.

Therefore, these two started formally dating after they had met at the Disney XD Jungle Ball party in 2017. These two lovebirds had gone to the same high school and have been dating since then. Moreover, the two also go to film events together. However, their relationship became public in April 2019 when the 16-year-old Sayeed Shahidi went to prom with the 15-year-old Storm Reid under his sister’s gentle induction. Sayeed had given Storm the cutest proposal ever, as per Yara. Moreover, as per Yara’s idea, Sayeed had requested Storm for a bespoke poster board. So, they would put drawings and both of their drawings there as a collection of every random memory!

Storm Reid Instagram

Yes, your favorite teen actress is there on Instagram. So, you can find out Storm Reid at @stromreid. Young though she is, she already has a whooping follower count of 1.9 million. On the other hand, she follows only 1374 people. However, her total number of posts is 1440 which means that she is quite a frequent poster. So, she posts every kind of image on her Instagram. You will find her personal photos here and there, her fashion inspirations, her photoshoots, looks from her films, promotional events, posters, etc. She is quite active in this space. Moreover, she has four different highlights- one on beauty, fashion, work, and inspiration each. In addition, her bio says she is at once an actor, producer, and future filmmaker. Therefore, she definitely aspires to be a movie director someday! Who knows it might be very near?

Moreover, just so you know she is quite active on social media in general. Storm Reid also has an active Twitter account with a follower count of 131.5K. You can find her out at @stormreid. Moreover, now with Euphoria reaching new heights, all of their Twitter handles have come to the center of discussion through constant tags!

Storm Reid and Zendaya

Storm Reid

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, more popularly known as Zendaya is probably one of the most prominent actresses of Hollywood today. What an admirable career she is having with such brilliant work! Yes, we know Zendaya and Storm Reid look very similar which is why you might have thought that they are sisters. Moreover, Storm plates the role of Gia Bennett in Euphoria- the sweet younger sister of Zendaya in the show. So, many of us had thought that maybe they are siblings in real life because they obviously share a resemblance. However, they are not. They are just very good friends who work and act together. Moreover, Storm Reid herself has two other sisters- Iman and Paris. On the other hand, Zendaya also has three other sisters- Katianna, Annabella, and Kaylee.

Storm Reid and Levi Miller

So, Levi Miller is also a teen actor. He starred alongside Storm Reid in the 2018 film from Walt Disney Studios, “A wrinkle in time”. So, he had helped Storm Reid, the young heroine to save her father and the entire universe from an evil force. However, the funny thing is both were around 15 at that time. After A Wrinkle in Time, both Storm Reid and Levi Miller went ahead with their respective acting careers.

So, in 2018, he played the role of Calvin O’Keefe in A Wrinkle in Time- the American fantasy adventure while Storm played the role of Meg Murry. After that, he played in the 2019 film American Exit. Moreover, he also played the role of Benjamin Lane in the 2021 sports drama film Streamline.

Storm Reid Movies and TV shows

So, here is a list of all the TV shows and movies that she has been a part of over the years. First let us take a look at the movies —

  • 12 Years a Slave (2013)
  • The Summoning (2015)
  • Sleight (2016)
  • Lea to the Rescue (2016)
  • Santa’s Boot Camp (2016)
  • A Happening of monumental proportions (2017)
  • A Wrinkle in Time (2018)
  • Don’t Let Go (2019)
  • The Invisible Man (2020)
  • The Suicide Squad (2021)
  • One Way (2022)
  • Killing Winston Jones (TBA)
  • Searching 2 (TBA)

So now, let us take a look at all the TV shows that she has been a part of —

  • A Cross to Bear (2012)
  • The Thundermans (2013)
  • Adam DeVine’s House Party (2013)
  • Twang (2013)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles (2014)
  • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn (2014)
  • White Water (2015)
  • Chicago P.D (2015)
  • When They See Us (2019)
  • The Bravest Knight (2019 – present)
  • Euphoria (2019- present)
  • The Last of Us. (2022)

Storm Reid Euphoria

So, Euphoria is a teen drama television series that Sam Levinson created for HBO. Since it started to stream in 2019, it has received highly positive reviews. So, the series is about a group of high school students. Moreover, it shows their journey through their experiences of identity, trauma, drugs, friendships, love, and sex. Moreover, Zendaya leads the ensemble cast and is also the narrator of the series. Storm Reid, on the other hand, plays the role of Gia Bennet, Zendaya’s younger sister. Moreover, she has received a lot of good reviews with this role.

Storm Reid Height

So, your powerhouse of talent is not at all small! Storm Reid has a height of 1.7m that is like 5 feet 7 inches. If you do not realize, that is some height. She must be quite tall, even if we realize that on screen or do not. Moreover, she is certainly taller than the average woman. However, let us take a look at her other physical specifications as well.

Storm Reid

Hair Color So, her original hair color is dark brown. However, she dyes her hair sometimes as well. Very recently, she dyed her hair platinum blonde while endorsing Dark and Lovely- a hair dye brand established in 1972 particularly for women of color. Moreover, it also has the goal to help black women with their hair.
Eye Color Dark Brown
Height Feet – 5 feet 7 inches

Meters – 1. 7 m

Centimeters – 170 cm

Weight In kilogram- 42

In lbs- 92.59

Storm Reid FAQs

Is Storm Reid Zendaya’s sister in real life?

Storm Reid plays the role of Gia Bennett, Zendaya’s little sister in the HBO drama series Euphoria. Moreover, they look quite similar to each other. However, they are not sisters in real life. They are not anyhow related in real life. But, they are great friends at work!

Is Storm Reid a producer?

Yes, Storm Reid is a producer. Her Instagram bio clearly says she is an actor as well as a producer with the dream of being a filmmaker in the future. So, Storm has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most looked-for young actresses but that is not the end to it. She is a producer under her own banner- A Seed & Wings. Moreover, she is also a brand ambassador of various brands like Dark and Lovely and has a number of endorsements to her name.

What agency is Storm Reid with?

The Atlanta Talent agency has repeatedly posted pictures of Storm Reid and her mother and congratulated her on her success. However, as per reports, she has moved with the CAA agency since her role of Meg Murry in A Wrinkle in Time. You can contact her via her publicist and executives at the CAA agency. Moreover, the details are easily available in public through various sites like IMDb pro.

Where was Storm Reid born?

So, Storm Reid was born in Georgia, Atlanta, The United States of America in the year 2003. You can find out more about her in the “Storm Reid early life” section.

What nationality is Storm Reid?

Now, Storm Reid was born in Atlanta. Therefore, the 19-year-old actress from Euphoria definitely has American citizenship.

Who is Robyn Simpson Reid?

Robyn Simpson Reid is the mother of Storm Reid, one of the most sought-after young actors in Hollywood today. However, that is not her only identity. So, she herself had been an actress and executive as well. She is known for Poultry and Prejudice (2004) and the 1997 TV show “The Jamie Foxx Show”. However, she did not remotely share her daughter’s popularity.

Who is Rodney Reid?

Rodney Reid is Storm Reid’s father but that is not his only identity. Like her mother, he is also an actor though not remotely as popular as she herself. So, he had appeared in The 4400 (2004), Caprica (2009), and Tortured (2007).

Is Storm Reid an only child?

No, not at all. Storm Reid has an elder brother Josh Reid. Moreover, she also has two sisters- Iman and Paris. To know more about her family, check out the “Storm Reid early life” section.

Is Storm Reid her real name?

Yes, Storm Reid was born as Storm Reid itself. It is her only and real name. So, she has no other nickname that she fashioned for the industry.