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Christina Carmela is a social media influencer, model, and pilot. She is well-known for her attractive appearance and adorable grin. Besides, she gained fame and spotlight after participating in the fourth episode of Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” season 2 series. She is also popular for posting her bold and appealing photographs, bikini pics, trip photos, and short reel movies on her Instagram account. It also helped her get thousands of followers on the network.

Apart from that, she is a model who has worked with modeling agencies in India, South Africa, and London, among other places. She also participated in modeling competitions such as the Miss Italian Pageant in 2009. Christina was born in Cape Town, South Africa on January 26, 1991. She was raised in Cape Town, South Africa, and graduated from the 43 Aviation School of South Africa. In this article, we are talking about this star. So, keep reading to know more about her.

Christina Carmela Bio/Wiki Table

Full Real Name Christina Panebianco Carmela.
Known as Christina Carmela.
Age 32 years old
Profession Model, Pilot, Instagram Star, TV star.
Date of Birth 26 January 1991 (Saturday).
Place of Birth Cape Town, South Africa.
Current Residence London, England, UK.
Education Graduate.
Alma mater ELLCI Milano.

43 Air School.

Net worth $1-2 million USD (approx.).
Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 5′ 8″.
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 55 kg.
Eye Color Hazel.
Hair Color Dark Brown.
Nationality South African.
Religion Christian.
Zodiac Sign Aquarius.

Christina Carmela Family

Her ancestors are Italian and Portuguese, and she was born in Cape Town, South Africa. “I will surely stir things up,” she adds during her introduction. It is entirely up to me who I am and what I do. They have reason to be alarmed.” Her father encouraged her to pursue a career as a pilot and model. She supports more women in the aviation business as a result of her experiences in the male-dominated profession.

Christina Carmela

According to the site HeyBoo, she had to work twice as hard to obtain half the credit. “It was a lot worse when I first started flying over eight years ago, but it’s much better today!” Female pilots are now far more frequent in the cockpit. Of course, it could be better, which is why I’m trying to encourage and inspire as many girls and women as possible to get involved.” Carmela used to work for Susi Air before the epidemic. She looks to be flying again in the photos she shares on her Instagram account.

Christina Carmela Career

Christina realized that an office job would not be a good fit for her. This is how she ended up in the aviation industry, where she has now been for around 12 years. So, she is one of only around 7% of all pilots who are women. Her social media posts also demonstrate that she has become accustomed to working twice as hard for half the income because she is a woman. Christina, on the other hand, says that the situation for female pilots has improved significantly over time. Christina was working for Susi Air, an Indonesian airline, prior to the epidemic. But, because the pandemic had the greatest impact on the aviation industry, she was temporarily laid off. But, based on her latest social media posts, it is evident that she has returned to the firm and is flying many trips throughout the day.

Christina was a contestant on the second season of the reality show Too Hot to Handle. This is a dating TV show where individuals meet and flirt, with a $100,000 grand prize. Nevertheless, there is a catch: in order to receive this award, they must abstain from sex and remain celibate. As a result, this TV show might be viewed as a no dating, dating show. Christina made an appearance in the fourth episode of the show and was seen growing close to Cam Holmes. Things appear to have broken apart after she discovered he was lying about being single. Christina continues to pose despite her fit figure and stunning beauty. She has also joined the Unlock platform, where she models unique stuff for followers.

Christina Carmela On Too Hot To Handle

Christina Carmela, a South African beauty, dazzled when she visited the magnificent Turks and Caicos villa on Too Hot to Handle season 2, and viewers have been inquisitive about her relationship status since her departure. Too Hot to Handle, a Netflix original series, became an instant hit after pushing beautiful singles to refrain from sexual contact or self-gratification in order to develop deeper emotional ties with their housemates. Christina put certain cast members to the test when she entered the home halfway through season 2. While Christina originally pursued Emily Miller’s partner Cam Holmes, she rapidly befriended Emily and instead married British charmer Robert Van Tromp. The couple astonished the audience by developing a nice and real romance.

Christina Carmela

While Cam and Emily have been together for almost a year, Christina and Robert have recently broken up. Nonetheless, Christina looks to be doing well in 2023, maybe even moving on with a new man. Find out what the stunning pilot is up to these days. Christina has maintained her Too Hot to Handle fame, with 1.2 million Instagram followers on her account, (@christinacarmelaofficial). There does not appear to be any bad blood between Christina and her ex, since Robert continues to follow Christina despite the fact that she no longer follows him. Christina has also intimated to her fans that she has another partner in her life, despite the fact that she is wowing on her own with her hot Instagram material.

More Details

Christina surprised spectators with her skills as a pilot, but she also likes social media modeling. Since Too Hot to Handle, Christina has frequently posed in stunning locales such as Val-d’Isère, Tulum, and Cape Town. She also looks to have kept her Too Hot to Handle season 2 pals. Many of her previous cast members congratulated her on her latest birthday post, including Emily, Cam, Larissa, Elle Monae, Nathan Webb, Clifft, and Chase. Overall, the South African beauty looks to be living her best life, as she travels, models, and enjoys the rise in followers that came with her Netflix debut.

Because of the popularity of season 2, several of Christina’s fellow Too Hot to Handle cast members have seen a significant increase in followers. While the new Too Hot to Handle season 3 cast is gaining popularity, many people consider season 2 to be the finest because of its pleasant and engaging ensemble. Despite Christina and Robert’s relationship ending in divorce, Emily and Cam are currently the reigning Too Hot to Handle pair, since their romance is still going strong.

Christina Carmela & Robert Van Tromp

Christina Carmela and Robert Van Tromp were one of the few couples to survive Too Hot To Handle season 2, however the duo announced their split in 2021, shocking fans. While they did not win any money, Christina and Robert’s love was the bright spot in the couple’s disappointing journey on the experimental dating TV show. From the pressures of being reality TV stars to their long-distance relationship, here are the reasons why Robert and Christina’s romance ended after Too Hot To Handle season 2. Although the series’ purpose of uniting hopeless romantics, Too Hot To Handle’s track record of matching fruitful couples isn’t the best.

Regrettably, all four of the relationships formed in season one ended before the cameras finished shooting. Season 2 confirmed fans’ concerns about Too Hot To Handle’s failure to establish long-lasting couples. Viewers were disappointed when the season 2 winner, Marvin Anthony, looked to have cheated on the dating TV show. Despite the fact that his connection with his then-girlfriend, Melinda Melrose, aided Anthony’s rise to the top of the competition, Melinda alleged that Anthony ghosted her after he won the season. Although Marvin’s antics irritated many, Christina and Robert’s long-term romance put some at rest. Unfortunately, Robert and Christina were unable to alter the direction of their doomed love.

When the pair was sent out of the villa in Too Hot To Handle season 2, their followers were devastated. While Christina and Robert’s bond grew throughout their time on the dating competition TV show, producers weren’t sure of their romance’s endurance, and Lana eventually kicked the candidates out. During the Too Hot To Handle season 2 reunion, Christina and Robert were relieved to learn that their relationship was still on track.

More Details

Despite the fact that Christina was in South Africa and Robert was in England, the couple used Christina’s pilot license to keep their long-distance relationship alive. However, not even Christina’s aviation skills could keep the pair linked. Robert informed MailOnline in September 2021 that his “difficult and unpleasant” relationship with Christina had ended.

Distance is a regular concern for Too Hot To Handle couples, since cast members travel from all over the world to take part in the unique dating TV show, only to return home after the season is through. Sadly, she and Robert were not immune to the terrible long-distance breakup curse. “Distance hasn’t helped… some conflicts have still been blown out of proportion,” Robert admitted. While the distance between the Too Hot To Handle alums strained their relationships, Robert said that the couple’s appearance on reality TV made their relationship more challenging than they had anticipated. “As the TV show has aired, it’s been much more difficult in terms of the relationship being under the microscope,” Robert continued.

If her and Robert’s relationship had never been made public, the former couple believe they might have made their long-distance romance work. Robert and Christina were one of the few couples who indicated that Too Hot To Handle might foster long-term relationships, but their separation revealed that simply being on the dating show is cause for a breakup. Christina and Robert had several challenges, ranging from the show’s pressure on the couple to the distance between England and South Africa. Hopefully, the Too Hot To Handle season 3 stars can avoid the circumstances that led to Robert and Christina’s divorce.

Christina Carmela Instagram

So, Carmela is a well-known Instagram personality who rose to prominence by publishing images with inspiring words and Videos on her Instagram account (World most popular Photo and Video sharing Social Media Platform).

Christina Carmela

She primarily publishes her modeling photos in bikinis and fantastic attire with innovative postures on Instagram, and she is well-known for her stellar performance. As of 2023, she has over 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account (@christinacarmelaofficial). Now let’s talk about her Instagram post’s average likes: they range between 60-80 thousand, sometimes fewer and sometimes more.

Christina Carmela Measurements

Because of her health and fitness, she has an ideal body shape and skin. Also, she has pretty hair, a small waistline, a stunning figure, and a pretty appearance. So, Carmela is a lovely and fit Social Media Star.  Her slender waistline is so appealing that anybody may fall for her. She is really concerned about her fitness, and she works out daily, does yoga, and exercises every day.

Nevertheless, you are also aware that a diet plan is essential for a strong and healthy body. She goes to the gym on a regular basis, and when she is unable to attend, she works out at home. Many of her admirers and followers frequently inquire about Christina Carmela’s height, which is 5 feet 6 inches. Christina Carmela weighs 55 kg, and she has dark brown hair and eyes.

Christina Carmela Net Worth

After all, how much does she earn and what is the net worth of Christina are two most popular questions of her fans. So, Christina Carmela, as you may know, is a lovely and youthful YouTuber and social media Star. Gentlemen, her net worth is entirely dependent on her income source and she has various income sources. The most important of which is social media, from which she has made a good amount of money. She charges a reasonable fee for sponsorship, and the quantity of sponsorship depends on her fan base (followers). As you may know, she has 1.2 million thousand followers on Instagram, with an average of 60-80 thousand likes, and 500k fans on Tik Tok.

Christina Carmela’s net worth is more than $100,000. Apart from that, if she has a private business, the net value of that firm is not included in this calculation. We also looked up their social media usernames and attempted to determine their net worth using the internet. As a result, the accuracy of this data cannot be validated.


  • Christina was born in South Africa but currently resides in London.
  • She had to work hard to get money quickly because she wasn’t born with a silver spoon.
  • Modeling is not her preferred job, but she was forced to do it due to financial constraints.
  • She believes modeling is terrible, but if it pays well, you should do it.
  • Working in a male-dominated sector, she has worked nearly twice as hard to earn half the credit.
  • She is attempting to persuade young women to pursue careers as pilots since she believes it is now better and safer than in the past.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Christina Carmela?

She is half-Italian and half-Portuguese and was born in Cape Town, South Africa. “I’m going to stir sh*t up,” she adds in her introduction. “I pursue everyone and everything I desire. They have reason to be alarmed.”

What exactly does Christina Carmela do?

The reality star is a model and a pilot, both of which she was motivated to pursue by her father. She is also a strong supporter for more women in the aviation business, owing to her experiences in a male-dominated profession. “I usually say I have to work twice as hard for half the credit,” she said on the site HeyBoo. “It was a lot worse when I first started flying over eight years ago, but it’s much better today!” Female pilots are now far more frequent in the cockpit. Of course, it could be better, which is why I’m trying to encourage and inspire as many girls and women as possible to get involved.” Carmela was most recently employed by Susi Air, however she was laid off as a result of the epidemic. She just renewed her pilot’s license and appears to be flying again, according to her Instagram.

What is the net worth of Christina Carmela?

Christina Carmela’s net worth is around $150,000 as of 2023. She made the most of her money as a model. Her net worth will undoubtedly improve as a result of her appearance in the Netflix drama Too Hot to Handle.

Where did Christina Carmela do her pilot training?

According to insiders, Christina Carmela has always desired a profession that would allow her to travel. She enrolled in pilot training at 43 Air School at that time. She also uploaded a lot of images during her pilot training.

Christina Carmela completed her training and became a professional pilot. Her higher education was finished at ELLCI Milano, according to sources. Christina Carmela, according to her social media page, is of mixed ethnicity. She never tells the media who her parents are. Her father is Italian, while her mother is Portuguese, according to sources.

According to her Instagram profile, she is her parents’ second kid. Carmela has two younger brothers, both called ‘Marco Panebianco,’ as well as one elder brother. She also shared photos of herself with her siblings on social media.

Is Christina a pilot?

So, she is a social media influencer, model, and pilot. She is well-known for her attractive appearance and adorable grin. Besides, she gained fame after participating in the fourth episode of Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” season 2 series.

Are any couples from Too Hot to Handle still together?

Cam Holmes and Emily Miller are the sole remaining pair from Too Hot to Handle Season 2. They may not have won the game, but after falling in love in the Too Hot to Handle villa, they considered themselves as victors.