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Jaryd Lazar, widely recognized as Summit1g, stands out as a prominent figure in the online gaming realm. Born on April 23, 1987, in Colorado Springs, Lazar’s journey into the gaming world began post his medical discharge from the United States Air Force in 2012 due to a knee injury. Transitioning to Twitch, he showcased his prowess in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DayZ, and H1Z1, rapidly amassing a significant following. With over 7 million followers on Twitch, Summit1g’s channel is a testament to his gaming expertise and engaging content. His proficiency in “Escape from Tarkov” is particularly noteworthy, having played since its beta release in 2017.

In the esports arena, Summit1g has left an indelible mark. He has competed in esteemed tournaments like the ESEA Invite Season 14 Finals and the DreamHack Austin 2018 PUBG Showdown, representing teams like Mythic, Splyce, and Team Liquid. A memorable incident from his esports journey was during a CS:GO match for Splyce, where an unintended move led to a round loss, subsequently birthing a meme within the CS:GO community. Additionally, in 2017, Summit1g was part of the elite PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) community team, clinching victory at the Gamescom PUBG Invitational.

Beyond gaming, Summit1g’s influence is profound. He has inspired countless individuals to delve into gaming and streaming, making esports more mainstream. His streams, characterized by humor and memorable moments, also serve as platforms for philanthropy, raising funds for institutions like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As his popularity soars, the gaming and esports communities eagerly await Summit1g’s future endeavors, certain that they will be replete with entertainment, insights, and surprises.

Summit1g Biography/Wiki

FULL NAME Jaryd Russell Lazar
DATE OF BIRTH 23 April, 1987
CURRENT AGE 36 years
BIRTHPLACE Orange County, California
HEIGHT 172 cm
WEIGHT 72 kg
PROFESSION Professional gamer, Vlogger
CHANNEL summit1g
ACTIVE YEARS 2012 – present
PARENTS Not known
SIBLINGS Brother; Jacob Lazar (Kite61)
RELATIONSHIP STATUS Divorced and presently dating a fellow streamer
SPOUSE Desirae Lazar (ex-wife), LilChiipmunk (present girlfriend)

Birth and Childhood

Born as Jaryd Russell Lazar on April 23, 1987, Summit1g’s birthplace is in Orange County, California. He is of mixed descent, with Hungarian ancestry. There is hardly any data on the web about his immediate family. He has a younger brother though – Jacob ‘Kite61’ Lazar, who also streams on Twitch.

Lazar grew up in Southern California. Since his childhood, he had a knack for playing video games. Besides, he also worked for Time Warner Cable as a call representative before becoming a streamer. The two things that scare him the most are being buried alive and seeing a brown recluse spider.


Lazar has stated that he utilizes a 144Hz monitor and that Counter-Strike 1.6 is his favorite game. He chose the username ‘Summit’ at random since he wanted something different than what others had chosen.

When he first stepped into the world of gaming, his computer was unable to handle Counter-Strike. Therefore, he would play Team Fortress Classic instead. Eventually, he encountered Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, when a local card shop made a few CS: GO rigs available to clients. Subsequently, he would sketch Counter-Strike maps on paper in order to build in-game strategy when he was in high school. He actively engaged in the scene as his passion for the game deepened. Gradually, he made his way through an online clan famous as ‘1st Generation’, with the help of its leader. That explains why he has ‘1g’ at the end of his Gamertag.


Lazar was one of the first to grasp the Twitch platform’s strength and promise. He joined in November 2011 and started streaming regularly in 2013. He soon garnered a sizable audience despite Twitch being in its infancy, thanks to his amusing persona and skilled gameplay.

Lazar had become a prolific streamer at the time already. Further, he chose to take his game to the next level by becoming a full-fledged CS: GO pro in 2015. He had strong outcomes with teams like Torqued and Area 51 Gaming, which led to him joining Splyce in 2016. His time with Splyce was enhanced by a spectacular play at DreamHack Austin in 2016. In fact, he came close to winning a round against CLG before losing to his own Molotov. This moment remains an iconic Summit1g moment to this day.

Summit1g joined Mythic, a CS: GO squad of well-known streamers, in 2017. By then, his Twitch feed had gained traction. And that was the last great team he joined before deciding to focus on streaming over competing.

Summit1g’s decision to focus on streaming proved to be a smart one, despite playing with some ad-hoc squads since then. He secured a multi-year contract with Twitch in May 2020, solidifying his position as one of the platform’s top streamers. Lazar’s future shines bright anyway, whether he returns to competition or continues to grow his following as a streamer.


Lazar received a lot of attention in 2017 by overtaking Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell in terms of Twitch followers. He has also done charity by streaming H1Z1, CS: GO, and PUBG live in many events. He has won many matches in which he battled against other streams. Lazar even competed with DrDisRespect and Sodapoppin at the 2017 TwitchCon. Besides, he surpassed Riot Games as the most popular channel on the platform in 2018.

Furthermore, he went on to ink a multi-year deal with Twitch for content and partnership aid in May 2020. He has over 6 million Twitch followers as of December 9, 2021. In addition, he is also the 17th most-followed streamer on the network.

Summit1g has been speedrunning Max Payne 3 during his Twitch streams since July 2021. On July 2, 2021, however, while streaming live, he set a world record in the ‘hardcore’ category for the game.


Lazar streamed with YouTuber Jake Paul in May 2018. However, he faced serious backlash from fans for his decision to play with him. Lazar responded to the backlash from fans by telling viewers how he was a little disappointed. He had hoped for a little bit of variety in the 1g squad, hence he chose to play with Paul. Nonetheless, some folks seemed to have thicker skin than others.

Lazar got mired in a dispute in April 2020 over comments he made about Valorant. For those who don’t know, it is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person shooter developed by Riot Games. He chastised the game for being poorly managed during the closed beta. Besides, he also criticized other Valorant streamers for abusing Twitch’s ‘Drops’ system. This system allowed viewers watching Valorant streams on Twitch to receive game keys that granted access to closed beta randomly. They had done so to boost their viewer counts and the game’s total number of viewers on the platform. However, on the other hand, Lazar issued an apology on Twitter, which he later deleted.



For years, Lazar has been a staple name in the streaming world. He has offered excellent content for a large audience across a variety of titles. Henceforth, he has been a nominee for several awards as a well-known streamer and internet celeb. In 2017, he was nominated for the ninth annual Shorty Awards for Twitch Streamer of the Year. Besides, he also was on the list of nominees for the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Gamer. Furthermore, he also received a nomination for the Streamer of the Year award at the Esports Awards in 2020.

Summit1g & His Net Worth

The American streamer has a net worth of $12 million, as of 2023. His Twitch subscribers, YouTube channel, products, sponsorship, and gaming deals are his prime sources of income. He has 434 million views on Twitch. Besides, he currently has 5.84 million Twitch followers and 693K YouTube subscribers. Moreover, he gets roughly $36,000-$80,000 every month from Twitch subs, as per Twitch Tracker’s statistics.

Summit1g’s annual revenue is around $1.5 million. His YouTube earnings are somewhere between $3.9K and $62K each year.

Summit1g & His Income

Summit1g Earnings from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Lazar has made a lot of money playing competitive video games over the years. The streamer has received nearly $1K playing competitive CS: GO, according to Esports Earnings.

Summit1g Earnings from Apex Legends

Lazar has made roughly $3833 by playing Apex Legends competitively. His first significant success came in the 2019 Twitch Rivals: ALC NA Apex Legends tournament. There, he ranked 6th and won $1.5K. He went on to rank 2nd in the Code Red Apex Legends event, thus earning about $2333 in prize money.

Summit1g Earnings from Youtube

Summit1g has roughly 693K subscribers on YouTube, which means he earns between $323 and $5.2K per month. According to Social Blade, his daily average view is around 45K. Thus, this implies that he earns between $75 and $1200 each week.

Summit1g Earnings from Twitch

Twitch streams earn money through their subscribers. Likewise, Lazar has roughly 44,022 active subscribers at present. Among them, 36,149 are paid ones. As a result, his Twitch subs alone bring in roughly $90K.

Summit1g Earnings as a Social Media Influencer

He makes money through partnerships with big companies including G-Fuel, Corsair, Audio Technica, CyberPower PC, and Samsung. Besides, he also has his own line of merch that Design By Humans sells. The current goodies include hats, shirts, stickers, and even mugs with the streamer’s 1G logo etched on them.

Summit1g & His Expenses

Summit1g, a top-tier American Twitch streamer, spends the majority of his profits on the streaming business. However, determining how much he spends on the latest gadgets, PC upgrades, and lifestyle choices is hard.

Lazar’s streaming setup has a rough cost of $10K. He streams using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Additionally, he also drives a black-tuned Nissan Skyline GTR R32. With the high-end upgrades, the price range might be between $30K and $60K. He uses a FinalMouse Ultralight Sunset mouse and a Corsair MM200 Summit1G Edition cloth gaming mousepad. In addition, he uses a custom gaming chair – Noblechairs HERO Real Leather Black gaming and office chair.

Summit1g’s Twitch streams require high gaming and production gear, including a customized PC supposedly worth $10K. His gaming computer uses an Intel Core i9-9900K processor. The casing in the form of a hinged door is his favorite feature. For him, it is the little things that count.

Lazar relies heavily on his sponsors’ items for his other gaming needs. His current sponsors are Audio-Technica, the audio company, as well as Monster Energy. He uses a Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 keyboard and Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X and ATH-ADG1X headsets. The ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q is one of the most popular monitors among gamers and streamers. He uses an Audio-Technica microphone, a Logitech C922 webcam, and a custom Secret Labs chair for his stream setup.

Summit1g & His Gaming Setup

People expect Summit1g to play games at a high standard since he would play CS: GO on a near-professional level. However, he has been prone to the odd blunder, both in his professional career and on-screen. The stunning Escape from Tarkov flop is proof of that.

Summit1g’s current favorite game to play on stream is Escape from Tarkov. He has been playing this for a long time, even before the game’s fame skyrocketed at the start of 2020. Meanwhile, many people who see him play want to try to emulate him. Lazar also recently streamed his Escape from Tarkov keybinds.

His visual options include a 75-degree field of view, medium-quality textures, and low-quality shadows. While his shadow visibility stands at 50, his overall visibility is 2000. He uses 400 DPI. Moreover, his anti-aliasing is set to AFXX. Summit1g uses an ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. He has turned off all other graphic settings though.

Summit1g & His Wife

Summit1g had previously tied the knot with Desirae Lazar in 2013, after years of courting. Although she was his longtime bae, their marriage lasted only three years. Close sources opine that disagreements on having children was probably the sole reason why the duo decided to part ways. While Desirae wanted to start a family with him, Summit1g was totally against having kids.

Nonetheless, Desirae is smart and stunning. Before meeting Lazar, she worked as an online administrator for a gaming center. She enjoys playing online games like H1Z1, Twitch, and Fortnight, but she does not make it her full-time profession.

Although Lazar and Desirae eventually divorced in 2016, they split on friendly terms. She is not only her ex-husband’s business manager but also his biggest admirer. Moreover, she keeps on raving about his accolades on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook sites. Presently, Desirae is also a make-up artist and mother of three girls. She is happy with her new partner.

Summit1g & His Girlfriend

Lazar is currently dating LilChiipmunk, a fellow streamer. Her real name is Caroline. There is no official record for when they exactly began dating, though. However, the couple has been together for roughly two and a half years. He has also made brief appearances on her streams as a guest.

Lazar recently had to apologize on behalf of his girlfriend for remarks she made against Tourette Syndrome sufferer Sweet Anita.

Summit1g & FAQs

Summit1gTherefore, it’s time to take a look at the most common facts on the web about the American vlogger, Summit1g.

Who is Summit1g?

He is one of the most popular and watched Twitch streamers of all time. His real name is Jaryd Russell Lazar though. Summit1g stepped down from professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition in 2017, to focus on his Twitch channel. He did so after spending several years forging a dual career as a streamer and a pro-CS: GO player. He became Twitch’s most popular streamer in 2018. Moreover, he went on to secure a multi-year contract with the site in May 2020. He still streams a lot of Counter-Strike nowadays. Nonetheless, he has expanded his horizons to include games like Grand Theft Auto V, Sea of Thieves, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Why is Summit1g famous?

Lazar is popular for his good looks, lively attitude, and urge to be emotionally open and honest with his audience. In addition, his superb first-person shooter skills are notable.

Which game made Summit1g famous?

Lazar mainly began to flourish as a Counter-Strike player, but he currently streams a variety of games.

When did Summit1g start streaming?

Summit1g began streaming regularly in 2013 after starting his Twitch account in 2011. His channel ‘summit1g’ has been properly active since 2012.

What does 1g mean in Summit1g?

The 1g in summit1tag g’s refers to the old-school Counter-Strike club ‘1st Generation’.

How old is Summit1g?

Born on April 23, 1987, Lazar is currently 36 years old.

Where is Summit1g from?

His birth took place in Orange County, California. However, Lazar currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his brother.

What is the sub count of Summit1g?

He has over 1 million Twitter followers, 6 million Twitch followers, and 700K+ YouTube subscribers. His sub range keeps varying between 25K and 40 K, roughly.

How much money does Summit1g make?

Summit1g is steadily one of the most subbed to streams. As a result, he makes a large sum directly from Twitch. Summit1g racked up almost $5 million in Twitch revenue between April 2019 and October 2021. This is as per a recent leak that includes statistics on how much (amount) top streamers were making. Moreover, his Twitch exclusivity deal may have boosted his income of late.

Lazar also makes money from YouTube, where he uploads his stream highlights. Although his uploads are inconsistent, he typically receives over 100K views. Influencer Marketing Hub’s YouTube income tool says he makes over $250K from the channel.

Furthermore, he also has a number of partnerships with well-known brands. To name a few – Cyberpower, a custom PC builder, Corsair, and Monster energy drinks. Summit1g is one of Twitch’s highest-earning streamers thanks to all of these profitable revenue streams.

Is Summit1g on Twitch?

Yes, Summit1g is a Twitch streamer. He inked an exclusive deal with Twitch in May 2020, which will keep him streaming for the next few years.

Summit1g kept his fans in the dark for a long time about the deal. Nonetheless, he felt that it made him feel like a “lying sack of shit”. Twitch, on the other hand, is his home, and he plans to make many more memories there.

Which teams has Summit1g been on?

Throughout his career, Summit1g has played for a variety of teams at different levels. Exertus eSports, his first squad, was a short-lived team that played in the ESEA Invite in 2012 and 2013. He joined Area 51 Gaming in 2015 where he competed with the squad for a brief time. Further, he stepped in as a temporary stand-in for Torqued at Clutch Con 2015. He joined Adaptation in 2016, thus competing alongside the squad in many online events. Subsequently, he quit making his famed DreamHack Austin 2016 run with Splyce.

Further, Summit1g joined Mythic in January 2017, before reverting to a support job in May of the same year. He quit the team a year later to focus on his streaming business though. Since then, he has played for a few ad-hoc teams, including subtLe in 2018 and Old Guys Club in 2019. However, these semi-professional squads were less structured to let him focus on streaming.

Lazar has been a part of many other teams over the years. A few include Stay Shady, Tempo Gaming, Tectonic, Potato Streamers, and Nobel.

When does Summit1g go live?

He usually starts streaming at 5 or 6 PM Eastern Time. And he ends at 3 or 4 AM Eastern Time the next day.

Has Summit1g quit Valorant?

Summit1g does not play or stream Valorant since he thinks it to be a bland and non-interactive game.

When did Summit1g start playing Sea of Thieves?

In 2018, he began playing Sea of Thieves for the first time. It is still one of his most-watched films to this day.

Which car does Summit1g use in GTA?

In Grand Theft Auto, Lazar’s favorite vehicle is a Nissan S15 with a Rocket Bunny widebody package.